The House Martin’s in the Club! !

The House Martin’s in the Club! !

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is always blue, right?
Well, here’s a fab little card 
which was very kindly given to me by Chris M.
I have been walking past it every day for weeks, because it was perched by the door to the artroom.
And today it beckoned to me, 
as I was wading through treacle trying to prep for Sunday TV.
“Use me!” it called, “Use me for inspiration!”
Chris used the House Martin from the New Design Stamp Club
which was released back in the springtime.
If you are a member of one or all 3 of the Clarity Clubs,
pray tell us below what you think of them.
Is it value for money?
Do you benefit from it?
Do you enjoy it?
We launched our 3rd club, the Groovi Club, last January.
Took a bit of working out, 
with the monthly payment scheme and what not,
but we are now able to handle plenty more members, 
so roll up roll up roll up !!
Here’s how it works….

I thought I would use the House Martin stamp, because I love it,
and it spoke to me today…
Stamp him on a piece of light blue parchment, 

Speed dry with a heat gun, 
if you are up to your derriere in crocodiles like me!

Flip over, place on one of our soft black embossing mats, and use the embossing tools in the Groovi Starter Kit to bring out his wings in white.

Doesn’t he look fab against the black mat?!

Colour in with a Stormy Sky Distress marker
Oooh la la!!
Now there’s a nice Christmas present for somebody!
This Gel Press Petite piece I did with some lace and a blue ink pad 
is perfect for the background…

Need to give the bird a frame.
Every Groovi parcher should have one of these! 

Colour in the frame from behind using the same Distress marker,
and layer up on more light blue.
But we’re going to sandwich the lace card inbetween.

Doesn’t that look neat?

I think less is more, so let’s just mount this on white.

If you want to get this House Martin, 
you may want to consider joining the Stamp club
and speaking to our Jeanine on 01732 868215.
She is lovely, and very very helpful.
In fact, you may just get her to sell you the House Martin Stamp and project on its own….
Then you can have a look at the quality of the lovely monthly concertina project sheets too.

But now I must crack on.
I’ve got one more project to prep before I can go to sleep….
Thanks for the inspiration, Chris!
Love & Hugs,

78 thoughts on “The House Martin’s in the Club! !

  1. Beautiful and I'm sure you will be brilliant as always Sunday looking forward to shows sleep well and inspiration will come I'm sure walk away come back later always works night night sleep well xxx

  2. Forgot to say love my monthly surprises look forward to getting them. Must ring office as got to groovie plates and no stamp this month thank you all
    For your hard work xxx

  3. I am a diamond member and I love waiting for the projects to be delivered. They quality of the step by step project sheets is second to none and with pictures and writing it is very easy to follow. Great value for some Barbara inspiration every month, and now even better as I can pay monthly so I never miss out. I often look back through my projects when my mojo needs a kick start and if like me you love your storage when you join a club you get the storage binder for free! Well worth joining or asking Santa to join for you 😉. Xx

    1. Couldn't put it any better, I love being a Diamond member, great value, Simples 🙂 xx
      It's a little treat to myself every month and I'm worth it lol, sorry I'll stop now; -D

  4. I love being a diamond member, it's like Christmas every month. The stamp, stencil and Groovi baby plate are always fabulous, and very useful, and are the same excellent standard as all other Clarity products. Well worth the money in my opinion. Looking forward to Sunday, and must remember to let my auntie know, she is interested in getting into the Groovi groove, haha!

  5. I joined the diamond club when it was launched. I love the day my goodies arrived it's like having a birthday every month. I have also saved a LOT of money with the 15% discount and the fee P&P that comes with the membership. Bravo Clarity for their products, customer service and mostly for Barbara who is such a huge inspiration x

  6. Being a diamond club member is fantastic. Brilliant value for money and wonderful inspiration. Previous comment removed as I had one of those senior moments and put gold instead of diamond. Regardless I just love Clarity x

  7. Diamond club is brilliant, VERY good value for money. I will definitely be renewing.
    As has been said before not every stamp, stencil or groovi is to one's taste but no way could it be. I do find that when I follow Barbara's projects it gives me a result that gives me confidence to try my way. The only 'complaint' I have, is most probably like you all, not enough time to play.
    Thank you Barbara, look forward to watching Clarity shows, on record, hubby in hospital, so will be visiting. It will be a nice relaxing watch, for me, I will also think of all the effort you have put into the shows.
    Have a good weekend.
    Good evening to you all.
    Joan xx

