Rain rain go away…..

Rain rain go away…..

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Decided to retreat to my art room today, 
and take some time out to think about and pray for
 all those poor people up in the north of England, 
in Scotland and in Wales, 
whose homes and lives are being destroyed
 by more torrential rain, more devastating flooding.
Rivers breaking their banks all over the north,
Homes and whole communities completely submerged, destroyed.



What can we do? 
I feel so useless.
My heart goes out to these poor people, it really does.
Christmas hardly featured in their lives this year.
Grace’s best friend Lizzie lives in Manchester.
She is down here with her family and us for Christmas.
Her partner Gary is one of the emergency crew out in Central Manchester on a boat, trying to keep electricity up in Care Homes.
He was telling Lizzie that the elderly were having to sleep 
on the floor up on the next floor, just to stay dry. 
His crew was trying to ensure they at least stayed warm.
What a nightmare. 
Here is the card I made whilst focussing on them today,
instead of the excesses of Christmas down here in the dry south. 
Color Burst powders puffed onto Stencil card 
and spritzed with water.
Patriotic reds and blues.
Our map of Britain stamped in Black Archival.

Red and blue pencils to add shade.

Water on a paintbrush to lift the colour out of the sea.

More depth of colour in the flood zones.

A man with a brolly struggling against the elements,
stamped in Black Archival.

Wet the land with water on a paintbrush.

Puff a little blue powder at the wet area.
It will spread.
Add some ground under his foot with a paintbrush 
and diluted powder.
Trim back artwork, clean up the Irish Sea again,
where the blue has seeped over the edges.
Water on a paintbrush and blot with paper towel will do the job.

Use a Blending tool on a Blending Mat 
with Tumbled glass around the edge. 

Find a background piece and do the same around the edges.

Mount the map on the back piece, 
and stamp a spill from our Journaling set into the corner,
like a stain, using Denim.

Mount on large white card to complete. 

The only way we can really be of use is by giving money,
and then waiting for instruction.
When they need food and clothing, we can help again, I’m sure. 
In the meantime, they will definitely need money.
Have I personally made a donation? Of course.
There is a Just Giving page.
Here is the link to the 
This was the only Just Giving page I could find. 
Feel free to lift this image and use it as an icon on Facebook.
Add it to other Just Giving helplines for other areas if you know any others. 
Add the helpline Just Giving Page number too.
Maybe we can create more awareness.
maybe then, this artwork will serve a purpose.
Cumbria Help Line
Time to rally the Clarity Crafting Troops methinks.
Love and peace.

61 thoughts on “Rain rain go away…..

  1. It reminds me of being little when our gardens flooded, lucky it never came in the house but we could see it under the floor boards ….. we had swans floating past the back door as well…. We lived by a ditch (Mum is still there). The last time the gardens flooded was about 8 years ago and then they did something about it and it hasn't happened again, although there is water all around on the meadow and fields. (in Oxford). We also got caught in some floods one summer on holiday in Dorset, we'd been out visiting relatives and were on the way back to the caravan site but the police stopped us on the road and made us park on higher ground (it came in the car though). A garage wanted to take me and my sister in but mum said no if we were going to die we were all going together! They leant us blankets though. We took them back a day or two after and saw the houses that had been flooded out. We were only 6 – 8 at the time. It brings back the memories and we can only pray for those getting it now. I donated last night after seeing Margaret's link.

    Your art work is very apt and lovely colouring. x x x

    1. I said we lived by a ditch which we did but also big lakes at the bottom on the garden which have recently been made open to the public. The water didn't rush through it rose up through the ground, you could watch it coming up and see it going down!

  2. That image you have created really sums it up. It really is terrible. 🙁 I have a lot of friends, and family, living up north, and quite a few are in the affected areas, although thankfully they all seem OK at the moment. I just keep hoping the jet stream will move its position, and very much sooner rather than later, to allow for a change in the weather systems.

