What’s coming up…..

What’s coming up…..

Hi there.

Thanks for dropping in. I have been head down prepping all day for Sunday.

I have to tell you, what a treat it has been. There’s nothing like working with beautiful, appealing, clever, versatile stamps, is there? I could keep going with these new 3-way overlay floral rounds until the cows come home!! They are insanely good.

Our Mel gave us the core illustrations, and Lisa put her spin on them – and BINGO!!!

I know I shouldn’t be shouting about them already, but I HAVE TO SHARE!!!!

There are 6 sets, plus a 7th  shape set.

You may be thinking they look similar. They’re not. Well, they are all round and they all follow the same 3-way overlay concept, and they’re all flowers. But wait wait wait till you see what you can do with these!!

I will tease you with a few art samples from the ever clever Clarity Team. Let’s get those creative juices flowing here…..

Dee Paramour

Carole Pankzstelo

Dee Paramour

Sam Crowe

Shelagh Metselaar

Elaine Milner

If you aren’t a stamper, you should consider starting here.

If you are a stamper, you need these for definite.

If you make cards to sell or for charity, these are a must have.

I am actually exciting to get back in this here little artroom tomorrow and have another run at the prep!! Now that’s a first!!! I’ve got this really good mixed media idea brewing, and I want to try it out.

But it really is time to stop this evening. Stiff neck and all that jazz.

Love & Hugs,



34 thoughts on “What’s coming up…..

  1. Oh Barbara why are you doing this to me?? These look awesome and they may just be a must have. Some awesome samples from the design team and I do have a couple of absolute favourite samples – shan’t say which cos that’s not fair but what a talented team you do have. Obviously the “me” time really does seem to have done you the power of good. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday even more now. 😊😊😊 xx

  2. Oh dear Barb! These do look amazing!
    I think that it is now official – Clarity should carry a ‘Money Warning’ !!!!
    Not forgetting that we shall be seeing Tina’s Parchlet Groovi plates too! We are all doomed to be poor – but very happy! Love and hugs, Gilly xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends – I hope that you have all had a good day. I have been sending Alison positive thoughts today for her operation and hope that all has gone well for her. Love and hugs, to you all, Gilly xxx

  3. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous samples from the ever brilliant DT.
    The shows on Sunday will be a quick sell out I think!
    Have a relaxing evening and more arty fun tomorrow. Annette X
    Also, I hope that all went well for Alison today and that she makes a speedy recovery.

  4. I am doomed to be poor! I think these will have to be coming home to me when they are available. The samples look amazing. Xx

  5. Evening bloggy friends, hope everyone is well. Been up to London today to see a Monet exhibition at The National. Love his use of colour and texture.

    Hope your op went well Alison and you are now on the speedy road to recovery. Xx

  6. Hi Barbara and everyone, well these look brilliant another set of lovely stamps.
    The design team have given us all something to aspire to.
    As Gilly says we will never be rich ,but well be very happy!!!
    Looking forward to the shows and also Tina’s new plates.
    Have good evening all.
    Lynn xx

  7. Wow amazing so beautiful those samples oh dear another on list and have got me dies yet !! Looking forward to seeing what you do on Sunday with them another sell out I’m sure xxx

  8. Wow yet more lovely goodies from Clarity Towers & great samples from the DT. Must set the programmes to record & then its decision time stamps or groovi !!
    Enjoy your 2nd day playing or rather prepping for Sunday, I am sure these stamps will fly off the shelves as will Tina’s new plates.

  9. They look beautiful ! Glad you’re enjoying your crafting. Torrential rain, thunder and lightening here in Oxford at the moment, we’ve been waiting all day ! Have a good evening and enjoy your crafting tomorrow. Xx

  10. Hello Barbara, it seems you are in a better frame of mind today. Good, nothing like getting things sorted. Looking forward to Sunday, stamps look amazing, can’t wait. Had a lovely day doing Groovi, was feeling lovely and calm until a phone call from a certain gas company told me they had cancelled my gas service again, already waited 6 months!!!!! Anyway decided not to spoil my day by getting cross, all in all not a bad day. On a last note, if anyone hasn’t got a Clarity catalogue yet, get one quick. Received mine today and discovered groovi plates I was planning to buy but had them already, crazy, but happy. lots of love Donna x

  11. More gorgeous stamps, I can’t have them all but know I shall need a few. Beautiful samples from the design team. Been asked today to make a special card for someone so hoping that might lead on to some more. Rest your neck tonight. xx

  12. These are wonderful designs. I had deserted you for S.U. when you were concentrating on your parchment craft, but you have totally won me back with your recent designs. Oh and thanks for the catalogue which arrived today….just lovely, I have a post it note sticking up from almost every page! And such a nice surprise to receive the £6 voucher to spend. Thank you so much.

  13. Wonderful samples – these stamps are a must have. The new Groovi plates coming up are too. Good job I have a generous husband who is now going to make me a new cupboard with shelves to accommodate my stash!!! Will have to order more storage folders too. Looking forward to the Sunday shows.

  14. Hi Barbara
    What amazing samples from the design team, these new stamps are wonderful. I must set the box to record just in case I’m not able to watch. Might have to sit on my hand though as June is looking to be an expensive month. It’s nice to hear you so enthusiastic, rest your neck though so it’s not too sore for the weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. WOW! They look fantastic! Just wish my purse could afford them! Still I can look and enjoy all the lovely ways they ate all used! Well done all of you!

  16. Hi Barb,
    These look fabulous and will be on my wishlist but I am going to go for the Groovi plates. Love the samples from the DT
    .Hope you can rest your neck and get a good night’s rest. Sorry this is short and sweet today
    Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Thank you all of the positive vibes and thoughts. Ok went well consultant really pleased. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean ( curse of the Black Pearl) while I was having op
      Apparently I’m only the second or third person who has tries this idea. Half of the staff don’t know of its existence. Sorry have to go, I am so, so tired. Love and hugs to you all xxxxx

  17. The introduction of “parchlets” and what appear from the samples to be quite small stamps will surely appeal to beginners in either craft as much less daunting than large designs. Looking forward to seeing them on Hochanda on Sunday. I do not need to wish you luck as they will be a big hit I am sure. See you there!

  18. Hello Barb, wow, wow, wow, beautiful stamps and stunning, creative artwork. My wishlist is getting longer and longer. Hope you managed to rest and get your neck feeling better. Take care all. Bx

  19. Stunning stamps and samples, just save some money from my morning at Stamp Magic and watch you later in the day. It will be like Clarity were there once more as it’s where I first signed up for the NDC!

  20. These are beautiful, Barbara! More items for my wishlist for your Open Day next month! Ouch, I’m going to be skint!
    Hope you had a good rest and your neck is better now!
    Can’t wait till 16th June. Xxx

  21. When I saw these here I went straight to the Shop …. Well I admit I should read the text first hehe…. Looking forward to get some of the stamps set.
    Thank you ever so much

  22. Hi Barb

    These looks great! Gillyflower was right – you should carry a money warning!! I was at Happy Stampers a couple of weeks ago and I mentioned to Paul that I can’t seem to find glass heavy paperweights that you could put all kinds into, ie parchment, tatting, cross-stitch or stamping like above. He suggested I email you, which I have done. I have trawled the internet but perhaps this is something you may consider doing?

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