Tonight I heard this strange noise in my artroom…

Tonight I heard this strange noise in my artroom…

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in so late.
I know. I just can’t seem to get ahead here.
But hey.
Haven’t missed a day yet!
Long day at the office, 
trying to get a handle on the mini explosion we are experiencing
in the middle of our little company.
The Groovi Revolution has turned us upside down!
Sorry if we are slow in getting your orders out at the moment.
It’s not for lack of motion, I can tell you!!!
But I have it on good authority that all the orders for Groovi Plates will have left the building by Wednesday –
just in time for the 10 am Christmas Groovi Show on Thursday!
Oh boy.
Anyway, I came upstairs to my artroom to wind down, 
do a little artwork and chat to you this evening,
and all I could hear was this muffled sound 
coming from one of the drawers!
Guess what it was.
Feeling so neglected, 
worried that he has been kicked to the kerb,
replaced by the big and beefy Groovi Plate.
So I got him out and reassured him that he is still precious.
In fact he is Product of the Month!
(But I didn’t tell him that, because he will only get paranoid that we’re selling his mates off cheap!)
And if the Megamount finds out he’s half-price this month, 
it will really kick off in here!
We had a play together, and they have gone back in the drawer, 
happy and feeling safe.
Here’s what we came up with together…

Stamp the lovely Garden Heart Stamp in Black Archival Ink 
Cut out a mask from Post-its.

Cover up the stamped heart and put to the side.

Add a little Fresco Orchid Paint to the Gelli Plate.

Spread out with a brayer and then lift most of it off with the brayer!
Let it dry on the plate.

Do the same with the Fresco Eggplant paint.

Dab it with screwed up paper too.

Let this layer dry on the plate too. too.

Third colour Tinned Peas. Excellent green!

This time, spread out the green paint, 
then place a stencil on the wet paint.
I used the Sunset Stencil

Blot with copy paper.
Leave the stencil in place until the exposed paint is dry.

Lift the stencil,
blot with copy paper.

Now, once the funky layer is dry,
it’s time to pull our print.
 Let’s mix 2 colours to do that job:

Spread the two colours with the brayer

Now come the magic.
Flip the Gelli Plate on the Megamount 
and place it on the masked Garden Heart.

Flip it, rub the back of the card to help transfer the paint,
and peel your print.

Colour in the flowers and leaves with Spectrum Noir pencils.

Drag Spun Sugar Distress ink
into the centre with a make up sponge.
It will wipe off the acrylic Fresco paint AND the pencilwork,
and only stain the white card.

Add a darker colour in place: Shaded Lilac.

Use a black Spectrum Noir pencil 
to create the illusion of shadow around the edge.

Cover up the heart with the mask and add some Potting Soil around the edge, to make it pop even more.

Trim the white frame back.

Decide what colour you want to mount it on.
I picked a Burgundy.

Stamp the word Miracle from our Word Chain No. 7

Went back in with the black Spectrum Noir pencil, 
to create a drop shadow.
makes it stand out more, don’t you agree?

That’ll do.

I’m completely chilled,
having spent a couple of hours listening to Radio 2 oldies 

and having played with two of my best friends.
Time for bed.
I hope you are still enjoying the Gelli Plate. 
It’s only a question of time before 
Gelli meets Groovi…
lots of love,

32 thoughts on “Tonight I heard this strange noise in my artroom…

  1. Lovely Barbara…. As for Gelli meets groovi…. The circular background on one of my samples for the last TV show was made with the Gelli. Loving them both.! Hugs xxx

  2. I had to look several times at that lovely heart to make sure it was not an enamelled pendant (why does predictive text want to say cancelled). My gelli plates are out at the moment, but I am having too much fun with the Groovi system. Maybe I could combine the two. Mmm, will think on that tonight. The DVD is already set for Thursday. Hope you can find time to take a breath before then and remember your Grand Canyon moment. xxx Maggie

  3. Fab artwork. I've just invested in the 8×10 gelli plate, feel a session coming on with an invite to my 6×6 gelli to join us which was feeling neglected, so much to play with, must make time 😊

  4. This is so pretty – love the colours. I had a go at this sort of background technique yesterday, haven't quite got it to work yet, might need new paints! But had fun trying things out – my new gelli plate and groovi plate were vying for my attention. So amazing how the groovi plate has taken off, well done to you all.

