Tuesday and time for a little Reflection…

Tuesday and time for a little Reflection…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
And thanks to Paul for holding the Bloggy Fort 
in my absence yesterday.
Got back from the Fatherland yesterday evening
and was very happy to sleep in my own bed.
The hotel room in Frankfurt was so blimming warm!!
Windows open – City of sirens.
Windows closed – Schvetty Barbie.
Woke up this morning with this picture in my head, 
and decided to blog it.
So here’s a simple step by step project for you to try.
Mount the Gelli Plate on its Mega Mount.
6”x6” or 8”x10” works for this size trick.
I have just found a special offer on our website 
for the 6×6 and megamount together…
Mount the houses or shops you fancy using from the 
and Shops stampsets.
Stamp them in a row on the Gelli Plate 
using a Black Adirondack (dye based ink).
Use the gridline on the megamount as your guideline.
Flip the Gelli Plate over and lower it down onto our Stencil Card (Gelli Card).

Flip back, rub the back, and pull not one –

but two prints.
Spot on! What we’ve done in effect is 
we’ve created rows of reflected images.

See? When you stamp the images above the reflections, 
you will see they’re opposites.
I used a black Archival ink pad – a permanent ink – to stamp the houses above the river into place.

Easy peasy. 
Leave a little gap between the bases.
Trim the sides back.

Now we need masks.
We actually have masks for these houses and shops!
Sooooo much easier!
I just didn’t have any to hand, so had to resort to homegrown…
Top Tip: 
when you do this trick, pick symmetrical houses.
You will soon find out why when you go to mask the reflections.
Mmm… chimneys on wrong side? Time to cut a reflection mask.

All covered.

Moons in place and let’s brayer in the sky first.
Layer of Juniper as an undercoat.

Layer of Denim or Chipped Sapphire next.

Coat of Stream over the top.
I used the Clarity Blending mat to stage the ink, too.

and a make-up sponge to dab colour in between the houses.

Time for the reveal. Remove all mask above the water.

Move  the masking tape up to cover the houses above.
Brayer the leftover Stream across the water.
You want it more faded.
But now for some added structure…

Ink up the brayer from the mat again, 
and roll the inky brayer over a sheet of crumpled paper.
Then roll the same brayer across the watery area.
Instant water!

Remove all the masks and go over the area with the brayer again.
Once only, and in one direction only.

Time to add a splash of colour to the houses.
Colouring pencils for me every time.
I used Faber Castell Polychromos here.
Spectrum Noirs work well too.

Less pressure and more faded in the water area.
Oranges and turquoise always work well together, don’t you find?

Now let’s create a darker vignette around the pic.
Blending tool on the blending mat works best.

Needs a splash of water…
A light flick with the fingers and blot with a paper towel

The background is just a  scrap I made when spritzing what ink 
was left on the blending mat and mopping up with copy paper.

That’ll do nicely.

In fact, I think I’ll do something similar on the telly this coming Sunday.
HOCHANDA TV 2-3pm  5-6pm
We’ve split the 2 hours up. 
Much better for my nerves!
Then Sunday 8pm-9pm, 
I shall be launching the Monday One-day Special.
So that’s Sunday well and truly sorted!
I’d best get cracking on the prep!!!!
But I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back in the zone 
with this artwork this morning.
love & hugs.

85 thoughts on “Tuesday and time for a little Reflection…

  1. This is lovely. I wish I could come up with an idea and translate it to paper as quickly as you do. I have an idea in my head for the Love Challenge, goodness knows if it will work but I should really stop procrastinating and just give it a go.

  2. Thanks for the tip of using the gelli plate to create reflections. I haven't got the wee houses yet as I'm waiting for my 15% discount to kick in; once that's in place, I'll be stocking up!

  3. Glad to see you back safe and sound after your trip. I am looking forward to having a go at today's artwork. My Gelli plate is still in front of me, so I think it might be something to play with this afternoon. I need more practice with reflections, anyway. xx Maggie

  4. Welcome home Barbara. I love the wee houses and shops. They arrived just in time for me to sit and stare at them lol. I shall have to send for the masks and hopefully by the time they arrive I will be back to full working order. Then I can have a proper play with them. Enjoy the rest of your day. Hugs xxxxx

  5. Welcome home Barbara. I love this card, its just fabulous. My NDC folders and Baby Groovi Plate Mate arrived yesterday: its so cute and dinky, can't wait to try it out. Thanks to you and all the team for your hard work pulling it all together. Love xxx

