It’s Showtime!!

It’s Showtime!!

Happy Sunday.
TV in the morning, then lunch with Mum and Dad.
Slow drive home in the fog, and now a little chat to my Blogfriends
before a film and a log fire with Dave. 
I hope you enjoyed the show this morning.
My God! Those Wee Folk didn’t hang about for long!
I can’t remember a show when a stampset shot out of the door before we even had time to complete 
the product walk down the counter!
If you didn’t watch, this is what we’re talking about. 
Two chains of little people, Wee Folk as we like to call them. 
It was Dave’s concept. He said it might be great to have a set of little action figures, to enhance landscapes and card compositions.
Then Jim set to work drawing and compiling these little guys.
I knew that you would enjoy the Chain format, 
because you loved the Word Chains so much, 
so we went into production.
What we didn’t anticipate was just HOW MUCH 
you would like them!
But the demo crashed forward despite the SOLD OUT sign.
If you watched, you will have seen the Bubble Stencil trick on the 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate. 
Laid the stencil down and fitted the bubbles into their slots. Made a mark with a Sharpie pen on each dot for easy recognition.
Lifted the stencil, brayered Cranberry over the plate.
Screwed up a piece of copy paper lengthways,
laid it down on the inky Gelli Plate,
wiped a little of the red off the bubbles at the top,
placed a piece of Gelli Card on the Gelli Plate, rubbed the back,
and pulled a print.
Actually, pulled 2 prints; the second one was just a little lighter.
Cleaned the red off the brayer and the Gelli Plate,
did the same thing again with Stonewashed Blue Adirondack.

Instead of copy paper, I used Sequin waste to make a cool pattern.
Build layers of colour.
I added a little Denim at the bottom too.
But the clock was ticking on telly, 
so I had to stop with the Gelli arty stuff, 
and get on with the stamping and finishing. 
Whistled through the stamping part with the Wee Folk 2!
Stamped the different children into different bubbles 
using a black Archival.
Squiggle-outlined the bubbles with a fine Micron Pen,
Coloured in the squiggles with Spectrum Noir Pencils.
went round the edge too.

Made some hills and background paths etc with more squiggles.
Is there an artier, more impressive word than squiggles please???

It started out quite slowly, building up the colours, but I was very happy with the finished piece.
See how the squiggles run through from one bubble to another?
 I think it’s called creating flow…
If I had had more time, I would have added more shade I think, to the outside and inside of the bubbles.
But when what you’re demonstrating has long since left the building, shading the insides and outsides of the bubbles is not really what’s wanted or needed!
If you want any of this gear, please visit our website:
Whilst you’re there, check out the Art samples 
from the Clarity Team too. Superb.
I’ve just hit a tired wall, so it’s time to switch off guys!
Thank you sooooo much if you watched.
I must say, it felt great to hit the spot with these stamps.
To have an almost complete Sell Out Show the week before launching Clarity in the U.S. certainly allayed any fears that I might have!
And as my good friend Mel Heaton said to me yesterday, when I was confiding in her about anxiety re the US Shows.
“Barbara, your thoughts are not reality. 
They are just your thoughts.” 
Click. Instant relief.
Thanks Mel.
lots of love,

74 thoughts on “It’s Showtime!!

  1. It was a great show and thanks for putting this tutorial on your blog! I've ordered more than I should including the wee people but never mind! Good luck for the States not that you'll need it! It all comes naturally to you if you ask me and your presenting style is the best! Have a good week! Xx

  2. Barbara I am moving house Tuesday, totally DIY with just help from friends. So, no telly or time to watch if it was still set up! The Little People look completely brilliant to add to almost anything, I LOVE them.
    I think squiggle is a perfectly arty word, with a happy sound, like giggle.
    But maybe they are fandangles… would that be more arty lol!

