One down – One to go!!!

One down – One to go!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Want the good news?


I’ve got exactly 10 minutes before the Claritytroupe turn up for supper here at the house!

Table’s laid.
Have I cooked?
Yeah, and the Pope made the Rhubarb Crumble.

Domino’s Pizza rocks!!

Here’s a quick show n tell of one of my demos today
Pretty basic,
but hey!
I was hopping around like a loony inbetween,
I can tell you!!

Gel Plate jobby..

With a hole in the wall, so to speak!

And this was the clean up scrap.

What a delightful, lovely, enthusiastic crowd !!

And what a lot of people!!!

Check this out!

No wonder I nearly starting blubbing 
when I climbed up on the chair at 10am for the first raffle.

It really was quite magic.
Well, I thought so anyway.
Gotta go!!
I can hear some merry chatter!!!!!
See you tomorrow if you are coming to Crowborough!
It won’t be quite so crowded tomorrow,
and we have a lovely packed lunch for you for just £5.
So just bring yourself and a smile.
We’ll supply the entertainment and the refreshments!
Love and hugs,

114 thoughts on “One down – One to go!!!

    1. Hello bloggers. I hope you are all as well as possible. Lots of you to think about at the momet xx
      Weather not good for gardening but great for crafting so I had another play with tissue and ranger ink pads and it turned out ok today so the mess last time was worth it for the learning experience! I think I'll finish it over the weekend and send it in for this month's challenge.
      Have a good evening all xx

    2. Hi Chris – sounds good to me what you have been doing today! So, yes the previous effort was very worthwhile, as it got you to where you are today – hugs Gilly xx

    3. Hi Chris, I tried to reply to you yesterday, but my computer wouldn't let me!! I totally understand why you aren't able to even think about Crafters Companion yet, with the issues you are having to deal with. (You aren't missing much there anyway!!!) Sending love, hugs and positive thoughts. xxx

  1. Hi Barb,
    It certainly looks as though you've all had a good time. Nice to see lots of people there too. Love both of your art pieces today – I really should get my Gelli plate out again. Hope you all have a good evening and a great day tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Well I hope those of you who got to the Open Day had great fun and didn't spend too much! Another miserable day up here although we did have a bit of sunshine around 5 pm.ive been playing with my border plate mate today and it certainly makes things easier. I'm trying to make a few cards so I've got some when I need them or if my sister decides she needs a card quickly! Pam and Anne thinking of you xx Sheila hope your pain is getting better ( or at least no worse) xx Donna cuddles for Phoebe,xx Brenda hope things are ok with you xx, Morag we keep missing each other! Hope you're ok xx love and hugs to all of you Alison xx

    2. Hi Alison. We really do need to meet up again soon. Next week is a busy one for me, but how about arranging a day for the week after if that's convenient for you? Love and Hugs xxx

    3. Hi Alison yes it's been an awful day here too, so much for summer! It's such a good idea getting a few cards made in advance, I've got 3 to make this week and I gave the started them yet!! Sending hugs xxx

    4. Evening Alison lovley that you crafted today I've had a bad day with pain but I'm hoping to make a couple of cards with lots and lots of toms help one of our friends has had a bad fall so want to send a get well and need to make an anniversary card for them two looking forward too using my boarder plate mate when I can craft on my own I'm going to try crafting in bed with my groovi supported by lots of pillows over the weekend xxx

  2. Can't wait till tomorrow. So much more to see. What a fabulous day with inspired demonstrators. My head is spinning with all the ideas I want to try out when I get home. I am just glad I made the decision to stay till Sunday so that I can wring every ounce of time out of tomorrow. One day is certainly not enough. Thank you to everyone, both from Clarity and also all the lovely people I finally got to finally meet and spend time with. xxx Maggie

  3. Thank you Barbara and team for a wonderful day. .. lots of great demos, some new goodies bought and meet up with a friend I hadn't seen since my 1st Clarity retreat a few years ago… hope you have a relaxing evening. ..

  4. Thank you Barbara and team for a wonderful day. .. lots of great demos, some new goodies bought and meet up with a friend I hadn't seen since my 1st Clarity retreat a few years ago… hope you have a relaxing evening. ..

