New Stencils on the Horizon…

New Stencils on the Horizon…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Still ticking boxes like a loonie here. It’s the only way forward for this old chick at the moment. Keeping busy and keeping focussed. We can call it being mindful, and we can also call it staying on top of things. Bit of both.

With the world in such turmoil, we crafters are very, very lucky to have creative distraction. I was talking to Linda Williams this morning, about the next Craftalong we’re doing together, and Life in general. I said to her that sometimes I feel fickle when I’m colouring in butterflies and throwing pots, when the world is war torn here, being raped there, flooding here, melting there, on fire here, starving to death there. The list goes on. Linda agreed with me. She also gets that feeling of Shallow Hal, but she also added, “what can we do though, Barb? If we stop crafting, all we’ll do is worry. And what good is that?”. Personally, it’s the personal sense of powerlessness that depresses me. And so we keep busy, never tire of doing the next right thing, and keep on truckin’ (with environmentally friendly fuel, of course…)

On the subject of truckin’, I’m all set to cruise up to Peterborough for the 9am TV show on the on Friday TV. Have decided to get up at stupid o’clock on Friday morning, rather than go up the night before. Have to be there by 6am, so wish me luck! Dave said he’ll drive me, and I may just let him !! (Shnoozy Susie can have a kip on the way there !!)

There are some new stencils on the show. I designed these myself. They are frameless, so perfect for mixed media and ceramic art, as well as card making and wall art. I have a couple of simple demos lined up. Particularly like how the texture paste cuts like butter…

There are 8 new 7.5 inch diameter designs, split into 2 sets of 4. Or special introductory offer: Buy all 8 and only pay for 6. Tune in on Friday to see them.

But now it’s time to go find our two little vikings, Ragnar and Erik. They are such beautiful cats. Not large. Perhaps because they are identical twins they’re smaller. Who knows. I’m guessing that they must be exactly a year old now…

They came to us on 25th October last year, and we reckon they were about 8 weeks old then…

So yes! Happy Birthday boys!

Stay safe.

Love always

Barb xxx

PS. Don’t forget. SHAC SHAC tomorrow morning at 10am! Facebook Live. I know lots of folks are back to work and not able to join us LIVE, but I’m sure there’ll be a few of us all set to doodle and hang out together xx

24 thoughts on “New Stencils on the Horizon…

  1. Keep focussed on the CCD’s (Cats, Craftin’, Dave/Dad) Break legs on Friday.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  2. Looking forward to the shows on Friday. Safe trip.
    So excited for the return of the Shac tomorrow!
    Trying to avoid all news at the moment as its so upsetting, but keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Lovely stencils! Shall look forward to seeing these! Cats look calm!
    So glad that you are back with shac shack. Am looking forward to it.

  4. Baubles ready and waiting Barbara. Got a happy parcel from Clarity today with the beautiful rose stamp so off to have a play. Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara I love those stencils and the artwork is gorgeous. Happy Birthday to Ragnor and Erik. It has been so nice to see them grow. I am busy when the Shac Shack is on. I have printed the templates so I will doing catch up at some point. I just want to thank you for the way my colouring has improved. I can’t believe how I can colour now. That is all down to you and the Shac. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  6. I am hoping to catch the start of the SHAC tomorrow but I have a long lost cousin visiting at some point. We made contact just before the first lockdown, by the power of Facebook, so this is the first opportunity we have had. Not seen her for about 40 years! Not sure what time she will arrive as calling in on her way home from Middlesbrough to Northants and I am in Bradford. Can’t wait to join in with all you lovely crafters again. Stay safe xx

  7. I agree it is a difficult thing to just stand back and watch on while chaos reins but we are helpless to do anything except pray for them xx
    We craft to shut out the world and to keep our own focus together and because we love it xx
    Love the look of the new stencils will have to tune in xx
    Will be in the SHAC tomorrow following along cx
    Go safe driving up whichever of you does it xx

  8. My laptop once again wiped out my post so I’ll just say Happy Birthday to your adorable kittens.
    Travel gently Barb.

  9. Hi Barbara, looking forward to Shac Shac…have to watch it on catch up because of work, but love it..!! Happy Birthday to Ragnar & Erik…absolutely gorgeous..Love to All… Anne x

  10. Safe journey to Peterborough, my old home. Those brothers are incredibly handsome, happy birthday little ones. Looking forward to the shack tomorrow.

  11. It is my birthday on the 31st, but all I can think of is that it is the last day of evacuations from Afghanistan. At my age, priorities change. As you say, thank goodness for crafting. The only day of the week I cannot change around (line dancing class!) is Thursday, so I shall watch later. I’ll miss the live company though. Safe travels to Peterborough. Hugs. Annette X

  12. I think the world has gone crazy but all we can do is focus on our own little worlds. And we all know you have a lot to deal with.

    Crafting helps so many to escape from worries so we are so grateful you are back driving our Shac Shack Bus tomorrow.

    Thankyou Barbara for coming back we have missed you! I’ve been a bit lost !

  13. Happy Birthday, Kitties! Just adorable. Looking forward to the Shack tomorrow. See you then. Lots of love. Hxx

  14. Drive safe on Saturday Dave you will have precious cargo on board (our Barb) we are all excited to see her on the TV with demos of new products.
    When I’m visiting Kent my first and last stop is the Peterborough services so I know the drive well.
    The crafting keeps us all sain, and we’ve sure missed you but been thinking about you and the family too. Hope Dads gaining strength daily.
    The world, is very different who’d have imagined we’d be facing all this in our life time.
    We just have to try and focus on what gets us through and I think you certainly are a big part of many lives. I certainly would have gone stir crazy without all my Clarity purchases and your guidance and stories.
    I expect more will slip in my basket this weekend.
    Good luck and we will see your there.
    I’ll be the one legging it from my bank manager.
    Crafty hugs Tina

  15. What a lovely photo of the Viking boys. They’ve certainly fallen on their paws in their life with you!
    Nicw to see the Shac back but Bea has a foot appointment in the morning so we will have to watch on catch-up at the weekend. Might print off some more baubles as mine have scribbles and notes on them! I hope the trip on Friday goes smoothly.

  16. Happy Birthday, darling little kitties. You are so beautiful. I love the way you show how you love and need each other.
    Its really lovely to see you xx 😺😸

  17. Cuddling a cat is definitely a cure-all! I’m looking after a friend’s cat whilst they’re away, and he always comes to be fussed when I turn up – therapeutic for him, and for me 🙂

    Sorry to miss the SHAC-Shack live tomorrow, meeting 🙁 I’ll catch up later.

    Take it steady, especially with TV on Friday
    Love, Cx

  18. Beautiful pictures of the little Vikings ! I got my lovely card and voucher for winning the competition today ( and it was the one I liked best of the two).
    I will wait until Friday before I spend it to see the new stamps although I don’t like spiders !
    Love Yvonne

  19. Hi Barbara
    Happy birthday 🥳 boys. They look very content, I’m coming back as a cat in a good home of course.🤣🤣
    Love Ruth & Jackie xx

  20. Happy Birthday to Ragnar and Erik, lovely pictures of the brothers. Work tomorrow, so will catch up later with the shac. Safe journey to Peterborough, looking forward to the shows. xx

  21. Hello Barb, happy birthday to the two ginger Vikings. I do agree with what Linda says, there is so much going on that is worrying, but it does not help if we dwell on it and worry about it. It will just make us ill and depressed. So let’s craft and bring some smiles to the world. Travel safely, looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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