Winds of Change

Winds of Change

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How’s the New Year shaping up in your neck of the woods? It’s been raining and blowing a hoolie here for days. Wain, wain, wain. I’ve been in my artroom, (or should I say artwomb?) prepping for Sunday’s TV show, and quite enjoying my own company. I got caught up in a Gelpress session, which was thoroughly enjoyable. You know how it goes. You’re supposed to be making the bed, you go to hang something up in the wardrobe, then before you know it, you’re sorting out your clothes, having a massive sort out. The bed is piled high with clobber – and never does get made.

Not sure I will have time to demonstrate acrylic paint on a Gelpress on TV, but I’ll try my best. It’s just about setting aside a couple of hours – and playing. Much like I did today. Monoprinting is so unpredictable; you really cannot go into it thinking you will be able to replicate something. You have to take each print as it comes, then roll the dice again, and experiment, using stencils and mark makers, layer up colours. I’ve done loads of extensive Youtubes on it. And blogs too. They’re listed below. Check out our Claritystamp Youtube channel, and look for Gelli Plate or Gel Press.

I had a long chat to Sam Crowe yesterday evening. Just checking in on her; she’s doing well. Artwise, I LOVE what she does with a Gelpress. Anyway, she’s coming down to demo at the Open Days in June (tickets available online from yesterday), which is great news. She’s one to watch carefully. Very, very clever. We’re also getting together for a week before that, to make a load of arty videos together. That’ll be fun.

I rarely waste a print. And I also love the mop ups off the craft mat too. Here you can clearly see a straight up stencil print – perfect for chopping up! And the mop ups? Well, if you squint, you’ll see all sorts of fabulous landscapes!

I use these stencils a lot for gel press backgrounds.

Decorative Panels Stencil Set

Available HERE

Even what you would consider to be a bit messy, will make a superb background. Call it Scrapart if you like, but it looks pretty good when it’s finished. Let’s track a print…

Here’s where I chopped up a large print into smaller pieces.

They don’t have to be the same size either, unless you’re making a set. These are all about 2 x 3 inches. Perfect little art toppers. Don’t overthink it when you are chopping it up either. Just trust the process.

Edge with a black Sharpie pen…

Stamp a silhouette stamp using black archival ink on acrylic paint.

I love this little fella! And how perfect right now. So many people are struggling at the moment. So much heartache and crisis wherever you look. The little man with the brolly speaks volumes.

Bijou A6 Stamp Set

Available HERE

A5sq Stamp Set

Available HERE

Add a Clarity sticker for good measure. These ones come from the original booklet of stickers. Barb’s Stickers.

Attach to a little ATC card. Yep. That’s how small this card is. Still packs a punch though. I know at least a dozen people personally, who I could send this to. It must be our age…

And the background is very cool, don’t you agree?

It’s such a simple technique really. But when you actually touch the little card, it has that superb acrylic texture too.

Bijou Card Blanks, Envelopes & Embedders

Available HERE

If you fancy a meander back through some blogs, here are a few showcasing that stamp set:

October 2014
August 2015
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May 2016
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November 2022

Yes. It’s been a long day, but a productive day. And the Gelpress session was the highlight. Just letting go, and enjoying the process, with no real concern for the outcome. Now THAT’s liberating.

Love always

Barb x x x

PS Don’t forget – tomorrow evening at 7pm we’re starting a new project in the SHAC. I have got all day tomorrow to plan it. What a treat! See you there. Facebook LIVE or ClaritystampYoutube

18 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. Love this and the colours. really must invest more time in playing with mine. absolutely love your colour choice.
    I can totally relate to pulling out every thing from the cupboard and putting it back in an orderly colour co ordinated fashion, gives great satisfaction and then there’s the game of seeing how long it takes me to mess it all up again.