  3. So funny watching you and Dean giggling today. The Wee Folk stamps are great!!!
    I´m a bit confused about the US shows???
    I read at Claritystamp facebook that they are on the 5th, 6th and 8th of january and that what´s C&C US programm says???
    All the best

  4. I so enjoyed this morning's show ~ and I really, truly think the Wee Folk worked up as you demonstrated is my most favourite ever that I've seen from you. I just adore the squiggles, which really bring it to life.
    Getting very excited for you going to America ~ I've emailed all the information to my friend who can't believe Clarity is going to America ~ and I'm hoping she might actually have been watching you {despite the time difference} from Illinois this very morning!
    Mel is right ~ may I add that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and I can tell you now ~ they are going to LOVE you! ~~~Deb

  5. Fabulous show and demos, loving the "Wee folk", already planning my next clarity shopping list. Have a great time in America, wise words from Mel. Gorgeous samples from the creative team x

  6. Hi Barbara… What a great demo that was! And squiggles is just perfectly fine! There probably is a technical term but I understand squiggle!
    Those little people certainly didn't want to stay on the shelf but then that's because you have got Dave wanting to get back home….little Grace and little mark playing happily ….. Mandy and Mark dancing away in love ….your mum and dad quietly watching the proceedings…. And Lynne Hammond walking her dog!!!! I've not decided who all the other folks are yet!
    Right I'm off to pack my bag ready for work tomorrow!
    So glad it all went well! Love and hugs xxxx

  7. That Mel has wise words and is a clever Lady. Xxx. It was a great show Batbara and Congratulations to Dave – that's three good ideas he has had now!!!! Jim did a great job with them too. So now you could do a Wedding Set of Wee Folk too – the Bride and Groom, the Bridesmaids, the Stags the Hens and a Mini Confetti??? Just sayer????

  8. Great show Barbara. I love this artwork, and the DT did you proud too. I will just have to have these wee people; they are just great. Hope to see more of the family very soon. I don't mind whatever you call them: the squiggles are such a fab, funky look. Xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, brilliant show as always (at least this month you had the same presenter all the way through where as the last 2 months you had different ones for each hour. it really flowed today).

    Thank you for putting your demo on your blog, now I can really see the detail in the little people and why they proved to be so popular, I will just have to order them by other means.

    Mel is right about your fears; I learned along time ago to only worry about things that I can alter and change, otherwise it is wasted energy and thoughts. You only have to look at your sucess, repeated product sell outs, your daily Blog following etc etc….. YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!!!!!

    All our best wishes go with you and all of the Clarity Team in the US – they will know a good thing when they see it just like ALL of us – long may it continue.

    Have a great time and don't forget to have fun somewhere along the lines. If all else fails Dean will look after you and it will seem just like being on C&C in England except for the time difference!!
    Love Bev xx

  10. Great show Barbara, wee folk on their way to me YAY!!!! Well done Dave brilliant idea. Time for a short breather before America. I know you'll knock their socks off. XX

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the show this morning……what a laugh and learn day it was!! America is lucky to get you, and we get extra shows, everyone wins. Can't wait to get all my goodies to play with, especially the wee folk. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  12. A really brilliant show Barbara, had lots of laughs along the way and such inspiring work to drool over, not just from you but from the DT also. You will go down a storm in the States so don't worry! Anne x

  13. Barbara what a fantastic show I love the wee people just had to buy looking forward to your show in the states you must be so proud of you and your clarity team dean is brilliant xxx

  14. Brilliant shows today Barbara, I knew the Wee Folk would fly…..they really do hit the spot….enjoy your film tonight and sleep easy….love to you both…x x

  15. I love the wee folk, ordered them from clarity website. Only problem was that some more items found their way into my order. Never mind must have needed them. Glad you back safely after show. Enjoy film and rest. xx

  16. Loved the show, alas I messed up my order, then slept late and so missed out on the wee folk. They are a must have so not too worried as I know that they will definately be in my stash before long! I, like Jane, couldn't help personalising them, at first I thought it was Jo and Tess, but the long hair made me think again – it's Lynne and Maya. You all share so much with us! I will watch it again later as I didn't quite catch all of the samples which is one of my fav bits of the show. I can't imagine the Americans not loving your products! I feel very excited for you all!

