A new stencil to create the mood….

A new stencil to create the mood….

Hi there.
Greetings from LA!
Here’s a new stencil we have rustled up to compliment Jo’s Bubble stencil!
A super Flower Power Stencil.
Hope you like what I’ve done with it. See if you can figure it out….
I’ll do a step by step when I get to a Wifi Place and have more time if you like xxx
Lots to do here in L.A. today ! Sunshine and a room overlooking the pool!
Oh! And I brought the cozzy I bought in Baden Baden on that fateful sauna trip with the Persian Carpet salesman….
Lots of love
Barb xxx

39 thoughts on “A new stencil to create the mood….

  1. I likey likey this stencil an awful lot!
    I'm sure you won't be at a loose end in LA ~ plenty to see and do and I can assure you that you will not be missing our weather in the UK one jot! Deb xo

  2. Enjoy your swim, let's hope you don't have any unexpected visitors in the pool this time! This was the stencil I ordered, saw it and thought that would go nicely with the bubble stencil. Xx

  3. Looking good Barbara!!! A room overlooking the pool….me jealous???? Not much Im not!!!! Sunshine – whats that – don't think we've seen much of that for a while!!! Im sure the room, the sunshine and american grub will make up for all the hard work involved!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  4. Lol. Fab stencils, I think you've used GP with Jo's bubbles then used GP again with the new flower stencil on top , on one if the new canvas boards and used the open acrylic paints mainly the blue one x

  5. Hi Barbara wow love this stencil, canvas and grunge paste??? Looking forward to instructions when you find wifi. Meanwhile make sure you get time to relax in the pool in the sunshine, hopefully without carpet salesmen!!! Take care. Love Diane xxx

  6. Oh another gorgeous stencil – will def be buying this one. Is it grunge on top of dry grunge on canvas? Look forward to seeing how you did it. Enjoy your trip. Lx

  7. LOL, the Persian carpet man! I like these stencils. I'd say you have used a canvass, grunge paste and some acrylics. It looks like you may have grunged it twice. A little bit randomly. Looks good whatever you did with it. Enjoy the pool. Not at all jealous, we had sunshine today and with my central heating on full blast and the tunes blaring I could of been in LA myself. Then it went dark at 4pm 🙁

  8. Love the new stencil, another one I need, he! he! Love what you've done with it. Beautiful sunshine this afternoon in the South West, but I hope you've got the heat too. Wow your room sounds good. Hope you've managed a lovely swim with that new cozzy. Have a super time & don't fret if you haven't got time to blog, we can always go back & refresh ourselves with the older ones. Just have some fun.xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Yes. another stencil I need. Debtors' Prison here I come!!!
    Enjoy the pool, wear the cossie, and behave yourself! At least your mam's not with you to lead you astray ha ha (not that you take much leading). xx
    It's wet, cold, windy and dark most of the day here – just to make you feel better.

  10. Hope you get chance to enjoy the pool. I love, love, love this stencil. Anything with a daisy on! I don't suppose you fancy doing some word stencils to grunge through. I love the word chain stamps but could do with some word stencils now. A girl can never have too many stencils! Lol!
    Can't wait for the show, good luck. Xx

  11. that stencil looks cool and used in conjunction with bubbles it just gives it an added dimension. i think you have used it on canvas again here doing a double take with grunge paste like on club project. would love to see the step by step when you have time, hugs xx

  12. Sunshine, pool, playtime? Enjoy every minute. Have made a start with GP, canvas and some paints? Oooooh the weather might be dodgy but it means I can craft all day. Have a fab time x

  13. I had already spotted that stencil but I had not realised how well it does fit with Jo's Bubbles. Can't wait to get it. Have a great time relaxing in that pool after all your hard work. You deserve it. Now go and wow them all out there. xx Maggie

  14. Hello. Love that stencil. I have used the bubble so much since getting it, so this is a must-have as well. It's a tough life, sunshine, pool, smart cozzy, but not for long. The hard work is about to begin so enjoy a moment or two to relax. xx Margaret Col.

  15. Hi Barb,
    Loving this new stencil – another must have. I'm in agreement with the others that you have used grunge paste through Jo's Bubbles and then once dry grunge paste through the new stencil and then painted with the open acrylics. At first I thought you'd embossed but then decided it was a canvas. However you did it , it is lovely. Let's hope you have better luck in your Cossie than you did last time you wore it with the cocky German or the Persian carpet salesman!!! Enjoy the sunshine too. Love Alison xx

  16. Hello Barb, so who sat and worked out exàctly where the daisies go to match up the bubbles. Great new stencil, nearly bought it today, but then the members only winter sale took over! Did order some other goodies though! My present to me. Good luck for the US Launch. Looking forward to it. Put that coźzie to somè good use! Takè care. Bx

  17. Another great stencil and love the way it matches up with the bubbles. I think it has already been said – grunge paste and acrylics on canvas board. Glad you have a fab room and hope you manage a lovely swim without any interference this time!

  18. Pretty stencil and useful that it fits the lovely bubbles. I envy you the sunshine. We had really awful rain in East Sussex this morning then glorious sunshine in the afternoon. Enjoy your time there.

  19. Oh lovely new stencil. I can see that being used a lot. Really like the blue piece that you've used it in.
    Weather and room sound fab but aren't you tempting fate wearing that Baden Baden cozzy!!!
    Glad that you've found time for some r&r. Have a great time and maybe you could purloin a couple of shopping trolleys for you and Dave to push your Clarity stuff to the studios in!! Can just see the two of you on sunset strip with all the skinny Rollerblades lol! Xxx

  20. Hi Barbara. Love the daisy stencil. Not going to try and work out what you have done, just love it. Have a dip or two in the pool, hopefully without any unwanted strangers body parts being flapped around you! : ) You are going to be greeted with open arms. Take care.

  21. Hi Barbara, looks like you've embossed you jeans!!!!! I love it and the new stencils, must check out the new in products for my next order. Yes I'd love a step by step please, when you have time. I thought maybe it was calico, but then that wouldn't be stiff enough to hold the grunge paste without cracking it, so must be a canvas, although it does look wrinkled a bit, hence my first thought of calico. Would grunge paste work on fabric, not for wearing, for art /cards etc.

    When I read "pool", I thought oh no, not after your encounters the last time you mentioned that word, but then remembered Dave is with you this time, and there's no way he's going to let you out of his sight after that last encounter!!!!

    Was extremely stormy here last night with massive gusts of wind, I was up most of the night scared, and it's due back again tonight! Glad you are having good weather, enjoy.

    love Brenda xx

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