Winds Of Change

Winds Of Change

Hi everyone, Paul here.
I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday whatever you are doing.
Here are a few more pics from Barbara, Dave & Steve

Looks amazing! So refreshing.
Time to hand you over to Barbara.
Paul x
Thanks for joining me this Sunday.
According to my schedule, today is the last day in Hawaii.
Tomorrow we fly down to LA to begin the driving part of the holiday.
There has been a lot going on at Clarity Towers the past few weeks.
So, as I was sitting at the computer composing the various blogs for while I am away, I found myself gazing out the window, thinking, contemplating, wondering.
This piece of art caught my eye sitting on the window sill.
Now I can’t remember who did it, but at the time I must have thought that it needed to be on display rather than put away into the pizza boxes.
So, only piece of art today, but it uses one of my favourite set of stamps:
and also the Bag O Tags (which I know the guys in the office love bagging up – not!)
Love & Hugs x

103 thoughts on “Winds Of Change

  1. Thankyou Paul, you are doing a Stirling job. Stunning photos from Barbara et al. Keep up the good work. I'm on my happys myself at present. Not so picturesque, but relaxing nevertheless. Xx

  2. Thank you Paul for blogging today this is a lovley stamp set haven't got this set of stamps but have got the bag of tags which are brilliant to use .sunday hugs xxx

    1. Hello all my dear blog friends hope you all having a good crafting day thanks to Brenda I've got my garden flower printed out to join in the colouring she is such a star ⭐️ I managed to do a little colouring on my groovi butterfly but resting now hugs to you all ,crafting hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Hello Sheila it's good to hear you have managed some colouring today, just do what you can and then plenty of rest and you will get there eventually. Thank you for the belated birthday wishes, yesterday wasn't the best of days with lots of things going wrong and lots of driving about so we decided to postpone my birthday until today, it's been a much better day all together. Sending hugs xx

    3. Hi Sheila, great that you did some colouring. I finally finished my calendar challenge just need to take a picture of it. Got the garden heart downloaded but can't print it at the moment as my laptop and printer aren't speaking to each other.

  3. Evening bloggy friends. Hope you are well today. How is everyone getting on with their colouring? I have two roses finished. Xx

    Happy birthday Alison. Xx
    Happy belated birthday Diane. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you. Haven't started my colouring in yet as I've been doing my two challenge pieces which I've now sent in so I can get my colouring done. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    2. Hi everyone, well I think that's my birthday over with for this year! Quite like this week long celebration, might suggest it happens every year! Got a Clarity voucher so now I can do some guilt free shopping 😀. Xx

  4. Hi Paul, thanks for posting. I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday too.

    lovely holiday photos. But the poor souls didnae need to fly all that way for spectacular waterfalls, we could have obliged up here!!!!! And we've plenty rocky beaches too! Swimming with the dolphins, whale watching. We've got it all! Ok, maybe they'd need their thermals on under their cozzies!!!!! 😉

    Lovely artwork, love the colours. I bet the poor souls who have to bag the tags will be dreading going into work tomorrow!!!!

    love Brenda xx

    hi everyone xx

    1. Thanks everyone xx

      Sheila it sounds like all I did was point you in the right direction, it was you who worked it out. Well done. Hopefully it's helped you to understand the settings a wee bit better for helping you in future xx

      Been playing catchup today as got up later than I have been. Got the clearing up in my craft room done though, and just now I'm sewing up wee things I'd been knitting. I should be able to colour the roses tomorrow. Plenty floor space for Daisy now!!! xx

    2. Hello Brenda sounds like you've been busy! I hope Daisy is happy with all the space she's got to play in. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I know what you mean about the beautiful scenery in Scotland but yep thermals definitely needed :). Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Thanks Diane, glad you had a good day today xx

      I thought everyone only had one birthday for one day, you guys seem to have your birthday over and over, as many of them as you can stretch it to!!!! 😉 xx

    4. I wouldnae mind listening to an owl or two hooting during the night, it's more like the cat version of Gunfight at the OK Corral during the night here!!!! Night night xx

  5. Hi Paul & ladies, looks like Barbara & gang are having a fab time. Thank you Paul for today's blog. The bag of tags look great the artwork is brilliant as well. Hope you all have a good day and a lot of rest. Lynn xx