  17. Loved the show today and all your brilliant inspiration. I knew the 'Wee Folk' would be popular when I saw them on the C&C schedule last night. I'm off to order my set from your website now!! Have fun in the US, hope you'll have a time/chance to catch up with Grace.x

  18. Really enjoyed the show today will be ordering lots tomorrow when I get home from work, especially the Wee Folk, they were great. I understand your concern regarding the US but they will love you I'm sure, have faith you will be brilliant. Enjoy the next part of your journey all your fans will be routing for you. Love and safe journey. J x

  19. Love these awe Folk and not surprised they sold out. Haven't seen the whole show yet, though what I saw was great. Fab examples from the DT. Enjoy your evening with Dave and don't worry about the USA, I know they'll love you and Clarity! xx

  20. Terrific show Barbara and all flew out the door as per normal. I think the wee people are a fantastic idea and everybody else thinks the same which is why they flew! Good luck with the American shows and I will look forward to seeing you live next Saturday via C & C, although I know you don't need luck as you will be great! x

  21. I really loved the show today, especially the work with the canvas which just fitted with what I am playing with at the moment, and helped to sort my ideas in my mind. The wee folk are a great addition to the Clarity range and I hope there will be others to follow. Apart from being great in the background, they are perfect as the centre of small cards, cutting down on the dreaded postage. I shall not be able to watch live next week but I will be recording to watch when I get back from Maria's. I am sure everything will fly over in the States just as fast as they do here. Safe journey and make it a fun show with Dean. xx Maggie

  22. show was brilliant again today, you and dean are a great team and so entertaining. I look forward to receiving the little peeps stamps and I will be redeeming my xmas vouchers tomorrow as well! I`m sure you will go down well in the states – good luck!

  23. Fabulous wee folk, fabulous new stamps – all of them. Fabulous demos, fabulous show. America will be fabulous too. And from someone who did do art and design…squiggles is the correct word. It's a brilliant word! Enjoy the rest of your evening. Hugs xx

  24. Hi Barbara, 'wee' folk – makes me feel right at home, added to my need list, it would be rude not to!!!! If I can ever build up enough courage to phone with my order – vouchers! (Even more scared of phones!!!!).

    Love this artwork very much. Must have a go at something like this very soon, I think I'd enjoy doing it. I haven't watched your show yet, but it's recorded for later, couldn't wake myself up this morning, haven't been able to wake myself up properly all day!!!! Looking forward to watching it.

    You're making me anxious for you about your USA shows now! Got everything crossed that everything is a sell out and everyone loves you as much as we all do (not that you need any luck, they will, but just in case!!!!!)

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Brenda there is a lovely lady who answers the phone and takes your order, I think her name is Jan. I am sure if you say it's Brenda from the blog she will know you and be very gentle with you. Barbara only employs lovely people! I hope you manage to make your order soon. Diane xxxx

    2. Hi Brenda don't be worried over ringing clarity with your order they are lovley and look after you ive got (me /cfs ) fibromyalgia and other ilnesses so I know how hard it is to manage a day with pain ect you ring to use your vouchers you won't regret it crafting hugs xxx

    3. Brenda, just wanted to add my comments to those already made about phoning Clarity. They honestly are the easiest folk to phone. Like you I struggle with phoning folk at times. But I'd rather ring Clarity than most. I'm sure they will look after you.
      Hugs, Alison

    4. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement Diane, Sheila and Alison, very kind of you. I've a couple of urgent things I'm waiting on being helped with but once they are sorted I'll make phoning an order my next challenge and let you all know how I get on, I'll aim for this month so I don't miss out on the members sale again 🙂

      Sheila, thank you for sharing you suffer from it too, that you know what it's like to live with it, it's rubbish eh, but just got to make the most of anything when possible. I hope you get to have good days where you can do normal life 🙂

      Thanks again, love Brenda xx

    5. p.s. I didn't know there were other people scared of phones and phoning, so thanks for sharing that too Alison. It helps to know it's not just me being useless /stupid me :)xx

  25. Hi Barb,
    I managed to record your show and have watched it. The little folk are great – clever Dave – and I'll have to order them later this month. Your demo's are wonderful and there's no doubt that you'll go down a storm in the good old U.S.A. Have a safe journey and try not to worry, it's a God given that you'll be a huge success. xx