    I found this donation page, as well. http://www.cumbriafoundation.org/ways-to-give-new/cumbria-flood-appeal-2015/give-now-2

  3. Every donation will help those affected in the December storms, no matter how much or how little. We have seen firsthand the devastation caused to property as well as the beautiful countryside. We have also been humbled by the resilience of the local people and the community spirit which is here in bucketfuls.
    Thank you for posting this amongst our crafting community and making those of us who have so much think about giving a little back. It will make a difference.

  4. Such a poignant image highlighting such a disaster. Have friends in five different red alert areas and so far, haven't been able to contact. This event has changed our retirement plans hugely – present house at the top of a hill so no chance of flooding, won't be moving any time soon! A friend of ours sent e-cards this year and gave a donation to the fund set up for the Cumbria Relief Fund (probably not the correct name but can't find original e-card) in lieu of paper cards and postal costs. My donation following.

  5. I can only concur with Steve… It is shocking to see the devastation caused by these floods.
    Some may want to blame the authorities, some may say its the Government , but in reality
    its the freak weather, caused in part ( I believe ) by Global Warming and over development. This we can all do something about…..
    My heart goes out to the Farmers . particularly livestock farmers , who not only will have lost possessions , but also stock. Heartbreaking… Please give, if you can . x

    1. Dave I watched countryfile and one of the farmers had moved his sheep to higher ground to save them and it was washed away and only 4 sheep survived when the water subsided he had to go find all the dead ones it's was heartbreaking as that was his life's work, possessions can be replaced but not farm breeding stock i know quite a few farmers and its there life generations

    2. Sheila, this was a farmer just outside my village. Unfortunately this loss of livestock was common and often these were livestock in lamb or in calf so farmers have effectively list their harvest for next year. Thousands of sheep were drowned due to their heavy wool when wet? My friend had 43 cows in calf washed away by the river. Fortunately, 40 of them were found washed many miles away scattered over a vast distance. They were all in calf and any damage to young is not yet known.

  6. We've been watching & feeling like you that there is so little that any one of us can do. But together … well that is a different kettle of fish. Together all of us together could indeed do something. I believe the red cross provides support to flooded areas, i'm sure trussell trust foodbanks & those run by fareshare will be out there helping too. Salvation army will be there as well. For a long time after the immediate water has disappeared too.
    Great picture Barbara. Really sums up the picture out there right now. Xxxx

  7. diese wunderschöne Stadt York, wir haben es gerade in den Nachrichten gesehen…unsere Gedanken sind bei den Menschen in dem Überflutungsgebiet…
    wunderschönes Bild liebe Barbara….

  8. How thoughtful you are to think of others. I will certainly follow the link and donate – my heart still belongs to the north
    Anne (Reading)

  9. Thank you for the donation link. I live in the North East, but am lucky enough to live on very high ground. Unlike so many thousands of people who have been devastatingly affected. I really am counting my blessings.
    Your work of art is so very poignant Barbara and beautifully made as always.

  10. It's so heartbreaking to see the devastation the rain has done my heart goes out to them we was out of home this year for nearly 5 months and our was a leek from our water meter clean water but the damaged it did was sole destroying
    But to have all the rain mud gunge flowing through the lovley homes and businesses and lives destroyed is unbearable to watch my heart goes out to one and all caring hugs to all xxx

    1. The bookmarks went down well, and I realised I have made everyone one but I haven't got one. Will have to remedy that. Sorry to hear you have been in pain hope it wasn't all that trolley pushing and bag packing 😉 Sending you a gentle hug. XX

    2. Bless you your so thoughtful I've been trying to send my clarity blog challenge card since 7 December and sazzle hasn't received it she sent me an e mail today bless her so been trying to send it today by my e mail address and my g mail address don't know if it has worked so too much time spent on my I pad causes my fibromyalgia and athritic pain in my hands to flare up shouldn't be blogging really I cannot blame spending in the clarity sale thank you for your hug caught it hugs back xxx

  11. Thank you Barbara for raising awareness of the floods. Cumbria has been hit again but this time West Lancashire, Southport and across the Pennines into Yorkshire is also struggling. People who never thought they were at risk are left with a mopping up operation. Our thanks goes to all the emergency services, army and wonderful volunteers who are protecting life, be it human or animal and taking all to safety. We can only hope that the new year brings better things as our communities come together to repair the damage.

