Stormy weather …

Stormy weather …

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Funny old day today. It was raining cats n dogs when I left the house this morning. Very black and murky indeed. And there’s a leak somewhere round the windscreen, so it even rained inside the car! Time to call a man who can with a van, a knight of the road!

But I was looking at the clouds, and I thought. Now there’s a background we haven’t done for a while. So let’s. Let’s make some clouds….

One of the cleverer things we have come up with at Clarity is our Masks. You will find loads of different masks which are super for creating landscapes and background scenes. Pound for pound, hour for hour, they are the best thing in my crafty arsenal!

Moons, clouds, hills, castles and rooftops. Perfect

Right. Here’s a simple step by step build up, to show you how easy a cloudy sky is…

Paul’s just turned up for coffee. Gottago.


Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

16 thoughts on “Stormy weather …

  1. Love the sky, its definitely been a wet & dreary day today until about an hour ago when the sun suddenly showed its face. I have these stamps in my crafty stash so must give them an airing. I think the Kraft card makes the picture pop.
    Enjoy your coffee with Paul, wonder what crafty plans will be hatched !!
    Is there a chance you will do a mini word chain alphabet stamp set like you did for the full size word chain. Sometimes it would be nice to add a personal touch to a card & the big one is too big.

  2. Love these clouds. Been very windy and teeming down on and off here.
    Enjoy your coffee with Paul.

  3. Weather same here went shopping this morning both got soaked . Those masks are must important part of our kit in fact think I got to love them well used. Sky is blue now typical in evening but better late than ever looks like wet weather going to be for few days xxx

  4. I pouring rain and hail here today, both great fun with a young puppy!
    Love this mask and the quote as well. It even makes a dreary day look brighter.
    No pottery today? Enjoy your evening and coffee with Paul. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Well….the ‘fluence is clearly working because I stamped out this very sentiment only 3 hours ago (onto the big tag from the tag set) – I did Carpe Diem too, so will you be reaching for that as well?
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) – werewolf Bendi is eating us out of house and home – as well as any passing mexican mini dogs (I can’t spell chihuahua!)

  6. Hello Barbara – been raining here in Suffolk all day. Usually love the rain, when I’m not out in it, but today just got so fed up with it. But seeing the new royal baby certainly cheered me up, and some crafting of course. The wind of change demo is great. Definitely like it mounted on white, the colours stand out more. Totally addicted to Tina’s embroidery plates, been experimenting with paper, it’s very popular in America, but trying to get the pricked paper patterns in UK is proving difficult. Not much out there, so would love more plates, it has given a whole new dimension to my crafting. Have a great evening, lots of love Donna X

  7. I love those stamps too, so I ask myself “why have I not used them yet.” Maybe I wouldn’t know on what occasion I could use them for, any ideas please. Love your clouds Barb. xxx

    1. Dear Pam
      I used this sentiment for my son in law’s birthday, which was just after his first child was born – his whole life had changed!! so it seemed very apt. Hope this helps.
      Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  8. Lovely clouds! I do love my Clarity masks, use them for all sorts of masking from ink to paint. I use the mask sheets and cut into strips so instead of using masking tape for borders (which always tears no matter how much I de-tack it) I use the masking strips. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara

    Love watching your demos on YouTube and hochanda and reading your blogs. I’m fairly new to this a couple of months ago and I love it still collecting stuff but it’s a great time I’m having. I was wondering though as an animal lover are there any plates comin out with small animals small dogs cats, budgies etc, I’ve seen the dog plates but I’m looking for small dogs they look like the bigger dogs, yorkie, shitzu, scotties that kind of thing with a collection of cats maybe siamese and ragdolls etc I really love building scenes. Thanks again for all you do, also love the music behind the utube demos x

  10. Chucked it down here all day too, got soaked doing the grocery shop this morning but soon dried out and spent the rest of the day just pottering about. Fingers crossed the sun shows its face tomorrow xx

  11. Hi Barb, it certainly was rainy mostly everywhere yesterday, was tipping it down here in MK too. Love you card and I think it looks best on the kraft card. Take care all. Bx

  12. Oh I only just saw this. Its fab.
    I love my cloud mask and think its such a great piece of kit!! I’ve been using mine this week but not stormy clouds like yours!
    I must crack on now… Favours to do!!!
    It’s all good.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  13. That card and sentiment pretty much sum up my life at the moment! I’m trying to practice mindfulness to get each task done, then move on to the next one, but the risks to our charity funding are so uncertain and I worry constantly about the staff and the people we help who are all lonely and isolated. I just heard today that another local charity has gone into administration after 20 years too . Who stands up for the little guys who are trying to help these vulnerable people?

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