5 years. Is it time to stop? Not yet!!!

5 years. Is it time to stop? Not yet!!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. I just realised something. My very first blog was written on 15th October 2013! 5 years this week!!! Well, that’s a lottablogs!

So I thought we should rewind, set the clock back 5 years, and have a read…..



Well, here goes. Working my way around this new Blog is much like wandering round Sainsbury’s blindfolded. I think I have been down a different aisle, but keep ending up at the same place, the Cheese counter.
Ever the optimist, I will carry on writing, even though the probability of this ever actually getting saved and posted is about as likely as me getting back into those size 12 skinny jeans I used to wear way back when.
It’s like everything new, I guess. Learning to blog is like learning to do anything: the level of success will be in direct proportion to the amount of effort, time and energy I am prepared to give it. When I look around, in Blogland, there are so many clever people, and I think I should be able to do this! But I must tell you, this isn’t my first attempt at starting a Blog. Oh no! I reckon I must have at least 3 skeleton blogsites, sitting all forlorn and forgotten. Just never knew what for, where and how! But this time, it’ll be different, I promise….

How ironic, that only this week, I was talking about incompetence – in the nicest sense of the word, you understand! Now I’m a Virgin Potter! So there you are. The proof is in the pudding. I DID figure it out! With the help of a few younger friends!
5 years, 365 days a year… that’s 1,825 blogs back to back. I missed a couple perhaps, I blogged twice some days because I’m a nutter. And Paul has had my back when the going got tough, or I was ill, or off the radar. But what a wonderful little community has grown up around this blog. 
Of course there are far more popular blogs Stateside, with many thousands more readers. But I like it this way. It’s real. and it’s pretty safe. I know my Dad reads it daily, and I know he reads it out to Mum. I know the kids check in daily from America, and that most of the Clarity team drop in every day too. I know Brenda reads every day. And Joy, And Pam. And Dawn. And Karen. And Mel. And Ken. And And And.
It’s a funny thing. Recently, a fellow business person was talking to me about starting a blog, to promote their business, and drive sales and so on. 
The conversation was short and sweet.
She. “So, do you find the blog is a powerful business tool? You must do. You blog every day!”
Me. “Depends what you want to use it for.” 
She. “To promote my business”
Me. “Some and Some. It’s a great community. And I enjoy it.”
She. “How much time do you spend on your blog each day on average?”
Me. “About 2 hours”
She. “WHAT??????! You’re shitting me!!”
Me. “I shit you not!”
The conversation pretty much ended at that point. Or at least, she decided there must be an easier softer way to grow her business!
But that’s not the purpose here. Never was. Never will be. Between 1,200 and 1,500 people read this blog every single day. That’s a lot of readers!! 
Sometimes, like when I pretended I had bought a new Porsche, loads more people came to investigate !!! Ex husbands, competitors – they all rolled up !!! Only to discover that actually Dave had built a new porch! Hahahaha.  
Would I keep writing if only 5 people dropped in? Depends which 5 !!!!
So yeah. Like I said 5 years ago, when I embarked on this little bloggy road, the level of success will be in direct proportion to the amount of effort, time and energy I am prepared to invest.
Is it good for business? For sure. I can throw a light on things every single day, I can do bloggy sales, I can show you tricks, I can tell you what’s coming up. Of course it’s good for business!
Is it good for me? Absolutely. It makes me do art. It makes me step away from the business. It’s my book. One day at a time. 
Is it enjoyable for the reader? I hope so! I try to mix it up, offer different things every day, something for everyone kindathing. 
In fact, to celebrate 5 years of blogging, let’s have a little competition. 
I have picked 5 random projects which I have done over the past so and so many years!
Remember this one? I used the snowglobe which is in the Youtube sale this week, isn’t it?
And this one. I was so chuffed with my picot cutting. I finally nailed it around this point! This is the lovely Groovi Plate Mucha – La Dame aux Camelias
Corr! I remember doing this one! It was done using bleeding tissue. I made a right old mess – my hands were green stained for days! Love the effect though, and the funky foliage stamps by Mel are excellent.
And finally, the boot on Dee’s Designer Paper. I really got a kick out of doing this one – if you’ll pardon the pun. 
Where to find the boot? There’s a whole fashion section on the website….
Right. Here’s the challenge!
Here’s your chance to win a £50 Clarity Gift Voucher! FIFTY SQUIDS!!
Email me the dates when each one was posted. Then all the correct answers will go into a draw for the prize. I will pick a winner on Monday….
Thank you very, very much for popping in and helping make my 2 hours time well spent.
Love & Hugs always,

87 thoughts on “5 years. Is it time to stop? Not yet!!!

