It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World !

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World !

Hi there.
Mindful Wednesday.

I hope today finds you safe and well.
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world for sure.
In these crazy times, a safe place is beginning to feature 
more than ever. 
What on earth is going on ???

The radio is barking apocalytic threats 
if we vote the wrong way in Europe;
French police are being murdered,
innocent young people are being massacred in America.
Whole countries being raised to the ground by warmongers.

Is it me ? Or are things spiralling ?
Thinking thinking thinking….

In the light of all these sad and dreadful events,
 I feel almost fickle carrying on with my daily chores,
getting set for a big Open Day celebration here,
blogging about art.
But that’s my duty – that’s my job.

I always wonder how DJs do it. The news reader will deliver some horrendous news which rips your heart out;
then the DJ comes back in and carries on chirping away 
as if nothing has happened. 

But I guess that’s the DJ’s job, isn’t it?
To entertain, keep the country upbeat;
not give his opinions or rant, or let slip his political affiliation.

I’m no Radio DJ, but I understand them.
I really do. 

While we were in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago,
we walked for miles along the water’s edge, 
from the Ferry Terminal, along the Embarcadero,
past Pier 39 and the loud Sealions 

past the Golden Gate Bridge,

and on through the Marina

and right to the Palace of Fine Arts.

and back.
But with a visit  to the Ghirardelli Factory 
for a well-deserved ice-cream!
It’s a fair old hike, but the sun was shining 
the kids were with us,
and we walked and talked
and walked and talked for 10 miles.

There was a musician on the Embarcadero.
From a distance, it sounded like a full-blown rock band!
But when we got closer, there he was:

The Lone Sound Ranger.

But oh boy! Did he pack a punch!!
It was fascinating to check out where all his various instruments were hidden.
And what a backdrop! The Bay.
It made me think.
I wonder how he got to this point in his life.
When did he decide to attach a keyboard to a guitar?
And then the bass guitar to the acoustic guitar?
Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover what started this young man off down such a crazy busking road?
I mean, you don’t grow up as a kid dreaming that one day you’re going to haul a drum kit and a major music rig along the Embarcadero, do you! And there were buskers everywhere!
What better place than a sunny, 
warm happy stretch of seaside street, with loads of tourists?
I suppose that’s it though. 
How many of us actually end up living the dream we had?
Me? No, not really. 
I dreamt of being a fashion designer.
Still, I suppose I’m not a million miles away;
got the design part down!
How about you?
What was your dream? Did you get there?
They say you move towards what you picture in your mind…
And on the note (forgive the pun)
I will leave you with another busker…
this guy wheels his piano onto the pier every day.
As I said,
it’s a mad, mad world,
but so often in a wonderful, quirky mad way.
Time to get back to work 
Love and hugs

115 thoughts on “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World !

  1. My head is spinning with all the non-information about the referendum. Too much conflicting scaremongering which is impossible to define and extract the truth. Thank you for taking us off today to such a beautiful and musical place. We needed that after this week. We also need all the fun and friendship of this weekend's celebration of all things Clarity. Are we having name badges so we can greet newly met friends? The car is empty, ready for all the goodies I NEED to bring home. To survive with any sanity, we need to focus on friendship and creativity. Off now to watch our Maria, before finally packing. See you soon. xxx Maggie

  2. Sit quietly for a while and think about those who have been affected by the madness/badness in the world, say a prayer – or have thoughts – of thanks for what we have in our lives and then slowly move on and appreciate the good things around us. Mxx

  3. A DJ's 'job' is certainly to be upbeat and cheerful. I would say your 'job', Barbara, is stress management. A role that you fulfil utterly and completely. What would we do without the mindfulness of Groovi, stamping, artwork and not least, this blog. Where we can forget for a time our personal problems and the horrific incidents that are going on worldwide, both man made and natural.
    My dreams were very simple. To be loved and to be among a family that loved me. My career 'dream' was to be a Nurse, following in the footsteps of my Mam. I am fortunate to have achieved both.
    Thank you for a lovely post today. xxx

    1. Mine were very similar Morag but I wanted to be a teacher and foster the learning of young children. I believe I made a pretty decent job of that and as a head, which was never in the original plan I enjoyed watching and helping staff grow and develop also xx

  4. I enjoyed today's walk through SF with you Barbara. I once drove all the way there from LA to see the Golden Gate Bridge and it was shrouded in mist! One day I will get there to try again, and hope I am luckier!! The world is full of joys and sorrows, and I suppose we all strive to keep our humanity and not sacrifice our sanity in trying to understand and respond to everything that is happening.

