Eeek! There’s a spider in the Corner!

Eeek! There’s a spider in the Corner!

Do come in.
I know it’s rather spooky.
Amazing what you can do with our Town stencil, 
a dose of Grunge Paste and a bit of acrylic paint…

The sequence is worth noting.
1.Cover the card with paint by walking the brayer all over,
left to right mostly.
2. Drag some Grunge paste through a portion of the stencil,
in from the bottom, letting it fade as it gets to the rooftops.
3. Once the paste has set, walk the brayer back and forth lightly over the houses.
4. When that paint has dried, use sandpaper 
to bring out some white.
mmmm. Halloween is round the corner.
I’m not really a Halloween fan, 
but many of you are, and that’s cool.
So I was thinking we could add a spider’s web in the top corner.
Here’s how.
Get out your square Gel Press Petite
Mount on a Mini Megamount. (4″ x 4″).
Tap the Blue Archival onto the plate.

Aha! Look what I found:
Spidery lace!

Press the inky Gel Plate through in the corner,

Not too much. Not too kitch.

Just subtle. Less is more.
Little things please little minds, and all that.

TV prep all set.
Which I am really chuffed about, 
because – aside from this ‘ere blog, 
which is always a pleasure never a chore –
I can have a day off tomorrow.
Time to clean the house.
It really is starting to look like a haunted house, and boy oh boy! You should see the size of the spider Paul evicted for me from the kitchen this afternoon!
Had teeth and a cape on, I swear!
(The spider, not Paul!)
A demain….
Love and hugs,

88 thoughts on “Eeek! There’s a spider in the Corner!

    1. Well it's our turn today to be stuck in traffic! We are on the M5 – it's taken us 5 hours to get from Cornwall to just the other side of Bristol. Heading up to Derby. Sorry been awol my bloggy friends – not been so well. Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Sorry you've not been well Gill. Blimey, that's a journey – we usually do Cornwall to Oxford vice verse in 3.5 – 4 !! That sounds really bad! Been waiting for a call to pick up hubby's car after service. Took it in at 10 and they've just phoned. We said forget it we will pick it up in the morning – not venturing out in Oxford traffic at this time of day we wouldn't get there before they shut ! LOL !! That must be a good few hours to Derby are you planning an overnight stop? Safe journey x x

    3. Hope you get through the M5 roadworks without too much trouble. They have been a nightmare for months. I went up to Derby last Sunday and had bad journeys both ways. Going up was roadworks on the A38. but coming back someone else was having a worse time as an accident brought the crowded A38 down to one lane and it took an hour to do two miles. Make it a safe journey, Gilly, even if it is a slow one. xxx Maggie

    4. Oh Gilly,
      Sorry to hear you haven't been well and also that you had a horrendous journey. Hope you have a lovely time with your cousin and her husband. Love and hugs Alison xx

    5. Hi Gilly sorry to hear you haven't been well. Have a safe journey the rest of the way – I hope it's a quicker journey from now on. Have a lovely time with your cousin xxxx

  1. Lovely spider web lace! I've got a big daddy long legs thing in the downstairs loo and I haven't the hear to move him, I did check to see if he was still alive this week and he is! He's kind of hanging under the sink ! Been busy today doing the challenges. Have a good weekend and rest up tomorrow for Sunday ! Xx

    P.s. My calendar came today – thank you. X x

  2. Hi Barbara. Funeral for me today, so it's been a bit of a sad day. But there's always a little joy round the corner. Mine today has been receiving my SIGNED Calendar. I'm now going to sit down with a cuppa and enjoy browsing through it….What!!! wait til January the 1st…no chance! hahaha. Love and Hugs xxx

    1. Hugs Morag. Hope things went as well as can be expected in the circumstances. My calendars arrived this morning too. The only problem was that I couldn't take a look, because one of them is a present for a friend who was crafting with me when they arrived.

    2. Hi Morag , sorry to hear you have had a sad day. They are never good but we do have to keep me
      memories of people who have been in our lives.
      hope the cuppa and the calendar have helped.
      Lots of hugs
      Lynn xx

  3. I wish my canvas attempts came out as good as yours but I can just never get it quite right. More practice I guess. great spider's web – very atmospheric. xx

  4. You should have put the big spider on the picture to add to the effect!!!
    Enjoy your day off but don't spend it all cleaning and doing housework! You don't often get a day off so make the most of it!
    Looking forward to seeing the shows you have lined up for us!!!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Ohmygosh! I've been so busy with the grandchildren cooking for them at 5 and for the grownups at 8. Just caught up with the blogs and yesterday's! So pleased to be your inspiration Barbara when you inspire me and so many.
    The diamond club is brilliant. When I buy products it's because I have an idea for their use. The club goodies make me think more creatively and the demos help. Much better already than some cheaper magazines it has poor quality stamps. Free postage is great too when I want to top up supplies.
    Enjoy tomorrow fter housework xx

