Passing showers…possible thunderstorms…

Passing showers…possible thunderstorms…

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Although the internet here in Glastonbury is pretty weak,
so I’m not sure whether I’ll even be able to chat to you!
Ah well, give it a go…
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well there’s no doubt in my mind that we made the right decision.
No no no! I’m not talking about the referendum!
I’m talking about staying on a caravan site about 6 miles away from the festival!!!
We went over there yesterday, on a little reconnaissance mission….
Blimey O Riley!
It had to be seen to be believed!
The mud was the first thing that hit you – literally!
Happy to have remembered long tight wellies…
But then there were others, who after a few sherberts, just went for it!
We ran into Mandy with her sewing machines.
People were just having a blast!
Here we have two friends all set for a happy time.
And this young group was chomping across the field singing and laughing too….
Kept trying to hook up with Leonie & Co, but the place is so vast! It would be more by luck than planning!!!
At one point, I escaped into a little craft tent…
And spent a very pleasant, relaxing hour or so making a basket!
Emily was a super teacher. Nothing like a cuppa and a bit of basket weaving…
Tomorrow, I shall show you a step by step of what I made…
Thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, today, I’ve signed us both up to make wooden spoons! 
Apart from being extremely mindful and therapeutic, you can sit down for an hour or two out of the chaos that is Glastonbury!!!
The weather was lovely, and the ground was already drying out by the time we left at 10pm.
Mind you, the party was just kicking off, so as I said, we definitely made the right decision to stay off-site!
As we were leaving, there were still young kids dragging their trollies and 12-packs of hooch in. 
There was a time I would have been raving and dancing in the mud too! And in fact I did, but sadly don’t remember much of it! But that’s a story for another day….
Music starts today, so we have made a plan…
The rain has just started…. but it’s only forecast for the weekend, then next week will improve..
Ah well, we’re here. We’ve committed. May as well make the most of it. It will be what we make it.
And the festival.
Have a great weekend,
Love and hugs,
Barb xxx

91 thoughts on “Passing showers…possible thunderstorms…

  1. Looks like you are having an absolute ball. Enjoy the experience.
    This weekend is going to be exciting as I am meeting up with 19 people whom I have never met who share a love for Diana Gabaldon's books, The Outlander series about Jamie Fraser and his time traveling wife Claire. I have been reading the books for about twenty years now and I love watching the. TV series that is being made locally here. Here is to new experiences all weekend.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      I love those books! I especially liked the earlier ones when Claire had just met Jamie. I wasn't so keen on the ones that were in America and I switched off but I have downloaded more to my kindle to catch up. Enjoy your weekend. Love Alison xxx

  2. Hi, glad you are having a good time. As you say its what you make of the situation that will make a good weekend. There is nothing you can do about the weather !! Have fun, the mud will wash off but you will have memories that will last forever.

  3. Glasters….a wacky place. Make sure to visit the stone circle, when we went, it was a beautiful atmosphere, with people all sitting peacefully juggling/digeridooing/drumming. Well worth experiencing. Enjoy. Sheila

  4. Yes Barb I knew knew knew you had made the right decision to stay off site being a regular festival attendee – albeit on the construction staff side and so not having to stay on the public sites. That said I see the quagmire that soon sucks you in once it rains. So so glad you had those wellies although a welly stall holder can make a killing in this weather. I remember once being a Reading with mud slurry up to my knees making my way to the medic tent as I had developed a bad water infection. Yes I was desperate and it still makes me shudder to think of that experience!! Though, when the sun shines the ground will dry up remarkably quick and then it is fantastic to see all those crafty people with their stalls and brilliant atmosphere. A festival with a brilliant atmosphere and setting – a stately home is Wilderness in Oxfordshire. We saw the start of it – a little friendly and hippie type festival. It has grown now but it still has a lovely atmosphere. What would summer be without our festivals. I hope you are having a fantastic experience and when you are in your lovely site with working showers and no mud brief a sigh of relief! Much love Jayne

  5. Definitely the right decision !! A wise 'old' owl I reckon ! Have a great time thought ! Don't tell me we'll all be weaving baskets next month – my hubby might just draw the line there !xxx

  6. Morning Barbara & Dave looking forward to seeing your basket and spoons you can make some mud pies too ๐Ÿ˜Š Happy Glastonbury xxx

    1. Morning to all my dear blog family of friends thinking of you all sending you all hugs to help you through the day hugs to all on the blog what a special place this is to pop each day thank you for leaving me thoughtful messages yesterday gilly yes you are right ,pam you go to your daughters it will be good for you xxx
      Dorothy wee hugs hope your ok missing you xxx
      Brenda hugs for you and daisy xxx

