She needs to eat….

She needs to eat….

Hi there!
Lorry I’m sate.
Lot a gist of things do to a lile mong,
and am ho sungry
I could eat a dabby sconkey!
Mark, buper soy
 has offered to duy binner,
so lee ya sater!!
much love,

51 thoughts on “She needs to eat….

  1. Hi Barbara, you are so funny and clever.
    Mark obviously takes after his mum then 🙂
    When I started to read this I thought "what are you doing to me, as if I don't have enough problems interpreting language!" But then I thought "well, everyone else will be in the same boat as me for once" :)!!!!!!!

  2. Well at least you have arrived safely and hopefully your grasp of the English language will have returned after a good meal. Well done Mark! x

  3. Dear Barb, you are a laugh a minute. Well in this case about 3 minutes. Had to read a 2nd time to make sure I interpreted it correctly. Lovely boy Mark, just treat your Mum. Hope it was good. Bx

  4. Hi Barbara I hope you enjoyed your meal, what a lovely son Mark is to buy his mum dinner. Have a good nights sleep, the list will look smaller in the morning. Take care love Diane xxx

  5. Newsflash!! An owner of a donkey near Crowborough in Kent is alarmed by it's disappearance tonight. The donkey was due to visit a vet tomorrow due to a bad case of mange. "I don't understand why anyone would want to steal it," said Miss T Fied, "It had terribly scabby skin!" A large white van was seen in the area bearing a blue logo with what looked like the word 'Hilaritycamp' on the side. Neighbours also reported a manic female calling out "daby sconkey" and "meed fe." If anyone has any information on this incident please do not hesitate to contact your nearest blog station.

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