When will it stop waining!

When will it stop waining!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wet, innit? Well it’s waining cats n dogs here darn sarf, I can tell you!! Just drove home from the office. Most treacherous conditions really. Dark, flooded, tipping down, and a load of oblivious nutters hell bent on killing us all. So I am very glad to be parked and in the warm.

I recently did a project for the New Design Die Club using the new umbrella die, but then decided against the artwork and went with a different one. The October die was a superb frame with little umbrella. Hands up who is a member of the Die Club, and who received this little beauty.

I’m going to post the step by step which didn’t cut it here, just because it is so very appropriate today! All Die Club members will enjoy it, because it gives them a third idea for application. All non Die club members may enjoy it – and consider joining.

We ought to talk about joining the Clarity Clubs, you know. If you are a member, you will know all about the benefits: the monthly projects, the monthly product, the newsletter, the all year round club discount, the members only sales. Lot of work on our side, but great value for money on your side, methinks.


This one’s so simple, no instructions needed!


It doesn’t show off the wonderful little brolly though! Hang on….

Very lovely little thing!

Don’t forget. next week the biggest sale of the Clarity year starts, and if you’re a Club member, you get an additional 10% or 15% off.

I must tell you. I was shopping the other day, and spent over £250 in the shop. The girl behind the counter asked me if I had a loyalty card. “No”, I said. “Well”, she replied, “if you sign up and give us your details, you will save £2.50 today, you know!” Two pounds fifty?!? Are you kidding me? I give you all my details for a wopping 1% discount?!? YMBFJ. Now £25, and I might have taken the time to fill out the form and what have you. But £2.50? Really? Is it me? Am I turning into a grumpy old woman? Maybe I set my expectations too high because we set the bar so high. Mmmmmm.

I know our New Design Clubs aren’t free; they cost money to join monthly. But I think they’re well worth it. It’s not a virtual club either, with a digi download or something intanglible. Every month you receive an envelope through the door, with colour printed projects and the stamp, stencil, Groovi plate or Fresh Cut die to do the job.

Anyway, here’s the link, if you fancy a gander: CLICK HERE

The monthly project give you something to work at every month. Something to get your teeth into. If you haven’t got all the gear to make the specific project, then you modify your stash to learn the techniques. It works – it really does. We have several thousand members. Many of them subscribe to all four skills. They can’t all be wrong!

Time to stop for the week.

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “When will it stop waining!

  1. I’m in all 4 clubs love getting the envelope popping through the letterbox every month , it certainly works out cheaper than the magazine’s full of adverts I used to buy , got a list for the brilliant sales coming up . Thanks to all at clarity for your excellent customer service and all the hard work that goes into everything you do x

  2. and club members also get a lovely newsy letter from you Barbara! Its the feeling of personal contact that Clarity offers that gives an extra dimension. Thank you.

  3. I love this die and the club. Look forward to receiving my monthly fix! And especially to reading your newsletter really recommend it xx

  4. I love this die and the club. Look forward to receiving my monthly fix! And especially to reading your newsletter really recommend it xx

  5. Not so wet here today but blimmin cold !!! There have been a few nasty accidents in the county recently, when will people realise they have to slow down and keep their eyes on the road when the weather is bad.
    I belong to all 4 clubs and have always been pleased with the content of the envelopes. Granted it is a big outlay but there is always the option of monthly payments. Given the quality of the products, the project sheets and the newsletter, not to mention free postage on orders if you are a member, I reckon it is very good value. 😍❣
    These days we are bombarded with shops wanting to sign up for discounts. I always refuse as there is no guarantee they will not pass personal details to marketing nuisances. My privacy is of more value to me than the (usually) less than 1% on offer.
    Great project above, very appropriate. Those stamps are perfect for the frame and I love the sentiment.
    Have a good evening.

  6. Anyone out there who is not a member of the club should join. It is really worth every penny . So exciting when your envelope drops though the door each month . Such good value for money . Projects each month. Lots to read and do. Just love it .

  7. I love the new design clubs! Have been a member of the stamp club for a really long time, and now belong to 2 others as well. Love this little brolly and frame set – just need some time to play, which might be possible now all the Christmas cards are made!!! Hope the rain stops soon for all those poor folks who are flooded – so sad to see.

