Scrap canvas and some blog candy…

Scrap canvas and some blog candy…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Hot, innit?!?

I’ve been working away at the Retreat Material all day, and am just about ready to call it a day!

Found this old paper scrap though, and thought it looked quite batik. Mind you, I could be hallucinating in the heat haze here!

Nontheless, a canvas board is what we are going to make here!

A 6”x 6” canvas board will fit perfectly, so let’s put the registration marks in for alignment. Cut off the corners.

Cover the canvas board with a layer of Decoupage Kleber und Lack (adhesive sealant )

Flip the wet canvas board onto the scrap paper, add sealant to the flaps and tuck into the back. Job’s done.

Let the sealant dry, and as it does the wrinkles on the front will disappear. Magic!

There you go! Very arty for a scrap!

Let’s mount on a piece of Designer Paper… The Rainbow River pad seems to be calling to this piece. Mmmm…. this one?…..

….or this one?…..

…or this one?? ….

YOU pick. I’m too hot to!

Tell me which one you prefer, 1,2 or 3.

Leave your choice below. Then tomorrow, I will pick a random winner, and will send that lucky winner a £20 Gift Voucher to spend on something Clarity…

Time to sit in a cold bath!

Love & Hugs,



213 thoughts on “Scrap canvas and some blog candy…

    1. I think number 1 looks the best as the colours match the Batak design perfectly. Although I have to say I also like it with a plain black surround!

  1. Definitely number 1 for me. Everything just sits nicely for me, soft and subtle. What a lovely way to create beautiful unique art. After my afternoon nap (trying to .take up for the lack of sleep at night in this heat), I am going to dig out my pieces of work from Paul’s lovely class yesterday at Evesham. Some colouring and embossing to be done. I also want to practice using the new blending nibs with water, ink pads and watercolour card. My first attempt was just ok, but I used far more water than I should and too much pressure – a definite learning curve. See you soon (this time next week, I hope I will be clear of the M25 and settled into the Spa). xxx Maggie

    1. You going up Sunday for Monday Tuesday Maggie we are also first retreat look forward to meeting you been friends one long time Joy x

      1. I am going on Sunday ready for Wednesday and Thursday. My intention is to leave early on Friday, well before breakfast, in the hope I can beat the worst of the holiday traffic as it is the end of term. Hope to meet up with you, Joy. xxx Maggie

  2. I prefer the first one. Love the colours ..
    Currently trying to use baby plates but the heat is beating me..

  3. Paper number 1 for me……….. and what a nice piece of artwork! Looks great. Have a lovely afternoon……… C xx

  4. They are all lovely but I,prefer no 3 as the darker colours bring out the centre piece. Enjoy your day x

  5. I love them all but I like no 2.
    Melted a bit at church this morning and again while shopping for food for our very wee BBQ tonight, just the four of us! Now I am going to make some lime cheese cake for desert. Looking forward the some family time before daughter goes back to Edinburgh for her work.

  6. No 1 feels right because it is echo’ing (don’t know the correct spelling)the central colours – but what do I know, I just like it!
    Hope you are all well – drink lots of water.
    MY Mr Gray has gone to watch Macbeth in the ‘pop up’ Shakespeare village Rose Theatre – too hot for me to go!
    Maggie (Yorkite) the ONLY Maggie

  7. I love it….and I prefer backing number 1 as the colours lend themselves perfectly to your piece if art ‘batik’ xx

  8. Must be the heat, but I can’t see any difference between them. I need to finish a birthday card but it’s far too hot to handle the parchment. I’m not complaining though, much rather this than rain. Fran

  9. No. 1 for me, although they’re all good. It’s always hard to choose from these lovely papers! THANKS for the opportunity to enter. I agree, too hot here too, just been out for lunch with nephew to meet his new girlfriend, had a lovely time with family, now have to flop ! X

  10. I’m in the 1 crowd🤗
    Very calming after watching Hamilton throw his dummy out of his car🏎️
    Now off to choose from the choice of magnums in the freezer………

    1. A while ago, I got a Magnum out of the freezer and a cold drink from the fridge. By the time I had eaten the Magnum, my cold drink was then warm. xxx Maggie

  11. All lovely, but for me No 1 has the edge. Yes! It’s still hot but some rain, preferably at night, would be good to bring the gardens and countryside back to life. Trying to think cool with some Christmas parching.
    Pam x

  12. I like them all but number 1 seems to echo the theme so would fit right in at the B and B you know where

  13. hello, number 1 is my choice. i’m currently trying to think cool thoughts as i make some groovi christmas cards – not used groovi before, it’s wonderful xx

  14. I think they would all work, but my favourite is number two as it picks out the blues and greens. The darker colours seem to draw the eye in to the centre.
    I agree, it is definitely too hot!
    Best wishes

  15. Number 1 works well. Lovely canvas too. Have been doing a few jobs today but everything seems to take twice as long in this heat! Xx

  16. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope you are all in the shade with a cold drink and someone to fan you! XX

    1. Hello Donna are you on the final stretch yet, you must only have a couple of weeks to go. Hope you are keeping cool, it’s blooming hot here. Xxx

      1. Hi Donna,
        Even though it’s been quite overcast for a lot of the day, it’s so muggy! Lying on the bed at the moment with windows open, fan on and ice on my knee but still too Hot!! Don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight. Not long now till the holidays – bet you can’t wait!!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  17. Number 1 but agree with you a hard choice to make, we are just not used to long spells of sunshine it will be quite a shock to wear a waterproof coat again!

