She’s been kissing her stamps!

She’s been kissing her stamps!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
What a rainy Saturday here in Kent!
Is it wet where you are?
I quite like being indoors when it’s cold and dreary;
beats a bwisk walk in the wain, that’s for sure!
Actually, we really ought to go support Mark.
Crucial rugby game this afternoon….
Mind you, things are coming to a head here at Clarity. 
Well in my corner that is.
There are so many plates spinning at the moment, 
I can hardly see the table!
But the good news is that the gear for TV tomorrow 
is waiting at the door.
If I’ve forgotten anything, it’s under this lot.
Ah!! There are my glasses!! 
I see them in the photo. Both pairs! Cool.
Before I shoot off, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who sent us such thoughtful and lovely cards and gifts over Christmas. 
I am just sorry I haven’t had the time to reciprocate.
But here’s a little Thank you card anyhow…
Have you ever used Brilliance pads? 
They are what is says on the lid: Brilliant.
The reason I am getting into them is that they work on so many different surfaces, apart from card:
tissue, wood, textiles, canvas…
Here they are just on Claritycard. But you could take these colours and use them on black card, and they would show up beautifully.
I used Pearlescent Blue and Pearlescent Orchid 
on our Thank You stamp which sold out on TV last time, 
but which is back on the show tomorrow.
Up up and away!

If you look closely at the little girl stamped, 
you will see she has been stamp kissed.
You ink up the grasses in one of the colours 
and the girl in the other colour, then press the two stamps together – literally make them kiss! The grass image is left on the girl, so when you stamp her, the silhouette reveals another image.
Cool trick.

Add the grasses,
colour in the words with matching Distress markers.
add a whole heap of triple dots with a marker too.
Thank you.
Actually, lots of thank you’s.
If I eat all the chocolates and treats which were sent, 
I shall have to buy even more clothes!
Thank you for giving me a reason to shop for a top in LA !!
(like the woman needs a reason…)
Must go. Crowborough Rugby Club awaits…
Ahh!! That reminds me! 
The dates for the Crowborough Open Days are confirmed.
I will sort it out before we leave for the States.
lots of love,

55 thoughts on “She’s been kissing her stamps!

  1. Adorable artwork. Love the "Thank you" set of stamps, thats going to be a treat to myself next payday. Looking forward to tomorrow's show as always.

    Is there any chance you will be selling the starter set of Distress pens again?

    Thanks to you as always for wonderful inspiration.
    Lisa x

  2. Hope you don't get too wet watching the rugby. Good luck Mark! I haven't tried the brilliance pads but you have certainly tempted me with your delightful card.
    Glad you found your glasses. I'd spotted them and was about to give you a shout! Hope all goes well on TV tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to meeting the Lilliputian folk. The sneaky peaks from the DT have sorely got me tempted.
    Good luck with all your packing.
    Love & best wishes
    Jeanette xx

  3. Neat trick with kissing there! Good luck to Mark with his Rugby.

    Quick question for anyone to answer please, can you stamp on top of embossed work, just thinking to use my other galaxy print for something and wondered if I could stamp on the embossed bubbles. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jackie, not tried stamping over embossing before but I would guess that either Stazon or Archival inks would work as they are permanent ink and work on acetate and other non porous surfaces. Hope that helps. X

  4. Wonderful, Barbara. You have been reading my posts, you must have known that I have just found by boy and girl stamps, so it is good to have something to so with her before she goes away in the album. And I have just got my Distress pens out to play with as well. I am still waiting for the Thank You set to arrive but I can still play. Have a great show tomorrow. I can't wait to see what you are going to show us this month. xxx Maggie

  5. Lovely card Barbara. I used to use the brilliance pads years ago, they are quite lovely colours, but back then I didn't really know what to do with them.
    Enjoy the rugby this afternoon, my son is playing football, luckily it's not rainy up here in yorkshire.
    Can't wait to see you in the morning, enjoy the show, I'm sure I will. Xx

  6. It's wet and waining in Berkshire too! Haven't tried the Brillance inks before – might just have to give them a go now! Enjoy the rugby this afternoon. Looking forward to the show tomorrow especially the wee folk which is definitely on my wish list as they look fab. xx

  7. Hi Barb, a lovely card, brilliance ink pads are great, mine are a little bit dry, but still useable. Have a great afternoon watching the rugby, pity it is so wet. And have a safe trip to Peterborough, don't forget your glasses. One of my wish list items is the distress markers, lets see if I can con an early birthday present. And thank you for all you do. Bx

  8. Lovely card again. Only one of my Sisters noticed I hadn't made any Xmas cards this year, luckily my Hannah had made some at school and home. xx Glad you found your glasses, have you tried colouring in without them, I have????