  12. Thank you for the link, Barbara, it is really devastating for everyone and there doesn't t seem to be any let up, and all in the same place. I really feel for everyone and the emergency services for whom it must feel a very daunting task to keep everyone safe.
    Thinking about them all X X X X X

  13. Mother Nature is amazing but quite terrifying too. Praying that everyone is safe, so desperately sad for those affected , on standby to see what i can do, awful flooding in york which is only 45 mins drive from Scarborough, we've been very lucky here.
    Maybe you could raffle your artwork off? Xx

  14. Evening, will donate after this. I watch the news and feel so sorry for all those affected. Its the time in a few weeks when all the news crews and reporters have moved onto new stories that these poor people will still be living through the nightmare. My heart us with them. Xx

    1. Hi Donna, Diane, Sheila, Brenda and Dot, hope you've enjoyed the Christmas holiday. Hope your pain eases soon Sheila. Hope you have seen my comment yesterday Dot about the punch. Love and hugs to you all.xxxx

  15. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful idea. Thank you for the link to the Just Giving site. I feel so helpless as all we can do for those affected is just a small token. I hope that if enough of us do it we can make a difference but we can't change the weather.
    Hugs from Chris X

  16. It reminds me of the Somerset levels just over a year ago. While the flooding was a widespread it did not affect so many people being a rural area. What did cause problems was trying to rescue livestock and getting the land usable for agriculture after it had dried out, there was some bad contamination to clear up. So far the flood warnings down hear do not include the levels but there are patches of standing water which are starting to get bigger. Like you, Barbara, we pray for relief from the rains and floods for the north of the country and for the battered levels just recovering from the last floods.

  17. A very thoughtful design.

    Thanks for the link I have just donated and am going to sort my stash of cross stitch materials and send to Cumbria WI. I have been a member of WI for the last 30 years.
    Hazel c uk

  18. Hi Barb,
    Your artwork is fabulous and so apt. I think it would be a great idea to raffle it and I'm sure you'll get a fantastic response – great idea Lisapmac. It has been a fabulous day in Durham today until now when it's started raining again. We went out for a drive today and were amazed at how many fields are partially flooded all over. Heaven only knows what the poor people whose houses and land are flooded are feeling like – I feel desperately sorry for them. Also the poor farmers who have lost so many of their animal – a couple of weeks ago in some of the Cumbrian floods a farmer found one of his cows about 15 miles away – it had been washed away in the river and fortunately it lived – unlike do many other animals. It must be just heartbreaking. Thank you for the link , my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. Love Alison xxx

  19. It's heartbreaking to see the devastation up North, even more so when it just cannot be stopped.
    Sometimes doing what we know best can help us through

  20. I remember taking our caravan up to a rally with the Land Rover Club just outside Settle. The first few days were beautiful and then the rains came and within hours we were surrounded by floods. The river rose around 15 feet and turned from a relaxing area for the children to play into a raging brown torrent. Anyone falling into that would stand little chance of coming out alive. The town of Hawes was partially flooded and businesses and homes had water pouring through. The other thing that people often forget is that the floodwaters are not just carrying mud but raw sewage mixed in too. So homes and businesses become contaminated. I am sure that farmers around the country will do their part to support those in the flooded areas as they did with those on the Somerset levels. Thank you for doing your part, Barbara, and pointing us in the right direction. Are there any of the Clarity family caught up in this terrible disaster? If so, can we do anything practical to help? Love Maggie xxx

  21. So sad to see these scenes. We have just had 2 years of flood defense works in Inverness, yet this year still there has been some flooding locally. I know that no-one can control nature, but it is so heart-breaking to witness such tragedy. Susan x

  22. With all the festivities and my daughters birthday today I've not seen the news for a few days. It is amazing how quickly it is to lose touch with reality. However when the floods first happened a few weeks ago I was in tears watching the news. It is events like this that make me realise how fortunate I am.

