Let’s Wrap this up!

Let’s Wrap this up!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Busy TV week for us Clarity peeps at Create and Craft. Paul is already at the studios, preparing the set for tomorrow bright and early at 8am. In fact, he’s doing 8am, 12 noon and 4pm!

This is the finale of It’s a Wrap. Part 3. Absolutely stunning designs by Linda Williams. Butterflies, Dragonflies and H for Hummingbirds!

When you see the artwork, you will surely agree that, when it comes to parchment art, it doesn’t get much better than this…

Endless possibilities with these three wonderful Groovi Design Plates. It’s A Wrap Part 3

We also designed some excellent quality, pre-cut card blanks and stands, which Dave cuts out on our old Windmill Press. They are made to match, and wrap your decorative parchment around.

Also on the show, are:

Part 2, the fabulous ones with the cigar band idea and the little box opening…

and Part 1, the original It’s a Wrap trio.

New and Back in Stock – Pergamano Shader Tools! Three sizes. What a result! We’ve never had the smallest one, and it is perfect for shading tiny areas. The little 0.8mm was discontinued by Pergamano before we bought the company, but due to popular demand – it is back!

Available HERE as a Bundle, or HERE individually

Here’s some more Inspiration from the clever design team…

Can’t resist this. H for Humming bird…


Join Paul tomorrow, as he puts these wonderful Groovi plates through their paces. I shall be heading up to the TV studios in the afternoon, to join him. Why? I’m launching a brand new Stamp-Die-Paper set on Friday at 9am. And we always prefer to get up there early! That Dartford Tunnel traffic is not for the faint-hearted – or for anybody with a deadline date. And if there was ever a deadline date – it was LIVE TV !! So we go up the day before whennever we have a morning show. You nkow it makes sense.

It’s all about Bees and Butterflies…Very Very lovely. And the DT have been busy bees indeedy!

Great use of the new die, the new stamps and the new paper!

Drop in tomorrow, for a closer look at all the art samples on the Friday shows.

Love always,

Barb x x x

7 thoughts on “Let’s Wrap this up!

  1. All shows on record. Stunning artwork from the DT.
    I see another purchase coming – bees n butterflies are irresistable.
    Safe journey tomorrow.

  2. Hopefully will be able to watch Pauls first and third shows, and recording the second,. Lovely art from the design team. Safe travels to the tv studio. xx

  3. Hello Barb, really beautiful samples from the Design team. I am sure Paul’s shows are very popular. I will have to watch on catch-up. Looking forward to the new set tomorrow. I know I will end up getting it, even if I keep trying to tell myself not to spend any more :-). Safe travels. Bx

  4. I have just tried to set my tv to record the shows and the listing is still not available on virgin! on the actual day of being shown so is it Create and Craft or Virgin at fault here? This really does need to be sorted, but how?

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