    1. So Sam – does that mean that when Barbara loses her glasses, you're wearing them?!?! It's awful seeing the blurred outlines though isn't it….sometimes my artwork looks better without glasses on! lol x

  9. Good morning from Texas where we hope the weather gets better. Off today to the German towns nearby…. Very cute card, hope Mark wins his game… Off to shower and start the day. Have fun at C and C tomorrow I will get up at o dark thirty to watch….

  10. I have some lovely colours in brilliance pads and use them lots. I love using the yellow and orange to make my suns look pearlescent when I have inked a background. I got them when I was in my parchment/vellum phase as they dry. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, will be getting the mini pope set as they will come in handy. XX

    1. I thought mini pope???? Then I read my comment! Soooo funny! That should have read mini people, but maybe a little pope and a little balcony would be popular! I will let you have that idea for free…………. Consider it a special blessing from me to you 😉

  11. Hello Barbara – it's wet, waining and weally windy here which means going out is just not an option. Have spent the morning cleaning and looking for a wooden hippo which my teeny tiny grand daughter has misplaced! Love the tiny peeps (rather than a mini pope as Donna says above – not sure you'd have stamp of that but who knows 🙂 🙂 and will add them to my wish list. See you in the morning. xx Margaret Col.

  12. Hello ~ Your cards are always so lovely!
    It is much better now than it was earlier ~ now it is calmer, dryer, still bitingly cold and wondering if I can squeeze in a quick walk before it gets dark!
    I had a mishap at Christmas when the marzipan fell out of my home made Stollen, so I've changed the recipe and I'm chopping up the marzipan through the dough and making Stollen buns to have for my breakfast tomorrow, while watching you on Create and Craft.
    Yum Yum Happy Tum with Stollen buns and hot coffee 🙂

  13. Hi Barbara. Lovely card. I love using the Brilliance ink pads. I love how they leave a sheen on your work. They are great for working on Parchment as Donna says. Well worth getting. Good luck for the show…will be watching this time…ready with something to throw at the family if they disturb me! xx

  14. Lovely card Barbara, as soon as you have a date for Catterick can younlet us know then we can not be on holiday or working etc etc. Hope tge rugby went well, looking forward to tomorrow's show xx

  15. It's wet and dreary here in Essex too, I've been busy in my craft room but haven't acheived much I got side tracked watching YouTube videos lol.
    Hope you didn't get too wet watching the rugby. Looking forward to the telly tomorrow
    Jackie x

  16. I love the look of 'kiss stamping' but it is always something I forget about so thank you for the reminder. I hope Mark did well in the Rugby and can't wait to find out the Crowborough retreat dates so that I can get it all booked up. Birthday gift from hubby Yiphee xxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    I love this stamp and have used it loads with the gelli plate. Haven't used my brilliance pads in yonks, will have to see if they will still work, although they were always very wet.
    Just had a phone call from my daughter to say our grand daughterss would like a sleep over tonight so have set the TV to record your show tomorrow. I only hope that I've done it correctly and these new fangled sky box things really fox me and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.
    It's been cold, wet and very, very strong winds for the last few days oop north, The BBC weather always includes us in Scotland's forecast, they don't really know where the North East of the country is.
    See you tomorrow, even if it is on tape xx

  18. I wish my crafting area were as tidy as yours. I'm having a sort out at the moment and cringeing at some very amateur bits I've made over 10 years. Lovely card. I have some Brilliance ink pads. The colours are lovely, they cope with different surfaces and I love the sheen. They emboss too. I've also seen a natty technique with reinkers, but not tried it myself.
    Hope the game was a good one and not too inhospitable. See you tomorrow on C and C.

  19. Hi Barnara from a very wet and windy France. Haven't done a lot today, just enjoyed a nice cup of tea in a very nice "Pâtisserie" with my man. And he is so nice with me all the time that I should do him a "Thank you" card like yours. And I would love a few French sentiment, please…. so I can send you a nice "Merci" card….
    Laurence xx

  20. Ooh another lovely card Barbara. Will be watching tomorrow and probably ordering too. Well it would be rude not to!! Hehehe. Did you see my Galaxy card on the Clarity FB page btw? Quite proud of that. When you say the Open days – do you mean what everyone called the Retreats?? Hope so – hope to come this year. Hope Mark's team won. Raining here in Stafford too. Boo. Xxx

  21. Hi Barbara,
    great tip with the kissing stamps. I remember you made it with the horse and the wheel of the diamond carriage amd I didn´t know that it works with two colours as well…
    Hope Mark won his game and good luck for tomorrow…
    Rolf xxx

  22. Hi Barbara,
    I've never tried the kiss stamping, will do it with the brilliance inks…got some of them, had them years and they're still sealed!!
    Hope Mark and team won the rugby and that the rain passed, its been tipping down here all day.
    Take care on the trip to Peterborough,
    Jackie, x

