Introducing our new ClarityStamp Collection, and a project for you to try.

Introducing our new ClarityStamp Collection, and a project for you to try.

Happy Monday!
Thanks for popping in.
And thank you for watching and supporting us 
on HOCHANDA TV yesterday and today.
I have loved it. Really.
If you missed the shows, and you would like to have watched them, you can always play catch up on their website.
Here is the demo I did last night, 
to launch our lovely new Woodland Stamp collection.
I appreciate that several of our blog friends live in other countries,
or simply don’t do TV!
So this step by step is for them…

Very simple use of the Clarity masks which come with the stamps.
As we want to create a little landscape inside the trees, 
we have to cover up (mask) the outer area.

I have made a second mask out of a piece of copy paper,
 to cover up the whole card.
Simply lay the paper over the art.
Draw a box to cut out.


Now we can fill the trees with wonderful little hills and horizons, without worrying about getting ink on the card.

Start with the front and work your way to the back,
without re-inking.
This green is fabulous; 
check out the Artistry Range on our website.
The colour range is magnificent. 
Add a little moon. 
Change sponges and blend blue into the sky.

Now for the images.
Black Archival is best.
And less is more.

How cool is that? 
You can use the mask over and over and over again.

Now for the background outside the tree.
Use the other mask for this, to cover up the tree.

Using a Clarity Stencil brush, start adding a subtle shade behind the trees. Do this by lightly flicking the ink outwards from the centre of the mask.

That’ll do.

Add the father and son, and colour in the tree trunks .

Trim the card back.
We’ve introduced something so simple to our range, but believe me when I tell you it is a game changer.
It is simply a kind of thin vinyl which stops your ruler sliding 
when you cut.
Excellent on parchment (which is way too slippery for my taste!)
It’s a must have in my stash!
Brush in a vignette of yellow 
and stamp a sentiment into the lower half.

Outline the path.

Add a little shadow with a make-up sponge. 

Nearly there.

Outline the piece with a black Sharpie pen.

Layer up on a piece of backing paper.
This is from the Brighton Rock collection.


These stamps are right up my street.
Just my cup of tea.
The tiny ones AND the XL outline stamps. 

Here are the ingredients all laid out for you.

Just got back to the hotel room.
Not driving back until tomorrow morning.
Can’t risk falling asleep at the wheel.
I am always full of beans when I leave the buiding, but with half an hour the eyelids are heavy, and the adrenalin has worn off.
Ask me why I look so tired, I dare you !!
Love & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “Introducing our new ClarityStamp Collection, and a project for you to try.

  1. Wonderful demo, managed to catch the 8pm show last night, thank goodness for the fab catch-up service.Really like this concept of making a scene within a shape. Sleep well and safe journey back x

  2. Fabulous shows yesterday Barbara and the one at 7 I managed to watch was very entertaining. Your enjoyment of using the new stamps was so obvious. Lovely to see. All of the DT samples were stunning as usual. Looking forward to Ali Palli, we'll come and say hello. Save journey home tomorrow. Wxx

  3. I ordered this set today!! (Can't afford them all, as I had a Groovi attack yesterday…)
    Really looking forward to playing with it, it's such a brilliant set. Safe home, Barbara

    Jo x

  4. Great shows, thanks for all the info and demos. I cn't wait to get the Groovi border book ! No doubt the stamps will stray to my basket sometime soon but I really need to use the ones I have already ! Have a good night's sleep and a safe trip home. Congrats to everyone especially the design team ! Xx

  5. Barbara I have thoroughly enjoyed every single show over the last couple of days, Groovi is my first love but I have been so inspired I bought the ODS and can't wait to get started. Rest up and thank you for all the inspiration Pauline x

  6. This is the one that has inspired me to order this set and give it a go! Also ordered some clingy stuff, which will be a God send to me. Some Groovi stuff fell into my basket too – would be rude not to. I have the 6×6 gel plate, but oooh I have to get the minis. The shows have been amazing and the artwork outstanding. I've already talked to Jeannine today – she's going to be hearing me a lot more hahaha. Congratulations Clarity team xx

