Say it with flowers!

Say it with flowers!

Greetings from a blustery Kent

Paul here taking over the blog again whilst Barbara and Dave travel back from a busy few days in Frankfurt.

Monday’s blog is all about trees and flowers, which reminded me of a photo I took the other day at the office.

A proper Barbara Gray landscape!

Anyway, I digress – I thought I would go back through the archives and find a step-by-step to keep you occupied!

I came across this one using one of my favourite stamps

The Wallflower Corner

 Used in conjunction with the wonderful 
Letterbox Stamp Set

Both of the above stamps come with fabulous Clarity Masks.

 One of the things I love about the following step-by-step is the fact that you can use it for so many occasions – Birthdays, Weddings, Valentines, Invitations or just to say Hello.

So now I will hand you over to Barbara to guide you through……..

Let’s see. What did I use?
So you start with a piece of plain cream or white card, 
about 2″ x 6″ – depending on which word you want to frame.
I did the frame first, and added Grace afterwards, but you can tackle it from the other end, too!
Stamp two wallflowers about an inch apart, add Detail Clear Embossing Powder and emboss with your Heatgun. 
Cover them up with the Clarity ready-cut masks, and then stamp the third flower in the middle.
The next step is important. Remove the masks either side BEFORE you add the embossing powder. 
Otherwise you will get powder on the masks and they will lose their tack, and you will be frustrated!
This is how you bunch the wallflowers together without overlapping them.

Just keep working your way around the edges, leaving a 1 inch gap, to fill with another background flower.

 When you have gone right round the card, add the centrepiece.
I used the Letterbox and added GRACE.
See the gaps in the corners? We are going to colour in the background, so that is fine.

See how I have coloured in the whole background, 
bar the Letterboxes, with Ivory and Blush? 
They come from the Skin tones Promarkers.

I used fine nibs to get into the flowers.

To be honest, the GRACE plaque would do very nicely alone, simply mounted on a matching card, don’t you think?
But I want to go on with the large Wallflower Corner. 
Mel drew it, and it is a masterpiece.
So I used a standard long pre-scored card, stamped the corner in the righthand corner in Black Archival, dusted it with Detail Clear Embossing Powder and heat-embossed it.

Drag the chisel end of a Peach Promarker around the edges.

Colour in, one flower at a time…
Cut a slit about quarter of an inch away from the flowers.
From here to here!
This will make a wonderful pouch for Grace to slip into.
You could even mirror the corner on the other side and colour in. 
If you like the Wallflower set, I did another blog with them a while ago.  I used The same Black Archival embossed base, but look how different when you change the colour palette and paint with Perfect Pearls (Mica Powders)

Superb Mother’s Day OR Father’s Day Book Mark gifts.

Okay, Paul back again – wasn’t that a great step-by step! 
So I am feeling naughty and thought that since I have taken over the blog, I would be be nice to you all and drop the price of the two stamp sets
If you want the Wallflower Corner Stamp Set, I will reduce the price from £19.99 down to £14.99 and if you want the Letterbox Kit Stamp Set I will reduce the price from £26.99 down to £19.99
This offer will run until midnight on Wednesday
On a separate note – everyone that has recently upgraded/joined the various new clubs – the relevant discounts will be applied to your accounts by tomorrow.
Paul x

74 thoughts on “Say it with flowers!

  1. Hi Paul
    Firstly thank you so much for sorting out my ordering problem so promptly after I emailed the office late on Friday afternoon.
    Secondly love the step by step. I was looking at the Groovi wallflowers this morning and now have some inspiration!
    Hope the boss gets home safely xx

  2. Hi Paul,
    Great step by step with two lots of brilliant stamps that I love as well. Does Barbara know you're reducing prices while she away?!!! My new Baby Groovi Plate Mate and plate came this morning along with all my folders. I must say it was like Christmas again! Love the dingy plate mate and the little alphabet and different letterboxes will be so useful. Absolutely love it!! Would recommend them to everyone. Hope Barb and Dave have a safe journey and smooth crossing. It's horrendous up here in Durham – the winds are terrible. Love Alison xxxx