    1. Hi to all of my caring blog friends – has anyone had any decent weather today? We have had lots of miserable showers, but it didn't really bother me, as I needed a total rest day anyway! The weather this evening is beautiful, and they have promised some sunshine tomorrow – fingers crossed that this time they are right – love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Sheila – I hope that you have managed to cope with your pain today, I agree with what you said about the new A5 plates being too busy for you, but I loved the Cameo baby plates – Fleur and Ivy have been added to my wish list together with Jayne's Butterflies and Flourishes A5 plates, which Paul demonstrated. His demos showed that you can really keep those butterflies simple, if you want to – which is good for me, being new to Groovi – special caring and healing hugs, Gilly xxx

    3. Horrible weather here too Gilly. But I've been too busy to notice. Stocking up with jam making!! It looks great when all finished and tastes gorgeous, but I'm usually fed up by the time I get half way through. Just got to wait til tomorrow to find out if all the jars have sealed properly, then I'm finished til the brambles are ready. Love and Hugs xxx

    4. Evening gilly had a very rough day with pain had to go to Drs as cannot hear properly in my left ear said about my pain been to bad to cope with he said to ring the consultants secretary I did she said she would see if she could get me an early appointment she would ring me back this afternoon haven't heard nothing so see what Monday brings fingers crossed .
      I loved the book that Marie made wow so much talent it was amazing.
      My friends are in Cornwall this week she said the weather hasent been good don't know where they are though , my other friends are there next week they go to Cornwall a lot as they love it so much sending hugs xxx

    5. Oh Sheila – bless you! I am SO sorry to hear how bad it has been for you – I really hope that you hear something good on Monday – I will keep my fingers crossed too! I agree with you about Maria making that book – really interesting, as I have so many dies I would like to use them with the Groovi too. So sorry that your friends have had bad weather here in Cornwall, I'm afraid that next week looks to be mixed. Sending extra hugs – goodnight and God bless – Gilly xxx

  5. Another MORE than satisfied customer from today's Clarity extravaganza who is fervently anticipating tomorrow's revelry. Ideas over-flowing and like Maggie, so chuffed I've booked in for a two-day stint. (Madness not to, having travelled from Aberdeen.) Much appreciation and grateful thanks to all involved. Enjoy the pizza – hope you've ordered more than one, Barb! ;~}

    1. White Shelagh, I was the one who commentated on your lovely Groovi badge. As I said I think you should do one for us all next year LOL!! It was a great day! enjoy your day tomorrow as well xx

  6. I'm soooooo jealous . These folks are so very blessed . I see a few I know and only from, blogs like
    Paul and jo and Dave ., keep on having fun ladies and gents . Jan

  7. Hi Barbara, good to hear you've had ano enjoyable day :-). Your customers looked happy too. Hope tomorrow is as good or better for you. Love Brenda xx

    1. Hello Brenda my friend. I hope you've had a good day today. Have you heard anything from Dot? It's been a while since we saw her here. Love and Hugs xxx

    2. Hi Brenda, hope you have had a little sunshine today. We have had heavy rain and thunder. Are you planning any craft this weekend? I hope to get inky, or maybe I will get my gelli out! Ooo er! Xx

  8. Brilliant day Barbara, lots of laughter and chat. Also fabulous demos picked up a lot of good advice just got to put it into practice. Team in the kitchen did a great job as well, lovely packed lunch and plenty of tea or coffee available. Wish I was coming back tomorrow, two days next year I think as I could have spent a lot more time watching everyone. Thank-you for a great day. xx

    1. Sheila, yes I've ordered it. It's a real book as it's not available on kindle. I've also downloaded a few onto my kindle for my holidays. Donna, Gilly, absolutely no crafting has been done but it's my day off today and it's cloudy outside. There are a few jobs I'd like to do in the garden but it has been so wet recently that I might just have to spend the afternoon crafting and listening to music.

