Art calms me down.

Art calms me down.

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Wednesday’s Blog is our Mindful Blog, right?  Got time for a quick story?

Once upon a time there was a woman who worked and worked and worked. And the more she worked, the more work she generated.

She loved what she did, so mostly it didn’t even feel like work at all. Which is probably why she worked and worked and worked.

But ever so occasionally, she would get (the arse with it all) tired of work, work, work. It mostly happened when other people didn’t share her enthusiasm or passion, and whilst she knew it was a tall order, to expect others to work as she did, to be invested as she was, nonethless every so often (it would get on her pip) she would feel quite lonely. And when she did, resentment and anger would flare up quite out of nowhere, and it was very uncomfortable – not only for her, but for people around her. And it was best she stayed out of the way until the storm passed.

But she was very lucky, because her work was actually her remedy.

All she had to do was focus on making something simple with her hands,

like stamping a cool image on a colourful card

and colouring it in, and concentrate on adding highlights

and white flashes,

and within minutes, the washing machine head would stop spinning,

and the only thing on her mind was which colours to use and what next.

And by the time she had added the bird and the word,

and put her own thoughts to it,

The anger had subsided and it was time to have a cuppa.

So she walked away from her messy workplace for the day, but with a much clearer head.

Love & Hugs,



53 thoughts on “Art calms me down.

  1. Ooh I love this Barb – so vibrant! It does us all good to just be alone with what makes us tick sometimes. We know that those around us understand our moods even if they don’t like them or don’t know how to cope with them, but sometimes alone is the only thing that works. I think some of our (your) best work comes at times like those. Enjoy your cuppa. Xxxxx

  2. Never feel lonely Barb, there are tons of us love you and what you do. Love this stamp one of my favs. Thanks for sharing huge hugs Jx

  3. Crafting. My distraction therapy. I didn’t know there was such a thing as depression through pain. Recently was diagnosed with this. Thank goodness for artwork hey? Also thank goodness for your blogs and You Tube Videos! Thank you Barbara x

  4. Unfortunately I would have to clear up the devastation on my desk before I could clear my head completely.

  5. I agree with you 100% i cant do any crafting at the moment but i love to colour in it takes me away from the things that i cant do anything about health & other things

  6. And that’s why I craft!
    When I was teaching I would sometimes come home feeling angry or highly stressed and the drive home didn’t often help but an hour with my crafty stash would take all that stress away and allow me to think things through more clearly!
    Now I craft because I can!
    Don’t ever feel lonely! You have lots of people who love you to bits!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  7. Its surprising how pain or problems seem to disappear when we start crafting. Love your piece of art today, I must check my stash for the stamps if not I have the Groovi plates. I am waiting for my latest parcel that is wending its way from Clarity Towers so I can tick everything off in the catalogues so there will be no more Have I or haven’t I scenarios or even duplications !! Thanks for sharing x

  8. What a very mindful blog. I too find my remedy in crafting, especially with Clarity!
    I loathe my job. There is no work ethic and I seem to be banging my head against a brick wall. All that is forgotten when, as you say, you stamp and colour or “groove”
    Thank you for a lovely blog. Anger all gone away now.

  9. My mind clearing therapy this week has been serious garden maintenance. Circumstances last year decreed the garden being almost left to its own devices apart from the grass cutting so this year is the beginning of a big make-over, and, reclaiming my haven. Thus a large portion of every good weather day is to be spent in the fresh air. Bliss! ;~}

    1. Shelagh,
      you could have written this for me, too.
      I love my garden and there’s always a pull to do more, but I need to craft too. What a dilemma!
      To solve it, I took one of my dogs out on the Forest for a long walk, leaving the ‘old lady’ to dream labrador dreams.
      So much inspiration, and looking forward to the Craft Days at Crowborough.

