Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. I’ve got one eye on Tina and Paul, who are crafting away merrily on HOCHANDA, and am chatting to you at the same time! Today is a slow day here. I knew last night, when I left the office at past midnight, that it would be. I don’t think you actually gain anything by doing a double-shift, do you? Unless you’re on double-time wagewise – which I’m not!! What you gain workwise on Day one, you pretty much lose on Day 2. But I had to complete what I was doing; couldn’t leave it half baked. So I’m working from home today. To be honest, my slowest days, when I’m faffing, are still very productive – just not quite as driven! Rest is good and it’s nice to be at home alone. (That neighbour with the chain saw is getting on my pip though! He’s got to go!!)

I was clearing out my office at work last night, making room for a new project, going through all the artwork from TV shows from years ago and having a proper old clear out. There are so many beautiful stamp designs from back in the day!! I got quite nostalgic there for a while, especially with all the fiasco between the two TV channels at the moment. I spent many years on the other channel – you know that! I made some good friends over there too! And we’re still friends! So there is no malice on my part here – be sure of that! But without a doubt, HOCHANDA is the better fit for Clarity.

I came across this fabulous Clarity stampset. I loved it then, and I love it now. In fact, how appropriate!!!


Sam Crowe doesn’t know this, but she made a tryptich using this set back in the day, and it has been sat on my window ledge at work all that time – becaise I love it!! And I love her!!

I wanted to show you a couple of samples which were in the box too. …

Lynne Hammond. Sadly, she left the DT and went off to do sewing, but we are still friends, and her artwork is still formidable !!! Who knows..maybe one day she will come back…
Great clouds! I really ought to present a HOCHANDA show using all those old tricks again! Get out the brayer, do the hills and reflection – all that jazz. What do you think?

And then there was mine in the box too, made with a Shaving foam scrap….

Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our true direction.

Ain’t that the truth ? There has been quite a storm in UK-Craft-TV-Land, as you may or may not know. And it’s still quite blustery! However. The change is fine. In fact, the situation presents us with a perfect opportunity to do the right thing. And in the winds of change, we really are finding our true direction.

So how about a bloggy offer? We haven’t had one of these for ages!! Let’s drop the price on this stampset considerably… (£16.99 to £12.98 less Members discounts). CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE

And just for the record, if you are wondering whether we had a load of these sets that needed shifting, we didn’t have any. We were sold out. I had to ask the lads to make some especially!

There may be those who would say that is nonsense. You should use your blog to promote and sell excess stock – but the thing is, I wanted to show you Sam’s and Lynne’s artwork, and I wanted to talk about the winds of change – and you can’t do that with anything else, now can you ?!

Thank you for supporting and watching Tina and Paul today too! Didn’t they do well?!? Last hour 5pm HOCHANDA.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

45 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. Lovely stamp set, I have it already and reminded me of some lovely projects. I have just got back from work and hubby watching time team which is just as well as bought loads (oh dear) of the amazing dies after watching Paul’s demos recently 🤭

  2. Hello Barbara
    What a long day for you yesterday and I am pleased to hear you are having a slower day today at home. I think re-visiting ‘old’ techniques and stamps is a very good idea. Us oldies would appreciate a reminder and the newbies will learn something new.
    I hope the furore dies down soon. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable and some people should realise there is room for everyone and it is horses for courses.
    Those of us who have come to know and love Clarity know that pushing sales is not what drives you. I have always felt it is a love of crafting and of sharing knowledge which is the driving force. Yes, I know, it is a business and Clarity have a lot of people dependent upon you for their livelihood but I just feel we are one big family.

  3. Have loved thevery plates and ordered both sets just after 6 last night,despite having the Grandchildren on a sleepover! ! (Good old Grandpa kept them occupied while I placed my order),love watching Tina she explains everything so well,can’t wait to get going when they arrive ,like most people we probably don’t understand the why’s and wherefores of the craft channels,but I love hochanda and hope that your company will go from success to success, looking forward to the next pergamano show.

  4. I think it’s good to go back to our stash & to be reminded of all those skills we learnt in the past but have forgotten about as more crafty goodies have come on the scene . I think you could definitely fill a couple of hours on Hochanda reminding some & teaching others. Another Classroom!!

  5. Well said Roz – you’ve said everything I was going to write!! Barb – keep crafting!!!xx. Now I’m off to place yet another order!!!!!

