A heartfelt Happy Valentines Day, and a Groovi Step by Step

A heartfelt Happy Valentines Day, and a Groovi Step by Step

Hi there.
Happy Valentines Day.
Thanks for popping in.
Thought I would blog one of our poetry plates
which are proving very popular….
These two come as a pair.
Let’s use the A5 Mate with the new Nested Rectangle Plate
Emboss the largest rectangle on little purple parchment.
See here?
The Groovi No. 1 tool and the Pergamano No. 1 tool 
do about the same job.
Groovi just a little whiter, a little crisper, but hardly noticeable. 

Next comes the Nested heart. 3rd and 5th ones in.
Spot of luck: the Kiss verse fits in the heart EXACTLY.

Emboss the verse into place and add a few reeds 
from the Serenity Plate.

Now let’s add the frame outside.
The poetry plate in question has delightful birds 
and an exquisite border.
Let’s use those.
First emboss the birds into all 4 corners, 
just touching the rectangle frame.
Then box them in, using the rectangle plate.

Now fill in the area between the four corner boxes 
with the flowery pattern you see here:

Check at the front to monitor progress.
Looking fine.

Let’s fast forward through the white work on the birds and flowers,
the colouring in from behind with pencils,
the gridwork in between the two hearts with the straight grid.
I’m supposed to be cooking a romantic meal for two tonight! 
Mind you, I’m right into the picot cutting at the moment, 
so let’s indulge this part….
Flip the piece to the front, change to your old blue soft mat, 
and use the 2-needle fine Pergamano tool to pierce the areas outside the birds.

Like this:

Now for the picot cutting.
If you are starting out with picot, my advice is GO SLOWLY.
Take your time. Even if it takes a while in the beginning, 
the more time you take to focus on one snip at a time, 
the better the chances of getting it right.
Cut across the waste area, the bit you are cutting out. 

Do this in all 4 corners.
Practice makes perfect!

Layer up on a sexy piece of background paper 

Then spray mount on white folded cardstock.

If you have just stumbled across this blog and are wondering what on earth this is all about, where have you been ??
Go to www.claritystamp.com
type in Groovi, 
and soak up all the wonderful designs 
we have created in the last 18 months. 
Our Maria is on TV tomorrow,
showcasing some more beautiful verse and poetry plates.
These are wonderful too, and a great addition to the Collection I launched last week. 
I hope you can join Miss Simms on 
  • SKY 663 (24/7)

  • FREEVIEW 85 (24/7)

  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
Love & Hugs,

50 thoughts on “A heartfelt Happy Valentines Day, and a Groovi Step by Step

  1. Happy Valentines Day. Lovely project as per, nice to see the coloured parchment as well and your snipping looks better than mine ! Have a good evening both of you. X x

  2. Happy Valentine's day to you too!
    What a wonderful card that is!
    Looking forward to seeing Maria tomorrow but I'll have to watch the first show on catchup.
    Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs xxxx

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you Dave and clarity crew well just ordered a Chinese for when Bob arrives home. Would be nice just me and Bob but cannot ascape Katie so it's Chinese for three then. Hope you and Dave have a special evening lots love Joy and Katie xx

  4. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

    Just had a visit from crime prevention, following our recent burglary we thought we'd see what was on offer so to speak, apart from the usual sensible precautions one recommendation caught my eye and that is Smart Water (google) to mark your precious items including jewellery (just like using nail varnish). Makes it harder for the thief to pass stuff on. If you do get it get it through your local police though as it is much cheaper than advertised. It's a bit like marking your stuff like you chip a cat or dog. I'm definitely going to look into it and you can put stickers on your windows to say you use clearwater – I'm going to have stickers everywhere, beware of the cats, beware cameras are working inside the premises, beware of the dog – did you know if you have dogs it's a legal requirement to have a Beware of the Dog notice now? The PCSO's only learnt that last week on a course they attended. Anyway, all that's for info – just thought I'd pass it on as it's fresh in my head. If they're going to get in they will ! X x

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Sorry that you've had to go through the trauma of a burglary. Our caravan was broken into years ago when in was in storage. About 10 were broken into – it was awful. We were actually given some smart water by the police to mark our valuables. It is really clever staff. We also used it in school to mark the computers etc. Love and hugs Alison xx

    2. Thanks girls, we're ok. Person who did it must have been in and out in minutes, no mess just a broken conservatory door window, so thankful for that. Lost a few items of jewellery more sentimental than value for a couple of things. I think they will be disappointed in the scheme of things. House one door down was also done so we were not alone. Xx

  5. Ah. Happy Valentine's day. I thought, as always, no one to love, or who loves me, therefore yet another mass occasion which makes me feel even more alone, so I try to forget. Then I come here and you are sending your love out. Thanks Barbara, for helping me feel included. Sending love to you too. Been spending today trying to come up the positives of never having had a guy to love and live with me!!!!!