  8. That old adage you get what you pay for applies to the Clarity clubs. I belong to the stamp and stencil clubs and I don’t think you can beat them in terms of value, quality & brilliant inspiration. I may join the die club too next year 😁❤❤❤

  9. I love my Clarity clubs, I am in them all and enjoy getting my envelope every month. The step by step guides are great for learning new things. Xx

  10. Enough of the rain indeed, so far we have got away lightly in Scarborough, we have family in Hull and it’s getting abit dicey there and well the poor folks in Doncaster , say no more.
    Anyway me me me I’m in the die club, blooming love it, monthly treat to me along with the Groovi club.
    Tomorrow I’m attending a Calligraphy workshop so I can write nicely in all my christmas cards that I shall be making with my fab Christmasy fresh cut dies x

  11. Evening Barbara. Its not been as wet here today but its felt very cold indeed. I needed my big coat on when I ventured out to walk up to the post office. It’s nice to be able to just enjoy some fresh air without getting wet.
    I think you must have been looking at the long range weather forecast when you designed that die……or the weather decided that it needed to match your thoughts. Haha.
    I love getting my club envelope through the door and find the contents are always fab. The best bit for me though is your newsletter. It’s just like you’ve popped round for a natter so I get a brew and sit a while so you can tell me all your news. It’s brill. If anyone is having second thoughts think of it this way. Instead of buying magazines that you may only want for one project you could get one of the clubs. They always have a new design and a project sheet that gives full instructions step by step. Plus many members then post pictures of how they used the item so you get lots more ideas. I think it’s one of the best clubs to be in!
    Anyway Barbara hope you have a great weekend.
    Love and hugs xxx

  12. I love being a club member stamp/ stencil /and die .However for some reason I have not received my Oct subscription .I have e mailed your office and I know they will chase it up as customer service is excellant .Will look forward to my umbrella soon I hope.

  13. You just came back home from work and did the blog?
    I am old enough to remember that you said not too much time ago that you are doing now the blog first thing in the morning….. that didn’t last long, did it?

  14. I’m in all four clubs and love getting my monthly envelope through the door with a few new challenges! The benefits are great and well worth the money. I think so, anyway. Ready to sign up for next year. It’s my birthday today so I am ready to treat myself next week too. Well, it would be wrong not to you when you put temptation in my way!! Hope you all get a good rest over the weekend because I suspect it might get a wee bit busy again next week. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hx

  15. Thought you might like to know the sun has not disappeared altogether. It has been another beautiful day today in Argyll. Blue sky and sunshine. Spent it clearing out my shed!! I could move in there now!!

  16. Hi Barbara
    Oooooh I love the frame, isn’t it brilliant, you always make us think outside the box. I thought this die was brilliant when it dropped through the door but you’ve made it even better. Being a member of the clubs is brilliant, the excitement of the monthly envelope with goodies in and the fantastic chatty newsletter and that’s before the discounts and free postage. Hope you get the chance to relax this weekend.
    Love Diane xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    It wet wet wet here too
    Sick of it can’t get into the garden to tidy the leaves up.
    I love this die and all the groovi plates I look forward to my club envelope arriving and the news letter is a perfect personal touch
    You take care on them roads and stay safe hugs 🤗

  18. I’m in all four clubs, it’s like having a Birthday every month when the club envelope arrives, always read the newsletter first, its like receiving a letter from a friend. Love this die, hoping to use today, on letter cards, although not got this stamp, may get tempted if its in the sale! xxx

  19. Hello Barb, currently not raining here fortunately. Glad you got home safely in the rain. Love your arty offering with the umbrella man stamp. I am fortunate enough to belong to 3 of the clubs, and the umbrella die is one of my favourites. I often look through the various projects for inspiration. Take care all. Bx

  20. Barb, I’m with you refusing information for a gain of peanuts. I was asked to complete a 5 minute survey for 50 points reward – that equated to 12 pence! No way.
    We’d love a little rain in eastern Australia please??
    Take care, Kay

  21. Dear Barbara. I belong to groovi and die club, but it is your letter I enjoy, makes me feel like a friend dropping in. Great day when the envelope arrives. Did managed to do part of the tree yesterday, with help from the light panel. Can’t do it too long, Makes my eye hurt. Paul’s programmes were very interesting.
    We have had plenty of rain but luckily only the borders get flooded. Feel so sorry for those who are suffering. Like the umbrella, haven’t had a try yet.
    Love your pots that your making. Your friends are getting nice presents.
    Take care driving

  22. I do wonder when it will stop raining as well. Some idiot tried to kill Fred and me on Wednesday evening still wondering how he missed us, thank goodness he did. The little brolly die was very cute and the frame with it very useful. I need to get my Christmas cards finished so that I can get on and use other items in my stash. xx

  23. Hi Barb and All
    I have had a couple of years off from the clubs and now have decided to come back to “my roots” and join again.
    I have been very busy over the last 18 months with a new sewing group for our village which I have set up.
    And the stress and strain of my family, Mum has stage 4 cancer now, and her memory is very very poor, Sister still not talking to me and now Mum.
    So all in all been a very stressful time.
    However I have to say I love the rain, it makes my garden grow, makes the fields around me lush, and thank God for my crafting to keep me safe and well. Hugs to you all .

  24. Good morning
    I am a member of all the design clubs that you do and I just love getting a surprise each month. Loved the die this month it came at the same time I heard my sister had been taken into hospital so I used the umbrella die to make her a get well card and she loved it. I too also enjoy your missive each month really gives one a lift. No I know the clubs are not cheap but I think they are very much value for money if you take into consideration the quality of the products and I much prefer quality over quantity any day of the week.

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