From New York to Oldham…

From New York to Oldham…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Wednesday is the day we step back and get mindful.
So bear with me a moment;
I just need to come down to earth, 
get grounded and get focussed.
There’s so much going on at this end,
I’m in danger of whizzing through life without actually taking it in.
And I bet I’m not the only one. 
I’ve been thinking a lot about music lately;
which music I grew up with,
which music I enjoy listening to nowadays.

I suppose David Bowie’s departure from this world 
sparked the reverie.
He was my absolute hero as a kid.

Loved everything he did. In fact, he’s still my favourite male artist. 
My Dave’s the real Muso though. 
Music is to him what art is to me, I guess.
Whenever I retreat to my artroom, he retreats to his music room.
And there he will stay for hours, 
composing tunes, playing his guitar.
Did I say guitar ??
cough, splutter…
He’s got one for every day of the week!
(if there was ever such a thing as a 12 day week…)
But hey! That’s his passion. 
I’ve got an insane stash of pens, pencils and paints. 
My excuse is I need it for work!
Do you listen to music when you are being creative?

I work in silence.  
I like the quietness. 
I seldom listen to the radio; I find the prattle often winds me up.

We were talking about the first album we ever bought the other day….
I had heard this guy on Top of the Pops and loved his music!
Saved up my pennies and went off to Gillingham to buy my very first LP.
When I got there I couldn’t remember the guy’s name!
James, James, James something!
Anyway, the long-haired bloke in the shop sold me 
Barclay James Harvest. 
Jogged all the way home, ready to have a good old dance in the living room.
But when I put the album on the turntable, 
it wasn’t at all what I had had in mind!! 
I went for James Brown!

and what I got was this:

But having spent all my money on this LP, albeit inadvertently,
I just kept listening to it until I liked it. 

Now what’s interesting is that I grew to love BJH. 
Saw them live at the Hammersmith Odeon.
Their style led me on to Genesis – and the rest is history.
I never did buy a James Brown album, 
but I had all the BJH and Genesis LPs!

Isn’t that strange?
To persevere with something until you like it?!
So often we just dismiss something out of hand, 
nah, nope, not my cup of tea.
But because I had nothing else to listen to, 
and no money to buy anything else,
I ended up becoming a massive BJH fan!

Why didn’t I take it back?
I was way too embarrassed to go back in the record shop
and explain that I had in fact wanted James Brown,
but didn’t know the difference between a black soul singer from New York and a group of hippies from Oldham!
Very cool. NOT !!!

And on that brutally honest note,
I shall love you and leave you.

Got to get back to TV prep.
Got a date with Mum and Dad this evening. 
New year’s Resolution:
Love & hugs,

Tomorrow is February 4th.
A special day here.
Hope you can join me. 

149 thoughts on “From New York to Oldham…

  1. the art of reminiscing (cant spell that for the life of me) is key I feel – it helps ground us and value what we have around us – much of which we take for granted. x

    4th – yes that is tomorrow – so your words sound very intriguing and you do like to have us dangling dont you!!!

    Have a lovely evening with the folks

    Much Love


  2. I like listening to radio5 live a bit of sport and newsy stuff which I can dip in and out off. I don't like it when I was working though and often wondered why people had radios on in their office especially when it was so quiet you couldn't tell what was playing in any case!

    Been up the hospital this morning for my hubbys pre prostate treatment scan, that reminds me he must show me his tattoos ! Was there at 8 and didn't leave until 11.30 ish by the time we'd picked up his meds (enemas actually – his worst nightmare as he will have to take on every day before treatment). We also picked up free parking ticket for when treatment starts on 23 Feb, going to mark it on my Clarity calendar it ends on 18 April. Every day except Sat and Sun for 8 weeks – will be like being back at work as he'll need to be there at 8.15 a.m. before his radiotheraphy slot at 9.15. Anyway, I was listening to the men in the waiting area talking about their treatments etc. a couple will be having their last one tomorrow, another 5 weeks in and another finishes next Weds, so I was sat there thinking that we'll be talking like that soon.

    Isn't it odd that one little hiccup takes over your life like that. We're trying to ignore it as best we can and have done but I'll be doing a little celebration come 18 April I think ! Since starting out on this we've heard so many people with the same tale to tell and some who've had the op etc. so we just keep thinking if they can do it we can!

    Anyway, let's get back to crafting – I sent off piece of Groovi art to you yesterday, using only the starter kit. I'd done two pieces, one a more simple piece called Nature and this one is a bit of a mish mash which I turned into a bit of Zentangle so hope it passes muster !

    As for music, I'm eclectic in my taste and have Bowie, through to Donny Osmond and David Cassidy (my pin ups), Hot Chocolate and Beauitful South amongst my collection. Tend to only listen to them in company though. Grandchildren bought me the Jackie CD for Christmas and that brought back many many memories, a lot of it I've probably got in the loft on 45s!