  5. I was just thinking how nice it would be to live somewhere where it was dry enough to be able to listen to someone busking on a piano without it getting wrecked by the rain, when I realised that I walk through St Pancras Station every day and do exactly that. The playing may be a bit suspect sometimes, but it invariably makes me smile. Just like your blog.

    May everyone's cloud have a silver lining. You can always get the shiny paints out to create your own 🙂

    1. Love what they've done in The Hague – Den Haag Station Centraal and other spots – placed a grand piano for anyone to sit down and play; jazz, classical, rock, good and bad, it's all there as you walk through. ;~}

    2. How lovely, there are often buskers in Winchester, varying types of music and usually really good. We went there the other day to do a bit of shopping, decided to walk through the cathedral and low and behold there was a gathering of Morris dancers so we sat in the sun, enjoyed the colours music and dancing and stopped and let the world go by for a lovely hour. Xxx

  6. We need a 'random acts of loving kindness' revolution to counteract all this negativity. A multitude of little things done with a loving heart must help to create a more peaceful world. Whenever you see awful things happening look for the good that will be engendered from it.There is an innate goodness in people which we must try to encourage and develop. Even just sending a card to say hello can bring joy. I believe strongly that we must create positivity to bring about change.

  7. Going through a very stressful time at the moment – families 😱 , all the world seems mad and the euro question?☹️ 😨 It's good to know that you are all out there, crafting. 😀

    1. Hello Pat – families are wonderful, but sometimes very hurtful! As for the euro question – there really are more questions than answers there! Maybe we should all just try to keep calm and craft! Hugs Gilly x

  8. I often think that about DJs even on the talking channels, they have to get straight back into their topic without mentioning what they've heard on the news more often than not. It's a good thing we have something to take our minds off what's going on in the world sometimes – e.g. Groovi. Saying that I was just getting ready to sit down and watch Maria and got a phone call from a neighbour across the road to say they'd had a car accident, 3 of them feeling shook up her, her husband and their 6 years old and would I go and pick them up. Only 3 mins down the road – I got there to see fire engine, police followed by an ambulance – bit of a shock for me. However they were all ok and the other couple involved, once checked over by the paramedics. We brought their little boy back to ours while they waited for the tow truck. Both cars a write off I reckon. They certainly had an angel on their shoulder today.

    Looking forward to setting off tomorrow to the Spa Hotel, sat nav primed, route also printed off – belt and braces!

    Just had a big storm here, fork lightening the lot, one part of town has had a power cut as well.

    Hope everyone is ok today. x x x

    1. Jackie thank goodness your neighbours were OK, you are kind helping them out. Yes certainly an angel looking after them today. Enjoy your stay at the spa hotel, what a lovely treat. Have a lovely time xxx

    2. Hi Jackie – You really helped your neighbours today, they must have been so grateful! Have a wonderful time at the spa hotel and the Open Day – seize the moment. Hugs Gilly xxx

  9. Yeah Barbara, I've been watching the world from afar for the last few years with my head and heart sinking further and further, watching the spiralling and out of control badness and madness in the world. While at the same time the spiralling increase in human beings thinking only about themselves and who cares about anyone and anything else attitudes. It's very despairing. But, we've got to keep the true meaning of humanity flag flying in our own wee ways, in the hope that our drop in the ocean will send bigger and bigger rings out until it's big enough to make a positive difference. You've got to keep on with life as normal too, that's not selfish or thoughtless, again it's about keeping the good in the world ticking over until this madness can be put in reverse. If we don't it's letting them all win.

