Calm down Doris !!!

Calm down Doris !!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Weathered the storm and went to visit my parents today.
Spent a lovely day with them. Never left the dining room. 
Just drank tea, chatted and caught up all day.
Enjoyed it so much, I hope to do it again next week!
Plenty of trees in the roads;
major wind gusts.
But Storm Doris wasn’t too bad here.
I do hope you are all safe in the dry.
So today, what better things to procure from my stash 
than a stormy leaf out of the Northern Lights Paper pad,

Love love love this set. 
First things first.
Decide which direction the storm is headed on the paper,
and plant the tree accordingly, using Black Archival ink.

Add Doris’s fella.
He’s hanging onto his brolly for dear life here.
She’s got him in a right spin cycle!

Let’s ground him.
Just tear a sheet of copy paper and dab dab dab a dark grey ink along the torn edge, to create a background hill.
This colour Hickory Smoke  has got some punch.
Now for a splash of bright.
This colour, Abandoned Coral, teams up very well with the paper.

Went for it and just smeared the edge of the ink pad 
underneath the tree and shoes. Yikes!

Cut the paper back on all four sides, and used a Micron pen to drag out the tree roots and form a pathway for him…
Can you see the tornado in the distance?
Double yikes.

Drag a Black Sharpie pen around all 4 sides,

and mount it on another sheet of the same paper, 
lining it up in the same position.

Let’s ignore the tornado,
and pretend he is headed in the right direction, shall we?
Well, let’s say he’s headed toward the light, 
and add a little white pencil…
Pergamano do a box of 12 white pencils, did you know?!
You can never have enough white pencils!
Here’s a lifetime supply!

All done.
I like it.
You can feel the pull of the wind in the picture, can’t you?

I wonder where he is headed?
As the verse so aptly stated:
Sometimes in the winds of change,
we find our true direction. 

Be safe,
stay in the warm and dry if you can.
Love & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Calm down Doris !!!

  1. Love it! Great colours and then the white on the tree – fabulous ! Thankfully, we only lost a small fence panel attached to a gate. Hope everyone else kept safe, it was sad to see one death reported. It seems if it's your time it's your time, sad as that is.

    Now to watch the Pottery programme. Xx

  2. Fabulous project Barb. Great colours on this sheet. I love these paper pads – such quality and fabulous designs. Glad you had a lovely day with your mum and dad. Xxx

  3. Good to know a visit to your parents has restored the equilibrium! Love today's artwork, definitely need to get my hands on that paper pad it's gorgeous.

    Hope everyone is okay and not suffering too much with the storm, been very cold, wet and blustery here in the North East and it looks like snow is on its way so definitely a great opportunity to stay in and keep warm xx

  4. Good evening Barbara! Glad to hear you have spent time with your mum and dad. It's important to do that.
    Brilliant piece of artwork. It's certainly apt for today! We've had flying bins today!! And horizontal rain that was being driven by the window that hard it actually came through our letterbox!!
    Decided that it really was a day to stay in and even Charlie refused to go out in it!
    Doris has calmed a bit now thankfully but still quite windy here!
    Have a lovely restful evening. Love and hugs! Xxx

    1. Aye, you can't say our weather is boring!!!!!
      Rivers of rain water running down the street is another, and I'm talking about roads on slopes, not flat ones. How can so much rain fall from the sky to create a river on a sloping street! xx

  5. I love this piece and so apt for today. Well, Doris tore our fence down today before deciding to calm down. It would have to be on a day when we had errands to do too. Still, we are indoors and cosy warm now, so cannot grumble. Glad you had a lovely time catching up with your folks x

  6. Hi Barb,
    Glad you've spent some quality time with your Mum and Dad.Im sure they enjoyed it as much as you did. Your artwork today is very apt considering the damage Doris has done in parts of the country. We have been very lucky, we had rain and a bit of snow but nowhere near as bad as we expected. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. I haven't set foot out of the door today, too scary out there. The worst that happened here was that we lost some flashing from the shed roof. My son was sent home from work though as the building lost part of it's roof. My daughter works for Subway and she said they kept hearing thump – it was people being blown into the big glass front of the shop!!! Glad it seems to have passed over now.
    I'm so glad you had a lovely day with your mum and dad, I wish I could do that xxx

  8. Evening Barbara, I too spent time with my parents today. I was glad to get home as Doris was having a field day on our journey home. A gorgeous card and love the papers and design.
    Hugs to you both.
    Linda xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I had to go out today for a dentist appointment. I saw a lady get hit by a flying wheelie bin. I think the storm is passing now. Today's artwork is so atmospheric. I love every sheet of the designer papers and using them is giving me immense pleasure. Stay safe and warm.
    X Chris