  6. Great picture Barb. Will be watching you on Sunday as always. Can't wait for the special aswell. You are spoiling us! Would prefer to be getting my Gelli out this afternoon but I have to do boring dusting instead – although my mother always says "the dust will be there when your dead", so I may head her words and feed my soul instead. Very windy here in the very north of North Yorkshire. Reminds me off your stamp of the person with the umbrella. Much Love – jayne

  7. Stunning Barbara Thank you so much for the inspiration I've got both sets and the masks also I might give this ago welcome home looking forward to Sunday's shows and Monday's one day deal I know this might be impossible for you but do try to get some free time you and Dave big crafting hugs xxx

    1. Afternoon Donna will you be crafting tonigh ?
      Afternoon Dorothy are you back to full health?i do hope so
      Afternoon Diane lots of hugs
      Afternoon pam did you get your physio appointment?
      Afternoon Brenda hugs for you & daisy xxx
      Hugs to all on the blog xxx

    2. Evening Sheila, yep crafting later. I will be doing my calendar challenge card, got beaten into first post by somebody very quick off the mark! Well done, on your entry. Xx

    3. Hi Sheila yes been crafting – an 18th birthday card. So glitter was needed – why do I do that? I'm now covered in the stuff, and so I the lounge!!!!! Hope you are ok and haven't been blown away xxxx

    4. Hi Diane our clarity glitter lady I've been nice and cosy inside just done a little crafting for my clarity blog challenge LOVE do a little more tomorrow. Glad you been crafting too xxx

    5. Hi Sheila, yes appointment for 7th March. Not for physio though just an introduction group session to explain pain management etc for an hour and a half evidently. Don't really know what it entails. Hope you are ok, glad you managed some crafting. I did a card today too, love Pam xx

    6. I've been to one of them a very long time ago don't know if it will be the same but let me know how it goes hope you get some help with your pain hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barb, So glad you got bath safely, bet it was lovely getting into your 'own' bed.
    This tutorial is absolutely fabulous, I love all these techniques, and your finished card is stunning. I adore the wee houses and wee shops, they produce a beautiful card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hi Barb, So glad you got bath safely, bet it was lovely getting into your 'own' bed.
    This tutorial is absolutely fabulous, I love all these techniques, and your finished card is stunning. I adore the wee houses and wee shops, they produce a beautiful card.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Welcome home! My other half got back from Frankfurt yesterday – he'd been exhibiting at Christmasworld – and he was complaining about overheated hotel room too.

    Love the reflection picture – it's very effective. haven't got the wee houses/shops yet, though (I think they'll be on my wish list for Happy Stampers at Port Sunlight!)

  11. Thanks for the fantastic step by step today Barbara and the reflections work beautifully using the gelli plate and great idea with the crumpled paper to transfer ripples to the brayer and it looks so good on the finished piece. Glad you gad a safe trip home and there is nothing better than your own bed at the end of a long journey. Looking forward to seeing you on Hochanda on Sunday too. x

  12. Afternoon Barbara and what a brilliant reflection, thanks for it step by step demo as that's what I need right now. Will give this one a try, I'm looking forward to your show on Sunday.
    Have a great day hugs and Xxx

  13. Afternoon love doing this effect must try this way with geli plate so good to have so much clarity on TVs Paul was on again this morning looking forward to Sunday and you on oh and extra Monday lovely Jubbly of to tidy up had boys to day so lots toys out make have a quick cuppa xxx

  14. How creative. Makes the day so much better reading the blog. Looking forward to Sunday so much. I received a "rival" companies stamp for Christmas – not even in the same league as yours. Clarity products all the way for me.
    I'm off to try some groovi and mindfulness to take my mind off other offending obstacles.
    Glad you are home safe and sound.
    Love to you and Dave and a thank you to Paul.
    Anne (Reading)

  15. Going back to read this again slowly in a minute ! Seems a lot going on there for my head to cope with. After filling in two insurance claim forms to get money back from cancelling our holiday my brain is a bit puggled at the moment! As we'd only paid the deposit I'm not sure it's worthwhile but every little helps towards Clarity goodies! xx

  16. Glad you're home safe and sound Barbara. I love your brayered scenes best of all, it used to amaze Mum and me how you made a beautiful picture from torn paper, moon masks and stamps. I'm looking forward to watching your shows xxx

  17. Hi Bab,
    Glad to have you back safe and sound and I bet you had a lovely night's sleep in your own bed. The picture you've created is fabulous- love how you did the reflection – I would never have thought of that even though looking back I did it for the calendar challenge!! Really looking forward to all of the shows on Sunday and Monday. I hope you're taking plenty of stock! Love Alison xx

  18. Hi Barb, I love todays tutorial but I don't have the gelli plate or wee houses shops yet… on my wish list and will wait till I can get my 15% off as a Diamond member. My first club parcel hasn't arrive yet but still stalking our marina staff waiting for it to arrive lol. It seems your trip was very fruitful, always good to get back home though. Looking forward to Sunday's Hochanda shows. xx

  19. Glad you're back home safe and sound.
    I love this effect and look forward to trying it out soon. I have been doing more crafting now I have more time as my work hours have been cut. It has been good to spend lots of hours crafting and not have to worry about not having enough time to do what I want.

