YouTube Tuesday – Getting In The Groove

YouTube Tuesday – Getting In The Groove

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.
Thought I would offer you another Groovi session.
This time, I have used the lovely Butterfly and Wreath Plate
well some of it!

I’m a total novice at Parchment Craft,
but our Groovi Plates and their Mate certainly 
make it enjoyable and easy!

If you like this Groovi kind of art,
and you want to know more, then CLICK HERE
much love,

74 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – Getting In The Groove

  1. As a qualified parchment craft teacher for 22 years, I would not class this as parchment craft, it is very nice but is just embossing onto parchment, there is far far more to parchment craft than just embossing in this way. sorry

    1. 'parchment' definition – a type of stiff translucent paper treated to resemble parchment and used for lampshades, as a writing surface, and in baking.
      'craft' definition – an activity involving skill in making things by hand
      Everyone needs to start somewhere, and maybe this is as far as some people have the ability to reach, why should they be excluded!

    2. Well, Maniac, I'm only an amateur but I know Barbara has made it very clear in all her television appearances that this new system in no way claims to make us experts at parchment craft. What it does is give the new student a place to start that's easier than some of the laborious traditional methods, which put a lot of people off. Of course there's more to parchment craft, and if this lovely system helps introduce more people to it then I think that's great.
      Fab u-tube demo, Barbara, as usual. Thanks for all your inspiration. I love the new system, it's opened up a whole new area of crafting to me.

    3. I think Barbara was clear in saying it was simple parchment craft. I really struggle with the grids, perforating etc and cannot find anyone nearby to teach me. At least i can have a go and get some good results with the Clarity simple way.
      Anne (Reading)

    4. you should watch Barbara grey on her last c&c program then you would have heard what she had to sat than making negative comments on her blog the groovi starting kit was to help people with mindfulness as not all have the ability or stamina due to be so ill with all different illnesses and as Barbara now knows by how many of her clarity followers love the new groovi starter kit by it been a sell out product so please don't be critical as I for one have found the groovi starter kit a asset in my crafting world I'm very ill and be able to craft is what gets me through each day .

    5. I beg to differ. I think that this IS parchment craft. Also, I am interested to know which Clarity Southwest group you belong to, because it was discontinued over 18 months ago, after a most acrimonious fall out. If anybody is still flying under the Clarity Banner, it is not with my endorsement.

    6. Thank you for commenting Barbara cannot wait for Thursday's show to see what your bringing us for our new groovi parchment Christmas just ordered the set you you tube today as your inspiration step by step just couldn't resist hugs xxx

    7. Hi Margaret. Can I just say I think it is understood that there is a kind of Parchment Snobbery, and rightly so, as one of our very own Team Mates who is highly qualified in Parchment explained the ins and outs of what she had to do to earn respect in the Parchment World. She is also a Parchment expert and taught me a few tricks last year. I also tried to teach myself Parchment a long time ago and gave up because it took too long for my attention span! But now with the Groovi Plate I can achieve much more in a very short period of time. The Groovi IS for Parchment and is a brilliant idea, I now want to make Parchment pieces and feel I can achieve it and so will a lot of other people. This doesn't mean your skills will be any less valuable, in fact you might find more interest in them now that people who wouldn't normally be enjoying Parchment Craft embrace the Groovi Plate might want to learn the pricking and inking and snipping side of it too. Cleverly Designed Craft products enhance a craft technique they don't eliminate it. xx

    8. Hi Margaret, I agree with other comments here. Barbara has made it very, very clear that she is not a parchment expert and that the Groovi system might be a way into the amazing world of parchment craft for many people. She also said how much she admires the beautiful work done by those very talented people who can do this craft well. I for one have tried traditional parchment craft and have at least 3 CDs by Christine Coleman but I found it took so long to achieve good results that I gave up. Now with this method, I can achieve something and it might be that I go back back to said CDs and have another try. Please don't criticise Barbara for giving us an entry point into the parchment world.

  2. Hi Barbara, thank you for your Youtube, I'll watch it later. And thank you for coming up with an system that lets us all have a go at PARCHMENT CRAFT and grow with it at our own speed and to the level we wish to take it, and for our own pleasure and the pleasure we give to others as a result. After all that's what any form of craft, and our Mindfulness craft is all about, eh! love Brenda xx (sorry)

    1. Hi Brenda, I thought the birds were swans so didn't need any colour, probably haven't actually said that!
      First day back was as bad as I thought it would be! Someone said showing your emotions means you are strong, well I must be Hercules! Just feel like I'm going through the motions at the moment not really 'with it' xx

    2. Thank you Susan and Dot πŸ˜‰ xx
      Oh Donna, just wish I could put my arms round you, squeeze you tight and take away your hurt and hollowness you must be feeling. I agree with Susan too. How are you getting on with your father's day card, made a start yet? just a wee suggestion, why don't you still make one for your dad, write everything you want to say to him in it and put it up for him on Sunday. I'm sure your Dad is still around with you. I know my special girl still comes here from time to time even though I had to say goodbye to her before moving here. I can feel her, and things happen for no reason, that must be her. On the colouring front, seems I've got a lot of catching up to do, Dot's even got hers finished and she's been on night duty! I'll try tomorrow, and you have a think about what you would like our next joint project to be so we can get started on it. You need a tonne of Mindfulness, and I could probably do with a bucketful of it too!!! Take care and huge bear hugs xx