    1. Oooooh Alison I'm very excited, I thought I had to wait until Thursday – I'd better be up and dressed in the morning ready for the postman! Enjoy playing xxxx

    2. I was hoping that my diamond envelope would be there when we arrived home today too, but sadly it wasn't to be. Never mind it'll be worth waiting for, the excitements building.xx

  3. Evening Paul love the step by step I've got both these sets so thank you for the inspiration.
    Safe journey home for Barbara & Dave don't forget to put the kettle on ready for them and a plate of biscuits.
    Would like to say thank you to Anne for her patients in helping me with my order late this afternoon your a star xxx

    1. Hi Sheila, hope you are feeling a bit better, I ordered a bit more clarity today. Had a letter about physio had to ring them but got a message. Will ring tomorrow, no change at moment. Love and hugs Pam xx

  4. Hi Paul thank you for stepping in a taking over the blog. You must be such an asset to Barbara and Dave. I like the cheeky discount you are offering. Have a great evening. Hugs Jackie

  5. Hi Paul, great idea finding a step by step that everyone will love, you can comeback again with special prices any time! Thank you for helping me become a diamond the other day. Xx

    Safe trip home Barbara and Dave. Xx

    1. Hi Donna hope you've had a good day. Just finished a groovi card and a pat tot stamp card for my friends birthday – she's special, she gets 2 cards! ( actually she gets about 10 all with parrots on but it's a long story!!!!). Xxxx

    2. Hi Donna, still struggling on I'm afraid, never mind could be worse. Lovely being with the family all week, takes your mind off yourself. Hope you've had a good weekend and are well. Love and hugs Pam xx

  6. You have been learning well from Barbara, giving us discounts. I hope Barbara and Dave are not on a ferry with all these wicked winds around. Still they may see the Northern Lights on their way. We have them even down in Worcestershire at the moment. Hope all is safe with everyone tonight. xx Maggie

    1. That is funny you getting the lights in Worcestershire, Guy and Hayley went to Iceland last weekend and only saw a small streak of green. No whales either. Shame really but they did get to experience the geysers. xx

  7. Hi Paul
    Nice to hear from you today. I love the letterbox kit. It is so useful. Thank you for the generous offer on the stamp sets too. I am lucky to have both and use them all the time.
    X from Chris

  8. Hi paul
    Thanks for finding that step by step, lovely as a stamp and a groovi plate.
    Also received my baby pate mate and folders today, so cute, another challenge I have now set myself apart from entering both challenges each month is to use each of the diamond club products each month before the next ones arrive. I so often file them immediately, so will have ago at doing that and will blog them as I do it! Another resolution to keep my blog updated!
    Safe journey home to Barbara and Dave X X X

    1. Oooh, I am so jealous as I am impatiently waiting for mine to arrive. What a great idea to set yourself the challenge to use them before the next ones arrive. I like this and think I will try too. Still not managed to enter the challenges yet but will try for the next ones. Karen xxx

  9. Hi Paul
    Thank you for reminding us of these beautiful flower stamps, they are lovely and so useful. I love my letterbox stamps too – a great way to stamp words without worrying if they are straight! What great offers for those that haven't got them yet – you are a pickle, but we do love it when you gate crash the blog!
    Enjoy your evening and safe journey home Barbara and Dave
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane, Brenda and Dot, the winds awful here too Diane, not been blown away yet ha!ha. Hope you are all ok and that you all had a good weekend, love and hugs to you all Pam xx

  10. Hi Paul, thanks for the step by step it's great to go back over things that we have forgot about,
    and look at you doing deals on stamps! 😉 Love it. Thanks again Xxxx

  11. Hi Paul. You are a tempter!! I think need to order the flowers! I have a had a lovely weekend crafting, stamping, groovi and sewing. So much fun now I have more time ( but less money!) to create lots of lovely new things.