  20. Glad you back safely in a rather breezy England. Love these houses, will order now I have become a diamond member. Phoned this morning and spoke to a very pleasant young man, your team do you proud Barbara. Good luck with the prep for Sunday. xx

  21. Hello Barbara

    I love the artwork. How clever to do the reflection th0at way. Looking forward to Sunday but will have to ask my friend to record the shows as I have my two youngest grandchildren for the weekend, aged 2 and 4 (one with extra needs). I won't be watching much television!


  22. Barbara are you reading my mind? Last night I was contemplating doing another reflection to practice the gelli technique and thought how nice the wee houses and shops would look! Pleased to know my idea looks so nice!! 😉 Welcome home, hope your pillows were good after all that frenetic business building. Xx

  23. How lovely is this? I wish I woke up with such pictures in my head! Was all set to give this a go then realised I don't have stencil card or Adirondack ink pads only Archival and Distress which I don't think will give the desired effect. DRAT. Not able to remedy this lack until the weekend at least. Drat, Drat, DRAT!!! Oh well, all good things are worth waiting for. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of artwork – I'll have a few days to reflect upon it.
    Tonbridge Sue

    1. Sue, the archival is a permanent waterproof ink so will leave a permanent image on your gelli plate…not good. However your Rangers distress inks are dye based so should work just as well on the gelli plate. Give it a try.

    2. Thanks for confirming my suspicions about archival. I wouldn't have dared try it on my brand new Gelli Plate. Will try with Distress inks.

    1. Hi Donna, yes got an appointment for March. Read the comment on Sheila' s comments further up to save me explaining again. Hope you are ok. Need to do some shaving foam cards as only got A5 ones. Love Pam xx

  24. Hi Barbara
    Welcome home. I think this will be my 1st project with my recently arrived Wee Houses & Shops. I definitely need practice with my brayering. I am looking forward to Sunday.
    Hugs from Chris X

  25. Barbara, welcome home. Doesn't sound like Frankfurt was ideal, so it makes coming home all the more sweeter, especially with your new pillows!
    Thank you for all the excellent techniques in this blog. I love it when you do reflections and cannot wait to try it. Wish I could watch you on Hochanda here in the US. WIsh I could join your clubs too!

  26. Hi Barb, all I can say is that you are an inspiration to me and my art work. Must give the Gelli plate a go with the Wee houses ….

    So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my crafting has kept me focused and positive. The support of the blogging world is just fantastic.

    Big Crafty hugs Pen x

  27. Super blog today, must keep trying with the brayering and reflection techniques. Put an order in yesterday and forgot all about the masks for the houses and shops, must remedy that soon. Nice to have you back, looking forward to the shows at the Weekend. Love Pam xx

  28. I would like to add, that it's great to be home ! In fairness to Frankfurt, I'm sure there are lovely areas in the city….just not where we were at ! But I guess that is true of most major cities ….. This blog space however, is a very safe place..and even though I do not 'craft' myself, it's great to see and feel the community growing within…….keep coming back…as they say. xx

  29. Hi Barbara
    This is beautiful, must give this a go, I've got all the bits and pieces, I've got some time, just need to be brave and get on with it. I will give myself a talking to! I expect that first night back in your own bed was so lovely, and just the right temperature too! Don't stress too much with the prep, one project done already. Take care
    Love Diane xxxx

  30. I do like this idea AND I have the houses and shops all ready to play with too! Looking forward to the weekend. Will have to watch the Sunday one on a repeat (it clashes with my fav programme -sorry :()but I've booked a seat in front of the telly for the Saturday ones

  31. I've got the houses and shops with the masks and all the stamp pad colours. Just a slight problem the brain's not too good, but I'll be brave and give it a go. Probably get covered in stamp ink – but who cares. thank you for the lovely blog.X

  32. Hello Barb, oh I love this image, such a great idea, the wee shops and houses are fab. I will just have to try this, but will have to use other stamps as I have not completed my "wee" collection yet! Glad you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to the shows this weekend. Bx

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