  1. Five years…. My goodness how time flies, love being a small part of this happy community. Reading this while catching up on Maria’s shows, perfect afternoon off xx

  2. Happy blog by birthday..I don’t often comment but I do visit every day…I like to keep tabs on you 😆😆😆😆

  3. I think I’ve read every one and posted on most ! It’s a highlight in my day to see your blog appear on my FB feed ! Sometimes I miss it on the feed and have to come to check and if it’s not here, i.e. when you post later in the day, I get a slight feeling of disappointment but then that goes as I know it’s going to appear eventually! Silly isn’t it! I don’t always read everyone’s comments but sometimes do and have met many lovely people on here. I see Brenda is posting again here and there and that’s great to see ! We, as a family, had a knock back yesterday my brother in law had a stroke, he’s not too bad, in that he can’t talk at the moment except yes or no, he’s smiling, can walk if a bit unsteady, and lacks a bit of movement in his right arm, but he lifted that up without thinking before my sister left him this afternoon! So, all in all, we have to be grateful. She told him she’d be late to see him tomorrow as Chelsea are playing at lunchtime on the tv, she said she still had her priorities and he laughed as best he could! It could have been so much worse in so many ways so let’s count our blessings for him and your blog ! Keep on blogging as I, for one would, would miss you. Now, off to see where these blogs appeared ! I remember them all but not when ! Xx

    1. Hello Jackie – just wanted to send you and your family my best wishes and all the best to your Brother in Law. Lots of love Donna X

      1. Hi Jackie – so sorry to hear this about your brother in law. I hope that he will keep on improving. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

        1. Hi Jackie,
          So sorry to hear about your brother in law’s stroke, I hope he makes a full recovery. I will be thinking of you and him daily. Love and hugs to you both, Alison xxx

  4. Wow, I can’t believe it has been 5 years. I am not an ‘inky’ crafter, or a stamper, but I always watched you on C&C as I loved your work and I read your blog from day 1. I think I only started to join in and comment when Groovi came along and got me hooked. You have inspired so many people, with both your talent and your wisdom and through you, I have been introduced to many other talented and wise people.
    Thank you for taking the time every day to blog. It is much appreciated. Have a great weekend. Annette X

  5. I’m glad it is good for business. I’m glad it is good for you. I’m glad I pop in and read it every day, even if I don’t always comment. Is it good for me? You bet it is, it can lift me when I am down,it can make me laugh, it can even make me cry. It teaches me new things. It reminds me about stuff I know but had forgotten. It helps me to spend my money – do I mean help??? Am I glad you spend 2 hours every day chatting with us? You’re damn right I am. So keep on doing what you do Barb because if it means this much to me imagine what it means to the thousands of others who read every day. Best damn book I have ever read!! 😍😍😘😘

  6. Hi Barbara and everyone, well what a super blog today.
    It was lovely to go back and read all you have achieved and all the art you have created.
    I am sure everyone of us would thank you for all the hard work you do to give us lots of things to achieve.
    Have a great weekend all.
    Lynn xx

  7. Love your blogs, I don’t comment very often but read them every day. Where have 5 years gone, looking forward to many more blogs xx

  8. I love your blog and whilst I can’t always visit everyday, I do try to “catch up” and usually comment too. I think if you make the effort to blog, I should make the effort to comment – it’s only polite! I’ve made many lovely friends through Clarity, and two special friends from your blog, Julia and Brenda, so thank you for that too. No time at the minute to do the competition, but I’m sure it will be fun for everyone. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary x

  9. I love your blog posts, always something funny, interesting, inspiring and always uplifting. Thanks so much for taking time to blog xx

  10. I look forward to it every day Barbara. I might not post every day but I enjoy reading it and it has inspired me to dip my toe into the Gel press and a bit of stamping too! So thank you for all those hours you have spent at the keyboard for us. xxx

  11. I haven’t been visiting your blog for long but I am now hooked. I am an inky handed stamper and I can’t tell you how this hobby has carried me through bereavement, depression and a very debilitating ongoing chronic illness. Of course there are days when I don’t feel like or am unable to mess about with stamps and ink but reading your blog and watching your inspiring demos always makes me look forward to a brighter day when I can get stuck in again. So, thank you Barbara. After reading today’s blog I am already hungry for more.