  18. Number 1 for me. We are not doing a lot resting after busy home with grandchildren
    So hot was lovely in garden yesterday evening cooked downnice but came in went to bed melting hot. Home cools a bit next week for retreat as don’t cope with this heat not long know be settled this time next week in spare hotel ready for Monday’s craft fun xxx

  19. Hello Barbara – No 1, the colours lend their selves better to the overall effect. Very hot here, lovely, but a bit more cloud around now. Have a lovely evening everyone, lots of love Donna X

  20. Number 1 looks great. Will be travelling down on Sunday too. See you there Maggie and Joy. Looking forward to seeing everyone xx

  21. Well I’m going with the flow and saying number 1 too. The colours are just perfect for your little canvas. Not doing too much today – just too hot. Now sitting in the shade in the little bit of breeze we have. Hope you are sitting somewhere nice and shady sipping something cool. Xxxxx

  22. No 3 for me, I think the paper complements the ‘batik’ well.
    I am off to a celebrity football match this evening, (a first for me), to celebrate the opening of the newly refurbished football complex. Way behind schedule but everything comes to those who wait.
    Looking forward to the retreat.

  23. Well, that’s weird, reading the above votes, as I would definitely say 2 reflects the colours best. I suppose we all see things differently. Looking forward to the retreat. Hope it cools down a bit by then as I don’t suppose I can bring the shady corner of the garden I seem to have been hiding in for weeks with me!
    Gill x

  24. I’d say number 2 – but isn’t it interesting how we all have such different ideas? I agree this piece looks batik! Also melting here, have all the windows open to try to get a breeze through. Might have to squeeze into my daughter’s paddling pool if it doesn’t cool soon!

  25. I think 2 it’s my choice. Great fun!! Back in Texas and found turmeric at the local grocery. Who know. Miss y’all. Xxx

  26. No 1 for me too. Well, we’ve finally had a little bit of rain here this afternoon, after over a month without a drop! It must have been me going out to spray the patio for weeds that brought it on. I think everyone would be glad of a proper downpour, but that’s not happening – we’ve had lots of wildfires up here in the Highlands. Hope you all find a way to keep cool x

  27. I think the black background really makes it stand out. Enjoy the sunshine with that lovely new husband.

  28. My choice would be No. 2. It just goes to show how versatile the Designer Papers are, any one of them work well. xx

  29. My favourite is number 1 as it seems to echo the colours in your art work.
    Sitting in the kitchen a while ago I heard a loud squawking noise and found a baby seagull in my dining room. Now I will have to leave the patio door shut. No doubt the parents will be dive bombing me when I go out to water the pots. They are such pests and every year the babies fall off the roof when they are learning to fly. Now I will have to put up with s*** all over the patio until they learn to fly properly and won’t be able to sit in the garden. xx

  30. Love this piece of work and the way you make something beautiful out of what you call a scrap piece. I think I must have binned lots of things that you would have created something with. By the way I like number 3 xxx

  31. Hello Barbara

    It is a competition between 1 and 3, but number 1 has the edge.


  32. Hi Barb, I think no. 2 is the best choice. To me, it seems to make the artwork pop. Love your scrap pieces, they’re better than any of my attempts at art, lol.
    Love and hugs, Alison D x

  33. Number 3 a winner but all lovely.
    Really cannot wait for the retreat – high light of the year.

  34. I’m quite new to your blog and now have to get my daily fix. I like number 2. 3 is too red and the lines on number one lead your eye away from the centre. Number 2 has it all, colour, balance and makes the centre stand out. It just shows how we all see things differently. That’s the beauty of art.

  35. Number 1, definitely. Has all the colours that are in the scrap piece, and matches perfectly!

  36. Afternoon Barbara. I think it’s hotter today than ever! It’s lovely to see the sunshine and feel warm but it’s too hot to sit in. It makes me feel very sickly!
    Can’t believe it’s been two weeks since your wedding and also that this time next week Susan and I will be down in Crowborough ready to enjoy the retreat on Monday and Tuesday!!
    That’s a great project today and I’d say number 1 for the backing paper but any of them would be OK!
    Right I best go…nearly time for tea, or in south speak, dinner!
    See you very soon. Love and hugs!! Xxxx

  37. No 3 for me. I feel like joining the kids next door in their paddling pool, just melting here. Tired as well because a house alarm was blaring away for over an hour in the night. x