  10. Love this post. I went to my craft room yesterday morning with my gel plate and time goes by in a haze of messy loveliness, all thanks to you and the lovely design team who give me such inspiration. Thank you

  11. You have a beautiful way with words Barbara. The art work is also beautiful, just love the background card. 💕

  12. This is gorgeous and crafting works every time to calm the mind and clear out all the negative stuff. I craft best on my own, and at night when everything is quiet. It is quite difficult sometimes to get others to understand our passion for creating and then it does feel a bit lonely, but there are always lots of other fellow addicts here in Blogland who understand exactly how we feel. Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you give us Barbara. x

  13. Beautiful, Barbara. Crafting really calms me down. Don’t feel lonely. There are a lot of us out here who love you tons. Xx

  14. Hello Barbara, been feeling very cranky lately myself, don’t know why, which is making me more cranky, very happy positive sunny person usually. Have a funny feeling it’s time of life, menopause, and all the turmoil you feel.Gradually felt better this week, lost myself and hours in crafting, feeling very calm. Been using your wonderful dies. Deep breaths Barbara, and let go of things you can’t control. lots of love Donna

  15. I find that, however tired I feel, if I do a little crafting after work, I always sleep better and feel better. It is a life line for so many people and has opened up a whole new world of friendships and support for me. Thanks for sharing Barbara, love and hugs.

  16. Another great piece of Art, Barb!
    I can totally understand the therapy of crafting. About 18 years ago I was finally diagnosed with C.F.S./M.E. and initially I wasn’t even able to lift my head from the pillow. Gradually, I was able to do just a little more – but still fretted about all of the things that I could no longer do. Just by chance I bought a card making magazine, complete with a free kit. My love of paper crafting grew from there and I began to concentrate on what I COULD do, and not what I COULDN’T. It really did change my life. Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – well the rain arrived here today, and has decided to stick around. Can’t complain though – we have had some beautiful weather recently. We both have had a total rest day today.
      Alison – I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending lots of positive vibes to you. Neill saw his knee surgeon recently & he confirmed that all was well. He hopes that things go just as well for you. Love and hugs, from us both xxx

  17. Craft is soooooo good for being present in the moment. Some of my best things have been crafted while trying to escape life for a while. Stops the brain going off down those dark lonely paths. I also find organising and sorting my craft stash has the same effect. I have been doing that today. Can’t remember where I read it but watching craft has the same feel good effect, so pull up a seat and watch a few Clarity you tubes. Xx

  18. Hi bloggy friends, been sorting and filing my new stamps today. Have a couple more sheets left and then I will need a new folder. Listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack and singing along, perfect! Xx

    Alison hope your op goes well tomorrow. the right day this time 😁😁 XX

      1. Brilliant film you will enjoy it Alison, now Emma is home from Uni we have the sing a long in the car! How all goes well tomorrow Alison xxx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Crafting certainly calms me down ( until I pour sticky ink all over a Groovi design instead of glitter!!). I love that I can lose myself and my worries, niggles bad moods just seem to disappear. This is the reason that there is a bagful of crafty stuff accompanying me to hospital. Thank you for all of the inspiration that you give me and fellow bloggers and Crafters. I would be richer in monetary term but certainly have a poorer quality of life without my crafting addiction! I love the piece of artwork you’ve produced as well – one of my favourite stamps and Groovi plates. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  20. Hi Barb,
    Crafting certainly calms me down ( until I pour sticky ink all over a Groovi design instead of glitter!!). I love that I can lose myself and my worries, niggles bad moods just seem to disappear. This is the reason that there is a bagful of crafty stuff accompanying me to hospital. Thank you for all of the inspiration that you give me and fellow bloggers and Crafters. I would be richer in monetary term but certainly have a poorer quality of life without my crafting addiction! I love the piece of artwork you’ve produced as well – one of my favourite stamps and Groovi plates. Love and hugs
    Alison xxx

  21. Hi bloggy friends,
    Sending love and hugs to you all, thank you for your lovely messages – I need the positive vibes lol ,Alison xxxx

    1. Hi Alison – you will be fine! It sounds as though you have packed plenty of things to occupy yourself – in between doing your exercises. Just wait until you see Tina’s new Parchlets baby plates – they look amazing. Donna, Pam and I are trying to win a set on FB. They will be on tv this Sunday/Monday. Lots of love and extra hugs, Gilly xxx

      1. Gilly-are you trying to encourage me to spend money? ! I’ve seen a sneak peak, and they are gorgeous. Hopefully, I might be home by Sunday. Love and hugs you and Neill xxxx