  12. I’ve read every blog since I had a moment of ‘Clarity’ about 3 years ago when I discovered the slightly batty (but lovely) Barbara Gray. I’ve even spent a happy hour or two going over previous blog postings. I look forward to reading it every day but don’t very often post. Keep posting Barbara and we’ll keep reading x

  13. Hi Barbara, I have been reading your blog for some time but only recently realised how easy it is also post a message here.Not majorly trusting on line blogs your one feels different.Homely ,friendly and real .I love it ! I so enjoy my visits to you in your studio ,your home ,your beautiful wedding and family through your window of the internet .It feels generous of you and as a crafter I so get what its like to be excited over new inks ,stamps stencils etc .I am a happy club member and love your products they are superior to many .A long way of saying congratulations and your hard work is appreciated! Warmest wishes Carmel Wallace

  14. I may not comment often but I am always with you! Keep it up as long as you can, you make me feel valued even if you & I will probably never meet, I feel I know you (& I like you!).
    Have a great weekend xxx

  15. Hello Barbara
    Five years! What an achievement! Like others have said, I don’t often comment but I have read every single one. Your blog is something I look forward to every day.
    Love, Roz xxx

  16. Been with you every day for that 5 years. Love reading you blog first thing I go to when I switch on the computer. Your writing makes me laugh and lifts me up when I am feeling down. Also enjoy seeing all the samples.
    Kindest regards
    Debbie Frost

  17. Hi – I read your blog every day and in fact if you are late in the day doing it I find myself wondering if all is ok in Barbara world. Are your parents ok, children ok, Dave, Steve and the whole Clarityfamily ok. You are all A* and don’t change a thing. We love you all as you are

  18. Well done in five years blogging.
    I have just started doing a blog and struggle to produce something for once a week. Perhaps as I gain experience I will manage every day too.
    Yours is one of my daily highlights and is read meticulously.
    Thank you.

  19. Love your blog …visit every day from Canada since I found your utube channel and then the blog..you have inspired me with your creativity and excellent tutorials. …which I love to watch …. keep up the good work…thank you.

  20. I always read your blogs but have never had the courage to comment. They always entertain and often make me laugh. Thank you for all your efforts they are much appreciated. X

  21. Hello Barbara – I read your blog everyday, it’s very rare that I miss. If I do, I catch up the following day. You do have a talent for writing and very often your sense of humour shines through. I’m not on face book or twitter, but your blog is something I look forward to and now I even leave a comment. It’s lovely to be part of the Clarity family, to share our thoughts with each other and to see everyday the many familiar names that leave a comment. To everyone this evening have a great one, lots of love to you all, Donna X

  22. Five years ago on the 15th October. That was my 70th birthday!! I’ve just passed my 3/4 of a century. I love reading your blog. It is so full off wonderful inspiration.

  23. I don’t always get to read every day but love reading your blog…..……. it’s gentle, often very funny but most of all, it’s honest – from the heart. Thank you. C xx

  24. I would just like to thank you Barbara for taking the time and energy to do your daily blog. I think that it might be about 3 years ago when I found your blog. I have made many friends on the blog – had the good fortune last year to meet some of them and you too, of course. I shall treasure that day in Leyburn – I had been looking forward to it for so long and it was even better that I could ever have imagined. Some people came up to me and asked if I was Gillyflower from the blog and told me how much they had enjoyed my comments on here. It made me feel very special indeed. These lovely bloggy friends have helped me to get through so many difficult times, and they are once again helping me through the latest traumatic episode in my life. Love and hugs and thanks to you Barb, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – thank you so much for the kind comments on here last night. You help me more than you could ever know. Neill has done very well on his first day at home and after calling in to the Dr’s surgery to sort out getting the new drugs that the hospital had put him on, he took me out for a meal at a pub which is very near to us. We have lived here for over 18 years and it’s the first time that we have been there. It certainly won’t be the last – the food was great and not expensive. We can’t think why we haven’t tried it before. Love and hugs to you all, Gilly xxx

      1. Hi Gilly. I just caught up with the blog. I do so hope Neill is sorted now. I hope you are managing with your CFS too.
        It was so good to meet you last year and other lovely blog folk xx

        1. Hi Gilly,
          Oh I’m so pleased that you have got Neill home again and that he has got his new medication. I truly hope that these will work for him. Lovely of himto take you out for a meal, I bet you both really enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend together, love and hugs Alison xxx

