Glastonbury Tour – or should I say Tor?

Glastonbury Tour – or should I say Tor?

Hi there!
Greetings from Glastonbury!

We had a bit of a fiasco getting here last night.
M25 fine, M3 fine, A303 fine,

Dave the Caravan Man

waved to Stonehenge on the right

Glastonbury 361 – came to a standstill.
5 hours sat sitting in the car, not moving.

Popularly known as gridlock traffic,
or a pain in the bum if you come from Gillingham!
Ah well, fortunately we had bought some food from Waitrose at a truck-stop en route, so Dave and I just munched and drank our way through the night.
Finally parked up at 2am.
We aren’t even staying on the Festival Site!!
No no no….
But the campsite we are staying at is delightful.

Bit cloudy over Will’s Mum’s house though…..

Very very lovely, and oh so quiet!
Very grateful not to be dragging our tackle through the mud…

Sod that!

We are about a mile from the iconic Glastonbury Tor, 

so that’s where we hiked this afternoon.
On the way, Dave showed me things a townie like me would never see, like the badger runs and tracks.

Ancestral byways, he called them.
Been there for many, many decades….

An oak tree hit by lightning. 

He’s a mine of Countryside information. 
Could easily get a job on Countryfile. 

See the pink flash in the distance? 
That’s the festival site. 

So we went off in the opposite direction,
mostly uphill, but OH!
What a view!!

Let me tell you a little about the Tor.

The Tor is the hill, known as a Holy Hill, 
and the tower on top is St Michael’s Tower,
from the 14th century. The Tor is mentioned in Celtic Mythology and has strong links to King Arthur.
Glastonbury Tor is also home to Gwyn ap Nudd, 
King of the Fairies,
which may explain why it felt so magical up there on top of the world.

Spot his house on the hill….

At one point, Dave and I were sitting on a bench way above the world, looking out over the Somerset Levels, 
and enjoying how the Festival site in the distance was bathed on glorious sunshine.

I became aware of something very strange:
below us, like a freeze frame, nothing moved.
The sheep and lambs stood still, the cows in the fields,
even the rooks in the trees sat motionless.
And not just for a split second. 
I kept looking for a movement, a twitch, a flutter,
but nothing.
Finally, a lamb broke the spell and gambolled across the meadow. 

But the spell had to have lasted at least a minute, 
and felt like an hour. 

Leonie texted me to say they have landed too,
and have set up their tents.
So we will go meet up tomorrow. 
But for today, I have to tell you,
the quiet and the solitude was remarkable – almost uncanny. 

And did I bring my craft stash?
Nope. Not a thing. 
Don’t forget I eat it breathe it all day every day –
ask Leonie if she brought her inks and stamps with her!!
I think I know what she’ll say too!!

But I did buy a crossword puzzle book in the campsite shop 
this morning !!!

Life is for living.

love and peace,

65 thoughts on “Glastonbury Tour – or should I say Tor?

  1. Hi Barbara – well it all sounds incredible, apart from sitting in the traffic, obviously! Well done for not taking anything crafty with you (yes! I was right!) and obviously the plan is 'to live in the moment'! Look forward to reading tomorrow's instalment! Hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends – can't believe I was first to comment this evening! Hope that you have managed to stay dry! We have had the whole month's rain in just 3 hours today, bearing in mind that it has been horrid all day! Still we both kept dry inside and we have been resting and doing a bit of tidying the cottage! Don't things pile up quickly! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi Gilly, beautiful sunshine this morning, stripped the bed, hung out the washing, went to work. A wee while later the heavens opened but thankfully it wasn't long before the sun was out again and the washing is dry. Just wish I had some energy to make the bed up, I do love going to bed when everything has been line dried.

    3. Hi Julia – that all ended very well with getting the washing dry! I totally agree with what you say about getting into the bed when the bedding has been dried on the line! Just keep that thought, and then you may find some energy to make-up the bed again xxx

    4. Same here Gilly and yet s lovely evening. It was yhecrealkybginrcrsin today instead of straight hard fown if you know what I mean ! I did some housework today and felt better for it. Xx

    5. Hi Gilly been raining here today too then cleared up this afternoon, one disgruntled tortoise though, I think he's fed up with all this rain. I'm suprised he hasn't packed his suitcase and headed back home with a blow this for a holiday! Xx

    6. Hi Gilly,
      Sorry you've had all that rain, it's actually been quite a nice day here ( sorry!) . Make sure you keep resting and not tiring yoursel out. Love and hugs Alison xx

  2. What a lovely day you and Dave have had. I'm so glad you didn't take your craft stuff with you although I did get it wrong. Living in the moment is something I like to do more of.

