Fill your boots – but not with mud!

Fill your boots – but not with mud!

Hello everyone!
I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul here, I hope you are all well.
I have been reading the blog to make sure you have all been behaving.

Anyway, I have just had a call from Barbara & Dave.
They are in the middle of a muddy field……… 

Mmmmmm I wonder which one?

So no internet access.

Since it is the Glastonbury Weekend,
Barbara has decided on a “rocking” offer you can’t refuse!

The Musical Score and Musical Instruments Groovi Plates.

They should be £15.98 but from now until midnight Sunday
(when Glastonbury finishes)
you can get them for just £12
(Click HERE)

So lets “get down” and “Groovi” and have a look at some of the Design Teams artwork for some inspiration………

Linda Page

Susan Moran

Maria Simms

Jane Telford

Linda Page

To me, music is the language for everyone…..
We all have a favourite song, group, artist…..
It is amazing how a song can trigger a memory……
I love that music can bring everyone together in unison…

Dare I show my age and say that I used to love Sunday evenings,
listening to the radio
waiting to hear who was going to be that weeks
 No.1 in the singles chart!

Right, better get on!

Lots of love

Paul xx

58 thoughts on “Fill your boots – but not with mud!

  1. It wouldn't be Glastonbury without mud 😂 Thanks for the offer. Great to have you back Paul, loved the thrill of Sunday evenings waiting for the No 1 😀 X

  2. Me to Paul high light of week listening to who was number one. Hope there not to muddy and weekend drys out, hope you to have a good weekend of to clarity East Midlands for me Saturday have to come join us one day would be great to see you Joy xx

  3. Now, Paul, did you sit there recording the top ten every week on cassette? If you haven't, then you haven't lived. It is good to know that Barbara and Dave are right away from the stress again. It will do them so much good to just live. Meanwhile, I hope the sale does not cause too much stress for you at Clarity Towers. We need you full of energy and calmness for the Retreats. xxx Maggie

    1. Fingers poised on the record and play buttons trying to miss the dj chatter and get the start of the song – those were the days! Kids today think we were mad, it's all on Spotify now!! Xx

  4. I'm sure Barbara and Dave are having a great time , mud an all,,,,lol,,,.
    Oh yes I too loved listening to the radio to see who was number one , Those were the Days , remember that one too , that was number one when I meet my hubby ,,xx

  5. I remember listening to my little transistor radio that I would place on an old sweet tin to amplify the sound and I would be laying in bed listening to Radio Luxembourg. Those were the days – all very high tech! I hope Barb has those wellies on. Much love Jayne

  6. Yes I used to always listen to the top 10, great when it was my favourite group or singer who made it to No 1 spot. Top of the Pops was another firm favourite. I am very tempted by these plates and I have not got them so even better. Hope you over your migraine. xx

  7. Great blog thanks Paul Marvellous art and plates! I have these ones so time time to get grooving, i can remember counting Records at Woolies to give top 40 feed back! How old am I ! Xx

  8. Hi Paul
    did you also try to record each track on tape & press stop before the presenter started talking again like me? Oh happy days!

  9. Hi Paul, welcome back! Yes I was a listener as well, and like Lynne I to tried to press pause before the DJ started speaking! I have been looking at all the rain and mud, still at least it will be memorable! Xx

    1. Hi Donna did you avoid wet playtime today? We had violent thunderstorms all night and torrential rain- hubby slept through it all! Sending hugs for you and Phoebe xx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Hope Phoebe is continuing to make good progress. We've had glorious weather today, in fact too hot for me actually! Hope you're ok, love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. I love these and music is always part of my life, I love listening to Radio 2 and yes I too remember listening to the radio on Sunday waiting to hear who was number 1.
    Linda xxx

  11. Thanks Paul! Love these plates. I still listen to the top hits but on satellite radio from the 60's 70's and 80s. Brings back so many memories!
    One quick question which i hope you see:Do you have a time frame when the case/cover for the light panel will be available for sale. Anxiously waiting.

  12. Hi Paul, I am sure Barb and Dave and all the rest are having a lovely time. It is sunny sunny here in North Devon so must be sunny at Glastonbury (just up the road) I will be rocking away at home over the weekend – watching on TV.

    crafty hugs x

    1. Hi Sheila – I hope that today has been a little bit better for you – you're not saying, so my guess would be that it hasn't been good at all. Take care my lovely – special healing hugs, love Gilly xxx

  13. Hi Paul – I hope that you are feeling better than you did first thing! Thanks for posting the blog today – I am sure that Barbara and Dave are having a great time. Please take care and get some rest this evening – don't work late! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx
    P.S. Great Groovi samples!

