Here we go ere we go ere we go!!

Here we go ere we go ere we go!!

Thanks for dropping in!
Typing extra fast here, so forgive the spelling!
All the ladies have gone to freshen up at the hotel, 
and then we are meeting at the restaurant for supper.
So they’ll enter all cool and refreshed,
and I’ll be knackered and schvetty!
Good day though.
Long too.
Setting up for the Open Days is a mammoth task.
Many many things to remember,
It all starts with a few good friends and a blank canvas….
Aha! The Welsh contingent landed early!
Welcome Linda Williams!

Brought a rake of Welshcakes – we LIKE them!!!!
And jumped straight on Tea Duty.
Top Banana!
Wait till you see what she brought for us as a gift!
bit saucy she said…
Blimming fantastic I said….

 So delighted and chuffed to be working with this clever lady xx

How many people does it take to prop up the gridwall ???
Maria! Help! Don’t laugh!

Inks a gogo!
Aha! Lovely Tina Cox .
Bit poorly, but still smiling xx

Slowly but surely, the racks came together,
  with lots of arty chatter…

expert improvisation…
bit of muscle,
Tom, looking hench ! 

…and brilliant teamwork.

Dee will join us tomorrow.
And now I just have to figure out what I am doing tomorrow!!!
Catching up with old friends and having fun for sure!!!
Gotta go!
I’m late!!!
lots of love,

125 thoughts on “Here we go ere we go ere we go!!

  1. Hi Barbara, Fabulous post, lovely piccies, yummy Welsh Cakes (I get through a couple of packets a week haha), and the stunning Ooh La La, absolutely fabulous. Your ladies are in for a real treat.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. Really keen to join you all tomorrow. Just off to get our evening meal as well. Looking forward to all the demos. Brilliant teamwork by the looks of the pictures. Have a lovely evening all of you. X x xx

  3. Wow…..what a fantastic group photo…..brill! Just adore what Linda made….it looks as though that lacy corner was just waiting for her…..excellent. Have a FANTABULOUS open days, wishing I had got my skates on…..but never mind I will see you all soon enough. Hugs and Love to all. xxxx

  4. Good luck with the Open Days Barbara. I've fancied going on one for a long time but can you tell me if you HAVE to make Groovi things at an open day or can you opt to develop stamping and stencil skills?

    1. I've been to two open days at Catterick I don't know if it's the same format "down south" but all the talented demonstrators sit facing out behind a square of tables and demo stamping, stencilling, inking, grunge paste, Groovi and more. Everyone gets to wander round and watch, ask questions and maybe have a little go. You can see how hard to press or how much ink to use in real life. Barbara seems to be everywhere at once doing a bit of teaching, chatting, inspiring, giving lucky dip prizes. The second Catterick venue was big enough for Barbara to do a series of make and takes which happened to be Groovi. Of course there are also lovely things to buy too and a lovely atmosphere as everyone is so smiley and enthusiastic and welcoming. Well worth a fiver xx

    2. I'll try again!! Alex, the Open Days are about watching and talking to the demonstrators, picking up hints and tips from them not actually doing it yourself – although Barbara did run a make and take oop norf last year. Sadly I've never been, but the Retreats are where you actually do things for yourself. Mxx

    3. To Margaret and Chris M, thank you so much for those helpful replies. Yes, I see my mistake and am much the wiser now. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. I'm in total awe of Barbara and her helpers after watching them in Doncaster so think I need an open day and a retreat. Thank you again, Alex xx

    4. Even on the retreats Alex it is a mixture of everything. I went last year for first time and now it is set in stone. Worth trying it all out even if it is out of your comfort zone. I am lucky enough to go to a Clarity workshop each month and have tried a lot of things that I would not normally have done. The open days are very social and everyone so friendly. x

  5. Team work makes the dream work! Good luck for the weekend I'm sure you and everyone else will have a fantastic time. Xx

    Wanted to say thank you to the team at Clarity for the super fast delivery of my groovi border plate mate, it arrived today and it is amazing! Xx

  6. Brilliant pictures!! Have a lovely evening and a glass of your favourite tipple – after all the hard work setting up you deserve it. Look forward to seeing pictures of the open days, have a fantastic time. xxx

  7. So glad you're having an open day at Leyburn or I'd be so envious of all the lucky visitors. I hope it all goes as well as it deserves to do and that you all enjoy yourselves in the process xx

    1. Hello pals. We have been entertaining a very dear friend since Sunday. We haven't seen her for two years so I haven't had time to do more than scan the days posts until today. I wrote a comment to lots of your Wednesday comments earlier on today. Hugs to you all xx

    2. Hello Chris. It sounds like you've had a good weekend. I can't wait for Leyburn either. Have you thought any more about coming down to go to Crafters Companion? I could meet you at Bowburn Services, and Alison said she would love to come too. Hugs xxx

    1. Hi Donna,
      It's been foul here today but a great day for crafting. Finished my Groovi card so it's ready to be given to my friend. You're right about the border plate mate – it's fabulous. Couldn't believe it when the postman called this morning. Cuddles for Phobe and love and hugs to you, Alison xx