  8. Love Chris B's card and your take on it. It's a beautiful little stamp, must give it an airing, it looks really lovely with the lace in the background. Hope your prepping is going well. Don't know how you keep it all up. You need to try to relax when you've finished your prepping for the shows. Nag Nag, sorry. Anyone thinking of joining the Design Club or Clubs, you don't need to think very much about it, it's brilliant, great value for money, a top quality stamp/stencil/groovi baby plate the same quality as with all Clarity products. You get a lovely shiney quality project sheet in full colour with detailed instructions that folds into an A5 booklet, very easy to follow with lots of inspiration from Barbara. You can even pay by monthly installments now. What are you waiting for, you won't be disappointed? Hugs Pam xxx

  9. I love being in the Diamond club, whilst there is the odd stamp, stencil or Groovi plate I may not be drawn to, I find the inspiration and the artwork amazing and help me achieve better things. Of course the discount and free p&p are a big bonus and yes I will definitely renew my membership when it comes around. X

  10. I am a Diamond member and just love that envelope each month. The little project sheets are great if inspiration has dried up, still got plenty to try. Wonderful club. Well done Chris on your lovely card. X x

    1. Me too Alison, yes I've had a nice day, pity you aren't on facebook. We did a group chat one day last week, chatted to Morag today too. Even if you joined just to do that it would be great. Love and hugs, Pam xx

      Hi Diane I'm ok thank you, have you managed to get on facebook yet? Hugs to you too. Love Pam xx

  11. I belong to the groovi club and look forward to receiving my envelope each month. My favourites are the Daisy and this months offering. I'm busy making a card for my mum with it. Xx

  12. Yes, diamond member here too, I haven't used all of them but have a lovely collection to look through for inspiration and to stroke ! I'm just using the square nests (and circles) now and tying to do some for the challenge, had a bit of a block so have just gone with it, trying out a bit of cutting as well and going a little out of my comfort zone with irregular patterns. Just love the club as you never know what you're going to get other an inspiration and exceptional quality ! Xx

  13. I love being a club member and get excited every month when ithe envelope drops through the letterbox. Never short of inspiration and to anyone thinking about it just do it you won't regret it!!!

  14. I am a gold club member and also look forward to to wonderful little present each.month.
    if anyone is thinking about joining please do not hesitate the projects are brilliant.
    Well done Barbara and the team for brilliant products and all the help you give each and ever one of us.
    looking forward to the shows at the weekend, we all know you have a lot of work on to get ready for the shows but I am sure it will be great.
    Lynn xx

  15. Hi Barbara, Thanks for the demo, I always learn something. I am a diamond member. Every month I look forward to my envelope with all the goodies and instructions. It's great to be a member of the three clubs and it challenges me to do something different. Thanks for keeping the creative juices flowing. Big hugs Marian x

  16. I just love the NDC envelope arriving every month! It's a real surprise every time and every part is a lovely addition to my clarity collection!
    And I love reading the news letter….it's like I have a mini visit from my mate Barb to catchup on the months events! Keep them coming Barbara. Just fab!
    Love and hugs xxxx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Lovely card by Chris and lovely of you to use it as inspiration. It is a lovely little stamp and the lace background sandwiched is a fabulous look. I'm a diamond club member ( I still want to call it platinum though!) and every month I really look forward to my envelope popping through the letterbox. Then it's "my time" – I get myself a mug of coffee and read through the newsletter, then the Groovi project sheet, followed by the stamp and then the stencil. I love to see what each of the projects entails ( the fact that there are 2 for each club, one more straightforward than the other is even better) and consider how I can use them in any cards I've got to make. I love the discount and free postage that I get from being a diamond member and have saved a fortune ! Then there's the members half price sales too!! If anyone is wondering whether to join, all I can say is that it's the best thing I've done, well worth the money (& now you can pay in instalments even better) . Honestly, it will be well worth it! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've all had as good a day as possible. Finished off the Groovi Twas the night cards I started a couple of days ago and I am so pleased with them, I'm going to do some more!!! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    The cards today are beautiful, the lace behind yours is gorgeous. I'm a diamond member, I get very excited when my envelope drops on my doormat and can't wait to see what you have for us. Sometimes you look and think that's not for me but when you look back through the folder (provided with your membership), you suddenly find just what you are looking for, a hidden gem. The quality is superb, the project sheets inspirational and the chatty letter from Barbara – priceless! I hope you have managed to complete your final project for the shows and can have a relaxing evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Hi Barbara, only you would think of pairing lace with a flying house martin! And as always, it works, looks great. Thanks for sharing. It also helps me to try learning to think outside the box. Thank you for that too.