  26. Oh well Barbara show was fantastic you and Dean are such a great double act but those tiny flock was just amazing so wanted them so ordered them on your website hope they come quick want to get playing love the canvas work will be having ago got as far is houses on canvas last week hopefully time to complete tomorrow. You have no worry the Americans are going to move you and your work think you will be a sell out no problem will be watching next week cannot wait lots love and enjoy you log fire lucky you Joy xxx

  27. Congratulations Barb on a Fantastic show today. It was a real pleasure to watch and you and Dean work soo well together, I did wonder whether you would manage to stop laughing at one point! A joy to witness for sure! As soon as I saw the wee people before they aired I knew they would fly out! they are just fabulous, great idea Dave! Well done Jim for bring the idea to reality. You are all so very talented. Now on the the States, I don't think you can fail really, you've got great products and are an amazing teacher/demonstrator and you will be with the lovely Dean. Sounds like winner to me! Have fun with it, it's another chapter in your book of creativity which you share so generously with us and I for one am looking forward to this year after watching the canvas work today and on the blog! Exciting times ahead!! Thank you Barb. Safe journey! God bless Vanessa XX PS Hope the fire is roaring and the film a good one!

  28. Loved the show today. The wee folk are stupendous love them, could only buy set one at the moment but will be buying set two as well! Enjoy your American trip and try not to worry so much your a natural ! X

  29. Hi,
    I think the wee people are fantastic can't wait to order mine. Fantastic show, you will be a super success in the U S once people see how amazing your products and you are. You rock!

  30. Really enjoyed today's show; you and Dean had me in stitches. The Wee folk are fabulous and caused me to break my promise of no purchases this month but just couldn't resist putting in an order with ClarityStamp. I look forward to seeing any future additions to the family.
    I'm sure all will go well in the states. Mel's advice is spot on. Now relax & enjoy your film with Dave although I hope you're sitting on something more comfortable than that wee bench. Thanks for my double Clarity fix today xx

  31. Loved the show and you and Dean at the start were infectious, found myself giggling before you had started. Well done Dave and Jim for the wee folk they are great and I can already think of lots of ideas for using them. One of my favourite books 'feel the fear and do it anyway' is good for helping with the nerves but I guarantee they Americans will love you and love what you do, I'm not sure you appreciate how inspirational you are! So just be yourself and let us have the details we ll all be rooting for you x x x x x

  32. Terrific shows Barbara. I ordered the wee people straight direct from Clarity, then later on in the show I had to have the canvasses too. Whoops! I am going to be very busy in my craft room. Well done Dave on the idea of the wee people and Jim for bringing them to fruition.

  33. Just ordered the Wee folk from the Clarity website (along with lots of other things) I am a Clarity addict! The USA are about to realise the quality of Clarity and the inspiration that you provide. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Good luck Barbara even though you won't need it. We love you and they will too! x

  34. Glad the show went well. Not had chance to catch up with it yet. Will do once my son is back at school and hubby back at work. Then I can have a bit of time to myself! 🙂 Great team effort on these wee folk. I ordered them direct this morning. Sounds like wise words from Mel too. Hope you relax this evening. x

  35. Hi Barbara, when I saw the stamps and the start of your project, I wondered what you were going to do – then you go and create something amazing, love the colours and the stamps – good luck for the US shows, you will definitely be a hit x x x

  36. Loved your first demo this morning and am glad it's here too so I don't forget how to do it (didn't get to see the second hour but will catch up tomorrow). I'm another one who has ordered the wee people direct from Clarity. Have you sold out there as well?! Just be yourself when you get to America, Barbara – they will love you x

  37. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous show this morning. The Wee Folk certainly went down a storm. I'm just about to put in an order for them on the Clarity website. Love you working with Dean – he is such a cheeky happy isn't he?! However, my favourite thing on the show had to be the wonderful work and demo you did with the canvas and girl on a swing and the ocean swirl one. Absolutely blew my mind, loved them! I have done a couple of canvas pieces using stencils and texture paste but nothing as arty as these. Never thought about using the white charcoal pencil or the Spectrum Noirs but what an effect they have. Ordered the home is where the heart is stencil yesterday along with other bits and bobs and am really looking forward to trying the techniques on that. Just need open acrylics now but was wondering if the slow drying gel that you have on the website would give a similar feel to the system 3 paint as can't really afford the open acrylics yet. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration. I'm sure that you will be a massive success in the U S too. Love Alison xx