  6. After watching you do the shaving foam technique I had a go at that and had great fun doing it. Very interesting designs and very messy keep up the good work xxx

  7. Hello Barbara,
    I know this sentiment is so true from personal experience, working at a place that really was damaging my health. Leaving and finding where I should be certainly felt like going through a few gale force winds but I am in a much better place and I hope that you and the Claritystamp team will feel this too.
    I remember watching you on the other craft channel and it’s where I discovered and learnt a lot, however it’s wonderful to see things like the craftalong and the pergamano shows. I agree wholeheartedly that doing this kind of thing is what craft telly is so valuable, long may it continue.
    I rarely launch into a great long response like this but felt that you and your team deserve all our encouragement x

  8. Just don’t overdo it ! Glad to hear you had a gentler day today at home even if working. Haven’t seen any shows today as I’ve been prepping at the OAP lunch club. Got home thinking I was taking hubby to the doctors but he couldn’t make it as his breathing was so bad so now waiting for a paramedic as doctor couldn’t visit he said he’d send one instead. It’s not urgent urgent as I would have called an ambulance but I think/hope he needs antibiotics for a chest infection which has returned worse that before. I hope it’s that and not a sudden deterioration with his COPD – I can’t think he would have deteriorated in just a day or two …. Fingers crossed. He’d look silly sat in hospital as it’s not until he walks up and down the room that he gets short of breath and finding stairs difficult today. He’s not been this bad before. Anyway, I digress, love this stamp set and love that umbrella border, I know I have the stamps – can’t remember having a little umbrella though! Will have to look ! Will catch up on the shows later and might even manage the 5 p.m. one. X

    1. Hello Barbara – your exactly where you need to be. Clarity and Hochanda are a great fit. I understand how change can affect you, as with Heather, I too have recently left a job that was beginning to affect my mental health. I received wonderful advice from the lovely ladies who blog here. Although I felt like I was going through a whirlwind, it is the best thing I could have done. I’ve no regrets and actually I’m getting back to my old self. Would love to see some old techniques. Great to learn something new. Lots of love Barbara, and to all the Clarity family, Donna X

  9. Sounds like you had a good clear out, does us all good sometimes. Your offers are always brilliant and we all know you are not just pushing old stock onto us. It is great to re-visit the past.xx

  10. Ros is quite right. It is all very unsettling, but to me, Clarity and Hochanda are a perfect fit, and I am loving these new people who are starting to come in. What really cheers me up is that, from what I can see, all the companies are chatting to each other and sharing ideas. That can only be good for us all as customers and for crafting as a whole. While things are still in flux, I reckon we all need to focus on the positives and support all at Hochanda (the channel and those sho demonstrate there), and be thankful that they have excellent, professional presenters, and brilliant production staff. I hope your walk today is not spoiled by the weather on those great stamps. It is good to go back to revisit old stash and use new techniques. People, who are new to the Clarity family will benefit too. I have really been enjoying the shows with Tina and Paul. They make a great team, the bubbly, beautifully nutty Tina with the calm unflappable Paul. Just one moan – with all Tina’s talk about chocolate, some just slipped into my shopping basket. Back to baked beans tomorrow! xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  11. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you have all had a good day.
    Looks like you have had a great clear i know i feel a lot better when you have finished.
    Sorry not be here for a few days so well done to you and all the team with regard to all the awards you have got you deserve all the credit for all your hard work you all put in.
    Well i have been getting on with my Fresh Cut dies and enjoying them such a lot. But have left off my parchment for a while , but after watching you and Linda at the start of the Parchment show with the white work it seems i am getting better than i was before so doing both , just love the shows today with Paul and Tina some of those plates are beautiful, so i may just place an order next month for the 12x 12 papers which are a must for design and size , and a couple of the new plates which have been on Hochanda today.
    Have a good rest all.
    Lynn xx

  12. Glad you have had a calmer day today. Double shifts are not always as productive as we would like, unfortunately.
    Love that you are showcasing some of the older stamps (and stencils?) and reminding us of some of the techniques. I learn or am reminded of something every time I watch a Clarity show. I bought Tina’s first set of layering plates but today’s plates did not rock my boat. However I watched the shows and as always picked up some tips. Paul is so laid back and a perfect foil for Tina so it was a pleasure to watch.
    Eagerly awaiting my monthly club package as it is always a lovely surprise. My paper order is on its way so I can stretch my creativity further.
    Incidentally, I see there is another ‘Cherry’ in our group, how nice is that.
    All for now from Cherry T 🍒🍒🍒

    1. PS: Thank you for the bloggy offer as I do not have this stamp and love the sentiment.
      And yes, there is some bitchiness in today’s crafting world but it says more about them than those of us who are friendly and kind !!!