    As for your New Design Clubs, where do I start… I'm a Diamond member, I concur with all the positives already said. £5 a month, £15 for all 3, such good value for what you get being a club member. And something to look forward to each month. For anyone not joined, think about how much you spend a month on magazines/newspapers, or if you don't buy any, what about teas/coffees out, cake and chocolate! Give up some of that, join the club instead, extra bonus being lose a bit of weight/lower your cholestrol, and playing with your club goodies will take your mind of the cravings!!!! Seriously, it's a really good way to build up your library of stamps/stencils/groovi plates, and a library of inspiration and step by steps, different to any here, and expands your craft abilities, helps you try things you wouldn't have otherwise. Being honest, I prefer to do my own thing instead of following the projects, (aye awkward me!!!!). BUT I still learn from the projects and now I'm back on the crafty/arty train will get loads of inspiration from them. So join up everyone who hasn't you won't regret it. And clearly Barbara thinks Jeanine doesn't have enough work to do!!!!😉

    Hope you got your last demo prepped, and that means you can have tomorrow off.
    Love Brenda xx

    P.s. lovely card Chris, love the use of ribbon on the corners for securing the parchment, been looking for alternative (more gentle) ways

    1. Hello Brenda I've been playing with my gelli today and some leaves I picked up on my walk this morning. The leaves and ink were quite subtle but the shapes were interesting. I also tried them with paint which produced a stronger image which made a great background for a tree stencil ( I know have black inky fingers!). I used some netting off my bag is satsumas too, interesting texture, bit too bold with the leaves, punchanella gave a better effect. I hope I have given you some good feedback. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    2. You've certainly inspired me Diane!!!x Brenda, I'm with you on the 'own thing' mindset. Any card I make for someone I like it to be as unique as possible. The same as I will never make the same card twice. But the inspiration I get from Barbara's projects is wonderful. I hope you and Daisy are alright my friend. xxx

  20. I'm a diamond club member too. Love opening the packet each month to see what secrets there are inside. Have used at least one of them each month. Will certainly be renewing my membership.
    Love the card today. The lace is a lovely idea and gives the card real depth. Thank you Barbara. Shall be glued to the TV on Sunday as usual.

  21. I have certainly benefitted from being a Diamond Club Member. The projects are really worth while and it is so, so pleasing to receive that special envelope each month with all the goodies and advice. It makes me jump up and down with excitement and also makes my husband smile – he knows its going to be a good day!
    Thank goodness for Barbara and all who go with her. I think the end of that should be "Good or is it God speed?" – sorry a bit weary tonight after a gruesome day and one to go. BUT a weekend of wonder cos Barbara is on the telly
    Love Anne (Reading)

  22. I love the idea of mixing stamps with parchment with gelli plate! I am a diamond member too, love getting my surprise every month! I love reading the different techniques of how to use the stencils, stamps and plates. I don't always use them straight away but I know I will have an occasion to! Thanks Barbara for the time and effort you put into getting the Design Clubs out each month and for all the inspiration. Xx

  23. I am a member of the diamond club, and look forward to receiving my club envelope. Great quality and value for money, also lots of savings with the discount, members sales and free postage. Inspirational project sheets and the lovely letter form Barbara makes it more personal. xx

  24. A beautiful piece of artwork Barbara and I really love that House Martin. Here in our village we have lots of nesting Martins during the Summer months and I always look forward to the first day they arrive, usually in late April or early May depending on the weather. Chris's version is a very pretty and inspiring piece of parchment too. I did join the Stamp Club and then the Stencil Club too when that started. It was absolutely good value and good quality,nand really worth having, and I did look forward to receiving my stamp and stencil every month and the great inspiration from Barbara with the very clear instructions for projects to make, but for one reason or another I didn't seem to get round to using them all the time so I decided to stop and use what I already have and then at some time in the future I may well join again. x

  25. Only joined Diamond Club 2 months ago. Absolutely makes my day when the package arrives. Surprised to discover that even if I'm not immediately keen on one of the item, the project sheet either converts me or at the very least teaches me a new way of looking at the item and often a new technique. Mega bonus, especially as I'm building up my tiny stash, is the 15% discount and free postage. Currently saving more than I'm spending on the club, and having a clarity crafty ball. I've yet to experience the members' sale but can't wait!

  26. Love this demo, thanks. I'm a diamond member and am always delighted with the monthly clubs. Amazing value for money. Makes my month, such wonderful thing to look forward to x

  27. Hi Barbara
    Birds are my favourites and today's card is beautiful. I am a. Diamond Club member and lovely hubby will renew me again this year. My membership expires at the end of the year and it will be my December birthday present again. The lovely stamps, stencils and Groovi plates are always a lovely surprise and the project sheets are always a source of inspiration. Hubby said it was the best present he ever gave me as it keeps me out of mischief.
    X from Chris

