Hello Petal or Howdi Folks??

Hello Petal or Howdi Folks??

Hi Guys!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
How are y’all?
Yes, as you may well be aware, we are on our way to sunny LA for the World premier of Claritystamps in the States.
Whoever would have thought that this little English company that is Claritystamp would be headlining a TV launch in the States?
When? Where? I will tell you everything I know on Friday, 
when we’re there. 
In the meantime, let’s get grounded and do a project.
Here’s a fab Butterfly and Petals set which we didn’t have time to air on TV on Sunday. Actually, it also virtually sold out without any help; butterflies always do that!
Here’s quite a new stencil, a Petal Stencil
which I haven’t played with until now…
Using our Clarity Stencil brushes and 2 fresh Distress Inks,

Lightly brush through the petal apertures 
onto a piece of 7″x7″ Gelli Card,
like so:

Forgive the artistic license here, 
but I went to my shaving foam stash 
and just happened to find THE perfect panel!
It was even the perfect length, so it was meant to be.
Attached it to the petal piece. I use the Stick n Stay adhesive
it is so convenient and permanent.

Brush the same colours over a piece of the same card,

and stamp the butterfly from the Petals and Butterfly kit into place, 
using an Archival Black ink pad.

Colour in with Spectrum Noir pencils
(I went to the Floral Tin for these colours)
We have a very special offer on all 5 tins
Buy 4, get the 5th one FREE!
Anyway, where was I?
Ah yes, colouring in the butterfly.

and cutting it out.

Add sticky fixers to the back. 
If you want more height, stick 2 on top of one another.

Let’s jazz up the Shaving foam panel….
Stamp the dotty petal from the set from the centre outwards, leaving a gap.

Add colour to the Dotty petals, 
using the solid petal which is built for the job.

Starting to come together isn’t it…

Attach the Butterfly in the gap.

I decided the Shaving foam panel needed a black edge. 
Should have done that before I stuck it down really…
But hey ho! She likes to live on the edge…
Butt up a ruler and drag the Micron Pen down for a fine line.

Add some shade to the ends of the petals with pencils.

What do we think? Needs a black backdrop…

Cut a piece just a little larger than the artwork.
And BEFORE we stick it down, 
let’s dust a little green into the corners with a brush.

Again I used spray mount, 
but didn’t direct the adhesive at the square corners, 
because I wanted to curl them up.

So the rounded corners are flat, but the square corners have been teased round a pencil and curled.

 Lots of tricks & tips there.
Hope you got something out of it?
I shall do my best to blog every day from the States.
I was even thinking I might be able to interview somebody 
while we’re there…. 
You never know who you may bump into in L. A.
Have a great day!
Much love,

46 thoughts on “Hello Petal or Howdi Folks??

  1. Bet you're well excited and nervous in equal measures! You will knock them out of their socks……GO BARBARA!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read your comments and if you meet Mr Mickey say hi from blighty!! Xx

  2. Hi Barb,
    This is really fresh and Springlike – better than the weather here! I really like this set and think it is so versatile. Meant to say yesterday that my NDC envelope arrived and the stamps and stencil are fabulous. I even had a go at the canvas project but using mount board because I didn't want to ruin a canvas! I haven't got the golden paints but I used the system 3 with some slow drying gel and it worked quite well, so I think I'll venture onto a canvas tomorrow. Hope you have a great time in the US and congratulations to Clarity too. Love Alison xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Aimecca took the words out of my laptop! Fresh and Springlike, it's lovely. Go get em in the US, and show them what true art is. Enjoy and get some sunshine, it's in short supply here xx.

  4. Not sure where you are finding the time to do all this! What a super, fresh, springlike image to brighten up a wildly wet and windy west Wales day!
    My friend in Illinois cannot believe you are on your way to America. She is going to introduce you to her stamping group. Then, yesterday I introduced Claritystamp to a friend who lives very near the CHA! Can't fly the flag as well as you can, but doing my bit!
    Safe Journey ~~~Debs

  5. A really fresh card looks super. I have this stencil & petals stamp, I think, not sure about the butterfly stamp though. Was this about when you were at Catterick? I think Jo Rice used the stencil & I bought it there. All the best in America Barbara, you'll do great.xx

  6. How fortuitous Barb, I've got both of these (stencil and stamps) I ordered on Sunday. so I've booked marked this page so that I can find it again for when my parcel arrives.

    I won't hope you have a good day, I hope you have a great WEEK! With lots of sales and orders.

  7. Beautiful work today. I just have to get myself a Gelli plate cos those prints are just so fabulous. Is there a sale brewing anytime soon on the Gelli products ? I have some Christmas money but not quite enough …… maybe I hadn't been good all year (but that would have been too boring !)

  8. Lots of tips indeed. Amazing the difference a black micron makes. I must admit I thought you'd already gone to the states! LOL I did not get to see the show yesterday I saw the posts a bit too late. Not sure i'll see any as i'm not keen on signing up with another selling channel just yet, so will wait and see what happens. It's so great that you are headlinling the launch, you really deserve it!