  25. I don’t often comment these days (my slow internet can’t always cope with the new blog format and posts frequently get lost) but I read all your blogs and enjoy sharing your journey through life and your inspiration not just in crafting but in your thoughts and attitude.
    I have met some lovely blog pals some I’ve met and one that I am luckily near enough to meet “outside blogland” from time to time – at least it’s ligaments missing and not a screw loose Alison!
    Keep up the good work Barbara, long may it continue xx

  26. Yep, I read every day Barb, worry something is up when it gets really late and you’ve not posted. Huge part of my day, reading your blog. As you know your blog has been a life saver for me from day one. Your blog also made our paths cross, and now I can count you as a dear friend too, which is so special for me. And allowed me to meet Dot and Susan too. Friends I would never have had without finding your blog, and your writings making me feel desperate enough to be part of it, enough that I finally found the courage to comment on here, took a whole year but I did it. A huge breakthrough for me.

    You are a very special lady, and you give so much of you in all sorts of ways to sooo many people. Your blog is one very special crafty place. I have learned so much, and not just arty things, from reading your writings here, it’s opened doors in my head, some that I never knew I had, others I’d been striving for years to open. I appreciate all you do so so much. I never take you blogging daily for granted. I know the time and effort and discipline it must take you every day to blog. But I also can see the benefits you get from doing it too, which helps ease my guilt of hoping you’ll keep blogging each and every day!!!

    Wish I could give something back to you.

    I love you dearly Barbara Gray, hope your weekend is a good one xxxxxxxx

    1. Whole heartily agree with you about what Barbara’s blog means to me Brenda, and I also look forward to reading what you write too as you too make a lot of sense and say a lot of what I am thinking too. Keep commenting please.

    2. I hope you will keep posting too Brenda. As we all worry about Barbara when she is running late we also worry when we don’t hear from you. Sending much love xx

    3. Thank you Barbara for for not only your art and words but for finding me a very dear friend who means the world to me now sorry I dont comment so much now but read every day.xx

    4. Aw, thank you everyone, I’ll do my best xx
      Makes a very pleasant change for me to hear/feel a wee bit of society likes me for who I am, and embraces me. Not what I’m used to in life…!!!

      1. Changes to our lives come in lots of different and unexpected ways Brenda. It’s lovely to see you back on the blog with your wise and honest words x

  27. Sorry can’t play, I’ve only been reading this every day for the last 4 years!
    Whilst I was reading this today I was prompted to wonder if you could go back 5 years (before you started to blog) what advice would you give yourself/what lessons have you taken on board, about how blogging makes you FEEL (since this week seems to be about learning!). For my part, I love learning about ‘how the other ‘arf lives’ and your travails at work. Long may you continue and thank you for making me think, and reflect.
    Maggie (Yorkite) yes…the ONLY Maggie.

  28. Congratulations Barbara on your bloggy anniversary! I always look forward to your blog and reading all the comments. I’m now going to try and find the dates for the blogs you have listed. I’ve a feeling that I may be some time!!!!!!!!! x

  29. What an achievement! Five years! This is the only blog I read as I don’t understand how people spend so much time looking at screens. Don’t do Facebook or any social media either, but this is just feels like keeping in touch with a friend and finding out what’s coming next in that amazing world that is Clarity. I don’t comment very often but I check in every day and worry about you if it’s very late. Thank you for five years of inspiration, interesting thoughts and laughter. Xx

  30. Like many others I don’t post very often but read everyday and love to read your ramblings and see your wonderful art. Thank you very much Barbara for taking the time out of your busy days.

  31. Thank you Barbara for the last five years of blog, which I have read every day. I look forward every day to reading your words of wisdom, and picking up creative hints too. It feels like you have popped around for ten minutes each day to day hello and I appreciate the effort you put in. I am looking forward to reading your blog everyday for a long time to come.