    3. I haven't had the heart to start it yet, my Step Dad said not to worry about his card this year with everything that is going on but I will make him one anyway. I like the idea of making one for Dad too and writing a message inside. Even if I leave it sealed, my message will be there for him. Thank you Brenda, I will be brave and start them tomorrow. XX

    4. Thank you for your lovely reply below too πŸ™‚ Every time I think 'what is the point of colouring in for no reason, Mindfulness' I'll counter that with what you've written below. πŸ™‚ I still remember when you first started making an effort to talk to me just before Christmas. I was sooo scared, but found the courage, and made the huge effort, and I'm soooo glad I did my friend πŸ™‚ xx
      Would it be easier to make a piece of artwork, nothing to do with father's day, and give your step dad a picture instead?

    5. Donna take it slowly and be gentle on yourself xxx
      Brenda's such a great way with words xxx
      Dorothy what a lovely idea, I floated mine on a river with some flower heads xxx

    6. I love the idea of floating paper lanterns with the candle inside but always worry that they will land and set something on fire. I was thinking of writing a letter and then burning it on the bonfire……………….just thought I sound like a right fire starter! πŸ˜‰

    7. Well you're on your own for that one, I'll no be attending any firework displays with you!!! I don't know who gets more scared, me or Daisy, well actually I do and it's me!!! xx

  3. Great demo! I love your new take on a craft that I have tried but could never get on with in the past. I think that any product that introduces people to a new avenue of craft can only be a good thing, and it will keep those crafts alive for future generations. If it produces a great end result that was enjoyable to do then that is the main point!!
    Just remember Barbara those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind. Xx

    1. Well done Dot πŸ™‚ why we get sooo scared to show Barbara what we've done, makes no sense at all, there's nothing at all scary about Barbara, eh! I was really scared to send in my picture from nowt much, turned out there was nothing to be scared of after all!!! xx

      Donna, I think you better curb that enthusiasm to see my finished teapot, doubt me and my rubbish pencils (and no I'm not blaming my tools!!!) are going to live up to it!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

    2. I don't care if its a Michelangelo or not I am looking forward to seeing our first joint project. Even if they never get shown on the Thinking With Clarity website I am very proud of the bond of friendship that we have created and all thanks to Barbara and her teapot! XX

    3. I finished my tea pot while I was in the hotel and I sent it into Barbara it got me through , been able to colour and loose myself in the mindless exercise was just what I needed to cope with the water leaks in the bungalow cannot wait to see yours too (well said Donna )hugs xxx

  4. Cannot wait for my groovi to come. I have always struggled with parchment craft – especially perforating! – looks like an animal has chewed the ends!
    Please can someone tell me what to use to colour the back apart from pencils.
    You created such lovely pictures. Not long to the workshop now – really looking forward to it.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

    1. Hi Anne, chalks or Pan Pastels work well on vellum so think they would also work on parchment. Laughed at your comment about the ends looking like an animal has chewed them as mine looked the same!! All that snipping and my 'beautiful' butterfly looked more moth eaten! xx

    2. Hello Anne. Over the years when colouring parchment I have used… Perga inks. Crayons, distress markers, promarkers, alcohol inks and various pencils. Hope this helps you get the most out of your foray into Parchment work. Have fun xx

    3. Didn't realise perforating parchment designs were so easy, give Daisy a piece of parchment paper, she'll take great pleasure in chewing it, take it back from her when I think there's enough holes in it, job done!!! πŸ˜‰ xx

  5. Just seen the comment on "this is by no means parchment craft" Well, well I think you made it very clear that it was a simple method and I know i will be able to achieve some decent artwork with the groovi plate rather than bits of expensive chewed up rubbish. Thank you for your innovation – there always has to be one. Sorry, I am a bit annoyed by the comment – tattoo it on your wrist if you really want to say it., otherwise be the wise old owl.
    Anne (Reading)

  6. Well I love this system, it will enable a lot of us who are not experts to get the parchment effect on our cards. Wonderful product and I am certainly enjoying using mine. xx

  7. Great youtube demo Barbara. I love the way you try to break things down into simple steps so that anyone can follow your demonstrations and get great results. As you have said before, once you've got the basics you can build up the level of skill if you have the talent and the will to do so. Not sure yet that this system is for me, but I do love the results and the designs so I might be persuaded yet! Susan x

  8. Thank you for todays you tube and explaining how to use the plates by taking bits and pieces out
    of different ones to make a new design brilliant product well done you.
    I think the sales will speak for itself and how people are enjoying using it even the brilliant parchment experts on the clarity design team…. Dot xx