  23. Hi Barbara,
    we can see it in every TV-news here in Germany as well…
    So catastrophic for all people affected. And they expect more rain if I´m right.
    Your artwork is well done, Barbara.
    Rolf xxx

  24. Feel so sorry for all the people affected by these floods. Must be awful at anytime but for it to happen and keep happening especially at Christmastime can't begin to imagine how they must be feeling. My heart goes out to them. Have shared the link. Thank you for the artwork today, very appropriate. Brilliant idea to raffle your card. Will donate when I get home.

  25. Like so many others I have hardly watched TV for a few days so was shocked to see your pictures.So sorry for those poor people who are struggling while we are safe and secure. Money is probably all we can do for the moment but I am sure it will not be long before there will be appeals for more items. Your card certainly captures the moment. xx

  26. Thank you Barbara – for another poignant piece of artwork. I admire the way that you do this, as you did after the Paris attacks too! You channel your thoughts, prayers, sadness, frustrations etc into a wonderful piece of art. You also reach out to so many people, by doing this. You are a continued inspiration to us all – in so many different ways. Thank you xxx

  27. Barbara you have done it again, as with the French situation earlier this year you manage to capture the situation in your artwork. I have been watching the news channel most of the day, its horrible what everyone is having to deal with. I have family and good friends in the affected areas and as yet haven't heard from them today, just hope they are safe. The volunteers, mountain rescue, fire service, army etc are doing the best, putting their own lives at risk as well. Your thoughts are with everyone 'up north'. Thank you for the link, well be doing my donation. Like Anne from earlier, im also a 'northern' but living in Reading x

  28. Although the rain here in Fife has been battering down and never ending we are very lucky here that all we need is wellies and a raincoat.
    My love and prayers go to all the families affected and will follow your link and give a wee donation to help these poor people even if it's all we can do it will make us feel we tried.
    Take care…Dot..xx

  29. Your artwork is terrific Barbara and reminds me of the map of the UK they keep showing with all those rivers on amber and red alert, and so heartbreaking to see just how many people have been affected over the last two or three weeks. Here in Somerset it was bad two years ago and unfortunately the water took weeks to go down and in lots of places it wasn't that deep but it still caused so much damage, and although the area it covered was immense they were areas of relatively low population unlike this present problem. I'm sure those people who have been affected could do with as much help as we all can give. x

  30. Thank you for highlighting this terrible situation. I haven't seen anything locally about a fund for what is happening in the North and West of my county Maggie.

  31. Morning Barb, Your art work says it all. Words are not enough to say how I feel. I have a friend who lives in Kendal. My heart goes out to those in Cumbria and Yorkshire today.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  32. I think we all feel for anyone in the flooded area's,and now of course there homes are not only wrecked by water, they also become worthless, who wants to buy a home in a flood area, just awful, I am in the NW,and I count my blessing so far, but my heart breaks when I see these people struggling…I just hope something can be done to help them all…
    The artwork looks fab Barbara and a great idea…x

  33. I'm Salford born and bred my husband is81 I'm 78 we have never seen anything like this before and my husband worked for the emergency services for 30years
    To see Manchester under water is awful as it is for all the other people I live in Warrington now we have flooding but not on the scale of others. God bless the kindness of all those who are helping your card is lovely Barbara love always June Horrocks xxxxxx

  34. Hello Barb, I feel so sad and sorry for the people affected by the floods, they are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing the just giving page, well go have a look at what they need.And thank you for your lovely card, made out of thought for them. Take care everyone. Bx

  35. Isn't it just heart breaking to think of the trauma all these poor people are experiencing. We have to be thankful here in Middlesbrough that we have escaped the floods but just a little way a way in York they are experiencing terrible floods. The Ouse breaks its banks in York now and again but I have never seen the extent of flooding there is this time. We must all take time to pray for everyone and to give what we can. This is the effects of global warming and we are now paying the price for our excesses and negligence in caring for our planet. Much love to all where ever you are and I pray that what ever hardship you are experiencing will ease and you will be visited with good fortune – Jayne

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