  8. Hi Barbara, hope you, your Clarity crew, and all the customers attending have a happy fun time, and that you have lots of sell outs. Love Brenda xx

    1. Happy Birthday to you..tra laa!, Happy Birthday to you …tra laa!, Happy Birthday Dear Brenda, Happy Birthday to you… tra laaaa!!! I hope you have managed to give yourself a wee treat today. I've been thinking about you. Liam has had a good day..I think! Sometimes it's difficult to know, but I'm sure you'll understand that! See you at the campsite later. Love and Birthday Hugs xxx

    2. Thanks everyone, and Donna too :-)xx
      Susan, I'm amazed you remembered, and was only 2 days out, there's nothing wrong with your menopausal brain!!! 😉 xx
      Just been chilling today, as still not well. I got a proper tablet for using as a back up and watching telly on in my raft room instead of the laptop. It came yesterday, so I thought I better try set it up, see if it works. Was all set to plug it in to charge it up first, plug doesn't fit. Panic, panic, oh no they've given me a plug for some foreign country, I'm going to have to phone them tomorrow. I had a thought to phone my brother, he was watching the football so I said to my sister-in-law – you pull the middle pin up to make it the right plug shape!!!! So we had a wee laugh about that! Well, how was I supposed to know, it doesn't say in the instructions. Wasn't so bad when she told me the only reason she knows that is because she recently said to my brother the same thing!!! So it's not my aged 50 brain going downhill then!!! xx

    3. Thanks Sheila. That's you another day closer to seeing your consultant xx
      Using my new tablet to do this 🙂 So far so good 🙂
      Give me a bit of time to learn my way around it and I'll work out if there's a way of turning of the dreaded predictive text for us 😉

    4. Hello Brenda sorry I'm late, we were out at a Coldplay concert last night and got home in the wee small hours! Happy birthday for yesterday my lovely lady. Enjoy using your tablet, I'm another one who looked at the funny plug and got confused!! Sending hugs xxx

  9. Looks great and lovely smiles. So sorry that I cannot join the fun – I want to cry buckets for everything today and not just missing the open days. Have a wonderful, fun time. Looking forward to seeing the pictures
    Love Anne (Reading)

    1. Oh, Anne dear, I'm so sorry that things aren't improving for you. Keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts. Love and Hugs xxx

  10. Hope you all have a fabulous time tomorrow wish I could be there, but will see you all in Harrogate in October.
    You have certainly boosted an already fantastic group of designers when you added Tina , Linda and Josie they all fabulous parchment designers and I am sure will be a real asset to your lovely team.
    They are also lovely ladies very down to earth and lovely to talk to they are very approachable and are only to willing to answer any question you have.
    You now have such a dynamic team Barbara clarity can only go from strength to strength.
    Good luck tomorrow

  11. Hope you all have a fabulous time tomorrow wish I could be there, but will see you all in Harrogate in October.
    You have certainly boosted an already fantastic group of designers when you added Tina , Linda and Josie they all fabulous parchment designers and I am sure will be a real asset to your lovely team.
    They are also lovely ladies very down to earth and lovely to talk to they are very approachable and are only to willing to answer any question you have.
    You now have such a dynamic team Barbara clarity can only go from strength to strength.
    Good luck tomorrow

  12. Hello all my Clarity friends! I can't wait to see you all again on Saturday. I've a wish list as long as my arm so I'm pleased to see all those gorgeous things getting put out. I see you've been up to high-jinks again. How lovely to enjoy your work so much. Wishing you all a wonderful evening together. Love and hugs xxx

  13. Hi Barb,
    Well it's all come together nicely. Such a lot of work but really worth it. Lovely group photo too. Wow, that artwork is fantastic – must have taken Linda ages to make that – spectacular! Thank you to everyone at Clarity Towers for the super fast delivery of my border plate mate. It makes it so much easier to work with the border plates – love it! Hope the Ooen Day goes well tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my blog friends,
      Hope today has been better for you than it has here. Been a crafty day for me finishing off my card and also playing with the new border plate mate. Sheila I hope your pain has eased today! I really do feel for you. Anne and Pam thinking of you both. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara & ladies, hope you have all had a good day. Well Barbara you all have been busy getting ready for the open days they will be great I hope you all have a good time. Saw the shows which Maria have done great . Have a fab few days. Lynn xx

  15. With the help of Maggie Craner we've checked out the venue for tomorrow, a quick turnaround in the car park and then called back for early dinner in the Nevill Crest and Gun. Lovely meal. So looking forward to tomorrow. This is a lovely hotel too. Letting hubby watch some football now. Xxx

  16. Looking forward to attending my first open day at Clarity. Can any kind person remind me what time it starts? Does it matter what time to get there by?

  17. I am not watching football, Jackie. I am glued to Springwatch. When your son-in-law is chief VT Editor, you do have responsibilities, and I love the programme anyway. As Jackie said, we did a quick drive by and then back to the Nevill Crest and Gun for a lovely meal. Now back in the hotel, relaxing after a very tiring journey. An early night is called for, I feel, then up early to be ready for the fun tomorrow. Can't wait. xxx Maggie

  18. I am also getting ready for an early start tomorrow. Not looking forward to the journey as it is completely unknown territory but keep reminding myself Paul does it on a regular basis when he comes to Colemans. So I must just 'man up' and get on with it.