  3. Delighted to see you having such a lovely time, Barbara, and so glad you left the crafting behind you. The countryside there is wonderful – the whole area is steeped in magic. Enjoy the music and (hopefully) the sunshine, and all the very best to Leonie too. I love her programmes. Kay x

  4. I bet your glad your on the caravan site! Oh the mud – yuk ! At least you know you'll be going back to somewhere nice and dry and peaceful ! Looks like you had s lovely day today both of you. I thought about you last night when I heard about the traffic on the radio and hoped you'd got done supplies ! Have a great time! Now I would have thought you'd have sneaked a Groovi in but glad you didn't ! Xx

  5. So pleased you're not 'stuck in the mud' although I did look for you on tv today. The Tor is magical – think of all these ley lines. Have fun but wouldn't recommend a mud bath. ;~}

  6. Evening Barbara! So glad you made it! You will have a blast with everyone there!
    Normally my daughter would be one of those trudging through the mud…her friends are there… But this year she and her bf can't go as another friend of theirs is getting married on Friday! How rude!!!!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave! Xxx

  7. Evening Barbara! So glad you made it! You will have a blast with everyone there!
    Normally my daughter would be one of those trudging through the mud…her friends are there… But this year she and her bf can't go as another friend of theirs is getting married on Friday! How rude!!!!
    Love and hugs to you and Dave! Xxx

  8. Oh Barbara it looks wonderful, especially after such a long journey to get there. Hope you and Dave have a lovely time, it will be lovely seeing Leonie tomorrow. Enjoy.xxxxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I was thinking of you today when I heard about traffic jams and road closures, good to hear you arrived safe and sound, I think you've made a wise decision staying a slight distance from the mud bath. The countryside around there is beautiful, you will have a lovely break. Have fun with Leonie and gang, how long before they end up at the caravan for a shower!! The crossword book was a good call, thought you might have taken some colouring but can see your reasons why. Have a lovely evening – is Dave taking you on a badger watch?
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends. I hope everyone is ok and has had a lovely day. Managed to get a groovi session in this afternoon as the clouds came over. We are due thunderstorms tonight so I think a lazy craft day will be in order. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane,
      Great that you've managed a bit of Groovi work today. I treated myself to the new piercing borders plates, can't wait for them to arrive to have a play. Love and hugs Alison xx

    3. Morning Diane – I loved your description of the tortoise! Just my sort of humour! Looking forward to hearing about how you get on with those new borders! Hugs Gilly xxx

  10. So pleased you had an inspiring trip to the Tor. Yes it is a magical place. Well done for going to a camp site and avoiding the mud and traffic mayhem for a little while. Still mud is part of Glastonbury. Have fun xx

  11. There is a really special atmosphere in places like Glastonbury. Bec had her wedding dress made there, a really mediaeval style so we trotted down there several times for the fittings. We also did a bit of shopping and I bought my amber jewellery for the wedding. Our last trip there was for the Carnival which is a real experience. Have a wonderful time. xxx Maggie

  12. Hi Barb,
    When I heard the news today about all the traffic and the advice not to travel to Glastonbury, I was really worried about you both. Bet it was dreadful being stuck in the gridlock, but at least you've arrived safe and sound. The scenery is fabulous around there, been to the Tor once. Good that you've got Dave with you giving you the info on the nature side. Bet you are so pleased that you are in a lovely warm, dry, comfy caravan and not in all that mud! I was watching the news earlier and looking in horror at everyone trying to get through the mud! Not for me I'm afraid – give me the comfort of the caravan on your hard standing dry pitch any day!!! Enjoy yourselves. I can understand why you didn't take anything crafty with you ( even though I thought you would). Crossword book is good though. Love and hugs Alison xx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Sorry I didn't leave comments for you yesterday, but I was really tired. Had a great day yesterday – a friend and I went to Kiplin Hall near Northallerton. It's a Jacobean House from James 1 time. It was lovely. It is gradually being restored as it was used as a military billet during the war for the RAF who left it in a dreadful condition apparently. Well worth a trip. Today, had to go to a funeral unfortunately but at least the weather was good. Off to Newcastle for some retail therapy tomorrow. Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Hi. We're going to Kiplin next Friday to see North Country Theatre's outdoor production of Twelfth Night so hoping the weather will be kind. Glad the weather was good today making a sad day a little brighter xx

  13. Hi Barb and Dave, really pleased you made to Somerset ok. The view from Glastonbury tour is wonderful and being very biased so is the surrounding area. Glastonbury Festival is right on my doorstep and the traffic has been horrendous, so I think in some respect you have been quite lucky. The photos of the campsite you are staying at looks lovely and hopefully not too much mud!!
    Have a wonderful time, enjoy the entertainment and your crossword book.

    Best wishes
    Moya xx

  14. We have been to Glastonbury a few times – the town not the festival! – as my brother-in-law lives there and was Mayor for a while. You get a great view of the Tor from his garden plus all the people who make the pilgrimage to the top. I am sure we will all enjoy reading about your escapades, especially with Leonie in tow. Have a great time and fingers crossed the weather is kind.