    I hope you bloggy pals are OK and enjoying Facebook xx

    1. Hello Chris. You have been well missed! I'm sure you'll have been in your element with all of your family. Hope to get together soon with you and Alison.
      Loved Barbara's inspiration card yesterday. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Chris – loved your card! You must be SO pleased that Barbara chose it for her inspiration! Can't think of a better compliment than that! Well done you! Hugs Gilly xx

  6. Lol its that time of year when the spiders lime to come indoors. Great artwork by the way, looking forward to Sunday and Monday shows. Enjoy your day off tomorrow xx

  7. Oh Barbara, you're letting the side down asking a bloke to evict the spider!!!! It's easy honest, even when very scared of them and it's a huge one, mmm wonder how I know that…. I'm not a halloween or bonfire /firework person either, halloween gives me the creeps!

    Brilliant art, well until you told me it's spooky!!! Still brilliant but just hard to look at now without feeling scared of it, aye wimpy me!!! Thanks for sharing, I think….. Before you said about the spider web, I saw 3 flying saucers coming to invade! And the USA with all their secret stuff having a big battle in the air with them, creating that sky.

    Glad to hear your prep is done, and you have tomorrow off. Looking forward to seeing it, and you, on telly. Hope you have a happy day tomorrow, and a chilled evening tonight.

    Love Brenda xx

  8. TGIF! Home to a great blog – there are poisonous spiders here in England, did you all know? Don't think they are deadly but can give you a nasty bite.
    Really looking forward to Sunday and I too will be catching up on chores on the allotment and looking out for criturs – rats to be exact – big brown ones!
    Locking all doors and closing curtains for Halloween – just an excuse for some of my "customers" to be nasty.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.
    Love Anne (Reading)

  9. I love this technique with the paste and the weblike lace inked through certainly works a treat. So glad you have managed to get all your prep done for the shows Barbara so you can have a bit of a breather. Don't do too much housework! x

  10. Hi Barbara, although a day late as I wasn't 100% yesterday I wanted to reply to your questions about the clubs, although you probably already know what I think. : ) . I am a Diamond Member as I love all things Clarity. They are really good value for money especially when you think of how much work and time they must take to put together. It also helps me a great deal that I can now pay monthly. I, like everyone, else really look forward to it dropping through my letter box and the anticipation that follows. I sit myself down with a cuppa and a cake and devour every word. I find all parts of it inspirational even if I don't necessarily act on each one immediately. This month I ordered everything I needed to complete all the projects so we will have to see what I manage to produce. The other perks of being a member is the great discount (this enables me to purchase even more things Clarity to make my stash grow), the free postage and of course the Members Sale. Sorry it's a bit long.x

  11. Hi Barb,
    No I'm not a fan of Halloween either. Love the artwork today, the town stencil is one of my favourites. My calendar arrived today (signed) and its gorgeous. I'm another one who couldn't wait till January 1st to look at it! Thank you for getting them out so quickly. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday – new goodies look fabulous! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you all. Ironing for me (ugh!), and then I traced out another set of Twas the Night Groovi plates. Getting through the Christmas cards though – up to 65! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barbara, Post 2. I love this piece of artwork. I actually have the things I need to reproduce this. I often have one element missing! I might even have some spider lace from when the children were at school, if only I knew where to find it. Not keen on Halloween myself but buy sweets just incase as an insurance policy. Sad I know. Looking forward to your shows at the weekend and pleased you have done all the prep so you can have a day off.x

  13. Never mind the housework just go for a lovely walk & pick up some conkers. Put them in the corners of your room & the spiders will walk out! Looking forward to Sunday xx

    1. Our daughter used to have a conker in each corner of her bedroom. I don't know how many spiders would have been in there without the conkers but she still got them!!

    2. Ridiculously traumatised by spiders. The Bro very good at moving them out but we've invested in a plug in thingy that emits at a wavelength they're supposed to hate so they give our house a miss. 2 big Boris's ignored it since it was installed so I think it deters most. Tried sprays etc but I think Scottish Boris's have strange smell likes – they treated them like I treat the smell of coffee and warm cake!