  7. Have treated myself to this fab collection, loved the demos I've seen so far and all the shows are recorded so I can catch up on the ones I missed 'live'. Really looking forward to trying these out and, as I have the 'Wee' stamps too it'll be great to have the 'Teeny Weeny' to add perspective. Safe trip home tomorrow and 'good on yer' for waiting until you've had a night's rest before the drive! xxx

  8. I am so glad you are not risking the drive home tonight after such a fantastic two days. I am still catching up, but everything I have watched so far has been inspiring. So many ideas now flying round in my head. Lovely that you can slide (no, BOUNCE) back into your first love with the inks, prayers, sponges etc,with such talented people to carry the parchment side forward. Have a nice meal and a good night's sleep, and safe journey home tomorrow. xxx

  9. Why are you so tired Barbara? Well, you did say! And now I'm ducking to miss whatever you're throwing at me!!! 😉

    Love this artwork, and thank you for the step by step here. I like having the demos here too, it gives extra info, and close ups that the telly doesn't. I tried watching all your shows today, but head too preoccupied so couldn't focus on much. But I have them all recorded for when I can. If these demos don't help to get going properly, nothing will! Been trying to clear the decks so I can have a play soon. I started collecting your miniature stamps shortly before you discontinued them, the ones I have will fit niccely into the large framer stamps too. It was good to see you back in your element doing your stuff. Lots of us happy original Clarity addicts out here too 😊xx

    The Groovi Grip stuff looks good. Do you think I could be trusted/safe with a knife if I got this stuff for my ruler?

    I'm glad you're sleeping there, I do worry about your long drives home after such busy days. Hope you have a good sleep. Love Brenda xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    I've managed to catch a couple of your shows today and was just amazed at the beautiful creations you did and tge samples from the design team. What fabulous stamps and such cute minis too, the boy and birds are so wonderful. Oh do you remember the piles of mini stamps you used to have at the shows all kept safe and sound still in cd cases, I bet you never thought all those years later you would be making your fabulous big stamps into minis!! I'm glad you are staying the night before driving home, I do worry about you driving Val after the long days in the studio. Sleep tight and safe journey home. Now where's the link to the ruler sticky stuff, well it would be rude not to have a peep!!!
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Barbara was so great to watch all the stamping shows and just love the tiny stamp set fell very early ondo believe I have delivery tomorrow of the stamps had the email tea time on way exciting missed you stamping are you home or driving home tomorrow you must be shattered but very productive time lots lots e hugs xx

  12. Loving the new stamps! Fab demo's and samples, thank you. Will be saving my pennies – my wish list is growing! Have a good journey home tomorrow. Ooh, nearly forgot – the club stamp this month is awesome! xxx

  13. Absolutely brilliant shows again today, still have 2 to watch. Love watching you stamping with all your tricks. You must be so tired doing all the shows, usually Paul does a few then you get a rest. Glad you aren't driving back tonight having a good nights sleep first is more sensible. So looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally. Got my list, it gets bigger by the minute. Safe journey home

  14. Hi to all you lovely bloggy friends, haven't we been spoilt with all the lovely stamping shows? Hope everyone is ok and that you've all had a lovely day.xx

  15. enjoyed every second. You looked so lovely and did some spectacular demos. So pleased you are back in your comfort zone. So, so good to see the stamping Queen!
    Love Anne (Reading)
    p.s. looking forward to seeing you at the weekend.

  16. Such a fabulous day full of Clarity shows! This is why I fell in love with Clarity, stamps like the ODS and your fantastic demos and the DT inspiration. I completely understand the recent need to concentrate on Groovi, and have enjoyed my jaunt down the new path, and will continue my Groovi journey. Like you though, I feel happy to be returning to my first love, my crafty passion! Thank you for a wonderful set, can't wait to play with them. Xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous shows today, they have been brilliant. Thank you so much. The demos were excellent and so informative. I have to say the leaf canvas was my favourite and the fabulous stag. The only one I'm not sure of is the toadstool ( fabulous stamps but I'm not into fairies/ whimsical personally) . I am really pleased for you that the ODS sold out – that is a real testament to you and Clarity. Well done! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Just got in from a lovely night out with my sister! We've been out for a meal which was great. Only problem is I'm so tired now that I'm off to bed. Sorry I haven't commented individually on your posts, I'll try to catch up in the morning. Night night and lots of love to you all, Alison xxxx

