Gelli Sandwich with Alcohol ink – Tasty You Tube Tuesday

Gelli Sandwich with Alcohol ink – Tasty You Tube Tuesday

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping by.
I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and got to enjoy sunny, warm weather. So sorry to hear that some of you got caught in the flashflooding in the Midlands. Unseasonal weather once again….
It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means…
YouTube Tuesday!
I do hope you enjoy this one. If you’re into your Gelpress printing, then you will like this technique with alcohol ink. 

As ever, from midday today until next week’s video, there is 20 percent off products used in the video. 
It includes
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The best of the rest:
Chromo Card A5 x 50
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7″ x 7″ Stencil Card
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19 thoughts on “Gelli Sandwich with Alcohol ink – Tasty You Tube Tuesday

  1. Fantastic you tube today! Saw you do it on TV but its great to have it here so I can re-watch it. Love the humour in your videos. Thank you! Xx

  2. Afternoon bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Sitting here with a thunder storm raging outside and pouring rain, Phoebe is beside me fast asleep!

    Alison, hope your op went well. Sending hugs. Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      It’s on Thursday! So I’m psyching myself up for then, but thank you for your kind thoughts. Hope you’re enjoying your half term holiday, love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Haven’t watched the video yet as We had a day out in Newcastle today while I can still walk! It’s the next thing I’ve got to do and am really looking forward to seeing what you have done – I’m sure it will be brilliant! Sending love and hugs, Alison xxx

    1. Hi Bloggy friends ,
      Hope you’re all as good as possible today. Been a bit of a miserable day weather wise – very dull and cloudy. Had a trip up to Newcastle to get some bits and bobs and to just chill out a bit. Thank you for the lovely messages yesterday – I’m relying on positive thoughts on Thursday! Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

        1. Hi Alison – I will be sending you positive thoughts on Thursday! Neill saw his knee surgeon for a check up recently, and all is good with his knee. He hopes that all goes well for you too. Love and hugs, from us both xxxx

  4. Great video Barbara. I also wondered if a Big Shot would do the job. No good wondering is it? I must try it. xxx

  5. Hi bloggy friends, hope you are all well. What weather we’ve been having, must have missed the thunderstorm this morning as I had my earphones in watching Barbara’s video. Hubby said about it later and I realised I’d missed it. Stay dry and take

  6. This was fabulous, funny and informative. Loved the special effects. It’s a beautiful piece of art, but something anyone can achieve.

  7. I do love the alcohol inks on the gelli plate Barbara and thanks for the fab technique. I only have two at the moment so need a few more I think. x

  8. Hello Barb, thanks for this super video, have seen you do these techniques on the telly, but great to watch it like this with all the tips, and your various comments and quips, just make me smile. I will pluck up the courage at some point to do this with my alcohol inks and gelli plate. Love the little stencils too. Take care all. Bx

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