  23. Another great tip to kiss one stamp with another Barbara and those Brilliance ink pads look great to use. Hope the rugby went well and l look forward to tomorrow! x

  24. Looking forward to C&C tomorrow and even more so to the open days this year! It's like being a child again waiting for good things to happen…….Are we there yet???????!
    Your "Thank you" card is lovely and I'll be trying the "kissing-technique" (although I won't tell Peter – he'll get jealous!). I only have the little teardrop shape Brilliance inks that I bought in the US. That said, the larger ink pads may well be something else I need to get – shame I couldn't have added them to my Christmas list for Santa! 🙂 xxx

  25. Hi Barbara do you know I think I've got some brilliance pads unopened at the bottom of my ink stash too! Must investigate later. The thank you card is lovely, I like the flying lady and must try stamp kissing, sounds fun. Very wet in southampton too and the traffic was at a standstill when we ventured out to the sales, should have stayed in doors! Hope rugby was successful. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow. Safe journey and don't forget your glasses! Love Diane xxx

  26. Good luck with all your ventures this year, really appreciate your blog although I don't always comment but I do read it every day. Looking forward to C & C tomorrow and crossing my fingers that I can book the Crowborough retreat, it was amazing last year. Best wishes to all at Clarity Towers for 2015. Love the card and must invest in these ink pads. Thank you and good luck in the US, xx

  27. It's been a wet and miserable day here. I had to nip out earlier as the Bigster (my pussy cat) was refusing to eat his food without any crunch! He's spoilt rotten. I must admit I couldn't wait to get back, the shops looked like people have been in lockdown for a month!

    Lovely card and nice technique. I have unsuccessfully tried this with pigment inks. Might try again with some others. I am so excited for the show tomorrow. I have a little money saved in paypal and a £10 C&C voucher! Happy days, have a great show and watch that Deano, he's a naughty distraction!

  28. Lovely thank you card. Havent tried kissing the stamp with another, must try. Love the little people stamps they will be so handy. Have to see if my Brilliance stamps are still usable. Looking forward to tomorrow's show & will be recording it to watch again, you & Dean give us lots to laugh about. Weather here has been wealy wet most of the day. Cold too brrh!!

  29. Love brilliance inks and love your thank you card. Will be watching tomorrow whatever the weather! We've had a lovely sunny day up here in Northumberland, although chilly. Hope Mark's team won! Pat x

  30. Looking forward to the show tomorrow. I have remembered to set the recorder this time. When I did that this morning, my four year old son told me he wanted C&C on but he only wanted to watch Barbara, so I had to play back a previously recorded Clarity show. Later when I said I was turning the TV off he said he would have to watch Barbara on the computer instead!

    The kissing technique looks good. Lovely card, but it sounds like I need to add more ink pads to my collection as I have not tried the Brilliance ones yet! 🙂

  31. Lovely card today Barbara, good to be reminded of the kissing stamp technique. Looking forward to the show tomorrow, and seeing how you finish off the canvas. Anne x

  32. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist wieder eine wunderschöne Stempelidee. Man kann nicht oft genug danke sagen für deine wundervollen kreativen Ideen. Es ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen auf deinen Blog zu kommen. Es freut mich das du so viel wunderschöne Post mit Geschenken bekommen hast. Ich hätte auch gern all meinen lieben Freundinnen die mir so wundervolle Geschenke gemacht haben etwas geschickt. Sei nicht traurig wurde mir immer geschrieben, erfreue dich einfach und genieße es. Diesen Rat gebe ich nun auch gern an dich weiter. Freu dich einfach das so viele liebe Menschen an dich gedacht haben und dir einfach eine Freude machen wollten. Ich wünsche dir ein frohes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr mit weiterhin so vielen wundervollen kreativen Ideen. Herzliche Grüße Silvi

  33. Hi Barbara. Love the card and thanks for the reminder about the kissing. I haven't tried Brilliance (yet!) I hope you have safe journeys and a great time on the show today. I am all ready to have 2 lovely hours with you. What a lovely way to spend Sunday morning : ) Take care.

  34. I come and look most days but don't comment Every card you show is lovely and it seems a little OTT to keep saying it But I do admire your work Just had to write today to say that As a child I lived in Aylesbury and remember the brook too and your story on C&C made me smile We did the same! We built dens, had picnics Once after a lot of rain I got stuck in the mud and was sinking At 9/10 years old I thought I was going to get swallowed up My friend had to go and get her mum to pull me out funny now but very scary at the time xx

  35. Lovely art work, I've wondered how the Brilliance stamps work, but as usual too chicken to try. I missed the 'class' today, travelling home from my daughter's in Taunton, but all the pressies are wrapped, and gone so it's Clarity play time again. Great. have a wonderful New Year. X

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