  15. That's the way to do it Barbara – a few creature comforts! I was wondering how you got on. Twelve hour queues today I heard. At ;east you had your own loo while you waited. Enjoy xx

  16. We live near J23 M5 and managed to nearly avoid the horrendous traffic and went to Wells for the day. Enjoy the festival and take care in the mud x

    1. Evening my dear family's of blog friends thinking of you all hugs to all on the blog xxx I've been to Optitians this afternoon to choose some new spectacles a must then rested the steroid has not helped with pain yet had a bad start to the day but had a little go at my craft as better than crying xxx
      Dorothy heartfelt thoughts as you have been missing too many days sending a special hug xxx

    2. Morning Sheila! I am going next week to the opticians, that will have taken it out of you. Good to rest and glad that you have been able to do a little crafting, as you say better than crying, although that's understandable. Hoping the the steroid will start to help very soon – sending you special caring hugs – bless you! Love from, Gilly xxx

  17. Well i have been thinking about you all day when I heard of the gridlocked traffic. Then I saw the mud and thought I hope you had taken wellies. How wise to be parked in the tranquil – other – campsite. I know you are going to have the best time especially now I know you are meeting up with Leonie – another free spirit. As a fairy believer I think for a moment you were touched by a fairy spirit today. Have fun – much love Jayne

  18. Glad you arrived safely in the end Barbara but the traffic problem wasn't much fun I'm sure and a great idea to stay off site for a bit of piece and quiet when you need it. Somerset is of course my county and I'm pleased you have enjoyed the wonderful views fron on top of The Tor. Have a great time tomorrow too. x

  19. Hi Barbara, good for you and Dave going to Glastonbury. Love the photos, pouring with rain when we walked up the tor. Looks like a lovely site your staying on. We used to stay on one called Isle of Avalon just outside the town must be 20 years ago now. If you like designer outlets try Clark's Village in Street just outside Glastonbury, that's if you fancy some retail therapy after all the raving. Bread and dripping man said are you still a wild child? Ha ha!! Have,a super time. Have fun meeting up with Leonie. Lovely seeing you, Dave and all your team on Friday, so enjoyable, suffered next day with all the standing though, but wasn't it worth it all. Amazing demos and advice. Lots of love Pam xx

    1. Morning Pam – we have missed you here! So glad to hear that you enjoyed the Open Day – even though you suffered afterwards. I hope that you are feeling a little better and more at peace, as time goes on – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  20. Enjoy the festival. Never been but I do love the town of Glastonbury and can totally understand your spellbound moment. The Abbey is great too. have a good time. Carol

  21. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, good to be back. Amazing time at the Open Day, spent a fortune as you do but got all that I needed. Had a really nice quiet break, but its all played havoc with my back, standing for long periods, then sitting down for too long, weather could have been better but did plenty of reading. Did get in one of the photos on the 17th blog, the 2nd one of the group's. I'm almost at the back in the centre, had a turquoise Cardi on. Didn't get to meet any of you. Saw a few Jackies but not you Jackie Cou. Sad really as reading the blog a lot of you were there but it was,really busy wasn't it. So sorry Sheila that you're still suffering, hope the steroid injection helps again. Glad Pheobe is doing well Donna. Thank you all for thinking of me, nit looking forward to tomorrow. Take care everyone and lots of love to you all xx.

    1. Hi Pam sorry we didn't get to meet. I'm n a photo sat at the front of Linda's table in a white top! I think it was third photo,down on Fridays blog! X

    2. Hi Pam – so sorry to hear just how bad your back was. Unfortunately, I left my comment to you further up, forgetting that the funeral is today – please forgive me, as my comment was wrong for today. Instead – I hope that today goes as well as it can do and that you manage to think and talk about the happier times in Dom's life. Take care, will be thinking of you – love and hugs, Gilly xxx

  22. Been to Glastonbury twice, not the festival, but haven't been up the tor. Hubby and son did it though, while me and daughter had a lovely mooch around the shops and a coffee. Hubby took a picture of son standing in front of the tower and got photo bombed by a cow!! It's so funny, just remembering makes me laugh. Have a great time, though I am quite happy to watch it on telly x

  23. What gorgeous views Barbara, looks like you and Dave had a great day. Enjoy the festival – don't blame you for staying in a caravan rather than a tent in a sodden field 🙂 xx

  24. That seems the best way to do Glastonbury. Back to van for a peaceful night's sleep and enjoying all the festival has to offer during the day. Love the views. xx

  25. I hope you popped in to the Chalice Well, that is were you will find peace and quiet, right next to the Tor. And then off to the Pilgrim, or the Blue Note, great places for grub.

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