A Scrapart Print Step-by-Step

A Scrapart Print Step-by-Step

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! So glad you like those Chinese Lanterns we showcased today!

Here’s a photo step by step of the afternoon canvas! When our Sam was on the telly the other week, I snaffled a couple of the painty copy paper prints she pulled on the day. What great backdrops they make! Can you see her Mixed Impressions Stamps in the prints?

Here goes:

  • Stamp with black Archival ink.
  • Cover with the stencil and pad Versamark ink through the stencil.
  • Remove the stencil, add clear embossing powder – and
  • Heat from on top with a heatgun. Voila – glazed.
  • Use a dye-based Artistry ink like Aged Stucco on a Spot-on sponge to work colour into the background and wipe the ink off the embossed parts.

Now to mount on a canvas board.

  • Hold up to a window and find the best position.
  • Make registration marks at the back with a biro and trim the copy paper. Cut the corners.
  • Apply Découpage Kleber & Lack Sealant on the front of the canvas board with a brush.
  • Lay that canvas board face down on the back of the artwork, using the registration marks for positioning.
  • Flip over and roll over the front with a clean brayer, to eliminate any air pockets. Creases will dry out.
  • Wrap the copy paper print around the little canvas board, adding sealant to the flaps as you fold in to the back. Copy paper is very easy to tuck in.
  • Use a the flat of a black pencil to add shade. See how the canvas board texture shows through? Cool!
  • Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive tape to fit the back of the canvas board, and attach it to an A5 canvas board.
  • Sign with a black biro. Done.

In case you want to find anything I used, here are all the ingredients I used in one place. CLICK HERE for your shopping list.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Groovi session with Janice and those Entwined Floral Framers too! Thank you so much for supporting us xxx

see you tomorrow for our Craftalong!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “A Scrapart Print Step-by-Step

  1. Just watching you do it just now, I think! I had to head to Glasgow today for a funeral so wasn’t able to watch live – no pun intended! Lots of surface water around today but it was ok. It was just a strange feeling sitting at the only traffic lights at the bridge in Inveraray while the loch lapped around my car wheels! There was a very high tide!I’ll be working tomorrow afternoon as well – bad planning on my part! – but will catch up with your Craftalong in the evening. Looking forward to your demos. Enjoyed today’s programmes. Well done, folks, as always. Hx

  2. Hi Barb, enjoyed your shows today. Highlight of my day! Love this arty piece. I’ll never tire of watching you work your magic with scrap. I look forward to watching you tomorrow too. I’ll try again for next time, if you do another, for joining in on one project. Hope you get good sleep tonight. Love you xxx

  3. Great shows today , or the Chinese lantern stamps , have placed my order . Will watch tomorrow’s after the football x

  4. Really enjoyed the shows today, managed to watch them all with no interruptions. Placed orders for the stamps and Groovi plates and had another browse on the members sale.
    Blowing a gale here, dustbins flying despite being weighed down, rained most of the day but not too heavily thank goodness. Good day to be indoors.
    Hope you get a peaceful night’s sleep.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Hello Barbara
    Loved all of it. What a brilliant idea to have stamp and stencil the same size. So versatile.

  6. Loved the shows today, so thanks to you all.
    I have just been reading the tragic news about Caroline Flack. What a sad waste of such a young life and how awful for her family and friends. So sad.
    I hope that everyone stays safe in the storm. Take care. Hugs. Annette X

  7. Hi Barb,
    Brilliant shows today – needless to say orders went in for stamps and plates! Love that you’ve done the framers as Groovi. Thank you for this step by step. I missed part of this demo as I almost had a fire in the kitchen! I’d put some oil in a pan and turned around to get something from my worktop and when I turned back there was thick smoke everywhere! Managed to get the pan outside in time before it caught fire. That certainly got the heart racing I can tell you. What a mess my pan is! Just been attempting to play Blowing in the Wind on my ukulele – appropriate for tonight with the gale going on outside! I hope everyone stays safe and dry throughout Storm Dennis. Hope you get a good night’s rest and hope the craftalong goes well tomorrow – I look forward to watching and hopefully crafting along on Monday. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  8. Beautiful artwork. I’ll catch up on your shows tomorrow when I have control of the remote. Been looking at new build houses today just in case my potential buyer comes good! And rationalising my craft stash, just in case I have to pack up the craft room….

  9. A fantastic canvas Barbara using one of Sam’s bright and pretty backgrounds, and the clear gloss embossing looks absolutely great, and your shadows work so well too. I hope to watch tomorrow and if I can’t I will definitely watch on catch up.

  10. Great shows,plates and stamps ordered….just couldn’t choose between them! Looking forward to ‘playing’ when they arrive as my craft room is just about sorted. Yipee! xxx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoyed today’s shows, bought back my crafting mojo, which has been missing for a while. I’ve still got the 4pm show to catch up on, but love the Chinese lantern stamps. Looking forward to watching the show this afternoon, not going far today, Dennis has been blowing a hoolie all night!
    Love Diane xx

  12. looking forward to the craftalong today. I missed yesterday’s show, but will be watching on catch up as well. At least the storm gives me a good excuse for just tucking down in front of the tv this afternoon!

  13. Hi Barbara,
    After reading your blog the other day , what a busy life you do lead it made me tired just thinking about you this weekend.
    Saw all the shows yesterday they were great , it is good that Paul is there to share the load, just loved everything i know i have said it all before but these stamps and Groovi would be brilliant in Dies but i know it take such a long time to get them produced .
    You are such a talented lady , not forgetting Paul such a calm manner and a brilliant die expert and much more.
    Lovely Lady, thank you for all you do for us all.
    Have a good day today.
    Lynn xxx

  14. Somehow I missed this blog yesterday, love the step by step with the Chinese Lanterns & Sam’s background prints. Need to check out the website & decide what is to go on the needed list & what is to go on the wished for list !!!

  15. Hello Barb, a brilliant step by step. I have no watched the shows yet, as it has a been a rather hectic weekend. Sounds like the stamps and stencil were really popular. looking forward to catching up. Bx

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