    Goodness, didn't realise how I've rambled today, this mindfulness is a funny old thing and good for the soul! xxx

    1. Hello Jackie, I've been there with my husband, he had surgery followed by RT two years later. You are right in as much as it's just like being back at work. We ticked each day off the calendar, and particularly once we reached the half way point it flew past. The 60 mile round trip each day got a bit wearing as I was the driver. But it was much better for my hubbie than having to wait around all day for hospital transport. Which was the situation when I had mine as I am the family driver.
      I hope your husband's treatment is as successful as my husband's was. x

    2. Hi Jackie – my husband had his results of a biopsy which revealed that he has got prostate cancer, we are now waiting for a scan appointment to find out the extent of the cancer. So we are in limbo at the moment, and then will have to decide on the best course of action. Good luck to you and your husband, with his course of treatment xxx

    3. I hope all goes well for your husband. I feel like I know so many people that have been through the same or similar, it just seems like par for the course these days.

    4. Think we join a long list of ones going through the prostate problem. My husband had the op 12 years ago, was a hard time as we had just moved house, large morgage and no sick pay from work for him. How do you support a family on £60 a week benefit. We got through it though and he is still doing ok, left with ulcerative collitis though. He then had a melanoma on his leg. Got through that as well. So I hope all goes well with the treatment for your husband, it will be hard and he will have times when he is down. Be strong and you will get through it. Hugs xx

    5. Hope all goes well for you both. Have just returned from essex county hosp eye clinic – OH has a corneal ulcer post cataract surgery which has been very painful – so I know how you feel when you both sit and wait and wait and wait. The entire day seems to be taken up, shall we have an early lunch or a late tea, sandwich now and dinner tonight? What will you fancy after a day 'hanging around'. But we get through it with the help of nearest and dearest. I'm off to finish off a gilded stencil card for a friends 60th. Started it yesterday but the 'ulcer' got in the way today. Hugs to you all.

    6. Jackie I hope all goes well with your husbands treatment, you could take your groovi with you for those long hours of waiting. I had Donny Osmond as my pin up – my daughter found the poster for me for my 50th. Xxxx

    7. Hi everyone, thank you so much for your comments and thoughts.

      Morag, a 60 mile trip! at least we're only 20 mins away from hospital and even quicker on a good traffic day or not peak time. x

      Gillyflower, good luck to your husband with his results.x

      Lynne, You had a tough time. I know about ulcerative colitis too as I have it, been on tablets now which have helped me tremendously since being diagnosed 6 years ago. I think mine was lying dormant as it is hereditary (my Dad had it) and was brought on by stress when our friend and neighbour died as it seemed to happen just after that. I'm one of the lucky ones with it. I hope it's not too bad for your hubby. x

      Gillian, that sounds nasty for your poor hubby – I dread anything with eyes. I'm planning on reading while waiting but everyone seemed quite chatty in the waiting room so I might not get that much done. Perhaps I'll take some x stitch or get the Groovi plate out like Diane suggests (my baby one arrived today!)! x

  3. Well, I've never heard of Barclay James Harvest, but I can see from the album cover where your love of scything men, dramatic skies and beautiful mountain scenes comes from. Enjoy your time with mum and dad, and I look forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring! x

  4. Hi Barbara, yes tomorrow would be Jane's birthday. I only managed half of last year's challenge. But I was thinking my cool shaving foam piece could end up being my "I love the sea" artwork part.

    I'm with you on the music one. I find the radio winds me up too. And I too craft in silence or if I've had too much silence then something nice on the telly/laptop turned down low. I can't remember what my first LP/single was. I have a very eclectic taste in music. I didn't buy records as a kid, just listened to it on the radio /Top of the Pops.

    Paul got my club sorted yesterday so I'm now Diamond too :-). Thank you Barbara and Paul xx.

    Boiler not working properly and social worker cancelled again. So more problems! I've been burying my head in the sand about the boiler (all problems really), but it was really bad yesterday so I've had to phone the boiler people myself, totally stressed me out. They said someone will come tomorrow afternoon, totally stressed out about that too, having to do it myself, both having to go through it and the extra worries/fears/unknown/stranger here/what ifs etc.etc. Asperger problems. It's hard to put into words how bad me trying to do this kind of stuff on my own is, people have said they needed to see for themselves to get it, words alone doesn't let people understand. I know it could be worse for me, things couldn't get much worse, but there are still people worse off than I am in.

    Sorry Mindfulness right now is something unreachable for me.

    Hope your prep is going well.
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda be proud of yourself as you have rang for the boiler man to come just let him do his job and go so you can have your boiler working
      Welcome to the diamond club be proud there too as you achieved joining big hugs dear blog friend xxx

    2. Good on you Brenda, I find things like that stressful at the best of times and most of the time it's never as bad as you imagine it will be. Remember mindfulness is about being not doing. Stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, feel every part of that breath, become aware of every part of your body, just be for a moment.

