Windmill Bloggy Blitz Sale

Windmill Bloggy Blitz Sale

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Stonking headache today.,
so I thought I would call on the help of a few good friends.
Been dealing with Holland much of today, as you do 
when you’ve bought a Dutch company,
so that may explain why windmills were on my mind.
Emma Williams 
Here’s a lovely stampset we designed a while back.
Remember when I did this on TV in the Classroom.
Wow, that’s a while ago….
The little flowers and seed heads are excellent. See how you can attach them to the stems and reeds?

Sylvia Marshall

Haven’t done that trick for a while with the cotton wool clouds.
Maybe I will do that next time I’m on TV
Janet Pring
Love how Linda has created the illusion of the sails 
whizzing round.
Linda Spencer
And just check out the water colour sky by Julie.
Beautiful colours.

Julie Owens
Let’s have a bloggy blitz, shall we?
How about this Windmill set from £17.99 down to £12.98?
Now there’s a bargain !!!
Blitz sale though –
offer ends midnight Wednesday.
Love & Hugs,
PS. Here’s a tune….

46 thoughts on “Windmill Bloggy Blitz Sale

  1. You need to take some me time Barb. Hot bath, scented candle & early night. Your body is trying to tell you something. There is more to life than work & boy do I know that is easier said than done xxx

  2. As Lynne says – time for a bit of down time. We should listen to our bodies although I know it is easier said than done. Great artwork by the DT too. Xx

  3. One of my absolute favourites, this set. So beautiful and versatile. I remember seeing all the fantastic examples on TV and being inspired by them. Hope the headache clears soon, Barbara. Thanks for reminding me about this lovely stamp set – I think I'll get it out and have a play! 🙂 xx

  4. Oh those were the days! I loved following the classroom lessons! Getting the stamps in time to work along with you on the telly! And then sending homework in!!
    This stamp set is fab and the grasses are useful on their own!
    I've been keeping myself busy today so I don't dwell on Amy moving out again! I'd got used to her not being here then she was back and it was lovely. But she's not that far and easier to get to than in Manchester city centre.
    Hope the headache goes quickly!
    Love and hugs! Xxxx

  5. I was just looking at my grasses and seedhead stamps today, and thinking I should use them more! Thanks for the lovely reminder. Get yourself some lavendar oil for your headache x

  6. Hi Barbara, beautiful artwork, love Emma's especially. Phew, thought I was going to be placing another order on seeing today's title, but I already have the grass and seed head stamps, so I can keep my pennies for a wee bit longer eh! And these are stamps I HAVE actually used to make artwork with! Thank you for sharing, for your very generous offer, and for still blogging when you're feeling so rubbish.

    Sounds like you've got major tension in your shoulders. Do some stretching exercise, stretching your arms out and up slowly and as far as you can go and hold it, and turning head side to side slowly as far as you can go and hold it. It'll feel very painful, but will ease your tight muscles. Get Dave to give you a massage too, but mind tell him you're a delicate human, not a sheep!!!! 😉

    Thanks for the music, windmills of your mind sure beats Billy Connolly's "if it wasnae fir yer wellies" song that I've been singing over and over and can't get rid of! Don't ask!!! Who knows why that song, weird head of mine!!!! What a beautiful voice Eva has, going to check her out. Do you think she was running late for catching her bus, rushing through the song at top speed, I couldn't keep up with her!!!!

    Hope you get rid of your headache and tension asap, not fun
    Love Brenda xx

    1. Oh Brenda Billy Connolly singing the wellie song, there's a blast from the past! It's in my head now too but IRS ok it's making me chuckle. Hope you are keeping warm. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

  7. I remember that classroom session well and got the set. Love it! Thanks also for sharing the song which his beautiful. Hope you get rid of that headache and will feel better soon xx

  8. Brilliant samples today. I have the stamps from when you did them in the Classroom. A very versatile set and highly recommended. I hope your headache gets better and you have a relaxing evening.

  9. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well – headaches, you have my sympathy there. Won't do you any harm to fall back on wonderful past creations. I remember buying this set and then stamping along with you " in the classroom" . I really do like this set and think it's about time I got to play with it again. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope you've had as good a day as possible. Well I had a bit of a shock when I got my knitting out – I discovered that it wasn't the sleeve I had to finish – it was the front! I haven't started the second sleeve yet!!! Oh well, I'll just have to wait a bit longer to start mine. It was before Christmas since I've done any knitting ( hence the mental block) and actually really enjoyed it so it shouldn't take too long to get it finished seeing as I'm restricted in what I can do for a while. Might have a trip out to the beach at Seaton Carew tomorrow for a walk along the promenade if the weather's ok. Sending love and hugs to you all, Alison xxx

    2. Haven't knitted for years, since I got into papercraft. Hope you have a good day out tomorrow and manage a walk along the prom. We're having a trip up to Cirencester again, as last week we bought some DVDs, went to put one in to watch tonight to find the disc wasn't in it. Hoping they will sort it out. Bit annoying though.xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Fantastic artwork today and a wonderful offer. It's not a set I've got so I might have a peep but I'm trying so hard to be good! Used to love the classrooms and remember doing the clouds on a workshop with you, lots of fun especially trying not to get finger prints in the middle of it. I hope your headache clears up quickly. Lots if water by the phone tomorrow and a walk around the block for some fresh air and a good nights sleep.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends hope all is well. What a difference a day makes, almost a spring day here today after the cold at the weekend. I almost took my coat off! Sending hugs xxx

  11. So sorry you have a headache. It must be very stressful speaking to people in Holland for most of the day. Hopefully a lot if the business there will be completed soon and things will settledown again. I love this artwork. I have the seed heads and stems so will use your art for inspiration. Hopefully your head will feel a little clearer tomorrow. xx

  12. Hopefully everything will calm down somewhat soon and make your life a little easier Barbara, but in the meantime take breaks when you can and try and relax in the evenings, easier said than done but having a muddled sore head does not help make good decisions on things. I love this set but haven't used it lately so must get it out again soon. Fantastic inspiration from the DT. x

  13. Poor you, hope your headache has eased by now. You need to relax you've been so busy lately, hoping things slow down a bit for you now. I love this set, haven't used it for ages, you forget what you've got. Beautiful designs from your girls and a very generous offer for those who haven't already got it. Take care

  14. Hi to my bloggy friends, hope you've had a good day. Lovely sunny day here today with a cold wind. I've been most the the evening looking for one of my pricking plates, had it earlier in the day, I'm sure some mystery is going on here. Hunted everywhere and been through all my folders. So frustrating, think I must go blind, probably find it in the morning right in front my eyes. Happened the other day with a card

  15. I hope you're in the land of nod by now Barbara and you wake feeling refreshed and pain free. Thank you for the sale. I remember your classroom showing them but wasn't able to buy at the time. Order safely in now though. Take care of yourself, we need you well apnd happy. xxx

  16. Hi Barbara – I saw this blog entry on Monday but couldn't post a comment then, so I've come back to it this evening because I really wanted to say how much I appreciated seeing some inspirational artwork using older stamps. I have that set but have only used it a couple of times … I'm sure I'm not alone in buying stamps (or stencils, or groovi!) and then looking at them and wondering what to do! So I think that it's a great idea for you to dig back into the archives and show us some old artwork – thus prompting those of us who already have the stamps in question to have another bash with them, and tempting other people to add them to their stash!

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