  6. Hi Paul,
    Photos are great – bet they're having a fantastic time. The artwork is gorgeous too. I'm not surprised Barb's had it on display rather than in a box. Hope the packers at Clarity aren't inundated with requests for the bags o tags tomorrow! Looking forward to my club envelope. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Thank you for my birthday wishes – very kind of you. Had a lovely crafty day today and managed to get both of my challenge pieces done and sent in. Not completely satisfied with them but haven't got time to do them again! Will start my heart colouring picture tomorrow. Hope you've all had a good day, love and hugs, Alison xxx

    2. Hi Alison – pleased to hear that you've had a lovely day. Isn't it always the way – we are rarely completely satisfied with our own craft work, but when you look at it tomorrow – it could just be a different story, love and hugs Gilly xx

    3. Happy birthday Alison hope you've had a lovely day, thank you for my birthday wishes yesterday, we started again with my birthday today, it's been a much better day. Xxx

  7. Hi Paul – thanks for the latest travel photos of the 3 intrepid explorers! Love the artwork today – great colours, no wonder Barbara didn't want to put this piece in a pizza box! Hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have had some sunshine and an enjoyable day! We had lots of sunshine, and I have enjoyed feeling it's warmth through the window whilst resting in bed – for most of the day. I had intended to start colouring roses today, but only got as far as deciding on a purple and yellow crayon and then doing a tiny bit! I wasn't happy with the paper and needed to find something better, but by the time I had done that – I needed to rest again. Still, that's fine, as tomorrow is another day and also I need to ask Neill (very nicely) if he will print it again for me. My chrome book won't talk to our printer at the moment! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly,
      Weather been really mixed here today with some really heavy rain , real stair rods! Put my washing out in gorgeous sunshine and next time I looked it was pouring down so it had to stay out! Eventually got it in a dried it on radiators! Summer eh? Pleased you managed to get a little bit of crafting in and hopefully some more tomorrow. Take care, love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Evening gilly glad to know your resting good your listening to your body and going back to rest when needed it's hard to do but you know it's for the best if you need to get well I'm sure Neil won't mind printing it of again bless our men lots of caring hugs dear blog friend xxx

    4. Hi Sheila – Neill has already printed it out for me, and this paper is SO much better. Hopefully I shall be able to do 1 rose tomorrow, any more will be a bonus! Take care, my lovely – extra hugs Gilly xxx

    5. Hi Gilly good to hear you are resting and Neil has printed off the colouring for you to do too, yes I think he should join you as its so relaxing. We've had rain and sun here today too and even some hail. Sending hugs to you both. X.

    6. Hi Gilly, once I get my laptop to speak to my printer then I'll get on with colouring in the roses. I think I'll use my polychromos. I keep them for good but I'm as well using them.

  8. Lovely pictures from Barbara today. I must have another look at the website as I've never seen the bag of tags.

    Chris and Jen had quite a successful morning at the car boot. Jen even managed to sell some of my craft stuff. Both of them fell asleep this afternoon so I've been playing with my new club stamp and trying to finish off the calendar challenge.

    1. Evening Julia the bag of tags are brilliant not expensive as you get lots of different sizes and 4 colours white pink blue green if I remember right .glad you have been crafting and your got some of your craft sold hugs xxx

    2. Glad it was a nice day for them my neighbour does boot sales she is always off at the crack of dawn to get a good place but she does ok good luck wi your crafty challenge…xx

    3. Our local radio station (Moray Firth Radio) organise two massive car boots every year for charity. We haven't done one for a couple of years and when Chris took the stuff down form the loft I was a bit surprised at how much junk there was – mostly books, clothes and bits and pieces. Chris struggles to through things out. Having said that they made £190. I placed an order for a couple of sale travel stamp sets. It is also my birthday tomorrow!

