YouTube Tuesday – A Million Thank you’s

YouTube Tuesday – A Million Thank you’s

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.

Just a quickie as they say.
well, actually, not so quickie!
But a fresh, very simple approach to saying Thank You.
How often do we say Thank You?
I’m forever thanking people for their help, gifts, friendship.
Especially at this time of year.
I used this fab Thank You stamp only a couple of days ago, 
on the January 3rd blog. It really is a handy set.
This is a neat way to create a frame or border with nothing more than a Micron pen and a ruler.
Oh! And a couple of magic pens!
I know. I look like death warmed over.
Can I add in my defence that it’s the lighting ?!
I’m hoping that a little sunshine in LA tomorrow will help.

Items Used:

Must dash.
Got a million things to do, too…

Much love,

48 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – A Million Thank you’s

    1. You're welcome, Barbara. Your blogs keep my crafting mojo going, especially when I'm in a lot of pain & stuck lying on the floor. I've watched the video now and really enjoyed it however I think I may need to return my distress markers. I was waving them enthusiastically at my work and the whole room turned green and yellow. Is there an adjustable power switch that I've missed?
      Hope America is ready for you!! Looking forward to the shows but also hoping I'm in hospital and have to see them on catch up. Lots of love Jeanette xx

    2. Hi Jeanette. In the nicest possible way I hope you have to miss Barbara on Saturday as that will mean you are in for your op. Good luck. Take care x : )

  1. Hi Barb,
    This stamp is fantastic and with all of the extra sentiment bits it is so versatile. Definitely a must have. I really do appreciate you taking the time to do the blog when you are as busy as you are at the moment and I hope you get to enjoy some of the LA sunshine. Love Alison xx

  2. Good morning, I adore this stamp and need to order it. The magic wand is way cool, glad I have those. Safe travels to LA. I am looking forward to seeing you on TV in the US, yippeeeeee

  3. Hi Barb,
    Great idea for the Thank You stamp,, where can I get those magic distress markers, the magic wand seems to be missing from mine !!!
    Enjoy the sunshine, if you get the chance, and if you go shopping and the lady asks for your Visa, do not give her your passport, ha ha. I still think that's so funny!!
    Love, and thanks for all you do xxx

  4. Another brilliant stamp and great YouTube dem too. Thanks Barbara. That stamp is on my shopping list for sure… Before I go, can I say that my Clarity Club envelope arrived yesterday (which was enough to make my day before I opened it!). If anyone reading this is undecided as to whether or not to join, may I say you are REALLY missing out. The stencil and stamps are wonderful, with ideas sheets too. This month brought us a heart stencil and 2 daisy stamps. My heart stencil is drying as I speak. I'm not a whiz by any means but the projects are doable, even for me. Join now! You'll NEVER regret it! Have a great day all… Love Gill xxx

  5. Wow Barbara I love this stamp set they are on my wish list as just ordered on the club clarity sale and ordered the wee people straight from clarity ,thank you for taking the time to you tube and blog when your so busy your wonderful safe journey to states and home again have a brilliant show crafting hugs xxx

  6. what a great video and that card look very sharp and beautiful, another set of stamps to add to my ever growing list.
    Have a safe journey and a wonderful time in the USA
    Jackie x

  7. Loved this you tube the little box colouring was fantastic, I have to say I liked it in black and white as well ! The shadow box would be good for the wee folk as well! Have fun in the USA x

  8. Hello Barb, just a little bit of magic. Love it, but also like the monochromatic one as well. Love the idea, and is a great frame, especially for mens cards, but works so well with the ribbon thank you words. Great video. And Barb, you will knock em dead in the US, and become a household name there too. Don't worry about the lighting, I also blame it, but then get some of the "war paint" as I like to call it, out of the dark recesses of the make-up draw, and slap some on. Take care and get some rest before you take-off. Bx

  9. Great video. Those distress markers really are great. Ithink you should waft them over Dean! I notice he's planning to be naughty! Wishing you a safe trip and and lots of fun x

  10. Oh dear Barbara, I thought you were already in LA so I got that a bit wrong didn't That thank you stamp is very useful with all the other little stamps that go with it, and a good size too, and I love what you have done with it. Hope you have a safe trip and do get to sample some of that LA sunshine whilst you are there, you know the saying 'all work and no play'. Take care. x