    My dreams for my adult life. Well career wise I managed the first one for a few years before it got too much and I ended up ill will CFS and added mental health problems. My other dream in life, from quite a young age actually, was just to be like everyone else, and then I could make the life I wanted, the things I wanted to do in the world happen. I guess I must have had insight enough to know I wasn't right as this was long before my Asperger's diagnosis. I just thought, and was often shown – I wasn't good enough, things I did weren't good enough. So my mindset quickly got to being – I needed to try harder, and when that didn't work, try harder still…. That dream/goal/drive – of just to be like everyone else, sadly, I will never achieve, my Asperger's diagnosis sealed that fate.

    love Brenda xx

    1. There is no way you could be like everyone else because God , the Divine , made you YOU , a very special,unique spiritual being . I always thought everyone was better than me and I would try to be like them . Now I know that I'm Me ,not them and love myself .
      I belong to wonderful spiritual community and it is very easy to listen to our wonderful ministers homilies . If you are ever interested I would be glad to share the Internet address . Jan

    2. My lovely Brenda , you are a kind inteligent and funny human being, don't ever change. We love you just the way you are. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. Evening Brenda I left you a message on mine from yesterday didn't know if you had read it .
      Your a special person who is always there to help others here on this special blog hugs for you and daisy xxx

    4. There's only one you and you are special. You have the talent for seeing things in a very clear way and for putting what you think into words xx

    5. Brenda you have helped many on this blog, me included, really have a much better understanding of autism and Asperger's, so thank you so much. If you hadn't been you, with your own experiences and way with words, that would never have happened x

  10. It certainly is a mad world, but are fortunate to have our wee community here, supporting each other and using craft to work though issues or escape from them for some me time. We are fortunate that we have found a way to express our selves and take the time to think while we craft so that our wee bit of the world is livable in. We just need to spread the word about how good crafting is for you regardless of your artistic talents as it give you head space.

  11. Pressed the button too soon! I have found great solice in crafting and I am thankful that I come from a creative family where I have been nurtured in my skills. I now have made lots of really good crafty friends who are a fantastic support network for me. I will probably get to spend more time crafting over the summer as I have lost 20 hours at work!! Every thing has an upside!!

  12. Hi Barbara – I am also always saying 'The world has gone mad!'. I have had to learn to take a step back – think, can I do anything about this? If I can – then make sure that I do it, but if not learn to accept that I am powerless to change it.
    I always assumed that I would be healthy and be able to do whatever I wanted to, if I could afford it. When I became ill 16 years ago, with CFS/ME it came as a huge shock not to be able to do much at all. That is when I turned to crafting – and tried to focus on what I COULD do and not what I could NOT! It has been a huge help to me, and I have met some lovely people through it – not least this wonderful blog community here! So thank you Barbara for Clarity – and rest assured that you are doing a very important job! Love and hugs to everyone, Gilly xxx

    1. That is good advice Jan. A random person smiled at me yesterday from a car as she drove past. It certainly brightened my day. And I spent the rest of the day smiling at others

    2. Mmm – maybe I was overlooking what I naturally always do, which is to smile at people, say hello and often get into conversation with people. For example today, I went round a craft fair and spoke to the stallholders and actually had a long conversation with one of them. She ended up telling me that she had just sold her shop, because she (and her family) were having to move from Cornwall to Wiltshire, in order to look after her parents. They were doing up her parents' house and selling that and her property to get something with an annex for the parents. She apologised for offloading and I told her that it was fine, I'm a good listener! So thanks Janice and Carole – maybe I am making a small difference after all! I meant that I feel that I am powerless to change world events.

    3. Hello Gilly life has a habit of throwing us a curve ball sometimes doesn't it. I often think things happen for a reason, at the time it may be dreadful. It a few weeks later on the reason becomes clear. I always try and smile at people when I'm out and say hello, I often get asked in supermarkets to get things off the top shelf for people, as you say you may be the only person they speak to all day. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Diane – I totally agree with you! Neill has always said that I have a sign on my head saying – you can talk to me! It's always been the same – when I worked on the counter in a Building Society, people always chose to confide in me. My last job was as The Administrator in a large nursing home and a big part of my job was to be there for the families – in times of guilt and grief – I loved that job! Hugs Gilly xxx