  10. Wow Barbara, a masterpiece, amazing. The white highlights really make it 3d. One for your art wall methinks! Thank you for sharing. Wonder if I can find my true direction in this year's winds of change! I must have a go at seeing if I can see scenes in background papers, never be as good as you, but I'll never know if I can if I don't try eh. Glad you had a day off, spent sitting with your parents, bet it's done you the world of good in all sorts of ways. Just wet and windy here, very little snowfall, despite being in an amber warning area. Got some glitter round the edges of toppers, I don't get on well with glitter, because it can't be contained and sticks to, gets everywhere. Part of this year's craft challenges to use the different stuff I have. Then I did a wee bit whitework and pierced long rows for picot practise. Think I've got it, picot cutting, a lot more ok bits than non ok bits now. And a lightbulb went on about my piercing too, from Tina's demo of the two needle tool, I wasn't doing it properly meaning the holes were closer together, making the picot not work as well. And I worked out what I am going to do with the Groovi design I'm working on, plan A and B went wrong and I've been trying to think how I could make plan C work for ages!!! Not bad considering I thought I was going to have to go back to bed after today's chores, but decided to plod on! Shivery, sore all over, and feeling really yucky, just my CFS bad, def not a bug.

    Hope you have a good, armour free, day at work tomorrow.
    Love Brenda xx

    What's happened to Anne from Reading? She's not been here for ages. I do hope she's ok, anyone know? Been thinking about her xx

    1. Thanks Diane. Maybe for once I need to listen, as feeling worse today. But I've so much to do. Trying to pick the least energy sapping things, don't want to end up too ill to be able to get out of bed! Hope you're having a good day xx

  11. Very sad that someone in my home town died due to Doris and her fury.
    Enjoy your parents, and cherish them whilst you can. Unfortunately I lost my last surviving parent last week. Words are inadequate to describe the loss. There is always a calm following the storm. As your saying goes, we will find our true direction after turmoil. ( I did have poetic licence and paraphrased) . Love the art work as always. Xx

  12. Precious time with your mum and dad, great when the chat just goes on and on. Doris has battered us, not too much damage fortunately. Must admit felt as if I had been in a tumble drier when we ventured out to get some shopping. Love the card, depicts the day precisely. xx

  13. Doris had a busy day lots trees down a whole row of hug trees not fare from us but feel into field seeing pictures huge roots all lined up just shows her power calmer know hopefully a quieter day tomorrow. Sounds like you had a great day with your Dad and Mum in the warm night night xx

  14. There has certainly been plenty of wind about today this beautiful piece of artwork sums it up perfectly Barbara. I love these papers and the way you pick shapes out and emphasise areas and finish up with a wonderful scene like this. I'm glad you had a lovely day chatting with your Mum and Dad. I so wish I could pop round and visit mine and have a lovely natter, but they have been gone for many years now and I still miss them, so make the most of the time you have with yours, and knowing how you speak of them I'm sure you do. x

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a great backgroup for these lovely stamps. The coral inkpad works so well with it and the white pencil really makes it pop. Glad you had a relaxing day with mum and dad, just what you needed. 21 years tomorrow I lost my mum and 15 for dad so I wish I could just sit and chat to them still. Doris wasn't too bad down south but going down the motorway was a bit hairy with the wind. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Sending hugs to you. I agree with you about wishing I could sit and chat with my parents – for me it's 18 years in August since I lost my dad but only 4 years for my Mam and I miss them every day. Love Alison xxx

  16. Love this artwork – hope everyone stays safe and warm. We managed to escape the extreme wind, but it's definitely turned cold again. Sunshine this morning though so we'll enjoy it whilst it lasts! x

  17. Hello Barb, lovely artwork, and Doris was really vicious,so love your depiction. Was a victim of Doris,and unable to get a train home after working away, so had to stay an extra night. Take care all, hope you were not badly affected. Bx

  18. Morning Barbara, Didn't have any internet access yesterday, it was one of those 'grrrrrr' days haha.
    We lost a fence panel in the awful winds yesterday, my hubby spent an hour and a half trying to screw it back together and then insert it. We knew that we would need to replace the whole fence this year, but hoped it would last until the Summer haha. I hate these strong winds they are so frightening, thankfully it has subsided now, although I know that lots and lots of damage has been done by Doris.
    I'm loving your card here, and what a difference the white pencils make.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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