  38. They’re all lovely, but has to be no 3 for me, the more muted colours fit better with the stencil

  39. I prefer no.2, it’s a bit more dramatic, and makes the subtle colours sing. For a bit of scrap it’s lovely x

  40. Hi Barbara
    I think I like no 3 the best, but they all seem to work don’t they. What a lovely canvas anyway and so quick to do. It’s been so hot here again, you get hot just thinking about things that need doing. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, loved the mountain ash with the drop shadow, the Dies are beautiful and so lovely to use. Enjoy your evening, I hope it cools down for you.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      It’s been quite muggy here today unfortunately. I was going to attempt the ironing but then just couldn’t face it!! Didn’t really fancy all that extra heat! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  41. Too hot to do anything much today, so re-watched Linda’s shows from last weekend. She is just wonderful to watch and her beautiful accent is so calming. What a talented lady she is too.
    Love your canvas Barb and it is No. 1 for me, if I have to make a choice.
    Have a wonderful Retreat. I would love to be there. Annette X

  42. Number 1 for me too😍 I’m at the retreat Friday and Saturday soooo looking forward to it😊

  43. Beautiful canvas, wouldn’t think it was a scrap. I prefer No.1 . Loved yesterday’s blog too with the die and dropped shadow. So hot everywhere, keep cool if

  44. Hi Barbara, I prefer No. 1, it is beautifully subtle and complements perfectly the arty canvas.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  45. I prefer number 1. The colours coordinate beautifully and the paler, almost scratchy patterns make the background look like an extension of the central artwork.

  46. Phwew it’s HOT!!!
    No: 3 for me as it is subtle and vibrant at the same time. My favourite colours in this one.
    Cannot believe the heatwave has lasted this long although they say it will be cooler mid week before rising again to another scorcher. The plants could do with a good drink as could I so I’m off to the ice box.

  47. Number 1 looks a perfect partner to me. Hoping for a few cooler days so I can get back into my craft room!

  48. I think 2
    I was woundering if you would mount it on anything before attaching to the canvas?
    And if you would mount it what would you mount it on ???

  49. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely little work of art. All 3 papers work but No 1 has the edge for me. I hope all goes well at the retreats and also that it cools down just a bit so you will all be more comfortable. No more problems with the paint drying too quickly. Have a wonderful time all you lucky people who are attending.
    X Chris

  50. Amazing transition from scrap to awesome artwork 😃.
    I choose number 1 It works with your art not competes against it.
    Happy days.

  51. Has to be number 3 for me Barbara
    And yep it’s hot Enjoy your evening Something ice cold for me. I think. X

  52. Hi Barb,
    Love your little canvas and think that all three of the papers add something to the canvas in different ways. However, if I have to choose I would go for number 1 as the colours are such a good match for the canvas itself. I have to say though, that the second one uses one of my very favourite papers. Glad to hear that the prep for the Retreats is going well, but do give yourself some time to chill out ( literally!) as well. Love and hugs, Alison. Xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Uncomfortably hot tonight – way too muggy for me – we need a good storm to clear the air and I know the plants would like it too! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  53. All looking good, prefer no.1. Reminds me of last eye test. ‘Is it better with this one, or this one? Then again…’this one, or this one? So hot in West Sussex. Sleep well everyone. Ann

  54. I love no 2, it seems really alive to me, the colours are just great and mix together so beautifully.

  55. It’s got to be no.1 for me Barbara, as the colours mimic those in your “scrappy” piece, which now materialises into a work of art! Tad dah!!!

  56. Wow love the art work, I think number 1 has the edge this time. Must admit when I first looked at the blog it was on my phone & after looking at all three I couldn’t see any difference then realised there was a backing paper for each one which is what you wanted us to look at & choose. blame the heat or a senior moment !!
    Seems even hotter here tonight, it was still 27c when we were driving back from our daughters at 10pm. We have spent the afternoon watching our granddaughters doing Hairspray the Musical with their performing arts group & then a BBQ back at their house.

  57. For me it is definitely No. 1 Barbara, and the heat must be so sapping when you are trying to prepare things for the retreat. A cool bath sounds like just the thing. x

  58. They all look good, although my preference is No2.
    Really looking forward to seeing and learning what you have for us at the retreat. This heat really zaps brain power, look after yourself. Hugs.

  59. Number 2 is the best.
    On number 1 the rivery swirl on the left pulls your eye from the artwork.
    The colours in 3 are a little to strong
    Number 2 is the most harmonious to the artwork….although I would take it one step further by adding an accent line at edge of canvas…possibly gold.
    At the end of the day it’s all about personal choice

  60. I seem to be in the minority here, but I like number two best. Good to see you’ve sorted the retreat projects….can’t wait to see everyone on the Friday. X

  61. Fab piece of speedy artwork – as always.

    Out of the 3, I would pick background #1, for me it just seems to make the artwork ‘pop’.

    It’s such a personal thing, and it’s fun to consider – thanks for the challenge!

  62. Hi Barbara

    For me it has to be number 1.

    You are amazing, you can even pick up a scrap of paper that most other people would have discarded and turn it into something beautiful

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