A burst of Color with Color Burst!

A burst of Color with Color Burst!

Hi there!
Happy lazy Sunday here in Crowborough.
How about you?
I was really looking forward to having an inky session.
Am totally in love with the Groovi Art,
and it seems that our friends and customers are very happy with the new plate system too,
but I have been breathing it, eating it, living it for months,
and an inky, messy session was called for today!
Especially after watching what Paul was up to yesterday with the little bottles of Color Burst powder.
Check out some of his samples!

They are so clever! 
Paul had a blast with stencils too.
I like the very fine applicator nozzle, I must say.
Gives you control.
I wanted to try and recreate this little canvas,
First challenge: I didnโ€™t have any 4″ x 4″ canvas boards to hand!
Ah well, A6 worked too….
Stamped the bird row onto the A6 Canvas board
using Black Archival.
These birds are so lovely to use!
You can bend them on the bough too.
Very lightly puffed the tiniest amount of 2 colours, 
yellow and blue
onto the canvas.
You really cannot imagine how little you need,
until you add A spritz of water!

Because I was working on canvas, 
I could really spritz a load of water, to see what would happen.
See how it explodes?

It was really easy to lift the colour too, with a clean paint brush.

Also, I found that by adding little areas of water, like little puddles, when I puffed a little more pigment powder over the wet area, 
the ultra fine powder settled on the water only. 
I reckon with a little practice, you could get fantastic clouds.

If you think an area is too dark, 
you can just spray it with a little water, and blot it.

Or if you want to add shade in particular places, 
you can use it like paint, to get in in the desired areas.
If you look closely, you can see what I mean.
Looks a right mess, 
but the best part is you can wet it to lift it off too.

You can spritz it, then loosely blot it,
you can spritz it, then pull the wet pigment around with a paintbrush.

 You can paint the birds with the same colours. 
All I did was puff a tiny amount onto the craft mat, add a slightly wet paintbrush, and off you go!
Not a million miles away.
Which proved to me that you have got good nozzle control 
with Color Burst.
Let me just add the whites of their eyes with a White Pilot Pen.
I look forward to have another play with these powders 
another day.
If you fancy the Color Burst, we have got a special offer
And if you want to get some canvas boards,
look no further:
 Got to go.
Too tired today.
If I yawn much more, Iโ€™ll dislocate my jaw!
much love,

39 thoughts on “A burst of Color with Color Burst!

  1. Love these, will have to get some when I get back from hols. Are they similar to brusho's? The effects look great with the stencils too. Do you know if Paul used a resist on some of the stencil samples, if so what. I think those samples from Paul are stunning and can't wait to have a try. Randomly it reminded me to say that Art in Action, http://www.artinaction.org.uk in on next month near Oxford. 16-19th July. If you have never been, please please come, you will find it so inspiring. It is all about people who enjoy art coming together for 4 days, it is bliss. Everyone is so supportive and you get to try lots of things. Barbara, if you need a bed for the night, it's yours. I just think it would be a perfect recharge and you'd love it. Anyway love the picture. Karen

    1. Karen we took our daughter a few years ago and we all had a great day out, she got lots of inspiration from the artists and bought lots of goodies! Xxx

  2. Hi Barbara, glad you enjoyed your play, and your open days went so well for you. These make lovely backgrounds, thanks for sharing. Going to have to give these powders a miss (not even worked out if I'm getting the Groovi stuff yet), but I'm sure I can recreate with stuff I already have. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open too!

    Hi Donna, I'm fine for colouring my sky pale blue, and I'll finish off the flower bits too.

    Thanks Mrs B for telling me you have your telly on all night too. It helps to know someone else does. I always feel guilty about wasting so much electricity/money having the telly on all night every night while I sleep. I try and do without it as much as I can during the day to compensate, but then usually end up having the laptop on most of the day instead!!!

    Love Brenda xx

    1. I do not have the TV on as the flickering screen bothers me, but I do have music on all night softly to shut out random noises outside. Brenda, you have to do whatever makes things more comfortable for you so do not worry about the TV etc. xxx Maggie

    2. Hi Brenda just a wee note to say thankyou for all your wee calming tips we will have a wee go at them she is back on track again we are still learning about sensory stuff and that so any help is welcome.
      Thankyou for caring….Dot… xx

  3. Great canvas and I love the glimpse of Paul's samples too. I'll have to have a go with my brushos and stencils – wonder if they will work in the same way? Guess if I never try, I'll never know!!! Susan x

    1. These powders are a lot more controllable Susan – I posted a comment just now on the blog from the other day – to me these are a "must have" ๐Ÿ™‚ Brushos are not such a fine powder and less controllable. These are amazing and so vibrant! x

  4. Hi Barbara, I just adore these samples both yours and Paul's…I feel another order coming on….I Need to get my hands on these and have a play….hope you can relax a little today….enjoy your evening…hugs…xx

  5. I absolutely LOVE the birds AND the colour bursts… Got to have those… I'll be ringing the office tomorrow for sure… Lovely samples too. These are all going to work wonderfully well with the journaling stamps I bought from you a couple of months ago… Very exciting! Thank you!