  13. Love it when you go back to some of the old designs. The back ground is beautiful. You used him in one of the calendar designs 2017 too. The sentiment is also one of my favourites. I like the umbrellas around Lynn Hammonds design. Good luck and continued success with Hochanda.

  14. Yes please Barbara, would love you to go over old techniques.
    We’re here to craft not to be judge mental or political. Peeps do what is best for them but I am so pleased you are staying with Hochanda. xx

  15. Love this set, although I don’t have it. The art work is lovely.
    I have had a me day today. I went into Glasgow and bought some fabric so I can finish off a quilt, and spent a while drooling over all the beautiful material. I then went and bought some card blanks as I was running low, and I am doing a demo at the next Craftaholics that I need them for. It was nice to wander around the shops with no time pressure or Hubbie frowning on what I am buying. I just wish I had loads of money to buy all the craft stuff I want though as my clarity list in particular is very long.

  16. Oh I love this stamp, its a must have. And, I have just had an e-mail telling me about the Happy Hour show tomorrow! Happy Hour for me then, not for my credit card, oh well I have turned into a skier (spending kids inheritance) Pleased to see lots of new ideas for stash not the same old, same old being offered elsewhere.

  17. I love the sentiment regarding winds of change. It can be very frightening, taking leaps into the unknown, but also very rewarding! I say that as the world’s biggest procrastinator, you know the type. Still doing compressions long after there’s any point. I have absolutely no idea what the furore mentioned is about, and now my nose is twitching; I hate a mystery but at the same time, it’s my birthday tomorrow and none of the cards and presents have been opened, so not that nosy, really.
    Many, many congratulations, Barbara and your incredible crew, on your awards this year. They are very well deserved. I do hope you had cake!
    All the best to you and everyone at Clarity.

  18. What a treat….🏃🌴
    And A Happy Hour too🤗 Who can resist? 😜
    I’m so glad I’m a member of such an awesome club of lovely people. As you said, Barbara,
    Keep Calm & Carry on……….to the travel agent?
    We’ve booked our hols & trips today so collecting Groovi stash to take away with me. Might need a larger suitcase. 🙈Thankfully cruise ships have no luggage limitations! 😎

  19. Sorry have to get this off my chest, why did Sara from CC sugar coat her move back to create and craft on the ability to concentrate more on educational and inspiring demos (said more or less the same when she moved to Hochanda!) why not be honest and admit she was offered a b**** good deal? Does she think we are stupid? But enough, Barbara and Clarity care for their customers, remember who enabled them to be where they are today and for that I support and love Clarity and Hochanda. Last but not least excited to see what Leonie is going to be bringing us love mixed media xxx

  20. I always love a reminder of techniques and stamps from the past, so it’s a yes from me! Take care of yourself and have an early night if you can.

  21. Good evening Barbara
    I do love visiting your inspirational blog always such a positive place to spend time
    Everyone is so encouraging and positive and they all have it right when they say that this place is a family
    As for revisiting techniques a big yes please
    Have a lovely evening. Hugs 🤗

  22. Glad you had an easier day love some of those old stamps and technics would be great to revisit,not sure if have that stamp have so many need to go check as it’s great set love lookingback at memories, great shows again from Paul and Tina great men’s ideas looking forward to seeing your new teamies design as well . Loving all shows on hochanda too enjoy your evening xxx

  23. Really enjoyed watching Tina and Paul’s shows, the plates are fab. Thank you for what you do for being such a lovely person and giving us oodles of ideas and the belief that we can achieve. Love Hochanda and seeing all the interesting demos, A grade in all aspects, long may they reign. Xx

  24. Lynne’s work always stood out to me and I was in awe of her work.

    Fortunately I was lucky enough to meet Lynne at Janet Pring’s Clarityeast workshop last year. We subsequently met up for cake and a natter. She is such a lovely lady and super talented.

    I love the Clarity team and love Hochanda too ( have done since day one).