    3. Its fantastic that you were able to phone the boiler people yourself. My son has social anxiety and I too have experienced it from time to time so I do really appreciate how difficult it is to phone someone and then to have the prospect of them coming into your safe space. I am so sorry the social worker cancelled on you. I used to be a social worker and I am saddened to hear that they have done this. I expect they think they had good reason but that is never a good enough reason to the person anticipating their support. I know you will have been really stressed from making the call but you did it! This is only a moment in time and soon it will have passed. What you can look forward to though is all those Diamond Club goodies coming your way x

    4. Well done Brenda, be proud that you rang up about the boiler and that you rang Clarity. Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm a bit like that I will put phone calls off, but have to do it eventually then think why did I waste all that time worrying about getting on the phone. Take care. Love Pam xx

    5. Brenda I'm so proud of you ringing the plumber and Clarity. I can't believe the social workers have cancelled and left you without heat. Be brave my lovely lady, you must get the boiler fixed and keep warm. I know how hard it is for you, but pop in if you can tomorrow so we know you are ok. Hugs for you and Daisy xxxxx

    6. Brenda, I always read your posts, although I don't often comment. However, I must say how much I admire your determination and the way you always come back from the things that scare you. To ring the boiler people yourself and organise the visit has taken a great deal of courage from you. You should be so proud of this major step forward. One step at a time is always the way to go and you are doing it. xx Maggie

    7. Hi Brenda, first of all well done on arranging your boiler service, mark that on your list of good things for the day even though you worried about it. Tomorrow when they come just breath and let them do what they need to and it will be over with quickly. Glad to know you sparkle like a diamond………. Although in my eyes you always did! Xx

    8. Thank you everyone xx
      In my social worker's defence, she cancelled this time because one of her kids is unwell. And she doesn't know about the boiler yet, but that's because she's not spoken to me for a few weeks! She wouldn't have done anything to help me anyway, not their role apparently. It decided to start working properly this afternoon so I've had heat. It's not staying fired up, last night it got that bad that it was only staying fired up for 2 minutes at a time, but was eventually heating the place up with all the 2 minutes it stayed on for! I hope the boiler man will know what the problem is if it's not doing it when he comes, don't want to have to be doing this again. I'm so scared. I was told 8 years ago I'd now get all the help and support I needed, wouldn't have to try to do any of the bad stuff for myself ever again, would have a quality of life. But now I'm worse off than I've ever been, going a few weeks at a time without seeing/speaking to anyone other than delivery guys! No help, no support with anything. Social services duty of care seems to be to check I'm still alive every few weeks. If I'm lucky I get allowed to get my rubbish out of here into the bins, and if I'm extra lucky I get to put my bins out! That's it! It's sooo hard.

      I also don't deserve any credit for phoning Clarity as Paul did most of it by email with me and he phoned me for the last wee bit that couldn't be done by email.

      I'll try and let you know tomorrow how it goes, if it goes bad it might be too hard to though.

      love Brenda xx

    9. Stay with us Brenda be proud of yourself baby steps we are hear to listen your not alone with the clarity blog friends you have here and we need you too xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, I can't craft in silence and have the tv on just so I don't feel lonely, sometimes I'm here alone for up to ten hours. Mum used to text or phone me while I was crafting and I really miss her company. I agree very much with your resolution, nothing is more important in life than being with your much loved family. Writing this now has set me off crying again as I miss mine so much.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve for tomorrow, you never cease to amaze me 🙂 xxx

    1. Awe Julie, I feel for you. I can at time feel lonely at home when everyone is at home – my husband is quite a difficult person at times and I have two stroppy teenage girls. Thank goodness for crafting.

  6. Looking forward to the blog tomorrow – you always have something up your sleeve. Must be very uncomfortable sometimes if its large, like a rabbit. Sorry, very poor joke but need to laugh today. Slowly getting on with my parchment lessons and teacher. Its very difficult to take this crafting slowly.
    Enjoy your parents. You are right, we must take time for our loved ones when we have them.
    Lots of love
    Anne (Reading)

  7. I'm trying really hard to be positive at the moment. I've had to close my shop due to ill health. My wonderful old friend ME/CFS has decided they wnt to spend some time with me and so I'm spending lots of time on the sofa. My house is in chaos because I've been working at the shop for the last three years. All my crafting stuff is still at the shop. Waiting for me to have the energy to empty it. My dad is in hospital with pneumonia and my mum doesn't drive and I can't at the moment because of my visitor. Ho hum. Onwards and upwards ….. I've joined the diamond club so that something to look forward to 🙂

    1. So sorry life is not treating you well at the moment. I know how hard it is to be positive when times are bad. Try to take each day at a time and look for the small good things in every day. I found that the best way to deal with big issues that could feel overwhelming. Enjoy your new club goodies and I hope things get easier for you before to long xx

    2. Debbie take baby steps each day I have Me/CFS too and it is so unpredictable thinking of you you can only do what your body will allow the stress your under right now will not help you sending lots of hugs hope they help you through xxx

    3. Hi Debbie – like Sheila, I am a fellow sufferer, so totally understand how you are feeling. As Sheila says, tiny amounts of anything for the moment – followed by much larger amount of rest! It DOES work – but if you are anything like me, when you feel good – you always want (and often do) to do way too much – then it's several steps back again. Sending caring hugs xxx