  38. Hello Barbara. As I'm one of your special club members I have to admit I ordered the stamps directly from you to save postage and couldn't believe it when I went back to the telly and found they had gone! How do you guys always know what we want even before we do? It will be just the same in the US. There really is nothing quite like you there and you will be opening a whole new range of ideas to crafters over there. I bet they can't wait. Very best of good luck wishes although you don't need them. Have faith – you have the talent and the products already. Love Margaret Col. xx

  39. Hi Barbara oh what have I missed??!!! Hubby decided major furniture shuffle was needed in the lounge today including taking down the Christmas decorations so I completely missed you. Hopefully I can sit down tomorrow and catch up when all is back to normal! The wee folk stamps look great and your artwork is fabulous, loving the squiggles. Mel is such a wise woman isn't she, America will love you and I'm sure you will sell out very quickly……now is America ready for Dean, that's another question!!! I'm sure you will have a whale of a time together. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  40. Have loved this technique – I'll have to wait a while to try it out as I'm currently unable to get in my craft room. I can't wait to order the wee folk, they are just what I need and a super idea Dave 🙂 & well done Jim!
    Right, I'd best get myself to bed. I have the second hour of your TV to watch with my breakfast.
    Hugs Alison.

  41. Hi Barbara,
    WOW, the wee folk are brilliant, well done Dave and Jim, please add more to this series of stamps as I NEED more like these!
    Brilliant twosome you and Dean make, had me in tears of laughter, best medicine I've had recently, keep it up, the US wont know what's hit them, you'll do well there, just be yourself.
    Glad you got home safely to a real fire , Dave and a good film.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  42. Awesome show, awesome products and demonstrations – I love this card! The new stamps are so cool, I especially like the flowery cat etc. – gorgeous! I was thinking the moon/sun would make a lovely Christmas bauble embossed in gold or silver! Hope your evening was nice and relaxing! xxx

  43. Hello Barb, the shows were absolutely brilliant, all the new stamps are gorgeous, especially the wee folk (well done Dave and Jim), they are on my need list, not just my wish list. Missed out as I could not watch live, but caught up in the afternoon. I loved the bubble demo, and I do have the stencil. You are going to blow their minds in the US. Hope you had a lovely relaxing evening. Bx

  44. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin von der Show ganz begeistert gewesen. Ich habe wieder so viele neue Tipps bekommen.
    Die kleinen Stempel sind einfach zauberhaft. Ich habe sie mir schon auf meinen Wunschzettel geschrieben. Leider ist in diesem Monat mein Budget arg eingeschränkt. Ich muss meine Zahnkrone bezahlen und das reißt ein großes Loch in die Geldbörse……..zwinker……Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  45. So pleased to see you back on my screen yesterday morning, but I was watching you in my bedroom, where I can't record, and was daft enough to not get up in time for this demo, so I'm really pleased you put it here. Then I ordered the bubbles etc., but the little people had gone, so I came to your website for those – wish I'd thought a bit more and got the lot direct from you, rather than paying out two lots of shipping!

  46. I so enjoyed the show yesterday, more so because i could watch it live and not via an intermittent internet signal in Qatar. Will try and watch the USA shows, but counting down to April when i will be home again and can watch the show live again.. I'm going to order the wee folk for my return so i can have fun too.

  47. I didn't see yesterday's show, thank goodness Barb, you introduced me to the 'wee folk' here. I went clarity shopping last night and here I am off to 'the shop' again. thank you so much for your inspiration.

  48. Loved the show yesterday, you and Dean had me in stitches laughing xx xx
    got my wee folk for clarity as they sold out so quickly on c&c . Thank you for the inspiration xxx

  49. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the great show yesterday. I could watch you all day. Not surprised that the Wee folk sold out so quickly, they are fantastic. Well done Dave and Jim : ) I'm sure/ I hope there will be many more to follow! You will go down a storm in the USA, believe Mel, she is so right about you : ) I hope you enjoyed relaxing with Dave last night. Take care.

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