  32. Barbara, you are a star***** and then some. To give so much of yourself to us is something to be appreciated by everyone. I don’t spend much time on the computer, I’d rather craft and although I started to read your blog every day I hadn’t realised that I could go back to the beginning.
    Your blogs are funny, inspiring, informative and generally a good read (so are the replies!!) and I would miss them if you stopped. My intention is to go back to the start and make it a project to read one month at a time when I haven’t got a book to read. In fact they are more interesting than some of the books recently given to me.
    Although your intention was not originally to promote sales it certainly has done. The wonderful artwork and instructions have certainly pushed me along the Clarity path and I am grateful to you for your efforts in this.
    On a lighter note, my hubby got the results of his blood tests and ECG today and they were good, it was such a relief for me. When we married everyone said it wouldn’t last 6 months – he is 10 years younger than me and we are both fiercely stubborn and independant – but here we are celebrating our 21st anniversary next Tuesday. Love and laughter get us through all the bad things life throws at us and we carry on regardless.
    Once again Barb, THANK YOU for all you do. XXX

  33. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS & HiPpY 5th BiRtHdAy. I’m a newcomer but already addicted to your daily blogs….away from the more public social media forums….
    from likeminded folk. Thank you for your dedication & openness, we all appreciate your commitment to Clarity Towers. 😉

  34. Barbara it’s the best blog ever. I don’t always comment but I read every day your news and advice and I have to say it’s cheered my spirits on many a down day . So thank you lovely lady and Paul and long may the blog continue. Xxxxxxx

  35. Hi Barbara,
    Many congratulations on your 5th Blog Anniversary, and yes I’ve read it every day! And totally enjoyed reading every bit of your news, views, thoughts and magic inspiration. Thanks so much for taking the time in your busy life to share with all of us out here in “Clarity World”! Please keep on blogging, (and YouTube-ing!), here’s to the next five years of Barb’s Blog! Take care, keep on crafting.

  36. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations on 5 years of wonderful blogs. I look forward to reading every day and have learned so much from you. I do try to comment everyday ( even if some of my ramblings are just that!). I have made some very dear friends through this blog and I do feel part of your bloggy family. You inspire me you’ve things a go that I’ve never tried before and for that I thank you sincerely. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Donna, bet you’re so happy today! Have a brilliant time in Wales. Been a beautiful day here – gorgeous Autumnal colours in the sunshine. Have a good weekend everyone, love and hugsAlison xxx

  37. Love your blog and wouldn’t miss it. You always make my day brighter with your amazing art work and words of wisdom. Thank you for an amazing five years. XX

  38. Evening bloggy friends, just having a break from packing so thought I’d have a look at the blog. Off early in the morning, soooooo looking forward to it. XX

  39. I read your blog every day and mostly leave you a comment. I love to check in to see what is happening Clarity way. It really is part of my day. What a generous way to celebrate. xx

  40. Think I’ve been reading your blogs forever. Look forward to reading them every day although never have time to replicate your artwork. Please continue with the blog we would all miss you !!! X

  41. I know I’m not the Brenda to whom you refer in your blog to-day but I have read every one of your blogs. They are an inspiration. Thank you so much for the effort and time you give every day. It is most certainly appreciated.

  42. Only found your blog this summer and now try and read it every day. Love all the art work and Youtube Tuesdays. So much talent. Don’t know how you find the time to keep us all entertained.

  43. Thank you, Barbara, for devoting 2 hours to us every day – it really is appreciated. What I like is that the blog is so varied – it’s not just a shopfront, promoting the latest products; it’s not only a sequence of projects with bloggy offers every now and then; you shake it up, mixing great projects with amusing anecdotes and interesting insights into your personal life, so it feels like a lovely chatty letter from an old friend. It’s a fantastic resource, too – when I’ve bought a new stamp/stencil/groovi plate, or dug out an old one, that I don’t know what to do with, I look back through the projects on the blog for inspiration – and it’s there in bucketloads!
    And, of course, I love the challenges you set us every now and then – it’s such fun seeking out the information, working out how you might have made a piece of artwork, sometimes even playing along to try to recreate the piece. So, of course, I’ve emailed you with 5 dates for the projects you’ve selected!

  44. I remember the first blogpost vividly! Is it really 5 years already? Thanks for a lot of good blogposts! And good luck with future blogging <3

  45. I’ve never commented on here before but I’ve read all your blogs. I love your views, news and inspiration and I love the comments and chat from your readers. I’ve learned so much from you. My thanks and best wishes to all and long may you continue.

