Floral Alphabet & Numbers

Floral Alphabet & Numbers

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Thanks for popping in. Year of the Alphabet here at Clarity. And May is a super special one for me! I remember drawing this one, one letter at a time, in New Mexico of all places! Each letter represents a flower, so A for Allium, B for Bougainvillea, C for Cornflower, and so on. Also, as you will see when you look at the individual stamps, each letter also comes in two more sizes, upper and lower case. So when you invest in the whole alphabet, you’re actually getting 5 of each letter, not just the lovely illuminated letter – which is exceedingly useful! We include an Alphabet key too, an index. So you know what the flowers are called!! 😂

I also drew numbers, but the flowers are more generic there. Nonetheless, perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.



Then we developed a smaller set of the floral ABC and numbers, what we call Bijou Stamps. Just depends what you want to make, but they are delightful in small too.

Bijou Groovi

Available HERE

Take a look at some of the art from our Design Team! Beautiful!

Just to stamp and shade…

…or stamp and colour…

It’s an investment for sure. But maybe this weekend is a good time to do so! We’ve got a Discount Code going at the moment, MAYDAY10. If you add this code when you order, you’ll receive an additional 10% off any order over £30 after club discount. Just thought I’d mention it.. 😘

Oh. And you can use that Discount code as many times as you like.

Have a great weekend.

Love always

Barb x x x

8 thoughts on “Floral Alphabet & Numbers

  1. My favourite Groovi plates, I love them.
    Fantastic cards as usual from the DT.
    Thank you for the discount.
    Hope your eye is better XX

  2. Its nice for the lovely samples from the design team to get another viewing, although some of them might be on the website against the product code.
    Will be having a perusal of the website to see if anything happens to fall into my basket, than you for the offer code.
    Have a good weekend up at the studios & then a lovely week chilling with Dave x

  3. I adore this alphabet, just have to find where it is. Since things have had to be moved about, not by me as I am not very mobile at the moment, it has been a pain finding what I need so not so much crafting as I would like. I know I have the originals but not sure about the bijou ones. This bank holiday offer is very generous, thank you.
    The DT work is lovely as usual, inspirational.
    Looking forward to Sunday’s shows, set to record as usual.
    Safe journeys.

  4. Hello Barbara. I have a few of the letters and have used them several times, very useful. And love the flowers on them. The design team have given us some great ideas, thank you, useful to look at. Hope you have a restful weekend. Also want to say thank you for the lovely birthday card you sent me yesterday. Xxxxxxx

  5. Lovely art from the design team. I have the A6 square Groovi, and both the bijou sets in Groovi and stamps. Love the designs, and use them often. I am trying to be good and not order anything else for a couple of weeks, but can I resist the temptation with your generous offer. Safe journey to the studio. Also, a belated thank you for my Birthday card. Enjoy your week off. xxx

  6. Hi Barb, these designs are all beautiful, and such awesome artwork from the Design Team. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Have a safe trip to the studios. Bx

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