Snowflake Duets – a match made in heaven….

Snowflake Duets – a match made in heaven….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Wanted to shout about our fabulous Snowflake Duets – designed by lovely Tina and ourselves. Let’s just lay out a step by step how-to-make-a-free-falling-snowflake with them…

They come on 2 plates: the Groovi plate and the matching Grid plate

There are 2 pairs:

Little snowflakes….

and Large Snowflakes…


Tina designed the snowflake grid, then we wrapped a Groovi plate around it. And Hey Presto! A match made in Heaven!!

Wait till you see what you can do with these – it’s ridiculous.
The number of possible duet combinations will astound you. I asked Maggie Byford, one of our traditional parchment Design Team members, to write a review. Why did I ask Maggie in particular? Well, she used to make all the Pergamano multi-grid samples for Pergamano Netherlands, so I thought I would get her opinion, since these Duets are our answer to the Multi-Grids.

Here is her review, verbatim: “The Duet Set – two embossing plates and two piercing grids – are a stroke of genius, and I’m sure will be very well received by all parchers and crafters alike. You’ve given us no less than 34 super designs to work with – some simply to be embossed and/or perforated in situ on the parchment to sit amongst other designs, and others to be embossed then perforated around and cut out to make the most beautiful 3D elements. For my samples I especially liked using the two piercing grids to make the 3D snowflakes, but did  introduce another grid – the basic diagonal piercing grid – for the outer perforating. For this I used the holes on a Duet embossing grid to emboss a design of dots on the parchment, then attached it face up directly onto the basic diagonal piercing grid, where my embossed dots settled nicely over the grid holes, which then allowed me to perforate around the design with a 1-needle tool before cutting out between the perforations to make a 3D snowflake………… A very intricate process indeed but you’ve taken out the hassle of working out even one snowflake never mind more, which can sometimes involve endless counting of dots and always lots of concentration! So a big WOW from me. All in all, a fantastic new concept, giving us endless snowflake designs and hours of parching pleasure! Roll on Christmas!”

Thank you Maggie!

Here’s just ONE of the little Snowflakes:

Let’s make a snowflake, from start to finish! If you want to perforate within the snowflake, then the matching Grid Duet will do the job perfectly. If you want to cut it out completely, a free-falling snowflake so to speak, then a basic diagonal bold grid underneath is best for lining up the needle perforations around the outside of the snowflake. Have a look…

Pick a snowflake, any snowflake. Using the No. 2 Groovi Starter Kit tool or the 1.5 Pergamano embossing tool, dot dot dot the GRID snowflake

Lightwave at the ready…

  • Lay the white Superfoam on the Lightwave.
  • Swop the snowflake grid out of the Groovi Plate mate for the Basic Bold Diagonal grid.
  • Flip the artwork, – you always perforate from the front.
  • Line up the snowflake so that the holes sit perfectly around the embossed snowflake.
  • Secure with Groovi tabs
  • Perforate around the snowflake using a 1-needle bold tool

Next stop: picot cutting. Stay over the waste with the scissors. Do all the inside areas first, then move to the outer edges.

Easy when you know how!

Now it’s time to head on over to HOCHANDA and watch Paul at 3pm with another instalment of Groovi snowflakes!

Love and Hugs

14 thoughts on “Snowflake Duets – a match made in heaven….

  1. Oh, wow! You and your team just makes beautiful Groovi plates! I love Groovi! I’m definitely buying those! Thank you, Barbara.

  2. I have these plates. They are great. The picot cutting is a great stress reliever. Your show this morning was terrific. Loved the white work shortcut.

  3. Nice day Barb😃 Bit of Shacin then GROOVI. Brilliant you might know I’m still waiting on the bloody GROOVI platform when I should be getting on the train by now but blimey when I do I’ll have all the gear. Got all the plates. Gunna need them bird stamps and intrigued about printed parchment, me thinks the old cards are gunna av a good work out this week. Av a great birthday and got to say again a massive thank you for the SHAC it truly keeps me sane. Maybe we could avca Shac convention when the time is right????

  4. Great to see those in use today. I bought them last year sometime but have never used them!! I will, though! I did order the baubles, hexagons and octagons today. You can never have too many plates!! Lol. You did well this morning, Barb. Hope you don’t get too stressed over the weekend. Watch ing Paul just now! He’s doing well, too. Hx

  5. Thanks for all the hints & tips on what we can do with these plates which I already have or at least I have 4 out of the six plates. I thought I had them all but the smaller snowflakes set isn’t with the others so perhaps I didn’t. I will catch up with Paul’s show later, our internet is playing up & it keeps spooling so making watching difficult. I have recorded it but OH is watching another programme at the moment.

  6. I love these snowflakes, I’ve been using them for a little while, but NOW, I can adapt them in so many other ways. Thank you.

  7. That was great ! I have the snowflake plates but the new plates for baubles and hexagons are on my list ! Lovely shows and excellent design team work. X

  8. Thankyou for the visual instructions. I bought these plates when they first came out but have always been puzzled how to use them. Now I feel confident enough to try again xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    I do have these snowflake plates because I won them on your blog
    Yehhhhh they are fantastic and so easy to use.
    I will miss tomorrow shows but I hope to be able to still order on the go. Lol 😝
    Take care 🤗

  10. Bought these plates last year and had a wow of a time using them. Loved the demo’s but I did get a bit annoyed when the presenter kept talking over you. Fortunately the show was recorded so I can pick up on the bits I missed.
    Paul this afternoon was great. Fixing the parchment to a card can be a pain but he made it very clear for anyone just starting parching. Loved the frame he made with the punches. Have made a few frames this afternoon for practice and think I will be using this idea fairly often.
    Just seen the new plates at the top of the home page. They will definitely be going in my basket as they look like a very useful addition to our stash.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  11. Beautiful snowflakes and how easy to make!!!
    So much easier than when I started Pergamano in the eighties.
    And also it was stunning to see in Hochanda how you made a white shadow with the erraser pencil. So more beautiful than with the embossingtool as I have learned to do!
    Take care Barbara and see you tomorrow in the Shac.

  12. I LOVE my snowflake duet plates, some of my most used plates!
    Like the new new bauble plate too.
    Both shows today were brilliant, great demos and loads of tips.

  13. Hello Barb, these plates are certainly perfect for creating beautiful snowflakes, love you step by step. Will have to watch the shows on catch-up. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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