  8. I work in the kitchen (no craft room I'm afraid) so I hear the noises from all over the house. They come and go for their cuppas or eatables and I just carry on . Sometimes they moan there's no where to put anything for crafting stuff and I just smile and move something over a bit. But the kitchen is the heart of our home and I think even if I had a craft room I'd probably end up back in here anyway! So no need for music . I listen to that in bed at night with my little I pod shuffle where I keep all my favourite music. Just so you know my all time best song is Matt Goss singing Silent night in the church . Xx

  9. My first record was Cliff's A Girl Like You. I Googled it just now and it was 1961 – that long ago!!! I bought it with my pocket money then sat on it on the bus on the way home. It had a chunk out of the edge but still played. I had forgotten about it until I read your blog.

    I am very pleased and happy today because not only did I receive my lovely Groovi "baby", but also I came in the top five in the challenge at my first attempt! Family and friends always thank me for a lovely card however it is fantastic to have been chosen by the Clarity team, thank you so much for challenging me to enter. Congratulations to Charlotte and the other four picked, there were so many lovely cards for you to choose from.

    Looking forward to seeing what's in store tomorrow xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I'm another one who can't craft in silence, I love my music. I tend to have Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) on really loud. It has to be my favourite album of all time. Other than that I put my iPod on which has everything from Pink Floyd, Yes, Moody Blues, Phil Collins, Hozier to Savage Garden, Adele & I say this very quietly, History by One Direction! Never a massive Bowie Fan – I do like some though. I was going to make a card for Dave and attempt the two challenges today but it was so nice here that we went to Tynemouth and had a walk around there in the sun – it was beautiful. Hope you have a good time with your mum and dad – treasure them whilst you've got them as I see both Joanna Sheen and Sue Wilso have lost one parent in the last week or so ( in fact poor Joanna has lost both of hers). Looking forward to seeing what you've got in store for us tomorrow. Love Alison xxx

  11. Hiya,
    I love your reflective days which I know you are in a constant state of reflection and momentum into tomorrow all the while trying to stay in the now. Thanks for sharing enjoy your folks.

  12. Hi Barbara, I am with you in regards to the radio, all the talking about nothing drives me up the wall, radio is for music.

    I grew up with Mum and Dad playing opera Madam Butterfly – and I suppose because of having to "endure" it back all those years ago – I quite like it now.

    Your blog took me back to those days when I thought – I would much rather have the latest top of the pops on, cant remember what music was playing back then, but can remember the opera. I too, as still am, a great fan of David Bowie and "my friend" Phil Collins (Genesis).

    When I am crafting, just have the TV on in the back ground for company.

    Well best get on and do a bit more "blogging" myself. Looking forward to "tomorrow" for what ever that brings.

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  13. I read about your friend Barbara, it's no wonder that tomorrow is such a special day for you.
    I'm in the 'need some noise' bracket. I listen to audio books when I'm crafting, as I'm never comfortable with my own thoughts.
    The very first single I bought was Scott McKenzie's 'San Francisco' and my first LP was 'Waldteufel's Beloved Melodies', as I loved 'The Skater's Waltz'. My second was a 'Cream' LP, so another eclectic!

  14. Hi BarbI like to listen to radio 4 whilst I do my ironing, and when crafting I will put Lon a CD, usually. An instrumental if I am on my ow. But if Dawn is with we listen to various artists.
    We are on the train at the moment,having spent the last free days with our daughter in Portsmouth. I also easy missing her,but looking forward to seeing Dawn who We left at home looking after the dog.
    We a lovely day at the craft show in Esher law Saturday where we met Paul and were able to have a few words with him.
    Margaret x

  15. Great thoughts Barb…..I agree re David Bowie, such a huge part of my teenage years and the coolest guy who ever lived. Keep mindful amidst the turmoil x

  16. I do like listening to BBC Hereford and Worcester at breakfast time. The presenter has a wicked sense of humour and is also very good at playing devil's advocate in any issue that comes up. The rest of the day, I do enjoy music of all kinds, depending on my mood at the time, and I always have music on while I am driving, unless it is a particularly stressful bit of the road, such as the M5/M6 link. I could not listen to audio books as they need too much concentration. A lot of music holds strong memories for me and takes me back to happy places with happy people. I have been known to be driving round the country lanes of Worcestershire singing at the top of my voice to the Hallelujah Chorus, which took me straight back to singing it in the school choir. I am feeling especially good today, having just taken one of the dogs for a walk (while the other is having a bath and a trim in the big van outside) without a stick and no discomfort with my knees. A good blow in the sunshine really livened me up. Looking forward to what you have in mind for tomorrow's important date. xxx Maggie

  17. Hugs for everyone who is having a tough time at the moment. You are so lucky to still have both of your parents Barbara, you must put work aside and make time for them while you can. I lost my mum suddenly in 1993, and lost my Dad last May. I do have a sister but we're not close. But I have my hubby, my two adult children (still at home), and our two dogs. I also have a friend of 45 years who is more like a sister. So I have people to love, and they love me, I'm happy. X

