A Tear in the Gelli Plate!

A Tear in the Gelli Plate!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
Thursday’s Blog is always Blue, and I thought it was about time 
we got our Gelli Plates out again.
Let’s see what I used:
A small Gelli Plate 6″ x 6″
The Clarity Gelli Card 7″ x 7″
A Speedball Brayer
Leafy Swirl Stencil
Process Cyan Acrylic Paint
Process Magenta Acrylic Paint
Buff Titanium Acrylic Paint
Centre the Gelli Plate on a sheet of the card; this will help no end when you go to pull the print at the end.
Put a little Process Cyan acrylic paint top and bottom.

Spread it out with the brayer, 
leaving the plate clear-ish in the middle.
You can just keep going back and forth, until the brayer starts pulling the colour back off again.
The trick is knowing when to stop!
Leave it to dry  for a couple of minutes.

Add a little Process Magenta on top of the dry blue,

and spread out over the gelli plate, like this.
While it’s still wet,

lay the Leafy Stencil down,

blot with bubble-wrap here and there,
blot with copy paper here and there,
remove the stencil,
and leave to dry.
While your masterpiece is drying nicely, tear a strip of copy paper.
If you’re anything like me, wanting to get the tear just so,
this will take longer than the entire Gelli Plate process!
Spread a layer of Buff Titanium on top of the lovely dry layer.
mmm. Methinks I need a new tube of Buff Tit!

Position your paper strip on the wet paint.

Leave the strip in place, lay down a clean sheet of the Gelli Card, 
rub the back evenly,
and then say a prayer…

Just as I always say: Prayer works!

 Even the paper strip will be good for another project! 
Waste not want not.
When you get right up close, 
it really does look like the print is torn in the Gelli Print. 


So now we can add a message.
Word Chains at the ready!


I have just taken 5 minutes whilst writing this, to ponder on Trust.
Five letters. Big word. 

Trim the white edges,

and then spend the rest of the day 
deciding whether it needs a dark frame,

 or a light one!

I really enjoyed this one; 
puts a completely different spin on Layer it up.
Being able to add multiple layers of colour and pattern on the Gelli Plate like this really opens doors. 
I think I will do a You Tube Video of one of these soon. 
Maybe I will even have a go on TV this coming Sunday!
much love, 

66 thoughts on “A Tear in the Gelli Plate!

  1. Morning Barb, loving this effect especially the torn look – will definitely give this one a go!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the TV on Sunday xx

  2. Oh Barbara… That looks ace! Come Saturday I will be getting my paints and Gelli out!!! Easter hols start on Friday night! Have a great day! Xxx

  3. Morning, love this, I will give this a go…..I am improving with the Gelli plate, at least I am getting prints that I can use. Thanks Jx

  4. Wow, I love these colors together, it might be time to pull out the Gelli plate and play. Gill has organized her den so I have easy access to paint. Off I go.. Thanks look forward to seeing this on YouTube.. Xxx

  5. Hello Barb, what a fab idea with the tear, and the layered colours, need to have a go at this one. When I read the title, before scrolling down, I was not sure whether you meant as in tear drop, or as in rip, isn't it weird how the same word, pronounced differently has different meanings. Bx

  6. Hi Barbara. I am playing catch up so want to tell you that I loved yesterdays post. Loved the depth that you can achieve. Todays piece is just a beautiful, can't believe just how clean the "tear" on the print is 🙂 Take care.

  7. When I started with my gelli plate I was trying to get this layered effect without much success. Now I know I was not letting the layers of paint dry enough between colours. I think I was to worried about the paint drying and the gelli plate being ruined. Love the blue and purple together will have to try that combination. Thanks for a lovely start to Thursday! Xx

  8. Always really enjoy the post when you get your Gelli plate out. What a beautiful piece of work. I really, really must get myself a Gelli…… I'm becoming a little envious

  9. Really rich looking print, beautifulcolour combination. I would go with the red mount for this print, which I think allows your eye to travel into the print. To me, the black strips the richness from the colour. xx Maggie

  10. Fantastic technique – just when you brought us the clarity blending mat and we thought ripping paper was a thing of the past, you spring this idea out of the hat! Will try to have a go this week as the effect is amazing. Thanks, Susan x

    1. Meant to say, I saw a card made from tiny strips of gelli print, woven together as a topper on Pinterest – wouldn't that be perfect for the little left over bits? Susan x

  11. Hi Barb,
    Love this. The colours are fabulous together and the idea of using the torn paper like this is really clever. Will certainly be trying this one as it looks great but also relatively easy and quick to do (I think!). Thanks for the ideas. Love Alison xx
    Ps I think I would do a thin mount of black and a bigger one with the pink.

  12. Hi Barbara
    When i first got my gelli plate i always thought we had to be quick before the paint dryed but you leave it between layers so i am going to try this. Lovely piece of art work i think thin edge of black then the pink.