  5. Wow Barbara you never fail to make me smile I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks my crafting items have feelings like me ,I've just been using my groovi plate starter kit taken me three days to Finnish my first attempt I'm very proud now I even got my lettering the right way wow , I will save my colouring for another day ,looking forward to Thursday c&c show on record so don't miss anything sweet dreams rest well xxx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Love this stamp and the way you have made it pop with the black pencil and potting shed ink. I too chuckled at the thought of the Geli and groovi eying eachother up for a fight – hope the tinned peas don't get in the way!
    Thank you for sharing the artwork. It's great to hear the groovi has taken off so well, shall we all pop over and give you a hand making packing and taking orders?!
    Love Diane xxx

  7. Gorgeous Barbara. The layering of the different colours always sounds quite complicated but it is really worth it when you see the end result! The Gelli and the Groovi sound like an interesting combination and so pleased the Groovi Plate is such a success. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday. x

  8. Hello Barbara

    Ooooh I love today's offering. Am awaiti g the arrival of my groovi goodies and can't wait until Thursday. I don't mind Christmas in June as I like to do a few Christmas cards each month.


  9. I had an unopened gelli plate and have just started using it after several months of just looking at it, I am so enjoying creating some "original copies of some of your projects. Just wondering why I did not plunge in when I first got it, it's so much fun

  10. Hello Barb, well this certainly made me chuckle, I think my big gelli plate and small gelli plate keep vying with each other as to who gets taken out. Love the artwork, the stamp is gorgeous. Looking forward to Thursday. Take care. Bx

  11. Hi Barb,
    What a great start to the morning. I too had a little chuckle with your story today. I have never tried using the Fresco paints on my Gelli plate but guess what I'll be doing later today?! I love the garden heart stamp (& the paints) so I think I'll try to recreate this myself as I have everything you've used. Waiting for my Groovi goodies to arrive so I can play with them as well. Thank you for the inspiration yet again and well done on the success of the Groovi – looking forward to the show on Thursday to see what Christmas Groovi has to offer us. Hope you get a bit if rest before then! Love Alison xx

  12. A great card Barbara. I gave the machine set to record on Thursday as I won't be around we're off to Devon for a holiday for a few days so I'll catch up when I get back
    Jackie x

  13. Hi Barbara, I love this artwork, it's brilliant, thanks for sharing. I've got that garden heart stamp, I have very little in the way of 'busy' craft stash, but I just had to but this stamp right away, I love it. The only problem is because I can't do busy, I struggle to work out how to incorporate it (and the big intertwining patterned doves too). You've just given me a light bulb moment of using them my way, endless possibilities now 🙂 Thank you for that too. Barbara, I don't see anyone else, either guests or presenters, wearing blingy tops on C&C so I don't see why you would need to if you didn't want to. I loved this months stencil and your first project artwork too 🙂 Love Brenda xx

    Hi Donna, I was thinking about you a lot yesterday, it being your first full day back at work. How's it going with you? See this teapot, I really must have missed something, my birds aren't coloured in either, what colour/s was I meant to colour them in? xx

  14. Really lovely – I've been using my garden heart a lot this year, so having another way of using it will be so useful – Thank you! Glad your new groovi system is prooving so popular and that you've dug out the gelliplate again to inspire us all, Susan x

  15. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    der Herzstempel ist so wunderschön und es begeistert mich die Arbeit mit der Gelli Plate. Eine wunderschöne Karte ist entstanden. Vielen lieben Dank für die tolle Inspiration. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  16. Hi Barbara
    What a great demo and the heart really jumps of the page,that's all down to your clever shading.
    It's been a busy one for you and your team.I'm on pins waiting for my groovi plate but it'll be worth waiting for I'm sure.

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