  13. It is indeed Barb, but we have to keep positive and moving on…you obviously had a wonderful holiday and how good it must have been to catch up with your dear kids xx

  14. I think that the world is definitely a different and not such a nice place as it was when I was young. The world is a smaller place now and nowhere is truly out of reach and we are competing in a much bigger pond which has made for more competition and a more stressed existence. Bad things happening are not a new occurrence but I think these days we hear about all these things in much more detail because of everywhere being visible from everywhere else and the things we see and hear about are truly shocking!! I think we need to have our own space where we can do what pleases us to give our heads time to clear and that is what creativity of any kind does, and we come here because we all feel the need for this and we can take an interest in what everyone else is doing too. I love my crafting and I also love to sing and have done so since my school days. I dreamed of going to music college to become a professional singer but at the time I didn't fight hard enough for it, and I have done it in an amateur way instead, which has been very fulfilling and hopefully I will be able to carry on making music and crafting for a good few years yet, if my voice and my hands hold Crafting and singing are both very therapeutic. x

  15. No I have not lived my dream, stopped by parents who felt they knew the best course for me. I would have loved to have used my needlework skills. I did as I was told though, you just did not argue in those days. I do not blame my mum and dad, they gave me great support in other ways and boy do I miss them. On a much brighter note I have a good husband and four brilliant kids plus families. I would not change them for all the money in the world. Such joy. Maybe that is why I am so enjoying all the craft at the moment and all that you and your team bring us. xx

  16. It certainly is a mad mad world and the same in this house-hold. However groovi is keeping me going on my "rest" days and all the lovely bloggers. Off to an even madder world for the rest of the week – The circus we call the MOJ – full of funny peculiar people and that is just the management!
    Must go and get in the groovi before I become entangled with reality again
    LOve Anne (Reading)
    p.s. Best wishes to all at the open days. Really p….. .. that I cannot come – sorry for the bad language but really etc etc!!

  17. I've been busy recently and haven't watched much television so have tuned out to what has been happening. It is partly a conscious decision as I don't want to get eaten up by bad things and nonsense. I've always hated shouting on television so I've always avoided political debates, Big Brother and the likes. Since about the age of 12 I wanted to leave home, join the WRNS and get a tattoo. I left school, got a job in a bank which meant I could afford to leave home at the age of 18, at the same age I got my first tattoo. I learned to sail a few years ago.

  18. Hi Barb,
    Like Maggie, my head is spinning with all of the referendum stuff. Everywhere you go , you are bombarded by one side and then the other. I will be so glad when it's finished. We are definitely living in strange times and not very pleasant times either. Everything used to be so much simpler and safer. I always wanted to be an Egyptologist as I love anything to do with the Ancient Egyptians, but then decided that if ever I discovered a new tomb I would never dare go in it in case the Curse got me!!! Mind you I was only 10 at the time! Other than that, I always wanted to be a PE teacher which I was for many years until I decided I was too old and then it was my choice to move to Special Needs which I loved as well. So yes, I feel very privileged to have been in the teaching profession for 37 years despite being slagged off by various governments, being made to jump through hoops etc. I loved being with the young people and found it very rewarding (& tiring) but I know that over those years I have made a difference to a lot of them and set them off on a path to enable them to follow their dreams hopefully. But, now is the time to enjoy my leisure time which is where you and the Clarity team come in so thank you for that. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Evening Alison when I was well I went on a Nile cruise went to the valley of the kings and queens I went into KingTutankhamen tomb a fantastic experience lovley memories I keep now as I cannot travel no more lots of hugs xxx

    2. When you have worked hard for many years it is good to be able to enjoy doing more of those things we love without forgetting our good fortune in being able to do so xx

  19. Hi Barbara, What a world we live in these days, I feel so sorry for Orlando, earlier on they had the mass shootings and as if that wasn't enough, this morning brought the News that a 2 year old toddler had been pulled into the lagoon by an alligator, parents had tried in vain to release the boy but to no avail. What all those families must be going through is awful, it has really devastated me !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Hi Barbara, What a world we live in these days, I feel so sorry for Orlando, earlier on they had the mass shootings and as if that wasn't enough, this morning brought the News that a 2 year old toddler had been pulled into the lagoon by an alligator, parents had tried in vain to release the boy but to no avail. What all those families must be going through is awful, it has really devastated me !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  21. Yes a mad world. Thanks for showing a great way to enjoy life.