  9. It is true that what is normally termed 'parchment craft' involves a lot of skill and also a lot of time and effort to gain high levels of that skill, but your take on parchment craft Barbara makes the beginning a lot more straight forward and good results can be achieved by everyone. Those that wish can go forward to the more involved areas of the craft using perforating tools and the special curved scissors for edges etc and begin the more intricate techniques. Others may be quite happy to go as far as they can with your Groovi Plate method which it strikes me takes out the snobbishness and oneupmanship which happens when 'parchers' see others achieving great results with less labour intensive techniques. Good for you Barbara in breaking down barriers! x

  10. Hallo Barbara, thank you for the wunderful explanation. It is fantastic, how many things I can do with the different plates and it is so easy. I canΒ΄t anything do wrong. I also like the letters on the plate. Super

    Lovely Greetings from Andrea from Bonn, Germany

    1. Hi Barbara
      Isn't that funny,couldn't sleep last night and was thinking of things to do when my groovi set comes.Knowing the Christmas sets are to be seen on Thursday I was making cards in my mind ready and was thinking of Happy Christmas around the circle plates Santa, Reindeer and Stockings then personalising them.Will the new plates be available on the Clarity web site on Thursday?hope you don't mind me asking)

  11. Thank you Barbara for you tube Tuesday Showing how we can interchange our wonderful groovi plates your lovely grace pattern is stunning, the groovi starter kit is fantastic must order the other set thank you Barbara for giving us the new groovi kit xxx

    1. Your very welcome Donna I've lost many of my family members and I grieved very differently for each one I still miss them all but I have my memories like you will look back on too ( how wonderful brenda writes to you ) a warm loving hug xxx

  12. Barbara, I could sit a watch and listen to you for hours, your easy patient style is so informative that you make me want to jump out of bed and go and have a go right now!!! Love it!!
    Looking forward to seeing what other plates you bring us

    Much love

    Kim xxx

  13. Hi Barbara. Thank you for giving us such a fantastic EASY entry into parchment craft. We can now start right at the beginning and then take it as far as we like. Not everyone wants to, or is able to for many reasons, do the more complex parchment craft designs. As Brenda so rightly pointed out why should anyone be excluded from this lovely craft. To say that it is not proper parchment craft is like saying that sewing a button onto a shirt is not sewing!!!! Anyway, thank you again for giving us all a chance to enjoy this craft. The sales of the Groovi Plates etc. show that you have filled a gap in craft, again : ) Take care.

  14. Hi Barbara
    I've just got in from from Ascot racecourse, feet very sore and perhaps one or two glasses of Pims have been had! Just had to leave a comment to say I love the Groovi plate and so many people will get what they can out of the boards and some may go on to do parchment with fancy pricking and scissors but you have opened up the world of this craft for us all. Take heart at all the positive comments, we have your back! I'm going to watch the video tomorrow as I eat my breakfast , I'm really looking forward to it. Take care
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Oh Dot you know me so well! Yep such a classy lady, big basin of lovely hot water, mind you it didn't take me long to count my pennies! Xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Fantastic video today. I love the Grace piece, how pretty is that! I'm sure it will be beautiful when coloured in and that Grace herself will love it. I've already left a comment re Margaret's comment and have to say I was really cross when I read this. I think that the Groovi system is a fantastic idea and can't wait for mine to arrive and am also eagerly awaiting the show tomorrow to see what Groovi Christmas goodies you've got lined up for us. All I can say is Thank You for introducing us to the lovely world of parchment in an easy way. Love Alison xxx

  16. Hello Barb, thank you for such an informative and inspirational You tube video. These Groovi plates are just fabulous and the images you have produced are beautiful. I will be ordering them as soon as possible, so that I can have a go at Parchment Craft. Don't let other people's negativity get to you, as you have brought something to a lot of people, that has prompted them to give it a go. People should not be so dismissive of other peoples talents and ideas. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Looking forward to Thursday and more inspiration. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara I once went to a parchment craft class I knew then that it wasn't for me but I have kept my little card I made and never tried again. When I saw what you had brought to us that Sunday I was over the moon I will be able to do this and make lovely cards. Can't wait for Thursday love June horrocks love to Dave xxx

  18. Hi Barbara I have just spent a really enjoyable half hour watching your video, it's so relaxing to watch you. Why was I saying to the TV that I could see different segments in the wreath seconds before you said it?! Oh I love that moment of clarity. I think these are my favourites so far and can see how they will develop I think this is a must have! I even forgot my feet were hurting for that half hour! Right off for some post exam cheering up shopping now with my daughter , just one more after today!
    Thanks for sharing Barbara, you rock πŸ™‚
    Love Diane xxx

  19. Hi Barbara
    What a great video just shows what you can achieve with your new product.
    Looking forward to the post comming and getting started.
    Just shows what lovley cards you can make with this system. Waiting for the christmas plates on TV tomorrow.
    Best Wishes Lynn xx

  20. Hi Barbara
    This is a wonderful product. There are definitely parchment snobs and I really believe that Groovi will open up a whole new world of creativity for many crafters. Try to ignore the negative comments.
    Crafty hugs from Chris x

  21. Hi Barbara, I have just started some parchment work. I love the Groove system as I have never done this kind of work before, thank you for your easy to follow blog, everyone has to start somewhere and it's people like you who make it enjoyable for us beginner's, keep up the good work. Maureen

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