  25. Hope you didn’t toss all the samples . I received a beautiful stash from chocolate baroque years ago and I still have them . I was picked at random as a winner and it was my prize . What a lovely thing to do and I shall always treasure this and also Lesley’s personal comments to me . I also found you at the other network and have many of your stamps etc . I miss the monthly challenges and the random drawings which encouraged me to create and use your products . Hope things go well for you . I can see how much competition is out there . Jan stone

  26. I have this set but thank you for the great offer .
    I don’t do social media so don’t know what’s going on in the craft world only reading your blog and you never call anyone .
    Clarity is amazing I too had a little clear out sorting through my die cuts looking forward to my clarity club envelope so wonderful to have a monthly treat thank you clarity towers for all your hard work
    Crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

  27. I introduced our little art and craft club to shaving foam and ink a while back. They so enjoyed it we are having another go with all my club stencils on Monday. Always good to go back to old techniques. Glad you’ve been able to take it a bit easy today and hope you will be able to kick back over the weekend. Xx

  28. Have these stamps and ashamed to say I haven’t yet used them, even though I bought them when they first came out. I for one would love you to look at them again, Lynn Hammonds card was gorgeous. Hope you manage to get some rest this weekend you cant burn the candle both ends I was always told. Xxx

  29. Always loved this stamp set. Can’t see why you would have overstocks when you make most things in house, so I’ve never thought your offers were based on that.
    I would love to keep going over techniques. You forget, Barbara, that you demo things repeatedly so have them lodged but the rest of us didn’t get the shaving foam until the end of the month and had forgotten what sort of ink to use by then, messed about a couple of times and haven’t done it for years. In other words, it’s a blank space where the technique used to be, rather than an ‘old’ one! And for all the newbies, they’ve never even seen how you made that effect. When TV things are back on an even keel, perhaps there should be a Clarity in-house version of the Wanderlust course.

  30. You are right Barbara, looking back is always good so you can see just how far you have come and not lose sight of what is important and still relevant. All those techniques that you started with are always worth taking another look at and they can be bought up to date and meshed in with all the new things that come along too. Glad you had a quieter day today working from home. It is good to slow down a little occasionally. x

  31. Thank you for bringing this set back and as for bringing back and re-hashing the older techniques I’m all for that too lol! I have ordered this set as I didn’t purchase it at the time so am very grateful for the chance to do so now. The only things is that i may need to hide the next credit card bill from hubby as I have well and truly stocked up in the sale lol! Just making up for lost time xx

  32. I tend not to be a ‘Messy’ crafter, but my granddaughter and I had such fun with the shaving foam technique when she was younger. Simple pleasures, but happy memories.
    You have had another busy week, but hopefully you will be able to put your feet up and enjoy the rugby this weekend. Hugs to all. Annette X

  33. Well I’ve been wanting the Groovi system for ages now so went ahead and ordered it yesterday with Tina’s plates. I can’t wait to get it but being very sneaky with my crafty purchases I now have a “squeaky bum” wait till the postman arrives and my husband finds out! 🤪

  34. Hello Barbara, just ignore these people they are only jealous because you have such a large crafting family. I only do parchment and the dies. I watch all the tutorials because you can pick up such a lot of tips and everything is explained so clearly for those who are just starting out. You know the saying he who laughs last laughs longest. So it is all your working elf’s and your world wide crafters who are having the last laugh. Take care and keep the tutorials and new designs coming. Norita x🤗🤗🤗

  35. Hiya the shows were great yesterday, thanks Paul and Tina I learnt loads of new groovi tricks . The winds of change yep they blow a gale sometimes but bend and go with them and hopefully you won’t break.
    #clarityrocks xxx
    Thanls for the blog offer too x crafty hugs

  36. Hi Barbara what a lovely sentiment. I was thinking it would make a wonderful craftalong addition. With all the hub-bub going on in the world today, that one statement brings so much hope no matter the chaos. Have a lovely weekend.

  37. I’m not really up to speed with whats happening in TV land.However I do know that clarity make amazing stamps and ever since I discovered that some years back I always follow you Barbara !So wherever those winds take you make they be kind to you and appreciate your talent as I do .Keep well and thank you .

  38. Revisiting the old techniques as you’ve outlubed would be fab. Brayer, hills, clouds, reflection, shaving foam, gel press would all be good.

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