Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Very busy day today. 
The Sunday on TV is always a bit of a scramble. 
Changing sets in between hours is stressful.
But the floor crew at Hochanda are second to none.
Always helpful, polite and obliging. 
Added to which Paul Church is with me, and right on top of things.
Perga Man to the rescue!
Teamwork makes the dream work.
It’s my first time in the new building today too.
Oooh I say ! Very posh.
What an improvement.
I am certainly happy to be on this bus !
Having been with HOCHANDA since Day 1, I have been able to watch the development, the improvements, the growth.
Yes, I am actually really proud to be a valued member of the Hochanda family. They treat me well, and they treat my team well.
They respect the fact that we nailed our colours to the mast at its inception. They work with us, they help us when we need help, 
and they applaud that we are doing the best we can.  
A pat on the back goes a long way with me.
I think that’s the same for most folk.
Happy Days.
I’m getting back to my roots late afternoon and evening.
Stamps and ink.
Just the way I like it.
Here’s the schedule, in case you want to join us.
Sunday 2-4pm  Tina and myself on Groovi
5-6pm Barb on Gel Press Petites & Stencils
8-9pm Barb on Stamps and masks One Day Special
9-10am on Stamps and masks Barb One Day Special
12 noon on Stamps and masks Barb One Day Special
4-5pm on Stamps and masks Barb One Day Special
7-8pm on Stamps and masks Barb One Day Special
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
Love & Hugs,


  1. I loved the shows this afternoon Barbara and learned so much just watching the wonderful Tina. It was also very encouraging to see that you were learning new techniques along with us.
    I am really not a stamper, but have always watched your shows and followed your blog, just because I am so impressed by your talent and inspiration. I shall be watching tomorrow and will catch up with tonight's as the family are watching Vera!! I can't really disappear again, as I have been doing that all weekend and have to let them know I am still here.
    Thanks and enjoy the rest of the shows.

  2. Weee lovely ,loved the shows despite my headache ,as have had a bad headache for the last 3 days , want to play but dont think i better till it go away xx

  3. Can't wait. The shows so far have been fab. Tina is really starting to relax on the shows. Gorgeous grid work. One more week and I'll have some extra time to play with my gelli petites.

  4. Can't wait. The shows so far have been fab. Tina is really starting to relax on the shows. Gorgeous grid work. One more week and I'll have some extra time to play with my gelli petites.

  5. Have the five o'clock show recorded and it's all set up for the ODS – so looking forward to it! I love Hochanda, I have watched since the beginning and like you, have enjoyed seeing them grow. The presenters enthusiasm is infectious and make the station a pleasure to watch. I also really like that they cater for all different hobbies and interests which I think is really cool! We all like different things and they get that! xxx

  6. I really love watching Hochanda, such variety of crafts it is fantastic and well of course Clarity are on there, say no more. Speaking of Clarity, I think you have an amazing team and your customer service is fantastic, the lovely Jeannine was so helpful when I was having an issue with my lightwave and sorted it out quickly and efficiently, thank you xx

  7. Great shows Barbara, and really looking forward to your ODS shows. The basics with the baby gelli plates was good for me, might even manage to get them back out their box now!!! It comes across that Hochanda value their suppliers, and customers, makes a welcome change, nice to see. Just wish some of their customers, and yours, followed Hochanda's example eh! Good luck for your ODS shows, I'll be watching, and recording. Love Brenda xx

    1. Loved your show. Just been thinking, have you thought of making your word chain alphabet, or letterbox alphabet, in mini form to go with your new wee wee stamps? Xx

    2. You're not the first person to tell me that Barbara! I look forward to the alphabet stamps🤗. Maybe by that time I'll have worked out which of the wee wee sets (or all!!!😉) I need first!!!! Thank you xxxx

      Hi Diane, thank you, hugs back xx

  8. Hello Barbara

    I am so pleased for you all that you are now fully appreciated. It must make life that little bit easier.

    The shows sofar today have been fantastic. I don't know what do have a go at first, lol. Order has been placed as I couldn't wait until next week at Ally Pally. No doubt I will have another shopping list by then.