  14. Hi Barbara, I'm not a fan of Hallowe'en either, but I do have treats ready for those that do,don't want to risk saying trick !!!!! Love your artwork gorgeous, why do mine not look like this!!! Received my gold envelope recently love it ,really worth joining the club . Can't wait for Sunday xx

  15. My very first canvas was done with this stencil. In fact, I did two, reversing the stencil for the second one, to make a pair. I am looking forward to seeing what lace you find for us to add to everything else. Not too struck with spiders though. I have a battery powered spider catcher, but I did have one spider that just would not fit inside it and it really looked as if it wanted to take a piece out of me. I had to take it 50 yards away before I released it and ran back home. Going back to Clarity quality, it is too easy to forget that not all stamps are made to that standard. I was sorting my non-Clarity stamps the other day when one just disintegrated in my hand, not something you want and something that just does not happen with Clarity. Loving what you do. Keep doing it. xxx Maggie

    1. Couldn't agree more, Maggie re the quality of Clarity stamps v Others. From my eclectic and sizeable stash, pulled out a new, unused stamp set from a reputable company the other day for a themed card and both stamps disintegrated in my hands – what's worse, they left this greasy, sticky feeling which took some effort to wash off – bleach worked in the end. Doesn't happen with Clarity no matter how old the stamps are. ;~}

  16. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely spooky canvas today, love the effect of the lace spiders web ( thank goodness no spider!). Thank goodness Paul was around to evict the spider, Romeo was no help to you then. Julian likes to name the large spiders that come out late at night in the lounge, he gets quite upset if they come out early and I make him put them outside. Hope you get the housework done quickly so you can enjoy some autum colours and sunshine with Dave.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. I love the town stencil, this is great going to give it a go as I did one on canvas for a friend and forgot to keep a photo so will have another play. Enjoy your day off

  18. Hi Barb, love the town stencil artwork. Couldn't sleep for planning groovi houses variations so at 4.30 watched an old youtube video with golden acrylic paint and, yup, the town stencil! All materials added to the now-gone-over-the-page wish list! Looking forward to your shows, and perhaps tomorrow you can stuff the housework? xx PS I'm becoming a blimming insomniac these days – so much inspiration in blog and facebook!

  19. Glad you reminded me of this stencil I have a new house card to make. I am not a Halloween fan either, we do not get many trick or treaters as we are tucked away and they do not find us easily. I like the card and have not used grunge paste fro a while, time to play I think. xx

  20. I didn't comment yesterday as having a few bad days .im a diamond club member i started off as a stamp member then the stencil club was added then along came the groovi it's like having a birthday each month it's so exciting receiving the envelope each month as you dont know what it includes and all the inspiration that Barbara puts in ive learnt so much from my club membership things I didn't think I could achieve in my crafting so if you are not a member give it a go you will not be disappointed you also get a 15%discount and free postage if your a diamond member and now you can pay direct debit and get back issues too .

    1. Evening dear blog friends sending lots of crafting hugs been thinking of you all .i had a lovely surprise in the post today I received my clarity 2017 calendar a signed one yippi looking forward to following the step by step instructions xxx

    2. Hi Sheila,
      Sorry to hear you haven't been too good over the past few days. Glad to see you back now. Take care and have a good day, love and hugs Alison xx

  21. My signed calendar came today – happy bunny here! Speaking of Halloween… used to live in Milton Keynes when boys were young, just the right age for He-Man and Skeleton and had all the dressing up gear. Halloween duly arrived… whenever the doorbell rang I got my long dark coat with a large hood, put on the skeletor mask and opened the door without putting on the light and handed the now screaming children their treat bags with a plastic skeleton hand….. Naughty I know, but oh the fun I had that night!!!

  22. Brilliant step by step, I'm not a lover of halloween either, but our grandchildren like it. Don't like spiders at all. Late tonight as we've been to a friends wedding evening party.xx

  23. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day, glad to see you back Sheila hope you have a better day tomorrow, sorry you havent been well either Gilly and then had such a long journey. A sad day for you too Morag, hope having your calendar cheered you up. Love & hugs to you all, better get to bed the postman may knock us up early if my calendar etc arrives in the morning

  24. This is one of my favourite stencils too Barbara, and it seems I'm not alone. Is there any chance we could have one or two new ones with different town views, but in the same style as this one? It would be lovely to be able to make a set of townscapes for wall art, sort of tryptic style.
    Great job with today's project, love the colour scheme x

    1. Really??? Fantastic! I must have read your mind if they are done already. Wow! Thank goodness for diamond club membership so I'll still be able to afford them despite the Christmas bills!
      Thanks so much Barb, for always knowing exactly what we 'need' xx

  25. Hi Barb, such brilliant art work, love the Halloween feel, and where did you get that lace, it is fabulous. Looking forward to the shows. Take care and travel safely. Bx

  26. Hello Barb,
    Love this today. I've been "playing" with my Gelli Plate getting loads of backing card and papers.
    I'm also just a big kid at heart and adore Christmas, Easter and Halloween. I'm afraid I'm one of those old women who don't mind making a fool of themselves by getting dressed up and going out with the grandchildren at Halloween. It keeps me young!!!
    Maureen xx

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