  18. Hi Barbara
    I too craft in silence. I also talk to myself of course and cuss a bit when things don't go quite to plan, which is most of the time. My first serious interest in music began when I started listening to Radio Luxembourg under the bedclothes. My Dad confiscated my new transitor radio for a while. I like most music but did make a mistake when I got tickets for Steel Eye Span thinking it was Steely Dan. I can only cope with folk in very small doses.
    Hugs from Chris X

  19. BJH 'Mocking Bird' was one of my teenage favourites; just had a look the basket of vinyls and it is there! My first LP was Teaser and the Firecat (Cat Stevens) and it is there too along with my madly eclectic collection which includes some 78s I was gifted and haven't the heat to ditch! I'm afraid I'm a Noisy person in as much that I cannot work in silence; blame it on my mum who always had the radio on when I was little ( no TV until about four pm.) even whilst studying, needed the records on otherwise I'd fall asleep!
    Wonder what tomorrow 4th will bring? ;~}

  20. Afternoon Barbara I received my diamond package today love the baby mate and plate looking forward to a full year of lovley stamps stencils and groovi plates all your inspiration.
    Have a lovley night with your parents lots of crafting hugs xxx

    1. Evening Sheila, hope you're Well. Glad you have received your Diamond package, looking forward to getting mine. Had a go with the shaving foam but didn't get any good ones. Didn't have the right colours but turned out nothing like Barbara's. Messed up my jumper in the process then had to rush to try and get it out, think I have. Just put it through a wash cycle so keeping my fingers crossed. Love Pam xx

    2. Hello Sheila
      Mine arrived today too, so exciting isn't it. I've got a friend coming round to play on Friday – I'm showing her my Groovi collection. I think she will be joining too 🙂 xxxxx

    3. Evening Sheila, ooooo jealous! Its the first thing I check for when I get home. My shaving foam background is under a heavy book so I will finish it off tomorrow. I have a couple of ideas for the challenge so that will be my weekend task. Hope you have had a good day. Xx

    4. Hi Donna got my blog challenge card Finnished got to photograph and e mail in
      Looking forward to yours xx
      Hi pam keep trying mine doesn't look like Barbara's xxx
      Hi Diane have fun on Friday crafting with a friend xxx

  21. Wonderful blog Barbara. To see the lovely photo of DB and Mick Ronson made me smile, but in that sad way, once again. Saw them both at Doncaster Top Rank in 1973 and that single day made such a huge impression on my life. I love your Mindful Wednesday blogs – after watching the Real Exotic Marigold programme last night, you're the equivalent of the yoga master out on the lawn with your pupils. Enjoy your precious time with your Mum & Dad. I didn't know how important that was until it was gone.

  22. I listen to Classic FM all the time (in fact I'm addicted) – radio quietly in the background and me immersed in crafting – pure heaven !
    Lots of love, Margaret xxxxxxxxxx

  23. Music invokes many emotions and memories. It can tell the story of our lives. My first album was Dire Straights, Brothers in Arms. I remember where I was when I first heard it, and when I listen to it I am reminded of those people who I was with in Johnshaven (Aberdeenshire) on Summer Mission with the church. Happy times sharing and learning about faith in my life, which I have continued to do through my life so far. I like Mindfulness Wednesday as it is an extra reminder to dwell on the good and let go of what isn't.
    I am looking forward to Saturday as I am taking my 16 year old son to see the RSNO play the music of John Williams. Fraser has an eclectic taste in music, ranging from classical to 60s, new romantics and hip hop! It will be good to see the music performed live in the Glasgow concert hall. Only problem is it on at the same time as my local craft meet up which I will have to miss this month!
    I enjoy crafting along to the TV, usually a craft programme to inspire me and also not get too distracted like I do if other programmes are on!

  24. Oh my goodness, BJH!!!!!! I LOVED them! Child of the Universe, Hymn, etc, nostalgia overload! I used to go to a local pub where I lived 30 years ago, two guys did a lot of BJH covers. I love all kinds of music, from classical to folk, some pop, musicals (les Miserables is a particular favourite). Oh I am right back in my early twenties…..
    Anyway, blog as always is fab, looking forward to tomorrow's blog, presume it's in memory of Jane. Love, Ruth

  25. I like the silence for painting and crafting – get lost in a world of my own. Isn't it funny how we remember the first record we bought: mine was 'From the Underworld' by The Herd. Won't be able to get the lyrics out of my head now "Out of the land of shadows and darkness we were returning towards the morning light…" Didn't know at the time it was based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.
    Tonbridge Sue

  26. Hi Barbara – I have been on the missing list for a little while. Whilst you battle with Wurka & Hollick – my difficulty is Merv and Ernie, and unfortunately they wouldn't go away! Still I think that I have managed to push them aside a bit today – and I do always love to check in for your Mindful Wednesday Blog, as it always is a big help to me. I agree with what you say that we should be open to all things, and allow them more than just a cursory glance. I see from the other comments, that there are 2 other people here with ME too! I decided that I had to give names to the initials and my daughter suggested Merv and Ernie – and do you know, I think that it helps to think of 2 naughty people that just don't want to go away. It makes me more able to do what I should, to keep them at bay! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

  27. I always have the radio on when crafting. Depending in mood (and time of day) it's either radio 4, local radio or Gold with all the 70s & 80s hits.