    2. It will probably take longer for you to feel the benefit of your steroid injection this time as it sounded like the inflammatory response was worse than the first time. You're in the door now though, so on the road to getting the best treatment tailored best to help you. Hope you're looking for the positive each day, no matter how small, it's the only way to get through this. And keep telling yourself it's going to get better, because it will now. I don't have that for any of my disabilities/illnesses, I've just got to try to make the most of what tiny wee things I can find each day, it's hard to do, but is possible, and what else is there! What nice thing are you doing today? Even if it's just quality time with Tom, it counts, it's huge, I've never had that, so look at things like these as huge positives that you are privileged to have, try hard to. Take care xx

    3. Hi Sheila – I expect that it's about the same today for you, so you just take care, avoid the tv, unless it's got nothing to do with the referendum. So nice to come to this blog, where just people and craft are the important issues! Take care again my lovely – sending you more special gentle healing hugs. Love Gilly xxx

    4. Dear Brenda thank you for your thoughtful message I tell Tom each day how much his care for me means to me he is always there to give me a hug and help me with my crafting we sit together and share each day's thoughts he knows how much I appreciate him .its hard to battle my diabeties/ thyroid/ CFS/me/fibromyalgia depression each day but now the rheumatoid arthritis pain is so debilitating stopping me doing the crafting that has kept me going through my other illnesses,but I'm lucky that Tom helps me with my crafting . I stay in home in my bubble where I feel safe .
      I feel it for you Brenda as I know you struggle each day with your Aspergers /CFS and you have been failed by the people who should help you each day .its good that we have this wonderful blog to share the ups and downs of life as I know some of the blog family of friends here have more difficult lives than I do . Hugs for you and daisy xxx

    5. Hello my lovely Sheila, there you go thinking of others again and we know you are in so much pain. I hope you are getting some relief. Sending hugs to you and Tom xxx

    6. Och, I just soldier on no matter what, born to it, don't really know much else. Constant pain, with no respite, is one of the hardest things to cope with, I think. And the level you've got it at just now must really pull you down. That's why I tell you to go – stuff the pain, and your other problems, I'm still going to find something positive in my day. It does work you know, it lets you feel you have a bit of control, instead of it always controling you and your mood. And when it makes you feel like crying, shout – stuff you pain even louder, and be even more determined. It's basically how I'm still here, by doing this with Asperger's, bad people, CFS etc. Try it, but if you're going to shout, warn Tom first!!! Thank you Sheila for thinking of me when you're clearly suffering yourself, your a lovely caring lady xx

    7. Oh Sheila my friend you are certainly going through such a lot, do hope things settle down quickly for you. Taken your advice and are at my Daughters for a few days. Love and hugs Pam xxx

    8. Hi Sheila,
      You certainly have a lot to contend with and I'm so sorry that you are still in pain. Hopefully your injection will start to kick in soon and you will have some pain relief. Sending lots of love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  7. Brilliant blog Barbara, thanks for sharing :-). Somehow I didn't think you'd get on with the mud! Your photo of you standing in it says it all, and made me laugh!!! ;-). I've not yet grown out of wet and muddy being fine, but I would sure draw the line at bathing in it! Maybe!!! I'm up for a lot more these days than I was when I was younger! My first time away from home was a very wet and muddy guide camp. Everyone thought I'd hate it and come home never wanting to go away again. They were wrong of course!!!

    I wondered if you'd bump into Mandy, I knew she did the festivals with her sewing machines. It doesn't go together does it, sewing and muddy fields!!! Glad you've found some crafts to try out, it's clearly about a lot more than music at Glastonbury, I didn't know that. I made corn dollies at a guide camp, loved it, it is a very Mindfulness craft. Macrame owl brooch too. There wasn't any wooden spoon making, it was making like wee wooden plaque things. I loved trying my hand at everything. Thanks for the happy memories (much needed just now).

    You have to experience the mud and wet for the full Glastonbury experience, it wouldn't be the same without it, would it.

    Had any ideas on how to incorporate mud into your artwork yet!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you and Dave have an amazing time. Wave at the cameras so we can see you on telly. Love Brenda xx
    (I'm scared about the referendum result, wasn't expecting that at all, didn't know that's how England felt. And now the tartan army will be on the march for another independence vote, which this time will have a different result. All very scary for someone with Asperger's (change, unknown etc problems), totally alone and disabled/unable to work, relocate etc.)

    1. Brenda your not alone this wonderful family of blog friends are here to surport you even if it's only virtually hugs for you and daisy and sharing your fears xxx

    2. Brenda sending you a big hug. I know scary isn't it and worse for you in Scotland with yet another referendum looming, you must all be heartily sick of it. Try not to watch tv unless it's something where politics isn't on. Take care xxx

    3. Thank you, Sheila and Diane xx
      Diane, that's what my good help used to tell me, to stop watching it 24/7 when there's something big and bad. Trouble is I always feel the need to watch it all, I need the info, and I'm unable to switch off even if I'm not watching, because of my Asperger's. I think having no one to talk to about it makes that need to watch a lot bigger too. I used to be given restricted viewing times when there was a big thing going on! Now I can do what I want/need to, there's always a positive – no help/support = no rules!!!