    1. Thank you Shelagh xx
      Donna Been a bad day with pain today hope I can craft a little over weekend in bed with my Groovi boarder plate mate surported with lots of pillows see how day starts xxx
      Diana yes I've been resting xxx

    1. She's doing really well, on less medication now and she is coping with the lower dose. I think now will be a case of stopping her moving around too fast or too much! Xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time, all your hard work has paid off, no wonder you got emotional seeing all the lovely people there enjoying themselves! Enjoy your pizza tonight and spending time with the gang. The artwork is beautiful, must try the hole in the wall, what a great idea. Take care and have fun tomorrow
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends, hope everyone is ok. Sorry I was missing last night, we were at Wembley last night watching Coldplay, had a fabulous time but oh boy are we tired today! Sadly we've realised we are getting too old to stand for 8 hours at a concert, or rather our back and legs are, the mind is willing but the body is weak!! Wouldn't gave missed it for the world though. Sending hugs to everyone and have a lovely time if you are going to the open day tomorrow xxx

    2. How fab seeing Coldplay. We were treated to a 'free' concert a couple of years ago. We were back in The Hague where we once lived, staying in the hotel by Den Haag Station Centraal and on check in, the receptionist apologised in advance for the 'noise' the next evening. Yep, you've guessed – the noise was Coldplay playing on Malieveld, right opposite. As we strolled back from our evening meal we were given a free concert and ended up joining some locals sitting on steps up to rather grand houses and soaking it all in. ;~}

  10. Ive had a great day, met some lovely people and bought too much again! Bumped into the Clarity team on the way out to dinner and they said they were off to Barbara's for pizza – I did think about sneaking in with them! Lovely hotel and I'd recommend it for next year if Barbara can get the same deal. It's been a lovely two night break for us which we needed.

    Hubby enjoyed his day too and was talking to a man from Wales and as he's a Welshman too – born ther and moved to Oxford when he was 2 – that was good for him!

    Even had my pic taken with Barbara and she is lovely!

    We had thunder too ! Back home in the morning to see the fur babies. Xxx

    1. P.s. Hubby was greatly impressed by all the artwork around thenwalls. As was I plus I learnt a lot from the parched demos today. Can't wait to get home to practise some snipping! X

  11. Just been reminding myself of the route for tomorrow and digging out my ticket! Won't make it for 9am prompt – not getting up that early for anyone – but hoping to make the 11am raffle.

    Clarity Card and credit card also packed, planning to make good use of both!!

    Right, off for a good nights sleep. See you tomorrow!!!!

  12. Glad day one was such a success Barb and love your two Gelli plate brick print backgrounds with the two different images. Another great day tomorrow I'm sure.

  13. Well it looks like you all had a great day I am going to order my ticket for lay burn tomorrow
    It's 4am and I am wide awake after driving back from Cornwall

  14. Morning Barbara and all the clarity team, wow did I have a great day yesterday or what, it was the first open day I had been too and was I blown away with all the wonderful people, Tina, Maria, Linda, Paul, Janine, Isy, (oh flip I can't remember her name she had the red and white top on blond hair, was on the desk when we came in and got us a cup of coffee, oh I am so sorry she was so lovely and helpful all day long, you know who I mean), and everyone and I mean everyone who made my day so special. I learnt so much from Tina and Maria and of course had to get the new border plate kit and new plates, wow, they are gorgeous.

    I did have a problem though, I think it was Tom who helped to put the mobility scooter into the car for us as we were leaving, in that pooring rain too, well there were 2 silver pins with rings through them that are used to secure the arms of the chair, when I got home they were not in the car, if someone could check in the car park if they had fallen out I would be so grateful, we were parked in front of the large tree that was opposite the entrance and the disabled parking if that helps.

    Now I am up early, gutted that I could not get there again today but know that you will all have a wonderful time, thank you once again for such a memorable experience, one I will never forget.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  15. Hi Barb, and a great accolade to you and the Clarity family, with such a large turn out. Hope you enjoyed every minute, and that day 2 is just as much fun. Bx

  16. Hi Barbara

    Yesterday was bound to be a success, well done to you and your troupe

    I really like the 2 designs/effects with the Geli Plate, I don't have one but think it could well be on my 'must buy' list!

    June x

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