  9. Love that butterfly stamp. Will need to order it with my next order, although I may need to wait a while as I have three parcels on the way already! Pay day is only three weeks away!
    Enjoy your time in the US. I am sure that it will be really hectic. xx

  10. Hello Barb, some fabulous tips and techniques, looks great with the fine black lines, but it is the lovely colours that have really got me fired up today. May your trip to the US be totally awesome, stay safe. I know that once you have launched there, they are going to be just as enthralled with all things Clarity, as we are here. Take care and try get some enjoyment out of the trip as well. Not just work. Bx

  11. Hi Barb,
    a really breeze of springtime I would call it… beautiful card…
    Have a GREAT time in the USA and Ia lot of fun in L.A. (I was there last april and I met Zorro on the Walk of Fame;-))
    Rolf xxx

  12. Love the colours Barbara, really fresh. I hope you have a great time over there. I'm sure they will love you as much as we do. Just make sure you come back, they can't have our Barbara Gray!!

  13. Hi Barbara Beautiful artwork again today, I loved the curved edges with the straight corners, and then you went and curled the corners and took it up one more notch! Fantastic. Those Americans are going to love you with your cute British accent and fab stuff, but please come back to the uk afterwards. You really wouldn't like the constant sunshine! Have fun and get some special time too to enjoy the success . Take care love Diane xxxx

  14. Ooooh Barbara, you've done it again! I love your card. I can imagine it done with the NDC stamps from this time instead of the petals. Might just have to have a go with the butterfly I already have. Quick grab that thought before it flies off again. Must write these ideas down!
    Safe journey. Alison.

  15. Howdy Barbara.
    This is quite lovely and I am so pleased as I have all the " ingredients " so no worries there. Oh I forgot- my shaving foam has conditioner in it so must replace that. I will look for some suitable patterned paper in my stash. I am pleased to report that your fabulous canvas, which I was lucky enough to win from your show on Sunday, has arrived and I am so inspired. Thank you so much. I am waiting for my little folk and portfolio to arrive. Enjoy CHA and keep those gremlins in their place. Take time to explore some fab clothes shops ( just one or two lovely tops won't hurt ! )
    Crafty hugs
    Chris K xxx

  16. What a lovely springtime feel to this, very refreshing on a wet, blowy day in Cumbria…expect you were thinking of the sunshine in LA. I don't know how you find time for fit it all in! Do you feel like you're returning to where it all started with you moment if Clarity in Santa Barbara? If you have any doubts about this launch, just think how far you've come and that we're all behind you, like a flock of Clarity wingmen. You might need some new staff to pack all those new orders off to the states though. …now I wonder who'd like a job working at Clarity Towers…hmm? Xx

    1. Who wouldn't!!!!! Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your op and hope you have a quick recovery and get back to full health and your career. Love Brenda xx

  17. Good morning,
    Thc colors are really great on this card and I am sure Mickey will sat Ta da as soon as he meets you. Welcome to the U.S. Looking forward to seeing you on the TV.

  18. I'm going to have to check as I think I have the butterfly but not sure about the stencil! Do need to get organised so I know what I have got! A lovely refreshing card and I can see me trying it in different colours to work in with some scrap shaving foam paper!

  19. Lovely fresh colours & a lovely stamp. Hope you enjoy your LA trip – will you get to see Grace whilst you're there? I hope so, it would be lovely for you. Good luck with the launch. Pat x

  20. Safe journey, can't wait to see what you have in store. Card today is lovely and fresh looking. I just put in an order and got a very beautiful new blossom stencil that I can't wait to use. Xx

  21. Hi Barbara, thank you, lovely sunny artwork to brighten up the stormy day. I wish you all the very best for all of your shows, hope each one is a total sell out for you.
    Love Brenda xx

  22. This is a lovely card and the background is beautiful in those fresh colours, and who doesn't love a butterfly and also the pretty petals as a border on the central panel. I'm sure LA will be great! x

  23. Hi Barbara. Love the butterfly piece today, lots of great tips for me to remember. Wishing you a safe and relaxing flight, I have a feeling that you are going to be very busy one way or the other once you touch down in the USA! Clarity is going to go down a storm over the pond, those that haven't heard of you are in for such a treat. Enjoy it all : ) Take care.

  24. Fab artwork Barbara, the stamps and stencil look great together. I'm sure you'll be amazing in the States and they'll love you. Go show them what the British can do 🙂 ! Hope the journey goes well, and you manage to have a little down time whilst in LA too. xx

  25. Hi Barbara,
    Knock 'em dead over there and show them how its done! enjoy the trip.

    A stunning card, bright and cheerful. I like the mix of shaving foam, stencil and stamping techniques.

    Take care and safe trip home,
    Jackie, x

  26. I loved the design, think that I've got all the stamps. yep I'm off the play with the shaving foam and make a mess again.
    Fingers crossed everything goes well in America.

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