    4. Thanks Chris. People have made it clear they don't want talk of the referendum and aftermath here, so I best not say anything. In general a lot of people don't seem to want to learn or hear about politics, world affairs etc. Which I've never understood, as it's all so important to every single one of us. Guess it must have something to do with me having Asperger's. xx

    5. Hi Brenda, hope you find something to watch that is restful. Lots of worrying things at the moment with referendum outcomes and such like. I would put Hochanda on. Xx

    6. Hi Brenda,
      If you want to talk about something on here do it – there will be always someone who will answer you and try to help you through things. I know I was one who said I was sick of hearing about the referendum but that doesn't mean I wouldn't answer you! Sending lots of love and hugs, Alison xx

    7. Thanks everyone xx
      Am I taking things too literal again? My communication skills with normal people are getting so bad, I've been getting more and more aware of this. Due to my enforced almost total isloation from human beings, I guess my Asperger's, all the strategies and info I'd learned is being lost so much. It's very scary, not only this but also how can it be turned back round again for if I ever do get a new social worker and who wants to pick up where my own one left off months ago. I'm not going to be capable of doing it. It's a vicious circle with my CFS too because the more ability I lose, the more effort it takes me to communicate, the worse my CFS gets, which means I'm less able to put the effort in… I can't see a way out of this, even if miracle of miracles society deems me worthy of help.

      Referendum wise, it's hugely scary in so many ways for me, compounded by my Asperger's. But a wee glimmer this morning, that actually us up here may be the best off just now, just listened to our First Minister's speech. But,unfortunately we're clumped in with the rest of the UK for now so will be getting dragged down with the UK Government and the mess they've got themselves in. Our Government is a lot more positive, and is continuing business as usual, while on top trying to sort out the mess we've been dragged into by the rest of the UK. We don't even have all the devolved powers we're to get yet, so still tied up even more in the UK mess and consequencies. It's really worying what the EU is going to do to us and how hard they are going to make it for us, to put off other countries from following us. US has shown its true colours of its so called friend the UK! And now they're saying Boris is top for getting the PM job! Pity help us all that day!

      I better go do something, or I'll end up like yesterday, the day spent sittinf in bed glued to the news

    8. Hi Brenda dinae worry Im fine well am no really its ma Mum had a bad fall and am struggling wi it all a canae loose her to but shes ok and in a care home for now and thats the bit I'm struggling with anyway here's a big cuddle miss yi…xx

    9. Good to hear from you Dot. That was my thought, that it was your Mum. I do get you about how you're feeling about her being in a care home. You want to look after her yourself, and it's so hard to see her there too, and more frail. But, in between the times you can be with her and look after in in the home, you don't need to be worrying about her trying to cope on her own, and you know she's safe now. Is it for recuperation, and if she manages better she can get back to her own home with care going in when needed? Pop in here and say hi when you can. Thinking about you. Big cuddle back xx

  8. Hi Barbara – such a very wise decision, regarding your chosen site! Caravans and mud – not a good combination! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, hope that you both enjoy your wooden spoon making! Hugs to you and Dave, Gilly xx

    1. Hi to all of my lovely blog friends! Wishing you all a peaceful day, and some good weather too! Our weather can't really make it's mind up what to do today, fingers crossed no rain! We are just about to go out to Truro today and do some 'un-shopping'! That is returning faulty items! I ordered a raincoat on line and that arrived yesterday – damaged and not very good quality, despite it being Regatta. Also need to return a faulty solar light, which fell apart, as Neill was installing it. Mmm maybe someone, somewhere is telling us not to buy things at the moment, unless we know that we can trust the company. Now which company first comes to mind? Yes, it's got to be Clarity, hasn't it? Well, that will be my excuse next time I order something! Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

    2. Hi gilly looks like your day is a returning items that are no good .dont forget to rest when you get home ,I totally agree clarity is a high quality company .thank you for your lovey messages each day xxx

    3. I like your thought Gilly. Isn't it annoying when you buy things and they break straight away. I hope you find time for a coffee and cake whilst you are unshopping to make the trip worth while. Sending hugs xxx

    4. Hi Gilly, hope you are continuing to take things easy. So annoying to say the least when you have to return things that are new and they break. Love and hugs Pam xx

  9. Personally I couldn't cope with that amount of mud but the craft tents look like oases of peace and calm and look forward to seeing what you have made Barbara. In the meantime enjoy the music. x