  9. Evening bloggy friends, what a crafty afternoon watching the shows and I plan to watch them tomorrow too. Yay, for holidays! Hope you are all watching and enjoying. Did the parachute work Alison? Xx

  10. Having spent the day with the lovely Maria I have yet to watch your shows but I am sure I won't be disappointed. Stamping is in my heart and whilst I love Groovi (as I have said before) inky fingers are my first love. Xxx

  11. Great shows this pm waiting for 8pmso caching up. Really need a geli play may have one tomorrow. In between shows and making a card for Lee our son in law who's birthday is Tuesday busy birthday month this month least don't have to do me a card so only 5 to do and presents. Well bettergo make drink etc ready for show lots love Joy xx

  12. Fabulous shows so far today. Am tuned in for the One Day Special now. Well done all the team and glad to know Pergaburgaman is on the case. lol xx

  13. Loved all your shows so far, super duper Barbara. Must have the book, hope you'll have them at Ally Pally. Last show on record as we're into Vera, will watch at 10 pm. Haven't used the geli presses yet but want the other set as well, so much to catch up on. Can't wait to watch the rest.xx

  14. Wow Barb! Stunning shows as ever and what a FANTASTIC ODS! (thank heavens for Flexipay). And have ordered Tina's new book from Clarity Towers too, just what i was needing. Lovely to see her relaxing into the tv thing and doing such a super teaching job with great demonstrations. I've yet to watch your 5 pm show as The Bro has certain tv rights, but I hugely enjoyed your 8 pm demo. I'm beginning to grasp via the blog just how much work you put into prepping for these shows. Thank you so much, and please don't stop – you're a truly fantastic teacher and especially valuable to those of us who can't get to workshops or retreats. Can't wait for the shows tomorrow and can relax now the ODS is safely ordered. Meantime hope you and Paul and Tina (?) have a thoroughly relaxing evening. I'm off to look at gorgeous samples on the blogs! Xx

  15. Great shows Barb. My shopping list for Ally Pally just doubled – I hope the stock of that ruler grippy stuff lasts to Sunday!!! I love the new tiny stamps seen in the 8.00 show too. So many techniques to try – which one first???

  16. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant shows today. Wow! The book didn't last long did it?! Ordered mine direct from Clarity Towers so hopefully I'll be ok! Tina was really good and seems to be much more relaxed now. You could really tell that you were enjoying yourself too. Really like the little stamps with the masks too. I have to smile at Alex, she is so enthusiastic and gets so excited, bless her. Not sure if you'll have any stock left for all of the shows tomorrow though. Well done. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. I've had a good day watching the shows and then in between I've done my version of Tina's card that was on this blog yesterday with the decoupaged flowers. Not as good as Tina's, but really pleased at how it turned out. Kitchen worktops tomorrow which I'm pleased about. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    I've got you all recorded safe and sound on our box thingy so I can watch you over the next few days. Emma arrived home safe and sound after her 15 hour coach trip so I couldn't really neglect her could I! I agree with you about hochanda, it's lovely to see them going from strength to strength and growing. I like the different hobbies they have and the fact they let people demonstrate without interruptions. If the producers are good and demonstrated will they sell themselves and you don't need pushy presenters. I hope you have a lovely evening and manage to get some down time before tomorrow's shows. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  18. I caught some of the Groovi this afternoon, but have been busy since so will be catching up tomorrow Barbara. It is great to see that Hochanda have gone from strength to strength. x

  19. Is it just me or does a Barbara Gray hour go quicker than other hours? I can't believe it when they say 10 minutes to go!! Thoroughly enjoyed all today's shows especially the one day special. Perhaps for Christmas a large holly leaf, ivy leaf, Christmas tree or star? The possibilities are endless.
    Spent today stamping and silver embossing Wedding Invitation with the Clarity wedding words set and die cutting hundreds of butterflies, a labour of love for our son's wedding. Lovely font, looks very classy. xx

  20. Hi Barb, have only caught up with snippets of the shows at the moment, and cannot wait to watch every minute. So inspiring and full of ideas, tips and beautiful art. Whoohoo, day off work today, so I know what I will be doing. Take care. Bx

  21. Lovely to see you – and joy on legs – a whole few minutes just on masks, I was in heaven! Can't thank you enough.
    Will the samples be on the Claritystamp Facebook (please!!)
    Maggie (Yorkite)
    PS new haircut good – don't you look like your Mum??

  22. It's ab fab to be inspired by you and your team. Thank you for your new Groovi system too,cos it works! But I must say watching you demo your stamps today is great delight �� ta v much… Vanessa Birmingham….

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