  18. Loved your busy demos and having ordered today and groovy earlier las week….that's put me over a non existent budget and now waiting to get
    on with it when goodies arrive. So instead been playing with making background papers with magenta, yellow, blue and white and adding droplets of rubbing alcohol in between drying the layers. VERY EFFECTIVE…. Good old Andy Skinner. Should look GREAT with wee stamps, so thanks for that… xx Yvonne

  19. So good to see you stamping again, (I know you never stopped!) i will watch today's shows ASAP as recorded because I've been to the royal Albert Hall today . Will have to order from clarity x

  20. What fantastic products, programme and blog. I absolutely adore tge wat u can hear you saying the write just as you speak. I dearly wish i could still produce work like this..if i could all those products would be in my basket. For now I love watching and reading you. Thankyou. Xx

  21. What fantastic products, programme and blog. I absolutely adore tge wat u can hear you saying the write just as you speak. I dearly wish i could still produce work like this..if i could all those products would be in my basket. For now I love watching and reading you. Thankyou. Xx

  22. A wonderful step by step Barbara and the colours are beautiful, and love the background paper too. Glad the two days went well but no wonder you are tired. It is great now that you have more help with Groovi so that you are freed up to do more stamping again, and these stamps are perfect for the little scenes which you always do so well. x

  23. Hello Barb, thank you for sharing the step by step, loved watching the demo too. So many great ideas and inspiration on the shows. Lovely to have you back doing what you are renowned for. Hope you had a restful night, and have a safe drive home. Loved your hair by the way. Bx

  24. Absolutely fantastic to see the stamps and seeing your demo's – they are just fab. I still have to catch up with yesterdays shows as was working – but did watch the launch show.

    A typical Gray on a Sunday –

    Kim x

  25. Oooh I love love love this. Fabulous project and stunning colours. Stamping is my first love and you have definitely rekindled that in no uncertain terms. Thank you. Maggie has suggested a Clarity retirement village for all your Clarityites – something I think you should give serious consideration to Barbara. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 xxx

  26. Thank you so much for your step by step explanation Barbara. Sorry to say that the groovi is not my thing as I am addicted to stamping so this is 100% my cup of tea. Thank you so much love this.
    Greetings Veerle

  27. Loved the shows Barbara, great step-by-steps and those stamps are so cute. I often try to do scenes but sometimes find the wee stamps are just a bit too big especially on smaller cards – well these new little 'uns will be just perfect!
    Have a safe journey home today x

  28. You were inspirational in your 'instructing' and infectious in your love of stamping. Your comments at the end when you sold out were so obviously heartfelt. Thanks for teaching me everything I know!

  29. Morning Barbara enjoyed every one of your shows fantastic collection and so chuffed for you with your sell out. I was glued to every minute watching what Barbara Gray does best absolutely brilliantly.
    Well done and you looked so at ease and happy.
    Take care..Love Dot.x

  30. Just love the new stamps but my pocket can't stretch to them yet so I have put them on my wish list. Lovely to see you back into stamps as they are my first love too. I like how small the new stamps are as I do a lot of work with silhouette stamps and these small stamps will be just right. Even the brayer got an airing so I am a happy bunny. Much love Jayne

  31. Hehehe, I am always up for a dare, Barb. So why do you look so tired??? LOL. Of course I know, you seem to get so much into your days, it makes me tired just reading about it. I wish I could afford all your products, but a pension doesn't run that far. Sleep well. Sweet Dreams.

  32. Hello Barb,
    I saw you do this and it's back to the Barbara of old – and it's magic. I love it. Thanks for the step by step instructions. The anti slip is inspired! Hope you've relaxed today and are feeling brighter.
    Maureen xxx

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