    I was always told when I was young I was stupid….even mum and dad said so. Now today I know what was wrong … Nothing. All I have is dyslexia.

    Using my hands have been my way. Also being able to communicate better with animals than people. If u understand.

    Well today thank goodness for discovering Clarity and blogland.


    1. That is unforgivable to tell any child they are stupid. As a former teacher, it makes me very angry, partly because I was told at school that I was rubbish at art. That caused me to give up something I loved which was drawing and colouring. I always tried to teach my classes and my own children that you should always strive to do the best you can and everyone has something they can do well. My drawings now are not wonderful compared to other people I know, but, with practice, I am improving and, more importantly, enjoying it. Xx Maggie

    2. As a former teacher I agree with Maggie. Everyone is good at something and everyone is different. Some people have to work harder at some things than others. That's why I despair at the current education system, test grades in the basic subjects are not the only measure of a child's qualities xx

  22. Oh I love that walk along the bay. Is it strange to admit I love that bridge? I could sit and watch the clouds rolling in and covering it completely from view only for it to start appearing from the mist again. I have walked over it, driven over it and sat in an open topped bus in high winds and I have never laughed so much! I feel blessed that I have a close family and I have a job that I love going to every day, even with wet playtimes. I also feel blessed that I have discovered Clarity, Barbara and this crafty family in blog land. I make sure to look for the positive every day, not hard with 30 smiling faces, life is never dull! XX

  23. Evening my lovely bloggy friends. How lucky I feel to know I can come and have a chat everyday with you all. It always makes my day to see how everyone is, and feel the support we all give each other. Thank you everyone. XX

    1. Hello Donna, I thought I was following you 😀. I agree, it's good coming here and saying hello to everyone isn't it. Hope you've had a good day and Phoebe is continuing to make progress. Sending hugs xxx

  24. Hi Barbara
    What a fabulous walk and great pictures from your holiday, they are definitely ones for the album. I remember you doing this walk a few years ago, was this were you saw the spray paint artist? How lovely listening to the lovely music and just forgetting the world fir a while, you are right it's a mad mad world out there. My hopes and dreams, I wanted to be a home economics teacher, didn't pass my a Evelyn English lit with the right grade so got a job in a finance department and ended up looking after company pension schemes. Made some great friends, met my lovely husband, really enjoyed my job and became known for my cakes! Went on to help in a school when my daughter was younger and often cooked or did craft with the children so I sort of got there but again well known for my cakes. It's interesting as my daughter starts on her pathway in life , we wonder if she will make her dreams come true. Have a lovely evening and don't watch the news on tv.
    Love Diane xxx

  25. Hello all my lovely blog friends, hope everyone is ok thie evening. Another day of sunshine and showers today. Have a safe journey anyone who is heading towards the open day and have fun. Sending hugs all round xxx

    1. Evening my dear family of blog friends how this blog keeps me going each day sending lots of hugs to you all and to all on the blog xxx
      Dorothy are you ok sending a special cuddle xxx

    2. Evening Sheila – I am so sorry that you are in so very much pain. I hope that you will be able to find some form of relief for it. I hope that you enjoyed watching Maria today – I loved the new Cameo Baby plates, especially Fleur and Ivy. They have gone onto my wish list. Many gentle caring hugs on their way – love Gilly xxx

    3. Hello gilly I've watched one of Marie's shows I have put my cushions away for now your very welcome to borrow them you asked what I thought last night of the plates the plates are lovley but the tangle ones are too busy for me and I prefer nature ones your wish list must be very long now hugs xxx

  26. I wanted to be an Astronomer, an astronaut, a truck driver, history teacher and an artist so I guess that's why I ended up number crunching for a living! It's a funny old life!

