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Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, our dear friends Debby and Gill have been visiting from Texas. They came over for the wedding, and to see family. Today, I had a little treat in store for us: a pottery workshop, or more specifically, a raku workshop. (pronounced rackoo).

IT WAS FANTASTIC. We had the best day!! It was so interesting, so stimulating, so fascinating! The ladies were all delightful, the teachers über-talented, and the guidance second to none. In the lead up to our Clarity retreats next week, it was nice to be a learner, one of the students. In fact, it was particularly pleasant to be a complete novice, with zero knowledge.

Debby, Gill and I started with bisque pots. In other words, we came in halfway through the film, to pots which had already been thrown and fired. But that was fine. For us, it was about the raku, the glazing and crackle technique…

First, we waxed, masked off and glazed our pieces….

Masking. It’s the same masking tape we use in stamping!!

Then they went in the kiln…Those 3 little ice-cream looking cones there are mine!

Then they went in the sawdust pits…

.. and then they were carefully submerged in water. Here we see one of my masterpieces being put into water to crackle….

Once they were cool enough, we had to clean them….

Check this out!!! Chuffed to bits!

Debby and Gill did an amazing job of theirs !

Just look at our haul !!! Absolutely blimming exceptionally superb.

I’m a raku convert! In fact, I’ve signed up for the new term in September, and am going to learn how to throw pots. Well, I KNOW how to throw pots – and I’m quite a good aim (ask my ex), but I think they mean something else….

So after our wonderful, magical raku-day, we went to the Dorset Arms for a farewell supper, and it was with a heavy heart that we waved our friends goodbye – until the next time.

So that’s it. Grace back in New York, Mark back in San Fran, Debby and Gill back in Texas. We have had such a super wedding fortnight. Who needs a honeymoon when you’ve got friends and family like ours?


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26 thoughts on “Raku

  1. I have some bits of raku pottery and I love all the different patterns and colours. Got them in Arizona. I like the fact that the colours can change depending on what you put the pots into. Glad you had fun and all the pots look amazing. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      It’s hard trying to stay cool isn’t it! It’s been really muggy here this afternoon and very cloudy. In fact I thought we were going to have a thunderstorm but nothing happened. Think it’s going to be another toss and turn night – no wonder I’m shattered when I get up! Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  2. Well done Barbara great results. It is so nice to try something completely different – the change can be refreshing.

  3. Those pots look great & when you look at them in the future you will remember the lovely day you spent with your friends learning something new. Even though you were crafting it was so different to the day job that you could relax & enjoy the process. Hopefully those pesky Worka & Hollick didn’t follow you !! I always smile at this as Hollick was my mother in laws maiden name but that takes us to a whole different past time !!

  4. Love making Raku pots so I know what a brilliant day you would have had. We have a guy near us who runs workshops in his garden and I’ve beento a couple. It’s very addictive. I have all my makes on display in the front room. Try making beads & pendants too as Raku jewellery is amazing. Glad you all had a fun day together. Love & hugs Jeanette x

  5. Oh wow! What an amazing way to spend your day! I remember doing this when I was at uni! Such an amazing technique and you never get two the same!
    I’m glad you got to spend more time with Gill and Debby before they return to Texas!
    Can’t wait for the retreats next week. Susan and I will be travelling down on Sunday ready for the fun to begin on Monday! Yay!!
    Have a great weekend! Love and hugs! Xxx

  6. Definitely sounds like fun, and what a wonderful way to say farewell to friends. I spent my day doing laundry, dusting and vacuuming , then headed off into my little crafty den (coolest room in the house!) to sort my Groovi plates as had run out of folder space so the one with my ODS was a godsend. Anyhoo, apart from ironing in the morning, rest of the weekend is mine to ‘play’…yippee!

  7. Fabulous. I don’t know where you find the time Barbara to do all you do. Wonder woman comes to mind 😀
    Love hx

  8. You cleaver little crafter you your pots look brill
    Is is always sad to say good buy to friend and family
    But you know they will be back. Xx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Wow what fantastic pots and what a great way to spend the day, building lots of memories with great friends. That fortnight has flown by hasn’t it. What a good idea to sign up for a class, it will make you leave work on time one evening a week and will give your brain a different arty pathway to concentrate on. Mind you I can see some new paper designs coming out of those crackles. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      Don’t give Barb anymore ideas- I’m trying to save money!!! (Only kidding Barb! )Hope you’re ok and managing to stay cool. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Sounds as though you all had a fantastic time and what a great way to spend time together. The pots look amazing. Bet you’re really looking forward to your classes in September. You’ve certainly had a wonderful fortnight filled with so many happy memories. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      I’ve decided my body isn’t built for heat! It wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually manage to sleep, but it’s just too hot! It doesn’t help when I actually fall asleep only to wake up in the early hours sweating like a pig because I’ve got a fur hat or a fur blanket on – otherwise known as Scamp!! Not sure why she never chooses to sleep on Dave as he wouldn’t wake up if there was an earthquake going on!! Better go and get some ice on my knee – at least part of me will be cool. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

  11. We spent day preparing for grandsons coming they are know Jonah 3, Jacob 6. first job was getting paddling pool out filled with water they were straight in don’t blame them was very hot today. Girls tomorrow there know Leannah 13, Rosy 10 so different to cater for so boys leave in morning girls arrive 2pm so dad can get back for football may do some rock painting with them as in thing to decorate the Rocks and hide around streets to be found groups on Facebook in all areas. Sounds like a fun day you had me and group of friends did some pottery classes few years ago great fun we had to do a country scene with tree hill etc quiet scary but good laugh, looking forward to the retreat also travelling up Sunday like jane meeting Sue at hotel got to see what bob can find to do while we play with you Katie is very excited too as you can imagine Barbara hope cools a bit by then don’t like it so hot joints don’t cope so well. So see you next week and may be meeting a few more clarity friends in person Monday and Tuesday staying on at hotel till Thursday spending some time with bob so may be see you some more evening at sparebefore we go home Thursday xxx

  12. Wonderful results from you all Barbara, and you’ll be a natural at throwing pots I’m sure as you are at anything creative, and great to spend time with friends Debby and Gill and hopefully it won’t be long before you see them again. x

  13. How good for you to discover an exciting new craft. Regular classes will be just what you need to force you out of work and to relax. The pots look amazing and I can see some patterns being translated into Groovi papers at some time in the future!
    Enjoy the weekend. Annette X

  14. How fabulous that Debby and Gill were able to come over for the wedding and even better that you got to spend some extra crafty time together. Two of the loveliest ladies I have ever met. Love the pots too – awesome work. Nice to see you on the “other side” as it were. You are an awesome teacher and I bet you make a wonderful student too. So sad not to be able to make the retreat this year but as things turned out it was probably for the best. Hope the retreats go well – what am I saying – of course they will – they will be awesome as always. Xxxxx

  15. That looks like an amazing day. I really love doing something when you are a complete novice, but still find there are techniques and skills that you can transfer from what you know and love. Have you ever tried silver clay jewellery making? xxx

  16. When those little pots catch your eye in the future it will take you back to a lovely day spent with good friends. When I go on holiday I always buy some lovely little thing and when I see it I have a little reminisce. Sometimes it’s as simple as a tea towel or a fridge magnet. There must be a word for it that’s much nicer than remind. xx
    PS that’s how I discovered parchment craft, an ad in the local paper, no idea what it was but went for a day workshop and was hooked. Much better with Groovi xx

  17. Barb, what a wonderful thing to experience with friends, and especially like minded creative souls. Love the pots. Hope they have safe travels. Take care all. Bx

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