  9. Hi Barbara and Paul, More beautiful piccies from Hawaii, it looks gorgeous there !!
    Fabulous tags, I love the triptych effect, and the 'scene' is brilliant !!
    You're doing a great job, Paul, thank you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hi Barbara and Paul, More beautiful piccies from Hawaii, it looks gorgeous there !!
    Fabulous tags, I love the triptych effect, and the 'scene' is brilliant !!
    You're doing a great job, Paul, thank you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Hi more lovely pictures save trip to next stage of your holiday shame leaving were you are looked so peaceful and relaxing . Thanks againPaul and all at clarity towers love you all xxx

  12. I love the movement in this piece of art, I know most people love summer but windy autumn days have always been my favourite time of year, I like the colours and the smells of Autumn. Winds of change are now being added to my ever growing wish list xx

  13. Beautiful holiday pics some great views on their trip so far now off on the road for more enjoy if your reading on wi-fi.
    Love that tag art could be one off Dee's again I'm thinking if not jump in and tell us if your reading.
    Thanks again Paul hope you've not been near the workplace today and chilled for a bit…xx

    1. Not tried it Dorothy but have put an order in for it oh yes I ordered the glasses stampset too My cushions had to come out of hiding 😂 Xxx

    2. I've got some, not tried it yet with me only just starting to get back to crafting, but I've seen Sheena use it loads on the telly. It looks great and very easy to use, you just paint a thin layer with a paint brush over whatever you want to protect, let it dry, do your painty, inky, messy stuff, and then just rub it off with your finger. Sheena raves about it all the time. She has said you can use a brayer with it, but I'm wondering if it will give stripes, if it dries uneven. I'm sure Barbara will find a way if it does. Hope that helps xx

    3. Dot, I tried to make the card that requires the drawing gum today. I got to the end and rubbed the gum off and it took some of the card off with it (I said a bad word) but it was a different brand so I'm going to order the Pebeo stuff.

    4. I have the drawing gum from Pebeo and it is fantastic! Dries really quickly and rubs off with your finger without taking away the card. Washes out of your brushes with water, always a bonus. Xx

    5. Thanks girls I have seen someone use it and looked good but not seen Barbara use it yet maybe when she gets back now its on her site if you give it a try let me know thanks again.xx

  14. Hi Paul and Barbara
    Thank you for the lovely photos, what a wonderful time you are having, safe journey on your road trip Barbara. The artwork today is beautiful, I'm liking the look of this bag of tags but it's ok I won't be ordering them yet! Dee if the artwork is yours, it's stunning, it really showcases the stamps a treat. Hope you've had a relaxing day Paul
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope you have all had a good day. Thank you for your kind wishes yesterday, birthday Mark 2 was a much better day. Sending hugs all round xxx

  15. Hi Paul, thank you for showing us these lovely photos of Barbara, Dave and Steve's trip which looks fantastic and good luck with the next leg of the journey. The Winds of Change set is great and love the tags which really show the stamps off so well. x

  16. Morning Paul and all the crew.

    Fantastic pictures from Barbara and I am sure a great time is being had by all.

    Sorry not to have been on the blog for a couple of days or so but I have been rather stressed with a matter that I have experienced over a social network on a crafting site. Ok I may not have addressed the situation in the best way, getting cross that an offer had not been forthcoming, no up date, or contact from the said person, all I asked was for an update and or the Free items to be sent. She had received my envelope – then nothing further. However it ended up that I was the villain in all this and the language and comments about me were not nice. Really upset me, that there can be people like that in the "areas of crafting". I have had support from one of the Admin people however she too has had not lucky with the situation. !!!

    But I will now try to put this to one side and realise that no one has been in a situation of life or death. It was only an offer for something free…. I will live without but have learnt from the experience. (hopefully) that on a Social media Network site it is not all it is made out to be.

    The tags "wind of Change" is so good for me today – as this is how I feel….

    Thank you everyone who reads this for listening to me … Off to do a bit of painting today me thinks 🙂

    crafty hugs and love to you all Dear Ones xxxx

    1. Morning Pen I'm listening, sorry someone's been upsetting you some nasty folk out there hiding behind computers ignore them my friend not worth bothering about they will get there day now go on and have a wee paint. Love Dot..xx

    2. Afternoon pen do as Barbara says in her art work clouds pass ,it's not good been made out the one in the wrong when you haven't done nothing wrong enjoying your painting thinking of you crafting hugs xxx

  17. Great artwork and thanks for the sneak peak of Hawaii. I'm sure you will enjoy spending time with Mark, and the drive up the coast is just fabulous – I'd love to do it again one day. x

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