        1. Haha Alison – not at all! I just wanted to give you something to look forward to. Perhaps Dave will treat you – a present for being a very brave girl! xx

  22. We are all human and no matter how hard we try to keep calm and have peace of mind sometimes we need to take ourselves off re-group talk to friends , phone someone and then we can face the world again, lovely project xxx

  23. Had such a lovely afternoon today when I was playing with my new fresh cuts die which arrived today . Queen Anne’s lace . A pretty name for Cow Parsley which, in East Yorkshire is called Dead Man’s Oatmeal! I know which name I prefer!Made such a beautiful card with a distress ink and water drops background. Fabulous die which cut beautifully just like laser cut. Felt very blessed in my little shed in the garden! Thanks Barbara. Hope there are some Christmas ones coming out!

  24. Craft has a wonderful way of concentrating the mind so that all worries are forgotten for a while. I have had a lovely day playing with stamps, stencils and ink. Finished up with 3 completed cards and a much happier frame of mind. Thank you, Barbara for all your inspiration. x

  25. Hi Barbara
    I’m glad the lady (you) has a better end to the day than the start, craft definately focuses the mind and makes you loose yourself. Time just flies by. Love the leaves you have stamped and coloured today, it looks great on your lovely card. Hope you have a relaxing evening.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you are all ok. I keep playing catch up, it’s all go here since Emma came home! I’m hoping for an at home day tomorrow to play with my new Dies, hopefully my arm is recovered enough to use my mangle! Sending hugs xxx

  26. Crafting helps me through the pain even been able to do a little groovi makes me feel good so thank you Barbara for giving us the inspiration and the crafting tools to keep us focused xxxx

  27. Oh Barb, you do cheer me up. Love your craft table. Hubby stuck a sign on my door that says a messy craft room is a sign of genius. My bosses thought I should be available 24/7 until I got cancer, then they moved my office to my home. I retired, saw a parchment demo while in recovery and have never looked back. Crafting saved my sanity. I taught parchment at workshops and met lots of lovely crafters. 20 years on I am hooked on all things Clarity. Now I am relaxed and happy.

  28. Today’s blog I can relate to, maybe not the work work work ethic as I’m retired now. Definitely going off to my craft room when I’m frustrated, moody, angry or even in pain. The calm usually comes in before I get a card finished. Love your card, they are really super stamps. You do need to step back sometimes though Barbara to rest and relax , as I keep telling my daughter as my own Mum used to say to me, all work makes Jack a dull boy. Not that you’re anything like dull or in fact even a boy, but you are our star and you shine so bright. Love and hugs. xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends, hope you’ve all had a good day. Been feeling down for a few days, maybe the weather as its been dull and rainy. In need of a holiday to away from it all I believe. xxx

  29. Sending big hugs never feel alone we are always here well I am katie will always shout Barbara is best at anyone who tried to say anything different it’s good that you can disappear into your art we all look ve your art Sleep well lots lovely ve xxx

  30. Hello Barb, well I love the artwork you have created and the blog post. It sounds just like me, and I enjoy losing myself in my craft, even for a little while, as it just helps to ease the stress and tension. Take care all and as it says here, make art, not war. Bx

  31. You’ve got a lot on your plate lately, running a business and organising a wedding. No wonder your stressed. Beats me where you get your stamina from.
    I’ve learnt so much from you and I’m looking forward to the show on Sunday.

  32. We seem to have far too much going on all the time. Crafting gives us the opportunity to zone out and take a breath. The world is a better place thanks to Claritystamp. We all need to look after ourselves xx

  33. When I can´t sleep at night which is not often I plan making a card in my mind and I sleep immediately after some minutes (without getting the card ready)
    Rolf xxx

  34. I’ve always loved art but now my card making keeps me sane have so many health problems including depression I think if I did not have this I would just give up

  35. Someone said to me the other day “how is it that you’re always so calm?” I guess my crafting addiction must have something to do with it, but really I think I just react less to all the drama in life as I get older and I choose to be happy. John and I have a saying “not my circus, not my monkeys”, and just let everyone else’s stress pass us by. Works for me x

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