    February 4th this year means something special to us this year too. We'll be saying goodbye to our gorgeous dog. It's the last kindness we can show her. Breaking our hearts tho.

    1. Oh Alison I am so sorry I will be thinking about you even though I don't know you. It is such a terrible decision to make even when you know it is the right one. God Bless

    2. Alison so sorry and what a horrible decision you have had to make. I know exactly what you are going through and dread the day when we have to do it for our cat. My thoughts and prayers are with you, love Alison xxx

    3. I know what you're going through Alison, I've had to do it twice so far for my wee pals. You always just know when it's the right time for that final decision, and you do it because you love your wee furry friend so much even though it so breaks your heart. I really feel for you xx

    4. Alison, I don't know you, but my thoughts will be with you and your family tomorrow. Such a sad day for you! We've had that grief too, for our beautiful dog, whose picture is looking down me even as I type. Sending you love. Kay x

    5. Oh Alison my heart goes out go you. We had to make the same decision for our gorgeous girl 2 years ago this month. We had her for 22 years & miss her so much. She was a cat to others but to us she was our child. Sending you sincere hugs, be brave & know you are doing the right thing even though it hurts like hell xx

    6. Oh dear, now I'm in tears. I had to do it myself for one of our cats as my husband was away. It was a dreadful thing to have to do but I knew it was the right time and the right thing to do and it was actually such a peaceful act.

    7. My heart goes out to you, a horrible thing to have to decide but I'm sure you made the right decision for your dog. Such a sad time but eventually you will be able to remember the love your dog gave you and be able to see past the pain of saying goodbye. Thinking of you. Xx

    8. I really feel for you Alison, had to make the same decision 2 years running a few years ago. Breaks your heart but you have to do it for their sake, you don't want them to suffer. Be thinking of you tomorrow.xx

    9. Thanks so much for such lovely messages. Thank you all for taking the time to reply – i hadnt expected that.

      We know it's time. She has had two years more than we thought she might – we've spent a fortune on pills but it was all worth it. 12 amazing years together.
      Once again thank you all so much.
      Alison xxxx

    10. So sorry Alison, I too have a poorly pooch so I know I will face that same decis ion sooner rather than later but you're right, it's the kindest thing to do just very sad for us, hugs xx

  28. One of my sons learned to play the guitar in his teens and we bought both the grandchildren one when they showed an interest but now they both play the violin at school. Oh well plenty of time to pick up the guitar again. My first record I bought was Rave on by Buddy Holly. I drove my Mum mad by playing it over and over but she got to like Buddy Holly too in the end. I catch up with The Archers while crafting.

  29. I love music and generally put on a cd or three when I craft in the sun lounge. I often have to turn the volume up to drown out what is going on in my overworked brain, then as I get into the swing of crafting I'll turn it down or husband will appear and turn it down. I have the radio on from the minute I get up to when I go to bed, most of the time I'm not listening to it but it is just company. I also leave it on when I go to work as company for the cat. At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Bowie. The first album I bought was The Changeling by Toyah. I saw her for real at Eden Court Theatre in Vampire Rocks and when it was finished she came out into the foyer to sign programmes but I was still too star struck to speak to her…and I'm 48!

  30. One of the first records I had was Herman's Hermits "No milk today". I loved that song. It was on their greatest hits LP – I played it to death – must have driven my mum and dad bonkers!! Lol. I usually craft in silence but occasionally I do have music on – usually quite loud to drown out the neighbours. Hahaha. Will pop by and join you tomorrow – wouldn't miss it. Xx

    1. Dawn I love Sunshine Girl by Hermans hermits – my grandad used to call me sunshine girl because of my smile and then we found the song – what lovely memories xxxx

  31. You bet that is a special day tomorrow…. it is the start of the Karneval weekend.. tomorrow is for the girls and Monday are the big parades in Cologne, Mainz.

    Can't remember what was the first record I ever bought. But I remember – must have been in my early 20ties or so (about 40 years ago) – that a friend was talking about a singer, who could make really handmade musik, not that electronic stuff. He comes with a – would you guess – guitar. I had never heard that name nor seen anything from him. Because what sort of music my friend liked I went to buy a record.

    It was Chris de Burgh and one of the best LP's I ever bought and I still love to listen to his music as he is just awesome.

    1. Chris deBurgh is great, saw him in Birmingham twice, he was full of energy and fantastic. Got quite a few of his CD's as I still listen to him. He seems to have gone off the scene as at the last concert he had his own record company. They don't seem to plug his records on the radio anymore. An awful shame.