  13. Ooh, you caught me out, I really thought you had torn your geliplate at the beginning. I love all your ideas for them, but wish you used the larger A4 plate more.

  14. What a fabulous background. I've only had a little play with the Gelli plate I got ar Port Sunny so nothing as snazzy as this – early days yet. I love how the colours combine on this one.
    Beryl xx

  15. Wow love this background and faux layering technique, a YouTube video of how you did it would be fantastic. Mmmmm playtime this afternoon hopefully must get my geli plate out
    Have a lovely day
    Jackie x

  16. Morning Barbara,
    Every time you demo the geli plate I can't wait to get mine out and try yours looks fantastic mines not so much but, today might be the day it looks awesome and since its pouring with rain I have an excuse to spend the day perfecting it.
    Lorna D

  17. Great idea I use the Gelli plate a fair bit and never ceases to amaze me amongst the "disasters" there is the odd Gem and it is only a piece of paper after all. I bet you don't lose as many pieces of paper to the bin as me. I'm thinking of naming my bin as it seems to eat the paper and be ever hungry for more. Now I'm rambling sorry. Thanks Barbara


  18. Barb, this is fabulous and I laughed when you said it would take longer getting the tear right. I totally agree and can see me ripping paper for a while. Lol, still thinking about it he he.
    I love the dark frame but I do also love the light frame as it seems to match perfectly with the majenta. 🙂

  19. Ah, I know where I was going worng now when I tried layering colours on the Gelli Plate on Sunday. I just wasn't letting it dry before adding the next colour. I will definetely have to have another go to see if I can get it right! I love the colours on your Gelli art and would maybe use both backgrounds with black as the first layer and then the red.

  20. I love the blue and magenta together, what a fabulous colour they made. Very clever technique with the strip of paper – as you say, it does look as if there's a tear in the artwork. Pat x

  21. Beautiful colours and texture. Looks like a great design for home furnishings. LUSH! Easter hols start next Wednesday so hope to have a play on the gelli soon but I'm off to Jo's first Cumbria class on Saturday and I can't wait xxx

  22. I must get my Gelli plate out. I have the larger one but am thinking I might need the small one too! Need to save some pennies! This technique is fabulous, looks mega cool! xx

  23. Love this, it's absolutely beautiful. My lovely husband has bought me a gelli plate for my birthday, but it's not til the end of the month. Am itching to have a go!!
    Thank you Barbara, Jan

  24. Oh I love this, I have not got those colours of acrylic paint but can experiment with the technique with the ones I have. Will be fun to see what I produce. Personally I would choose the lighter background, think it makes the colours stand out more. Looking forward to Sunday shows Lynne xx

  25. Just loved this will be trying this one like both back grounds may be navy instead of black but like the pink one bit more. So looking forward to Sunday and you on C&C who is with you hope Dean do enjoy it with you too , have since rest of week what's left xxx

  26. Wow this looks great. I love the leafy swirl mask. I have the stamps and they are so useful.
    Looking forward to Sunday – it's my birthday on Saturday so hopefully will be able to treat myself on Sunday.

  27. this is what you call 'letting it rip' lol, fabulous, going to dig out by Gelli Plate and have a go, love all the fantastic ideas you come up with Barbara, looking forward to seeing you at the weekend and all your fab demos crafty hugs xxx

  28. Love this effect and the layers of colour – my gelli plate will no doubt get an airing this weekend again, or the early hours of tomorrow morning when I can't sleep!
    Looking forward to Sunday – have already told my other half the TV is mine between 9 & 11 – thank goodness the rugby has finished or I wouldn't have stood a chance! x

  29. It is amazing what happens with a Gelli Plate when you lay down all those different colours it is difficult to know what will happen but I suppose that's what is great about it, it is different every time. Putting the strip of torn paper across before pulling the print works beautifully, you can even see the paper fibres where it was torn. Must get one of these. x

  30. Please do this on Sunday. I love watching you demo the Gelli plate, one day I may even pluck up the courage to use mine!! This may well be the card to try.

  31. I love this and the effect the torn paper gives. Will definitely be giving this a try. I need.more.acrylic paints now! I would probably use both the dark and the light, so my only decision would be which.is.used first… x

  32. I am sulking as so need a gelli plate but stamps just seem to always win out on my little monthly craft budget – I have been saving my craft budget change and nearly have enough …. May be I could raffle my dad as a fund raiser lol!
    All joking aside next month do no more word chains and them the Gelli plate and the bits I'll need like paint and a new brayer will get to the top of my wish list lol!

  33. I have told you I think this card is absolutely gorgeous, I just haven't told you on here, until now! Long story (boring one too) Anyway I think this method is a great way to get a print its like the Dregs and then some isn't it. The ripped paper is perfect for the word chains too. x

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