What a lot of Baubles!

What a lot of Baubles!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. And thanks for watching Tina’s Pergamano shows if you did, and thanks for your custom, if you decided what we had on offer  was for you xxx

Tina did a wonderful job as always, and here is a step by step which I blogged a while ago now, when these clever snowflake duet plates first appeared. I absolutely loved this idea of making baubles out of the snowflakes!

My idea? Nope. Inspired by lovely Linda Williams. 

  On black parchment, emboss the two outer squares of the Nested Squares.  

On the front of the parchment and using the Nested circles, trace 3 circles with a white pencil. Remember our  lifetime supply of white pencils?   I used the 6th, 5th and 4th from the centre.   TOP TIP: Use the plate Groovi side down, so the surface is smooth.

  Use a ruler to draw in the straight dangle lines.

Working from behind and using a lightwave, fill the baubles with the snowflakes. Stay within the circles. Fill the circles well, to create the illusion of a circle when the white lines are rubbed out.   Perforate first from the front. Then add the outline from behind. 

You will find the little hangers on one of the snowflakes.

  Time to rub out the white lines.

Perforate round the outside edge with a 2-needle bold tool and a straight grid underneath. 

  Cut out.

Yeah yeah yeah!! NOT !!! Not anymore kiddo! We have invented the GROOVI PICOT DIES!!!! No need to spend hours going round the outside ! Save the custom cutting for the inside designs, that’s what I say!!

Add a little Sticky Ink and Perga glitter. Mat and layer to impress. 

  The Duets – the Groovi and Grid Snowflake have been a huge hit.   I think they are actually an epic breakthrough in parchment art.

Did you see Tina’s nowflake display on telly? It was simplay gorgeous.

COmes with a pack of black parchment too.

now available on our website.  As a bundle. Or as pairs. Or individually CLICK HERE  

Black Parchment? Available as A4 too. HERE

Paul and I have had a day of it here, prepping for Sunday. What a load of baubles!  I don’t know what was going on!! We were rubbish!! Good job we’ve still got a whole day tomorrow.

The Clarity Member’s Sale is flying. Do pop over. Things are selling out….We will refresh and add more next week though.

Our July motto is: DON’T LET THE SALE GO STALE !!!

Love & Hugs, Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “What a lot of Baubles!

  1. Got my sale happy post today & off work tomorrow 😂😂Great service & very speedy delivery & thank you all xxx

  2. Loved Tina’so shows today,she always explains things in detail,and being fairly new to parchment craft I find it invaluable, down side the bank balance is a lot lighter!! Can’t wait for my plates to arrive ordered them all to build up my collection. Just love ALL Clarity products.

  3. Arrived home and my bird dies and new paper pads were here. The dies are lovely and I can’t wait to play. The new pads are beautiful designs and colours. Dee is very clever! Xx

  4. Good evening Barbara
    Today’s shows were brill.
    I was lucky when these plates were launched because
    I WON THEM in your one day special giveaway
    Woo hoo. I was so so happy and surprised 😱 so thank you
    Love the step by step and I will be having a go at this one if that ok have a lovely evening hugs 🤗

  5. I already have the snowflake duets and they are fabulous. I need to catch up on Tina’s shows from this morning. The bauble card is amazing looks very 3D, thank-you for the instructions. Hope the prep goes better for tomorrow. xx

  6. Busy day but caught some of Tina’s first show, all recorded. Already have the plates. Samples are superb.
    Can’t imagine you and Paul turning out rubbish, more like happy accidents to be reprised in another project.
    The bauble stencils are already on my must have list, can’t wait to see what you do with them.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Watched two of Tina’s shows so far, one to go. Beautiful samples. I already had them from last year but great to see what Tina does with them. Cant believe that anything you or Paul does is rubbish, but hope you get on better tomorrow.xx

  8. Love the look if these pretty baubles on black parchment Barbara and sorry you didn’t achieve as much as you hoped today, but I’m sure tomorrow will be more productive. x

  9. Hi Barb, love to be reminded of this Bauble card, very striking and unusual. So looking forward to the shows. I bet you and Churchy will have it all under control. Tina was great as always. Take care all. Bx

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