    2. We see him in German TV once in a while and I always try to watch it. Not only that he can make real music, he seems to be really nice person. The last time I bought a CD is quite a while ago, Moonfleet.
      He covered a German cult song, Seven Bridges. Just great.
      Amazing how many songs this man recorded and I am sure there is still more to come.

  32. I quite enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet, since retiring my husband either has TV on or is following me around chatting. Keep trying to get him to take up a hobby but no joy. Shame really as he is quite artistic. Still he has no objection to obsession with all things creative. I had not heard of BJH, My first record was a Cliff one, remember having my first record player. Gosh I loved that machine, still had it when I first married. Enjoy your evening with Mum and Dad, I love time with family. xx

    1. No I have not Diane. did try to get him to come to Barbara's retreat last year but no good. He happily drove me to Kent but went off on his own during the day. Going to get my grandson doing the Groovi at half term though. xx

  33. Hi Barb,
    can´t remember the first record I bought but I know which one my mother bought for me: "We can work it out" from the Beatles. I asked myself why and after listening and listening I liked it. The same with you and BJH.
    I´d liked David Bowie as well especially his music when he lived in Berlin.
    But my ONE and ONLY singer ever is:
    My mother (80 years old next month) is a Tina-fan because of me. I saw her first solo show in Frankfurt. I think it was called the "Private Dancer"-Tour. I had tickets for the first row…. fantastic.
    So Barbara, let me I use your blog please:
    Mrs. Turner if you read these lines please let me know. I would like to meet you for a cup of coffee or so. I´m a huge fan for 40 years now…
    Let me know please if she contacts you, Barbara ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  34. Hi Barbara my Diamond club parcel arrived today, yippee !! However, I now need more stuff to do the projects (/my husband laughed his socks off!) I need a couple of groovi plates and some stamps. The acrylics will have to wait….love the baby groovi mate with the smaller letters and numbers.
    I often craft with the television on as I sit in our tiny saloon on our narrow boat, which means I have to get everything out and put it away which can limit spontaneity! I was a huge fan of Bowie,and the Beatles, but also Pink Floyd,Elton John, Genesis, K
    ing Crimson, now Enigma, Elbow fairly eclectic, really. Grew up with a lot of classical music and the chart countdown on a Sunday evening. I have spent time with my parents today and appreciate they are still here. My husband's both passed within 6 months of each other 24 years ago. Enjoy your evening. Xx

  35. Hi Barbara
    I'm with you,I like peace and quiet when I'm crafting.
    I was quite fortunate as my sister and brother bought records so I listened to there music,maybe not to my brothers music so much as he was into the sex pistols.I personally didn't have a favourite although I did like the stylistics.
    Looking forward to your shows this weekend.

  36. Oh Barbara you should know a man cannot have just one Guitar! I can't get in our study as its not only his instruments but others that need 'fixing' or setting up ! At least I know where he is, bless him. And of course he doesn't mind the crafty stash.

  37. Love Bowie and Genesis, The Lamb lies Down in Broadway and Nursery Cryme some of my early ones, just loved I know what I like in my wardrobe. Nowadays I listen to Planet Rock or Elaine Page/ Michael Balls shows on Radio 2, pretty wide in my tastes. Can't wait to receive my Groovi Club mailing, so looking forward to it

  38. On and I bought my son a tee shirt for Christmas that proclaimed "I HAVE TOO MANY GUITARS (said nobody, ever) so I know what you mean. If he ever moves out I might just get my front room back!

  39. I feel guilty with so many of you suffering pain & sadness but please can I share my good news? We too had a long day at hospital for my husband's annual review. He was diagnosed with a large brain tumour 7 years ago & the operations could only safely remove half of if. Yesterday we got good news that it has not started to grow again so we can breathe easy – until next February. I can't describe our relief. Thinking of all those not so fortunate xx

    1. Delighted to hear your news, Lynne, and very glad for you and your husband. Even when I'm miserable, I'm always glad to hear someone has good news, so thank you for sharing it! x

    2. Good news is always welcome Lynne. Enjoy it. Nothing to feel guilty about. I know I'd be shouting it out loud if I ever get the chance of some good news to share xx

  40. I often think art and music go together because I have always been creative and I also am a singer so enjoy anything from light opera and musicals to oratorio for singing and classical through middle of the road popular music and perhaps a bit of jazz to listen to. My first two singles that I bought were On the Beach by Cliff Richard and Downtown by Petula Clark when I was about twelve and my parents bought me a Dansette record player, not the most hip music ever, but then shortly after The Beatles arrived on the scene and I bought all their records after that. I do like a bit of background noise to craft to but sometimes it is good to have peace and quiet, but not for too long. I think it's great that while you have your art Dave also has something creative to get stuck into with his guitar and composing. You'll have to get him to compose and play a piece of guitar music to accompany your videos. x

  41. Music every time for me, singing along to it as I craft. The music that always works without fail for me is Greenday. I love song lyrics so after a couple of listens of an album I've usually got them and happily sing away. I remember from a very early age looking at the album covers of my Mums records so much detail in ones like Sgt Pepper and Super Trouper. My first album was a Michael Jackson one, and why did I choose that one? Yep you guessed it, great album cover artwork. Xx