    See you all tomorrow.


  19. I need a "rest day" tomorrow after a hectic few days away but am so looking forward to Saturday's Open Day. I hope there's some stock left for us!!!! See y'all and have a good day tomorrow!!

  20. Hi Barbara – it all looks wonderful, and you are all obviously having a great time! Enjoy your meal this evening, and have a great day tomorrow – hugs Gilly x

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends! Hope that you have all had a good day! I've had a really nice day today – did very little this morning and then mid-afternoon Neill and I went out to do a little bit of shopping! One of the shops we went to is Trago Mills (about 30 minutes drive away) – which is an old established family store and sells just about everything. We don't have that many shops in Cornwall, so just about everyone tends to go there about once a month and we all seem to compile a 'Trago List' throughout the month. We splashed out on a Denby cast iron casserole, which is shaped like a flower, in a gorgeous shade of turquoise! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    2. I've been to ate ago a few times Gilly, when we visit our friend in Camelford. Glad you had a lovely day. The M25 turned into a car park for a while wouldn't want to do that every day! Xx

    3. Hello Gilly. That sounds like a lovely day to me. You can't go wrong with cast iron casserole dishes, they cook stuff beautifully….and the exercise is very good for you ..lifting them around!!! Love and Hugs xxx

  21. Hi Barbara
    I wish I could be with you all but it's a bit too far for me. Your wonderful team have done well today. Have a lovely evening and enjoy the weekend.
    Hugs from Chris X

  22. Looking forward to Saturday ,hope you Friday ladies leave something for us I have a loooong list . It will be great to watch all the demos couldn't tear myself away last year,thank you Barbara and the Clarity team for working so hard for us xx

  23. Hi Barbara, please, please help. I have just brought the Groovi starter kit all ready to go, am using the smallest tool but struggling, don't think I am doing it right. I am using a tumble dryer sheet to make it smooth, I am struggling to feel the lines on the board and when I do the line are very thin and nothing like yours or Pauls can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please xxx

    1. Hi Carole. Make sure you are on a firm flat surface with plenty of light. Try the number two tool to begin with, hold it upright and press firmly and evenly, you won't pierce the parchment. Try small pieces of parchment at first till you get the feel of it xx

    2. I bought a pack of tracing paper (from the high street shop where everything's the same price) to practice on. Saved the parchment for the projects once i was more confident. You'll get there.

  24. Arrived in London last night and am really looking forward to the Open Day and to seeing you again😊 But oh, just read that there will be no trains from East Croydon to Crowborough on Saturday, only bus replacement service which would take forever😞 Checking with my friend Carol and am sure we'll find an alternative where to meet. See you on Saturday. Love to you and all your team who have been so busy to get all sorted for the weekend👍😊

  25. Glad everything has come together so well Barbara and I'm sure all will go swimmingly. I love that pretty Ooh La La parchment lacework, so intricate. Enjoy your evening. x

  26. The venue looks fab Barbara! What a lot of work for you all. I hope everyone, Clarity team and blog friends alike, has a brilliant weekend. Love and Hugs to you all xxx

  27. Hello all my lovely friends. I hope you are all as well as can be and have had a good day. Love and Hugs to you all. Sheila, I hope you are in less pain today, and Dot ..where are you??? I do hope you are okay. You are missed!!! xxx

    1. Hi Morag – I hope that you are well and have had a good day! Yes, where is Dot? No word from Sheila either yet – I hope that she is ok too!? Love and hugs Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Morag. Head's a bit too full at the moment to think about Crafter's Companion. My 92 year old father's not been so good the last few days and I'm an only child plus hubby has hospital on Monday and daughter who is 190 miles away has two bulging discs one pressing on the sciatic nerve.. I would like to visit when I can and I'll be sure to let you and Alison know so we can meet up once I know everyone's sorted. So lovely that you both want to meet xx

  28. Brilliant post Barbara love seeing it all come together
    And as you say it's all down to teamwork
    Well done everyone have a fantastic open day xxx

  29. Have fun after all that hard prep. Looking fab for the two days ahead – I'll be sorry not to be there this year.
    Have a brilliant time everyone xxx

  30. Thank you Barbara for sharing have a fabulous time the clarity followers will all appreciate your hard work and all your clarity team of helpers crafting hugs to you all
    Can I say a big thank you to clarity towers i received my new border plate mate today wow such a fast service xxx

    1. Hello all my dear family of blog friends thank you for all thinking of me it means so very much and helps me through each day .sending lots of special hugs your way hugs to all on the blog xxx
      Dorothy hope your ok missing you come say hi hugs for my special wee friend xxx

  31. Hello Barbara
    I'm playing catchup. Have a fantastic day today, it all looks amazing. The lacy oh la la is stunning, you have got a clever team.
    Lots of love
    Diane xxx

    Hello my lovely blog friends, sending hugs all round xxx

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