Freshly Cut Mountain Ash …

Freshly Cut Mountain Ash …

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

It’s like a little sweat lodge here in my artroom today, and I’ve been plugging away at the imminent retreat prep all day, so this ere blog will be a quick one!

Do you think you actually do lose weight if you sweat whilst sitting still? Or should I be hopping about here as well? My Apple watch and I are going to fall out soon, too. Keeps telling me to get up and move around. That’s all you need, isn’t it. A watch that lets you know that, not only are you running out of valuable time, but you’re stagnating while you work. Great.

One of our better ideas recently is definitely the excellent Fresh Cut Aperture Dies. Quick Art, or what?!?

This piece, which I think is very lovely and elegant, took exactly 4 minutes from start to finish. And most of that time was spent looking for a new glue runner!

Simples. Cut the Mountain Ash die out of a 6”x6” black card blank, with no additional cutting edge.

Cut the same die out of a piece of our Rainbow River Paper. The really bright and vibrant piece at the front. But this time, add an outer cut edge using the Nested Square die.

Using a Crafters Companion Glue Runner, attach the bright to the black, but shift it a tad to the left and down, to create a slim black dropshadow.

Add a second, slightly trimmed down 6” x 6” white card blank on the inside, attaching it to the inside front panel. Done.

What a superb design this is….lovely Mel is better than good. Yesterday she sent me a bunch of pretty special Christmas designs. So they’ll be on the move next week!

And so am I now. Time to watch the footie. Hope the game isn’t as dirty as the Columbian game; that was insulting to the sport.

Love & Hugs,



22 thoughts on “Freshly Cut Mountain Ash …

  1. Love these dies & the new Christmas designs sound exciting & a must !!
    Sat watching the football with the fan blowing cool air whilst finishing some Groovi pieces for upcoming birthday cards.
    Its the only time I really watch football so as you say lets hope its a less aggressive match than the Columbian one.

      1. Don’t worry about your partner….A happy you is a happier couple and it will make you very happy…🤗

  2. Love the dies and this project.
    Yes you can lose weight sitting still and sweating in this heat. It affects me badly so I have been sitting most of the time, moving gently sometimes and I have lost 6lb in10 days. Not bad after following a strict doctors diet and taking 3 yearsto lose a stone!!!
    Received both my Groovi orders today so cotton gloves on and lots of parching. Happy day!

  3. Lovely. Just got my freshcut card from Paul Church this morning – it’s beautiful. Well, if Hochanda can do Christmas in July, I guess I can also have my January birthday in July!!! It made me smile anyway. X

  4. Fab card, beautiful dies (still resisting buying as I know what’ll happen if I start – lol!) Been hiding in my little craft room all day as it’s on the cooler side of the house – still 27 degrees tho’ – been sorting and cataloging my ‘Clarity Collection’ (especially Groovi) for the final time as am fed up of not being able to find the things I want as and when I need them. Hubbie watched football and obviously ‘enjoyed’ it by the grumbling I could hear. Anyhoo they won so onwards and upwards! x

  5. Hi Barb,
    Love this one, the Rainbow River paper you’ve chosen is great for the mountain ash die. I think the dies are a fabulous addition to the Clarity collection and they are so brilliant for batch making cards as they are so easy to do. I now have a lovely collection of ‘spare’ cards if I suddenly realise that I’ve forgotten a birthday or something crops up like a thank you card or heaven forbid a sympathy card. Thank you for introducing them. Have all of the dies now and am so interested to see the Christmas ones. Enjoyed football this afternoon but I agree totally with you about the Columbia game – they were disgraceful!
    Love and hugs Alison xxx

  6. Love these dies but have yet to purchase any, the mountain ash is a favourite so I think it will be on its way to me before too long. Christmas dies, now you’re talking!! Don’t think I will be able to resist.
    I watched the football and enjoyed it – no penalties to watch through my fingers. No dirty tactics as in the Columbia game. They seem a nice group of lads unlike some of the prima donnas we have had in recent years. Xx

  7. What a quick but beautiful card, and the black behind the pretty paper cut makes a gorgeous shadow. Well, what a fantastic result in the football! x

  8. Hello Barb, a beautiful card, love the brightly patterned paper against the black, very effective. Hope you enjoyed the football. Bx

  9. Looking forward so much to the Retreat. Hope some of the great things from your blog will be on the menu, to give us a chance to actually physically experience them. That makes such a difference to our learning. I am travelling down on Sunday, hoping to meet up with those doing the first two days as well as on my own two days. xxx Maggie

  10. Hi Barbara

    This is a stunning card that you made, you have so much talent, and now with these new dies of yours, you get to play around to your hearts content, with amazing results 😊😊
    Looking at the pictures the background after you add the white card looks positively “blue”, and I wondered if this was just because of the black shadowing that you used, or is there a different reason?

    You are so right about the football. I just hope that Croatia play fairly on Wednesday!!
    Love & hugs

  11. Don’t know how I missed your blog yesterday but here know it’s so hot here too just melting. Looking for things for Bob to do while we craft with you Monday and Tuesday !??

  12. I really like this card, these dies really are very good and they are top of to get next list – I love a good list lol x

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