  28. Hi to you all. I haven't commented before but I just had to bite the bullet and overcome my techno fears. I love reading this blog and all the comments. I have been an avid Clarity fan ever since I saw you making such fantastic scenes with a brayer. I am a gold club member and always enjoy receiving my envelope each month.This months stamp is especially welcome as it will be perfect for my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. I made a book with the night before Christmas stamps last year and she loves reading it.Love to you all,Mary

  29. Groovi member, love it love it love it, love your letter and the tutorial that comes with the plate every month. Do I think it's value for money…..Your darn right I do. Mon the Clarity! X

  30. Hello Barb, I am a diamond member, and that envelope dropping through the letter box is certainly a big highlight of the month. This month's offering was just gorgeous (well they all are really). Love your interpretation of the artwork, the little House Martin stamp is beautiful. Take care, looking forward to the shows. Bx

  31. Hello Barbara, I am a diamond member & I love when my envelope drops through the letter box. Your inspiration just jumps out of all the projects & gets me to try things I would never have thought of doing. Both artworks are superb. Yvonne xx

  32. Hello Barbara, I am a diamond member & I love when my envelope drops through the letter box. Your inspiration just jumps out of all the projects & gets me to try things I would never have thought of doing. Both artworks are superb. Yvonne xx

  33. I am a Diamond member and though still have a bit of trepidation about Groovi the little projects are great and your fantastic step by step projects really give inspiration. I love getting the envelope through the door every month. It's great value to have all Barbara and CLarity's expertise delivered to your door and it's like having a birthday every month. Love the housmartin artwork.

  34. Morning Barbara from Diamond club Dot best thing I have ever done look forwards to it every month and agree with all that's been said above thank you for making it affordable for me with the monthly payments will be ordering again for next year that's a definite.
    Love your card Chris M bet your chuffed Barbara took inspiration from it love the ribbon corners to.
    Looking forwards to Sunday Take care…Love Dot X

  35. Love the combination of bird and lace – quirky but works wonderfully well!

    As for the New Design Club(s) – worth every penny! I'm a Diamond member and can say 'hand on heart' I think they're the best thing 'since sliced bread' – great quality products (as with all Clarity goods) some of which are exclusive to the clubs and the lovely project sheets included to give you a headstart on using them are fab, bright cheerful and step by step written by Barbara herself. Will definitely be renewing as look forward to my envelope dropping into my postbox each month! xx

  36. Hi Barbara. I happily ditched Sky TV in order to afford being a Diamond member. A decision I've never regretted. It's the highlight of my month. As has been said, it really is like getting a personal package from you. As for the discount and free can anyone NOT join.
    I love Chris's card which provided you with the inspiration to do such a gorgeous step by step. I can't wait now for the 'wreath groovi plates'. My 'ordering' mode is poised and ready hahaha! xxx

  37. Hi Barb

    Being a Diamond Member is fantastic and I really look forward to that package being delivered monthly

    The quality of your stamps and stencils are the best and the baby groovi plates are beautiful. The high quality and inspiration for each item received, in the monthly packs, are the very best I know

    Chris's artwork is so beautiful

    June x

  38. I am a diamond member and just love getting my envelope each month. It builds into a fantastic library as various techniques are included for each product. Very good quality and well worth the money. Being able to pay monthly helps as well. Today I received my calendar – can't believe how quickly it was sent and managed to get in early enough for a sign one – Yay!!

  39. I'm in the Groovi Club, sadly I can't run to joining the others, but I think it's fantastic value for money. I wait with bated breath for my club delivery to arrive every month, and have never been disappointed – this month there was even a second, mini-mini, Groovi plate. Really informative newsletter too. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks Barb. xx

  40. Hello Barb,
    The Diamond Club is the best thing since sliced bread and monthly payments make it manageable, what's not to like? I don't know which I enjoy most, the newsletter or the projects and goodies each month!!
    My calendar came this morning and it was signed YIPPEE. I'm going to "play" with the gelli plate this afternoon and make some C cards, wish me luck and inspiration.
    Maureen xxx

  41. I am shocked to realise that I did not comment last night. Anyway, I will do today once I have done here. I love my diamond membership and it is very rare that I am not really happy with all the lovely things that come. It is brilliant value, coming, as it does, with such a wealth of inspiration to kick start our mojos. The first thing I do when I open the envelope is to read your lovely newsletter, then I look at the other things, and usually know exactly what I want to do with them, especially this month's stamp – perfect! For me, just carry on doing just what you are already doing so well. Looking forward to seeing you at the NEC very soon. xxx Maggie

  42. I am a diamond member love everything about it the new stamps stencils groovi plates. The project sheets give me inspiration and motivation. Being able to pay monthly is brilliant as it goes from my account I don't have to think about it.the payments are more than covered as I no longer buy 2-3 magazine's a month .The newsletter is great reminding me when events are on ,is very often witty….. keep up the great work xxx

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