PBJ – Paul, Barbie & Janice!!

PBJ – Paul, Barbie & Janice!!

Hi there,

Just got home. Lots of puddles to navigate our way through, plus as many road closures. Happy to be back in the nest.

Just wanted to thank you for making this telly weekend simply super. Sales were excellent across all shows, and the Classroom Craftalong with lovely Janice a pleasure. What a smashing woman she is!

Churchie kept us both in check, and is such a rock. In the meantime, Dave, Brother Steve and Sean performed a small miracle and moved the entire Clarity Stampworks from one location to the new one. It’s in the building, despite Stormy Daniel – sorry, I mean Dennis – doing his best to disrupt the operation!

All good. Happy days.

Until tomorrow,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “PBJ – Paul, Barbie & Janice!!

  1. Great show with Janice, glad you got home safely.
    Relax, tomorrow is an other day. looking forward very much to your trip to the SECC next month in Glasgow
    Mary xxx

  2. Looking forward to catching up with the show later, as I was helping out a friend this afternoon.
    Glad you are home safe, the weather up here is horrible too, with lots of localised flooding and really strong winds.

  3. Thank you for a lovely two hours of inspiration on this miserable day. Your energy and inspiration is boundless Barbara.
    Pleased you are home safe you can now relax and enjoy a glass or two.!

    Deirdre x

  4. Glad you home safely. Craft along was great, Janice did well. I liked the stencil one and will give that a try. X X

  5. Great show, a pleasure to watch on this gloomy afternoon. Learned something new as always.
    Think Dennis passed us by overnight as just drizzly and breezy for most of the day.
    Glad the team got the stamp machinery moved OK, one less thing to worry about.
    Enjoy your evening and reelaaax.

  6. The shows yesterday and craftalong today were great. Love Janice she is so keen to learn. Loved the projects, you both seemed so relaxed. Well done to Dave and Steve for moving the whole stamping production line to your new space, bet that was a relief when it was all in place. Xx

  7. Had a fabulous day and really enjoyed being in the classroom with Janice too. Ace presenter. Thanks Teach had a ball. Couldn’t fb or tweet too busy doing. Glad you’re all home safely. Woo hoo to rest of team for the move.

  8. Glad you got home safely. There has been a lot of flooding today with detours having to be made to get to places. I feel so sorry for those that have been flooded out. Hope everyone has managed to stay safe & without too much damage to property as Storm Dennis passes over the country. I have caught up with the first hour & will watch again & craft along during the week.

  9. Glad all when so well and what a way to end with a fantastic photo of Janice and Barb definitely needs to be framed and on both their walls.x

  10. Really enjoyed the craftalong, the time just flew. I have recorded it so that I can have another go. Glad you’re back safe and sound. Let’s hope we all have some better weather soon!

  11. Hi Barb,
    Pleased to hear craftalong went well – knew it would. I’m hopefully going to give it a go tomorrow if I get the chance. Had a good Groovi session with a Linda Page today. Thankfully, we have not had too much disruption with Dennis and I feel so sorry for those who have had their lives disrupted because of it. Well done to Dave, Steve and Sean for getting everything moved today , that was a great achievement. Lovely picture of you and Janice. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. Glad you’re home safe and sound. I had a very enjoyable weekend, thank you for the Craft along. You are a brilliant teacher and Janice made a willing pupil.

  13. A great craftalong Barbara, and Janice was so good and her finished results were wonderful. So pleased that all went well back at base getting the Stampworks moved to the new building. It must be a big weight of our mind that things are moving in the right direction. x

  14. Just caught up with the blogs from the past few days.
    Recorded the craftalong as I was visiting my sister in hospital after major surgery. She is making progress but there is confusion about the discharge date.
    I have come home to sort a few things out before I need to face the M25 again.
    Good news that the move is progressing. You all need a medal for keeping the production line going and live TV as well. Good luck and hope you will be settled soon.

  15. Recorded the Craftalong shows and will watch tomorrow as was at Linda’s Groovi workshop today, so had a great time with like-minded friends. Well done to ‘the lads’ for lifting/shifting and installing the machinery…teamwork makes the dream work and not even Dennis can stop the team! Glad you dodged the ‘puddles’ and home safe, hopefully everyone from our workshop is safe too. Xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoyed the craftalong today, you and Janice make a great team ( and good old Churchie in the background!). Love the projects you did, so many tips and tricks. Glad you got home safe and sound, it’s been a horrible day all round. That’s great news Dave Steve and Sean have moved the stampworks, it’s all coming together, slowly but surely. Hopefully you can have a rest tomorrow.
    Love Diane xxx

  17. Hi Barb, glad you got home safely and that the guys managed to get such an important move accomplished/ I love watching Janice craft, she is so totally absorbed. Look forward to catching up with the show. Take care all. Bx

  18. Dennis is still being a menace up here. Glad we cancelled our planned weekend to the far north of Scotland as I think the single track roads would have been a nightmare. I’ve had to record the craft along but will enjoy that later in the week. Well done to the Clarity team for moving all the stamp production! I imagine that’s a mammoth task x

  19. Glad you made it home safely. Really enjoyed the craftalong yesterday – will revisit it on catch up to practice the techniques. Hats off to the whole team for keeping the Clarity show on the road while you move to the new building – lots of companies would have shut down production until the new set up was complete. Amazing teamwork

  20. That’s the best 2hours I’ve spent for a long time, I was crafting along but doing my own thing, so had you on my laptop next to my art desk. Brilliant show

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