  46. Thank you so much Barbara, for the blog every day. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The projects you have posted today bring back memories but I can’t remember the dates. Good luck to those who can. Love and hugs. Xx

  47. Love your blog, look forward to reading it every day. My day doesn’t feel complete without it. It’s like catching up with a special friend. Thank you for taking the time to blog. xxx

  48. Thank you Barbara as you know at that time things were very dark wasn’t coping very well. Your friendship got me through, love reading your blog I worry when gets late and haven’t seen your blog you have cheered me up over the years made us laugh. I think if you as s very good friend who has always been there and while for you love hugs Joy and Katie says you know Barbara is the best love you t hip hip Hooray for Barbara 😍😍 night night would miss if do always go back catch up xxx

  49. Like a lot of others I read every day but only comment occasionally. I love the blog and would really miss it if you stopped. I first spoke to you at the NEC, B’ham over 20 years ago when you were demonstrating Clarity corners and the stamps were called Imagina. I bought several and have been collecting Clarity goodies ever since, stamps, stencils, groovi, fresh cut dies I love them all. Long may you reign at Clarity Towers. xxx

  50. Wow, 5years, how fantastic! I don’t manage to visit as much as I would like but when I do, I love catching up! I have just rejoined the stamp club after a break and will try and visit more and Facebook too and get involved in more things Clarity! I remember the awesome projects you showed today but have no chance remembering when you posted them. Good luck everyone though! Thank you for continuing with your wonderful blog and for all things Clarity! xxx

  51. I might not comment very often, but I always pop in. Thanks for taking the time out to chat to us every day. Love xxx

  52. Thank you Barbara fo being with us every day to inspire us, make us laugh and sometime maybe make us cry. I read your blog every day and so look forward to seeing what you have been getting up too.
    Hugs from Chris X

  53. Many congratulations on the 5th anniversary of your fabulous blog! I’ve been following it since day – often catching up on your week’s posts on a Saturday when work is busy. One of the upsides of my current sick leave from work is that I can now read it every day (every cloud has a silver lining ☺). Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond – I love being part of the Clarity community

  54. Hello Barb, Happy blog Birthday. I do catch up with every blog post even if I miss some whilst being away for work. I play catch up. I love your blog, tears and laughter all the way, and plenty of wisdom and inspiration. Please don’t stop, and we will all keep popping in. I think I remember everyone of these blog posts, but will have to go dig out the dates. Take care lovely lady. Take care all. Bx

  55. Barb you’ve done more blogs than you think you forgot about the leap year 😂 I have read them all. I look forward to reading them and learning new techniques. Don’t stop yet please.

  56. Hi Barbara
    Many congratulations on 5 years of blogging, I’ve been there from the start too and have enjoyed every minute. It’s like chatting to a good friend, we’ve shared the fun and laughter and the sad times too, joined in with family events and enjoyed all the projects along the way. Work gets in the way of commenting sometimes and life too but I always go back and read them. Long may you continue, it’s a lovely blog to visit.
    Love Diane xxx

  57. Hi Barbara
    How time flies when you are having fun!! I have the dates!! I will email them over to you. And although I seldom post, I have read everyone of your posts and look forward to the next 5 years!!! xx

  58. Hi Barbara, my goodness 5 years of your blogs. I remember all the projects but will have to look back for dates. Late reading this blog as away in Majorca celebrating late our 50th anniversary. Don’t always get to comment but read your blogs from the first day but for some reason couldn’t comment until you gave me advice at a show. You are so inspirational and I wouldn’t have started stamping it it wasn’t for you, I watched you at the NEC for several years transfixed by the brayer and the Big One inkpads, then later at Ally Pally I watched you with the corner stamp and succumbed, bought all your DVD’s and later joined the design club. Having fun now with stencils, groovi and now dies. Would really be sad if you stopped your blogging as your ramblings make my day. I think of you as a good friend you are such a lovely genuine person.xxx

  59. My word- what a correspondent and teacher you are. So much information and inspiration just for us. Thank you.
    I get so much joy from reading your blog (and the letters to your club members). Its as if you are writing to a friend which makes us feel so much a part of you and your life.

  60. Writing this blog every day takes a great deal of time and effort on your part and we know what a busy life you lead so that makes it even more special. I do always read it every day and comment. I may have missed doing so on a few occasions but not many. You always give of yourself, and although I sadly have never met you I feel as though I know something of who you are, and can lay claim to just a little piece of your life through this blog. Congratulations on your five years and hope that there will be many more years of the story to come. x

  61. Thank you so much for sharing your days and talent with us, Barbara. You are a joy to read, and I do look forward to catching up with your blog posts. I do not comment often, but really appreciate the time and effort you put into each and every one. XX

  62. Fantastic achievement with your blog, I always enjoy reading it, Thank you from me and Happy Bloggy Anniversary xx

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