Welcome Dorothy!

Welcome Dorothy!

Hello there!
Thank you so much for dropping in on this lovely Friday in April. 
We had a little visitor to Clarity Towers yesterday:
Please say a loud Aaaaahhhhhh
and welcome our first Clarity Baby,
Dorothy Jean.
Annie gave birth to baby Dot 3 weeks ago
on March 11th.
Here’s Mum. Doesn’t she look radiant?!
It was so nice to see them both,
and we are sure that Dot will become a regular visitor!
Oh yeah?
From the mouths of babes…
But’s let’s let Annie enjoy her little miracle for a while yet, 
before she starts designing those lovely stencils and stamps for us again. She is a clever, bright young woman, you know.
We love her!
And after all that excitement, Dot was pooped!
So please join me in wishing Annie, Robbie 
and their little Dorothy 
all the very, very best in the world.
much love and hugs and kisses,

63 thoughts on “Welcome Dorothy!

  1. Ahhhh, she is beautiful. What a gorgeous, joyful visitor. Congratulations to Annie. What a cutie pie. Hmm should we expect the patter of baby stamps/stencils in the future? xxx

  2. She is adorable – Congratulations Annie & Robbie , I think your daughter has stolen the hearts of this creative little nation .
    Maybe Barbara this will feed the thought of journaling and scrap booking and more to use in that altered art ilk like the word chains ?????
    I bought in a well known national chain off discount book shops a book called the story of mum as a little Mother's Day gift for my mum . It's a book full of questions like who was your first boyfriend , what was your favourite Christmas present , what flowers do you like best etc etc etc ….
    It's fab as really some lovely questions to make a proper log of who my mum is , not what we think but what she thinks and I plan then to use it as my inspiration to make a memory book and box using my love of stamping and my developing love of altered art and scrap booking .
    I have already got her to write something on a cards with each of the current word chains stamped on as a building block so more please as I have to think of Dad too. I want to do them for them to share with the Grandkids etc and just incase dementia strikes like it did my Gran as memories are so important and remembering our heritage ….. New Baby's always are a fab place to start a journal or a scrapbook I think lol!

  3. Congratulations to Annie and a warm welcome to the world to little Dorothy. She is beautiful and I hope we will see more of her as she grows up. xxx Maggie

  4. Baby Dot looks gorgeous and it looks like she got tired out with all the going on at Clarity, all the oooing and aaaing was too much lol. Annie is a lucky lady to have a perfect little bundle of joy. And looking so well, well done Annie. Thank you for sharing Barb. I love to see the joy a new Baby brings Dx

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics Barb, congratulations Annie and Robbie, and welcome to the world little Dorothy. I am sure before long she will be toddling around with a clarity stamp mount in her hand 🙂 Bx

  6. Congratulations to the new parents and Dot, welcome to our world. May be not the nicest one, but still full of excitment, joy and friends who will help you and your parents become a Young girl. xx

  7. Congratulations Annie and Robbie. Dorothy is beautiful. Look at those long fingers!!!…a musician in the making? Treasure every little moment with her. They are not babies for long! Love and hugs! Xxx

  8. How adorable ! I have to say that I didn't look anywhere as lovely as Mum 3 weeks after giving birth to my son…. I resembled something that had been crumpled up in the back of my stash cupboard for a while, distressed around the edges & then subjected to a bit of flattening out with my brayer. Congratulations & having been inspired today by these beautiful photos I am going to make a card based on a "Dot" & circle theme in honour of the new Clarity team member

    1. I am with you Claire. I did not look anywhere as lovely as Annie does when my son was 3 weeks old! Your description was probably me on a really good day! 🙂 x

    2. Thanks for that Sarah…. I thought I was the only one. For quite some time I tried to launch "Bedraggled" as the new fashion look but it didn't really take off !

  9. Congratulations to the pround parents Annie and Robbie on the birth of their beautiful little daughter and a warm welcome to the Clarity family. I would imagine lots of cuddles were had and not just by the ladies!

  10. Congratulations Annie and Robbie on the birth of your lovely daughter. A Piscies, she will grow up to be a lovely, sweet natured little gem. Wishing you the very best of luck. xxx

  11. Hi Barbara. Congratulations to Annie and Robbie. What a little beauty Dot is : ) She will bring so much joy, not only to her Mum and Dad, but to all of your Clarity family. Have a good weekend. Take care.

  12. Morning Barbara,
    Babies are so wonderful and definitely a treasure because before long as we know they are grown-up and away from home!
    Lorna D

  13. Congratulations on your new arrival – I bet not much work was done whilst she was visiting! I wonder how long it will be before she has inky fingers. Pat x

  14. Congratulations to Annie and Rob on the birth of the lovely Dorothy. Two things to think about as my Mum (87 this week) says 'remember – children are lent not given' and as I say 'enjoy every moment, even the difficult times, because you turn around twice and you're packing them off to university'. Lx

  15. What an adorable, bright eyed baby, I love the fourth pic, looks like little Dorothy is looking for some clarity on what all these big people are oohing and aahing about, very cute. I'm amazed how fab and awake Annie looks 3 weeks after giving birth, well done! Best wishes to all. xx

  16. Thankyou all for your lovely comments. Little
    Dot enjoyed meeting everyone. And I'm sure she will enjoy growing up in the arty industry 🙂 xxx lucky girl
    Annie xxx

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