  11. My goodness Barbara! I don't know how you fit it all in! What with US and everything else on your plate. As you were colouring in, it came to me that that my be a different thing to do on a plane journey and I might pack one of those in my hand luggage on next trip to Spain (assuming no turbulence of course!) to colour in. The kids are given colouring books so I don't see why I shouldn't have a bit of relaxation too. Would make a change from reading which I can leave for the sun bed! Absolutely love this one and can't wait to have a go with mine now! Have a great time in US and make sure you use that want if you need to !! xx

  12. OK. I tried but no magic in my house sadly. Must be reserved just for you. Have a wonderful time in the States. Just don't forget your loyal friends and customers back here when you're being driven about in a limo and sipping champagne with the stars! xx Margaret Col.

  13. Lovely demo. Your take on the stamp turned it into a very special Thank you. Have a successful and safe trip. Maybe you can get some rest on the plane.

  14. As ever AWSOME beautiful stamp with so many uses. Will enjoy making cards using this.
    Have a good trip, take care, keep Dean under control and look forward to having a safe journey home.

  15. Hi Barbara, thank you very much for still YouTubing and blogging, hope this demo helped give you some time out, doing all the boxes. Wish I knew how you manage to make hours of the day stretch into so many things. Have you been talking to Hermione and Dumbledore, getting them to lend you their time turner, by any chance!!!!! Simple (but very effective) demos and ideas very welcome for numpty here who keeps falling off the back of your arty train, helps me climb back aboard!!!!

    Hope you manage to get a good rest on the flight and all the very best for your USA takeover!!! I'll be watching, routing for you.

    love Brenda xx

  16. Hi Barbara,
    I love this set of stamps. so useful, but I'll have to wait for payday to add them to my list of stamps from the Clarity sale as I've just renewed my membership last week.
    Wish you a safe and happy trip to States and keep Dean under control 🙂
    happy travels,
    Jackie, x

  17. Hi Barbara,
    watched your C&C US-shows in the internet and I must say you did very well.
    Hope you have a safe flight to LA and have a lot of fun at the CHA
    Rolf xxx

  18. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist ein wundervolles Stempelset und deine Gestaltung und das Video wieder absolut genial.
    Ich würde auch gern so zaubern können. Vielen Dank für die wundervolle Inspiration. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  19. Barbara this is my second blog as just watched the you tube in bed love the magic wand trick love you tube Tuesday love this set was on my wish list now just going to order it as now it's a must have xxx

  20. Iced the video again know I need those stamps top of list just cannot have everything and the set of pans have the small set I wonder if Nobwould like them for his birthday this month could try but don't think he will be impressed how well have to wait. All best for trip your going to knock the Americans Dead they are going to love you and your products vid set to record saturday Deanis going to be hypo don't forget manic pens all best love joy xxx

  21. Barbara…as ever I ever so much enjoyed You Tube Tuesday but you look very tired so I hope you can get some rest on the plane trip before what is going to be an outstanding trip!!! Do hope you get some sun and a bit of R&R mixed in with the show and everything!!! Knock em dead my friend – you know you can
    Safe trip to you and Dave
    Much love
    Kim xx

    1. Super stamps & super demo, they're going to be on my next order along with the gorgeous little people. Have a great time in US & make some time for yourself you are always on the go. Safe journey Barbara hope I can manage to see your US shows. xx

  22. Lovely video Barbara, thanks for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to keep up with the blog. Enjoy your trip to LA, try to allow time for some relaxation too. Anne x

  23. Hi Barbara what a great video today. Thank you for filming it when you have so much to do, thank you for being you and thank you for making us laugh. You are a star. Wish I had your magic pens, so much I could do with them. Have a safe trip and enjoy that lovely sunshine when you can. Take care love Diane xxx

  24. Hi Barbara. A wonderful CAS card, love it. Even I can manage this : ) Do you realise just how much we love your videos? Not only are they always inspiring but I always have a smile on my face. Please share where you got your magic pens from. Oh, if only they were real, how much would we pay for them !!! : ) Take care.

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