  6. So beautiful – love your birds – I'm loving these new powders too, they're so vibrant and I'm so glad that when I was looking at them on Friday, Lynne handed some to me and said "I can see you like them and I think you want them" – thank you Lynne you seem to know me already! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. Hallo Barbara, I try it in english. Iยดm from germany. The picture with the little sweet birds are so nice. I love these colors. It looks very great. Please excuse me, if my english is not so good.
    Andrea from Bonn, Germany

  8. thought about you a lot this week – we were in Hunstanton and could not get the blog!! However pictured you and Dave being windswept along the same beach. Back to reality now – work – no I am going to use mindfullness – work is a hobby which is only a few days, hours of the week – the rest – allotment and CLARITY crafting. I will have to save a little as so, so many goodies. By the way – the blog today is awesome – i wish I was nearer to Paul – great stuff.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading/Norfolk!!!)

  9. How you manage to do your blog after such a busy time, I just do not know. I like the look of thos powders. I have played with Brushos which I did find hard to control. Looking forward to the show on Thursday. Hope you can get some rest in amongst all this rushing. Take care, xxx Maggie

  10. Hi Barbara. I sat and watched Paul for ages yesterday his samples with the birds just great. I dread to think what else you have in the pipe line for us!
    Hope you have had a restful Sunday

    much love
    kim xx

  11. I love the vibrant colours of these paints – and watching Paul yesterday it seemed to be quite easy to get great looking results with them. Or maybe he just made it look easy! I didn't "get" this bird stamp when I saw it before, but it looks fantastic with these colours – the brighter the better!

    I've had a fun afternoon playing with my new goodies – some funky prints from the gelli plate (and some that didn't quite work first time – need to practice!) and very pleased with my first attempt with the groovi plate. So glad I gave into temptation and got it.

    Hope you get a good rest Barbara!

  12. Hi Barbara oh wowPauls samples are fab and your canvas is wonderful too. I'm sure there will be a you tube on these paints so I can see what they are like. They look very intersting. Only a few more days of exams left then a summer of art will be on the cards for my daughter so I will wait until the end of the week to show them to her.
    Night might sleep tight
    Love Diane xxx

  13. Great demo, Barbara. I like the way you manipulated the results with water and blotting. Thanks for showing us Paul's samples. Your photos are better than mine. Mmmm, I have the house to myself for 2 days….. but some chores to finish first. Carol

  14. These effects when using these paints look extremely interesting and the colours are beautiful. I love the birds and the lovely variation of tones you have managed to get. No wonder you are feeling tired after such a hectic weekend so hope you get a good night's sleep. x

  15. Hi Barbara hope you get a wee rest after your hectic 2 days looks like a great time was had by a lot of people love the wee bird canvas and cant wait to see what you have got for the show on Thursday…xx

  16. Hello Barb, love Paul's samples and your canvas, I have been looking for these color burst inks in the UK for ages having seen some you tube videos with them, so when they popped up on the website, I just had to get them, looking forward to playing with them. Hope you got some rest, after a hectic couple of days. Looking forward to more amazing inspiration this week. Bx

  17. Hi Barbara, the new Colour Bursts look great and the canvases that you and Paul created are lovely, could you just paint with them like watercolours I wonder? I'm glad the open days were a huge success again, I so wish I could get to one ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  18. I was so sorry to miss the open days in Crowborough, unfortunately I had already booked my holiday and the dates overlapped. Now I have seen some of the photos of the event, and Paul's lovely samples I am just pretending I was there with everyone instead of relaxing in the Lanzarote sunshine!! Thank you Paul and Barbara for introducing the Colour Bursts to us. I too had seen some demos on You tube, but it's great to see them used with lovely Clarity products. I can't wait to have a go myself now.

  19. Paul demoed these so well had to get them, they a smashing, and yup great 'nozzle control'. Love these birds too. Thanks for sharing as always Barbara. Xxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Sorry haven't been around for a week, but went to London and stupidly left my bag with my tablet and phone at home!! Had to have a technology free week. If anyone is going to London and wants. Show to see I can recommend Beautiful the story of Carole King. It is absolutely brilliant!
    Anyway back to the blog! Your canvas is lovely, the Colour Burst paints look fabulous but I will have to wait to get them as I ordered a lot of the Groovi stuff and am also collecting the Fresco paints. Paul's samples are fantastic too – thank you for sharing them. Pleased the days at Crowborough went well, looking forward to Catterick. Love Alison xx

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