    Busy busy day at work and don’t know how I’ve survived on the 3 hours sleep i got last night, so I’m really looking forward to just watching the shac tomorrow night with a large cuppa tea, and my pjs after work.
    I look forward to the Barb and Sam videos.
    I learn so much from you both.
    lots of love Barb.xx

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time ! Certainly the right stamp for the weather at the moment. That will be fun when you and Sam get together, you’ll be like kids in a sweets shop. Just settling down to watch the darts now. Have a good day tomorrow and see you in the evening. X

  3. Thought yesterday after watching some clarity on you tube that’s what I must have a dabble at so have cleared the decks ready for a play tomorrow. Have got things out but got slightly distracted as you say.

  4. Thought yesterday after watching some clarity on you tube that’s what I must have a dabble at so have cleared the decks ready for a play tomorrow morning.

  5. I Love a gel press – I’ve got loads of backgrounds somewhere – must get them out and use them.

    I love yours – I must be more thoughtful of colours I combine. I find watching Sam so satisfying- do I look forward to your new videos.

    I also reorganise my wardrobe occasionally and put them on colour groups.

    I’m looking forward to the Shac shack tomorrow night – I’ll need it after we’ve had Oma and grandad duties again.

  6. Looking forward to Sundays show, love the creation of Gel prints. I plan to get my stash out & do some more as I really enjoyed it last time I did some during the craft along. Just looked it up & realised it was back in July last year – time flies when you are having fun doesn’t it. Also saw the banner on the website showing the new stamps – they look great. The new YouTube videos with you & Sam sound exciting – I love watching Sam at work & having the 2 of you working together will be a great combination.
    Open day tickets & accommodation booked last night so that is something else to look forward to – only just over 22 weeks !!

  7. So looking forward to Sunday’s shows. I really ought to play with my gel press more – although you know I don’t really do messy art! Maybe this is the year to push myself a bit more…!

  8. I have lots of ‘mop up’ cards in folders, which I come across from time to time, always have a look, then put them away as I’m usually doing something else, so next time, I shall leave the folder out, or at least get a few out and find time to have a play. Looking forward to the Sundays shows. xx

  9. Thank you Barbara for the inspiration to play- something I need to do more of. I have a Gelpress but rarely use- you have me excited to get it out and play. Thank you for posting the links to your blogs.
    I love going back and watching your YouTube’s- alway learn – love them!
    Excited for your future videos with Sam Crowe. Admire and appreciate both of you and your creative talents.
    Excited to watch on Sunday- I always learn, laugh and have fun when you are on telly.
    Safe travels.

  10. Looking forward to Sunday’s shows, hopefully by then I will be able to relax and enjoy. Th new stamps look interesting.
    This year started well then went pear shaped. We are waiting now for the results of the MRI hubby had today, I’m exhausted and can’t concentrate for worrying though trying to stay positive.
    Stay well.

  11. I need to get my Gelpress out and the small shapes so thanks Barb for nudging me! Love your results and look forward to t.v., shows on Sunday and will be checking in tonight back in the Shac.

  12. Hello Barb, thanks for such a great reminder of how arty you can get with the the Gel Plate and printing. Love the samples you have made. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Take care everyone. Bx

  13. Like many others I need to get my geli plate out again. I don’t know why I don’t use it more as I love playing with it & chopping up the artwork really does look lovey. Looking forward to getting together in the Shac later & Sundays shows. xxx

  14. I’ve just bought some tools to do dot mandalas, as I’ve not had my acrylic paints out for ages! Will have to play with the gel press too whilst they’re out.

    Still recovering from covid here – my first infection, can you believe? So tired though, so crafting will need to wait for a while. x

  15. Watched the show loved it . Bought the Gelli plate. Can’t wait to get . Can’t wait wait to experience the freedom.

  16. Hi Barbara,
    I’m Ashvita from Mumbai in India and saw one YouTube video of gelli printing and I am hooked. i want to give it a try. Except that the cost of a gelli press is quite a lot to just waste. so wanted to clarify a few doubts…
    1. How well does the gelli plate stay in hot and humid weather. Indian temperatures in the western coast rarely ever go below 20 even in the winter.
    2. How many times approximately can one use a gelli plate. I’ve seen Gel Press brand on Amazon ranging from 3500 rupees to 9000 rupees based on the size. But I’ve also seen one a little cheaper on a craft store.
    3. Are there other brands that I could look around for?

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