  12. Hi Paul. You are a tempter!! I think need to order the flowers! I have a had a lovely weekend crafting, stamping, groovi and sewing. So much fun now I have more time ( but less money!) to create lots of lovely new things.

  13. I like this takeover lark and I especially like the fact that it shares the load a bit when Barbara is on her travels. This project is one of my favourite and I think was one of the first things I did that I was really proud of, as I made this for my mother-in-law's birthday several years ago. I was so excited I sent a copy of it to Barbara and got a lovely reply and thus was born my Clarity obsession. Great to revisit it and remind me to dig out this stamp as it is one of my all time favourites. Maybe we can run a poll on our favourite stamps of all time. Word chains are hard to beat, have to admit they are one of the few that are constantly mounted. Take care all in this blustery weather, safe journey home Barbara (hopefully you are already there) and thanks for the reminder and offer Paul. Much hugs Karenxxx

    1. Karen, my most used stamp has to be the small birds in flight. My favourite stamp, hmmm – blues tits, poppies, word chains, anything with wee at the beginning, ying yang cats, trees, cottages, framer words – I guess I can't choose.

    2. Hi Karen hope you get time now to craft for the challenges and it helps you through big crafting hugs please will you pass on a hug to your work friend xxx

  14. Paul you are naughty tempting us with discounts. I only just received the letterbox alphabet on Saturday but I don't have the wallflower set. Great to hear that the groovi club stuff has started to be posted out, I can't wait.

  15. Hello Paul – lovely project to have selected – that corner stamp is just great. Wishing Barb & Dave a safe journey home, and hope they have taken the scenic route.

  16. Hi Paul, I just love this step by step, thank you for finding it, fell in love with this stamp after seeing a card on the boards at Catterick, don't think it was last year but the year before. So I already have them, but will be lovely for the bloggers that haven't got them yet. Hope Barbara and Dave are home safely by now, the winds are getting shocking. Must be such a reief for Barbara that she can rely on you to step in and do her blog Paul.xx

  17. How did you know I came across this stamp set yesterday and realised I had not used it. Some Birthday cards sorted I think. Thank-you. Will have to ring you tomorrow as I have not been called back for my up-grade. Left it for today as guessed you would be busy after weekend. Hope you are enjoying your new job Paul xx

  18. Hi Paul, great step by step, just love these stamps I had them out the other day. Love the idea of using embossing powder on to of the ink. I expect you have to work quite quick?

    Looking forward to my new goodies to arrive and fantastic to know new discounts will be on our accounts tomorrow

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  19. Hello hello hello! What's going on 'ere then?! I see Paul has pulled out one of my faves. Well done that man! Just got home an hour ago. Will get back on the horse tomorrow…. It sure is nice to be back home xxx barb

    1. Hi Barb,
      Pleased you're back safe and sound. Hope crossing wasn't too rough. No signs of wind letting up here – in fact if anything it's getting stronger and now we've got heavy rain too. Still I've got my new toys to play with! Love Alison xx

  20. Nice to here you gave arrived home safely Dave and Barbara hope was a good journey very windy here. Well just love those flowers might get them out for a play tomorrow thanks Paul once again xxx

  21. Thank you Paul How far did you go back in the archives cos I don't remember this one? How brill of you too to offer the discounts. I have just joined two of the clubs and am looking forward to the arrival of my parcel. Glad that Barbara and Dave have had a successful trip and hope they have a good journey home.

  22. This is a great step by step and the flowers are all so pretty and I love the bookmark sitting behind the wallflower corner. Thank you for taking over the blog for the day Paul and offering us a great discount on the stamps. x

  23. Hi Paul, great stand-in blog post. It is always nice to look back over previous posts, especially with such pretty stamps and colours. Great ideas with the book marks too. Take care. Bx

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