Snowflake Baubles on Black Parchment…

Snowflake Baubles on Black Parchment…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours, right? How about a little Snowflake trip down Memory Lane?

I was looking through our Christmas library this morning, and came across these two black beauties, by Linda Williams.

Linda Williams
Linda Williams

I have done detailed step by step blog projects of these Snowflake Baubles on Black Parchment in the past. Click HERE to find. These classy cards are not as tricky as they look…

I remember when we launched these snowflakes plates by Tina Cox. They were our first kind of duet plate, where you could emboss and perforate at the same time. They really were groundbreaking.

It was at about the same times as we introduced our Lightwave, that super slim light table. So working on dark parchment – especially Black Parchment became so SO much easier!

I’d go as far as to say that the Lightwave is handy for most parchment work. I have always been specific about whether you really NEED it for a particular parching technique, and black parchment certainly falls into that category for me – but nowadays I just find it easier on the eyes to use the underlighter.


Explanation of the Duet Snowflakes HERE

Snowflake Duets available HERE

So to the black parchment. We have it in stock, in A4, A5 and in a Christmas Mixed pack HERE

If you fancy another super simple project on clear parchment using the same Snowflake plates, check this out! HERE

Barbara Gray

Just to finish on a snowy, arty note, here are a couple of masterpieces by Tina and Glynis. Wonderful work .

Tina Cox
Glynis Whitehead

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “Snowflake Baubles on Black Parchment…

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the snowflakes, I’ve not really used them much so will have a go at this I reckon ! Was only thinking I should get started on the C word – I’ve got 3 stockings to do this year ! X

  2. Hello Barbara
    I love everything about today’s blog. Even more than usual. Love black parchment, the lightwave, the duet snowflakes, baubles, Jayne Nestorenko’s plates, Tina’s offering and Glynis’s offering, Linda’s design and your design. Everything!

  3. Ohh there are lovely but my pennie situation isn’t allowing me to get them as you say one day at the time love Anja

  4. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous samples from Design Team (& yourself of course). I bought these when they first came out and loved them even though I didn’t find them easy to use at first. I might just have to get them out to use again this year. I’m in the middle of filing all of my Groovi plates , so hopefully I should be able to find them easily!! 🤣🤣🤣. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  5. Wow love these on the black I have the plates but have never used on black before may have to give this a go as love the effect xxlooking forward to baubles in the SHAC xx

  6. Evening All.
    Lovely artwork. Looking forward to the Shac on Thursday, then I will make a decision on what I will do for this years Christmas cards! Full of indecision at the moment!
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  7. Thanks for the reminder of how these plates work, love the baubles. Really need to get started on cards for Christmas as it is creeping up faster than you think. On that note I will go & dig out the templates for Thursday’s SHAC & fingers crossed that Virgin don’t interrupt our hour of doodling as they have given us notice of problems throughout the day because of necessary work.

  8. Hi Barbara all the artwork in this post is gorgeous. I just love it all. I do have a lot to learn. I see the Shac Shack is back on Thursday. I will have to download the template. Have a great evening. Hugs xxx

  9. Love these plates (love all of Tina’s plates full stop!!)
    Could I ask if were possible to include a pack of dark coloured parchment in your range. I use a lot of black but would love some Navy, Maroon, dark grey, Indigo etc. I know you are all up to your eyes at the moment and I for one are extremely grateful but just a thought. Xxxxx

  10. They are all gorgeous pieces of art, Barb! Since finding you and Clarity, I’ve always advocated using the products, even if, like the Lightwave, I didn’t yet have one… that is until about 6 weeks ago when I was finally able to see the benefits I’d been talking about for years! It really is a game changer!
    Em xoxo

  11. Magical Christmas artwork to get us in the seasonal mood.
    Can I please second Lynne Howes request for those dark parchments? I use the spruce and wine colours as alternatives to black but it would be nice to have others.
    Delighted with the club package received today, already used the small stamps on a birthday card. Will try out the other items tomorrow.
    Hope your dad is getting better each day.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  12. Lovely to see the artwork tonight. I came across those plates the other day and have never used them so now I will. Love the samples. Thanks, Barb. Hxx

  13. Not a comment on your today’s blog, but just been watching Secrets of the Museum on BBC2 and there was a piece on Josiah Wedgwood and his ceramics and the trials and tribulations on his masterpieces. My first thought was “ that’s just what Barb said” it was really interesting.

  14. These snowflakes are beautiful!
    It’s a long time ago that I made Parchment Christmas cards.
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  15. Great work from Tina and Glynis. Gets your creativity going. Love it. Looking forward to Thursday’s Shac shac and your entertainment Barbara.

  16. Morning Barb, what lovely artwork. I love my lightwave for many things, because I am not really a Groover or a Parcher. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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