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – I hope that you have all had an enjoyable day, with some warmth and sunshine! We have had a beautiful day, warm with sunshine all day – sat and looked out to sea in Charlestown this afternoon, beautiful!
      Hi Pam – I hope that it all went well today, and that you all managed to share some happy memories – with your tears. We saw a funeral party in Charlestown this afternoon and obviously I thought of you – love and hugs to everyone – Gilly xxx

  14. Hi Paul
    It's lovely to see you again, what beautiful samples and a lovely offer, thank you. Yes I was there too waiting to see who had got to number one finger poised on the record button and hoping the tape didn't run out! I hope Barbara and Dave are having fun in the mud. Hope you have a relaxing evening.
    Love Diane x

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends
      I hope everyone is safe and sound after the storms and flooding. We had thunderstorms most of the night and rain most of the day and more thunder arriving shortly , what fun. Pam I've been thinking of you today, sending you special hugs. Brenda and Dot hope you are ok. Sending hugs all round xxx

  15. Evening Paul, Lovely to hear from you again, and these musical samples are gorgeous !!
    I hope Barbara and Dave aren't 'knee high' in mud, but it did seem much drier today on the morning's news than it did yesterday, I know they will all have a good time.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Hi Paul, thank you for blogging, lovely samples. Bought the musical plates at the open day, thought they were super. Hope Barb and Dave are enjoying their break and being at Glastonbury. Meant to say on Friday that your shows were great. Love Pam xx

  17. Hi to all my lovely big Friends. Funeral went well as it could. Very sad day but lightened the mood with some lovely memories. Saw a lot of family that we haven't seen for years as you do at these occasions. Not feeling too good migraine tonight, our daughter has asked us up for the weekend so think we may go. Hope you've all had a good day, Thank you for thinking of me. Hope your Steroid injection is helping Sheila. Hope Dot and Brenda are ok too. Love & hugs Pam xxx

    1. Hi Pam,
      Been thinking of you all day today. I'm pleased that things went as well as they could and that you've got some good memories. Sorry that you've got a migraine though, it will be all the stress of today. Get a good night's sleep my friend and hope that you feel better tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xx

  18. Hi Paul, I remember listening to the charts on a Sunday. Somewhere in my loft is a box of cassette tapes recorded from the top 20. Used to leave it set up in my bedroom and run in and out to hit pause during the talking. Everyone was ordered to be silent outside my bedroom. Thanks for the sale offer. Hope you've recovered from your migraine now. Xx

  19. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for doing this today. The offer is fantastic and if I didn't already have the plates I would certainly have ordered them.i love them both I must say. I was another one who used to religiously listen on a Sunday to the chart show to see what was number 1. As well as taping, we also used to try to write down all of the lyrics so we could learn the songs. So you're not really showing your age!! Hope Barb and Dave are having a great time. Love Alison x

    1. Hi to my lovely blog friends,
      Been a scorcher here today, in fact too hot for me. We were sitting on the patio at 4 pm and the temperature was 97.3.!! Did a spot of retail therapy in Newcastle but again, it was so hot in the shops, I was glad to get home to have a shower. I don't think my body has had time to acclimatise to hot weather yet! Sorry for all of you who've had the horrendous storms and I hope that you are safe and well. Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

  20. Thank you for being the go between Paul and a great offer on the musical groovi plates and love those samples, also hope Barbara and Dave are managing yo keep the boots on their feet with all the mud, but I'm sure they will be enjoying the music anyway. x

  21. Welcome back Paul. Great samples from the team and great offer. Hope Barbara and Paul aren't in too much mud but then that is part of Glastonbury. Hopefully no storms tonight.

  22. I remember that Paul, Pick of the Pops, started on BBC Light programme then moved to Radio One, Alan Freeman was the host I remember with his phrase of "Pop Pickers". I used to listen to that then nip down to ring my boyfriend in the red phone box on the corner, if I had any money left I'd call in at the Chippy for a six of chips. How times have changed xx

  23. Hi Paul, thanks for picking up the blogging reins at short notice, love the beautiful arty Groovi samples. Yep music is so evocative, love watching some of the music channels, especially 70's and 80's. Have a great day all. Hope Barb and Dave are not too muddy. Bx

  24. Aha but do you remember trying to tape it without getting the background noise of your Dad yelling up the stairs that tea was ready? Took me 3 weeks to get Madonnas all the way through!

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