  10. Hi Barbara
    Wow that's proper mud! All part of the experience! Knew you couldn't stay away from craft for too long, enjoy the spoon making and basket weaving. I think you made the right choice with the camp site, clean loos and hot showers, bliss. Have fun
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello my lovely blog friends hole everyone is ok. It's lovely and sunny here, washing drying nicely, what a difference a day makes. Sending hugs all round xxx

    2. Hi Diane, thank you for my messages, hope you've had a good day, lovely to get the washing dried outside, mine went in the drier this morning as it was raining and wanted to get it dried before leaving for my Daughters. Love and hugs Pam xx

  11. Hi Barbara & Dave and ladies. Looks like you are having tags time, great to do different things looking forward to seeing your basket & spoons etc. Have a fab weekend. Lynn x Hi ladies hope you are all well, have a relaxed weekend. Lot's of love Lynn xx

  12. Hello all my dear friends. I've had a horrific few days which I can't bring myself to talk about at the moment. I'm sorry I'm unable to comment on each of your posts, but I just wanted to send you all love and hugs. Hopefully things will improve over the next few days. xxx

    1. I was just thinking about you today Morag, I'm so sorry to hear that. You don't need to say sorry, just popping in to say hi is enough to let us know you're looking in. I'm thinking about you, hope things can turn around for you soon xx

  13. Hi Barbara, a poem I used to read to my classes comes to mind….
    The Muddy Puddle

    by Dennis Lee (originally from โ€œGarbage Delightโ€)

    I am sitting
    In the middle
    Of a rather Muddy
    With my bottom
    Full of bubbles
    And my wellies
    Full of Mud,
    While my jacket
    And my sweater
    Go on slowly
    Getting wetter
    As I very
    Slowly settle
    To the Bottom
    Of the Mud.
    And I find that
    What a person
    With a Puddle
    Round her middle
    Thinks of mostly
    In the muddle
    Is the Muddi-
    Ness of Mud.

  14. Oh wow! Never realised Glastonbury was so big – craft tents a real surprise – thought it was all music. You definitely made the right decision to stay elsewhere. Have a lovely time whatever the weather. Love and hugs, Jeanette xxxx

  15. glad you are enjoying yourself but i wouldn't go there if you paid me. i'm all for glamping. couldn't do without my comforts. and all that mud! i would never step in it, hugs xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    It all looks just brilliant. I remember a time when I would roll in mud when playing rounders on our Easter Walk. Aaah those were the days! It takes me all my energy to just roll out of bed now. Enjoy the rest of your Glastonbury Adventure.
    Hugs from Chris X

  17. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is OK. Phoebe is fast asleep spring next to me. She is progressing well, vet checkup said another couple of weeks total rest. Crafting this weekend, I have birthday cards to make so she will be snoring on her own. Xx

  18. Hi Donna, so glad Pheobe is doing so well. She'll miss you now when you're doing your craft as she's had you all to herself for quite a while. Hope you've had a good day, have a brilliant weekend. Love and hugs Pam xx

  19. Hi Barbara, don't know if you read my comment the other day, wondered if the site you're on was called Isle of Avalon. Hope you're enjoying yourselves. Super photos. Knew you'd find something crafty to do. Keep out of the mud and have a great time, love and hugs Pam xx

  20. Hi to all my lovely blog friends, still worrying about where you are our Dot, hope you are ok, we're missing your friendly banter, give us a quick Hi if you're up to it just so we know you're ok. Hope everyone has had a good day and managed a little crafting. I did manage to finish a card before we left to visit my Daughters. Lots of love and hugs Pam xx

  21. Morning some how missed this last night. That was some mud you walked into bet it was great having a go at basket weaving have fun making your spoons today look forward to seeing them. Have Gladtonbury set to record on TVs not quiet same but warm no mud and cuppa lots live enjoy xxx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Really good blog. Sorry I'm so late in replying – was absolutely shattered yesterday as I'd been up all night not because of the referendum but because of a blinking dog that wouldn't stop barking all night! Anyway, looks like you're having a good time although I could not cope with the mud I must say. I'm not surprised that you haven't found Leonie in all the crowds! I never realised just how big it was until last year's tv coverage which showed you round the site. I was gobsmacked! Enjoy the rest of your time there and enjoy the caravan with hot water, showers ,your own loo and being dry! Love and hugs to both of you, Alison xxx

    1. Hi to all my lovely blog friends,
      Hope you're all ok this morning especially Morag and Sheila. Have a good day everyone see you all tonight. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi Dot,
      Good to have you back but so sorry to hear has had a nasty fall. I know exactly how you feel about the care home ( we were the same with my Mam) but at least you know that she will be safe and looked after. Take care, love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Hello my dear blog friend so sad to hear your mum has had a bad fall and had to go into a care home you take care of yourself too while your mums been cared for you try to rest I know it won't be easy as its your mum sending lots spoof wee hugs to help you thinking of you each day it's so good that you have mannage to pop and say hi xxxx

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