  42. Hi Barbara
    I love your Wednesday blogs, it gets us all thinking. My first album was Donny Osmond and a 1972 top of the pops various artist one. Those were the days! My sister had tublar bells- played it over and over again! I like to craft with the tv on in the background but if I'm cooking, I have to play music, quite loudly and dance around the kitchen. I have a varied taste, Roy Orbison, Adelle and Coldplay nestle alongside Chris deBerg. Genesis and Mumford and sons. I know what you mean about the guitars, my daughter has only one at uni but gets very excited when she comes home to play her other 2 plus banjo and mandolin! Great isn't it.
    Enjoy your evening with mum and dad, your mum will be pleased to see her new duvet.
    Love Diane xxxx

    1. Hi Diane, hope you've had a good day. Glad you've got your Diamond parcel, still waiting for mine, think there was a bit of a muddle as I had the folders, but not the projects sheets or the stamp, stencil and groovy mate and plate, rang this morning to tell them, they were going to post it out today. YIPPY. Have a good craft day with your friend on Friday. Wish I had a friend to do craft with. Love Pam xx

  43. Barclay James Harvest!!! That takes me back. They came to my college to play, way back when. I really liked them but no-one in my circle at home knew anything about them. Gone off down memory lane now Barbara. Have fun, Jan

  44. What a wonderful power music has to carry us back in time and place. My first was a 78 by the timeless Tommy Steele 'Singing The Blues'. Also in the Fifties the fabulous Everly Brothers and 'Kathy's Clown' still reverts me to about age 11. After The Beatles I started singing with choirs and lost in interest in later Pop Music. Singing is my other addiction, so transportive, just like crafting.
    My thoughts are with those who are suffering or whose loved ones are.

    1. I loved Tommy Steele too, used to visit my Gran with my parents on a Saturday couldn't wait for Six Five Special to come on to see him singing 'Singing the Blues' I must have been about 9 or 10 then. Memories eh!! Barbara's Mindful Wednesday's really do get us thinking.xx

  45. Hope you've had a lovely evening with your Mum and Dad, can't beat time with family. My first record was bought by a friend the first Christmas after we started work, it was 'Venus in Blue Jeans' by Mark Wynter, still have it along with all my records. Like you I don't like the chit chat on the radio, I like to craft quietly most of the time but occasionally I'll have something playing softly in the background, if I start to get tense off it goes. Follow your blog tomorrow. Love Pam xx

  46. I love music, it takes you back in time, my first record was a 78, Elvis Presley All Shook Up which I played on a little wind up gramophone, thought I was the bees knees I had a gingham dress that I wore with about three net underskirts. Mr Blue Sky by ELO takes me to a time of mini skirts, pop art, Moon Base Alpha. Nessum Dorma always makes me fill up, no idea why xx

  47. I love music too! David Bowie is a favourite, I can't believe he is gone! I like many genres, sixties, seventies, blues, soul, country – especially Loretta Lynne and Dolly Parton, rock, jazz – most things really! I don't tend to listen to music when I craft, mainly recordings on TV. or Iplayer radio. xxx

    1. Hi Pam, can't wait to get mine, so excited to see the groovi baby and the blue tit plate. Hope you have had a good day, I managed a tiny bit of crafting as my sister came round for tea. Xx

  48. Guitars ………hmmmm they all have a different sound, look, playability….and feel. Some better than others, some favourites others just the ' go to' instrument… Just like a painter will have favourite brushes, A writer a favoured pen or room to work in… So it is ! Now if we are talking about obsessions ……. Barb has an amazing array of boots, yes she does !

  49. My diamond package arrived today!!!! I don't listen to music when crafting but my first album was Kate Bush The Kick Inside and my first single was Wuthering Heights bought from Woolies with a bag of 1p and 2p coins that I'd saved up aged 12. I was so proud. I also got the Rock Follies LPs – anyone else remember the TV show?

  50. Hi Barb, this has taken me on a trip down memory lane, I cannot remember exactly the first LP I bought, but do remember getting an LP by 5000Volts and getting their autographs on it too. Do I have an obsession, yes probably my crafting, I think my hubby does despair sometimes. As for guitars, well my youngest son has got nearly half of Daves inventory, so can understand that too. Cant wait to hear what you have in store for us today. Take care all. Bx

  51. When I was young, my father was reluctant to have a record player, so I had to tape top of the pops on a Sunday with a reel to reel tape player. He eventually relented when I was fourteen, ( thank goodness), and the first single I rushed off to buy was John, I'm only dancing, by the great Bowie,and the first L.P.was schools out by Alice Cooper. My brother introduced me to the joys of Genesis, amongst other prog rock groups. I do like the radio on, I flit between planet rock and classic fm. As you can see, I'm quite eclectic in my musical choices, it really depends on what I'm doing,and the mood I am in. My family are all very musical,me, I'm more 'arty', and the only thing I can do play is my face. Loved the mindful blog Barbara, also what have you got in store for us later today???!! 😀 x

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