  27. What a lovely blog and a loveky bunch of people you are om here. I love Barbara and all things Clarity and often look at this blog … but Ive never commented till tonight. The events in Orlando have left me so sad, almost with a feeling of not being able to cope with hearing about any more hate in the world. But reading your comments on here has been the only thing today that has lifted my spirits. So I couldnt sleep without saying thanks to All of you. Keep shining folks 🙂

  28. I had a lot of dreams and ideas of what I wanted to be when I was young but even though I got the job I wanted the reality of it wasn't as I imagined, in fact I never enjoyed any job that I earned money for, I liked most of the people I worked with and the social side of it but always felt I was wasting my time. The most fun I had was as a volunteer in a sports club for the disabled, me losing a darts match to someone registered as blind had the whole group laughing for days, it didn't pay the bills though, happy days xx

  29. Hi Barbara, so late tonight, amazing photos. Very thought provoking blog today, it definitely is a mad mad world. Look forward to seeing you and all your team on Friday. Off early in the morning so must get to bed. Love and hugs Pam xx

  30. Hi to all my lovely friends, sorry I'm so late I've read all the comments. No time now to do anything but go to bed. Lots of love to you all, off early in the morning and away for a week, May not have internet so will miss you all. Stay safe and well. Love and hugs, Pam xx

    1. Thank you so much Donna, just found out the funeral is on Thursday so will be coming back on Wednesday now. Have a good week yourself and give Pheobe a hug from me. Love and hugs to you

    2. Still here, just to say Sheila do hope your pain will ease for you. Be thinking of you. It's such a shame that you have to go through all this before they can help you. Keep your chin up and watch some good films like Brenda said, it'll help pass the time for you, until you go for your appointment. Lots if love and hugs Pam xxx

    3. Morning pam thank you for thinking of me when your going through so much enjoy your few days away will be in my thoughts especially for next Thursday special caring hugs to help you through xxx

  31. Hi Barb, I love reading your days blog posts in the morning (usually the next morning), as they always give me a boost for the day. They always say, never stop dreaming and never give up. Thank you. Bx

  32. Love your blog's Barbara and this one was a trip down memory lane for me, thinking of my 4 wonderful days in San Francisco,for me one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Particularly loved my early morning walk along Pier 39 when all other visitors were still asleep, when everything was still peacefully quiet – well, except the "chatty" seals 😁 Also, just thought of the flower power movement back in the 60s. We could certainly with some Flower power now, couldn't we? Now there's a cue for a song…😊 xx

  33. Love your blog's Barbara and this one was a trip down memory lane for me, thinking of my 4 wonderful days in San Francisco,for me one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Particularly loved my early morning walk along Pier 39 when all other visitors were still asleep, when everything was still peacefully quiet – well, except the "chatty" seals 😁 Also, just thought of the flower power movement back in the 60s. We could certainly with some Flower power now, couldn't we? Now there's a cue for a song…😊 xx

  34. Morning Barbara

    The tragedy in Orlando is so heart breaking, how does a parent survive each day after losing a child, especially in that way for little Lane's family? The mayhem and more deaths in France and then we have the politicians giving us all this 'gloom and doom' should we leave the EU….. we live in one crazy, mad world

  35. This is a fabulous family walk which will never be forgotten as such a happy one and especially as it is logged. I could really relate to the walking along as a family although ours turned out much different. We were in Grand Canaria on the beach looking for camels so we could have a camel ride we were that engrossed in our own we world walking a long way we had seen plenty of topless women in which you expect, but then we were walking further and further and hadn't noticed that we had walked through several different nudist parts of the beach and for some reason it was in different parts oldies, gay couples of both sexes, goodness knows what we could find next, the last one we were at our Daughter brought it to our attention by saying Mummy why are there big ones, small ones, fat ones and skinny ones, so that was our trying to be naunchalant on the long walk back trying to explain and she was noticing more and more on the way back lol.

  36. Your evocative words reminded me of how I was at work decades ago and got the news that my mother had cancer. As I hung up the phone, weeping, I heard our office manager on the phone with a carpet company, furious that they had delivered the wrong color. I felt like screaming, "What does a carpet matter?! My mother is dying!" In an instant nothing mundane was important. But over time, normalcy prevailed, and it was back to chopping wood, carrying water. Because that's what we do.

    Thank you for the quirkiness and beauty of today's unmundane post. I am a new fan.

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