    Beautiful artwork, your parchment skills are looking amazing, you've come so far. Thank you for sharing. Not managed any more Groovi stuff myself -recently, bit all over the place in my head just now, didn't want to risk making that worse. I've been doing wee bits of stamping instead, better than nothing. I'll be watching Maria tomorrow.

    Hope you enjoy your romantic dinner for two. I'm assuming the other person is Dave!!!!! 😉 Love Brenda xx

    Does anyone know, is it Venus that I'm seeing out my craft room window very very bright every night, southwestish? Wish I had a telescope

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Sorry that Valentine's Day is so awful for you. You know we all love you on here though! Not sure whether it's Venus you're seeing , I always thought Jupiter was really bright but couldn't swear to it! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    2. Think its Venus Brenda. We all love you on here as Alison says. If you want a fella Brenda you'll have to get out to meet one, or get your gardener to bring in some for you to meet. Only joking. I'm sure you can find a few positives for not having one, love and hugs to you and Daisy.xx

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to one and all. Just back from a leisurely 'surprise' lunch out at our favourite pub – nice drive in the sunshine through the countryside made a lovely change! Wasn't too sure about the poetry plates upon release but the more I see them the more I'm appreciating them and feel they'll be added to my wishlist. Looking forward to Maria's shows tomorrow – recorder already set xx

  7. Lovely design. Saving myennies so haven't got these plates yet… Been crafting today making something for my sister. Was planning on doing a bit of sorting of my groovi stuff later. Happy Valentines day! Xx

    1. Hi Donna,
      Sounds as though you're enjoying half term. As Diane says, I bet Phoebe is enjoying having you at home. I know that since I retired, Scamp has been like my little shadow! Love and hugs to you and cuddles to Phoebe, Alison xx

  8. Happy Valentine's, love the step by step, waiting for my tools to arrive so I have been getting messy with stencils and paste and stuff instead. Did some yesterday too. Woke up at 5 am thinking I intended to put the stencil into soapy water but can't remember doing that. Went to my craft room and discovered I had just put it in the bin with the copy paper I was resting on. Good job it was Clarity, rescued the poor thing and after a bit of a scrub it's good as new!!!

  9. What a lovely blog today! I love the Valentine card, great step by step, thank you Barbara. A quick question, I don't know what you mean by 'spray mount'? Do you mean with 'Stick and Spray'? Hope the head is better xx

  10. Hi Barbara, happy valentines day to you both plus all ladies and not forgetting the men as well

    Such a beautiful card just shows how versatile these Groovi plates are.
    Had my grand daughters for lunch on Sunday, the elder one 7 year old , said can I do some parchment today , she only traces a plate out but then said can I do some white work now !!!!!!well looks like she has listetened at some point! !
    Have lots going on but these new plates are wonderful.
    Well have lot's of project's on the go so must get on and finish them the clock is ticking on some of them.
    hope you all have a good evening.
    Lynn xx

  11. Happy Valentines to you and Dave. I had my first ever bunch of red roses today, taken him 46 years but got there in the end. Beautiful card, poetry plates look wonderful and I do so want them. Got to wait a while though. xx

  12. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Such a beautiful card. I have a plaque in the garden with that poem, love it. Will have to work hard to improve my groovi cards. After seeing all the lovely ones being made. Looking forward to seeing Maria tomorrow. Xxxxx

  13. Wow stunning card design totally inspirational
    I love the verse plates and have today used one for the first time
    Looking forward to watching Maria tomorrow
    You have a wonderful evening x

  14. Hi Barbara
    Your picot cutting is coming on a treat, isn't this lovely. I'm tempted by the poetry plates but haven't weakened yet! This artwork is lovely. Hooe you've had a lovely romantic meal with your lovely Dave. We've had an M&S special. Julian's on call so for the last hour I've been spending my romantic evening with a couple of computers, a mobile phone and several engineers! Nothing new then! Haha. I must watch Maria tomorrow and see what's new. You are spoiling us. Have a lovely evening.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Hi Barb,
    Hope you and Dave have enjoyed your romantic meal. This parchment piece is beautiful. Your picot cutting is getting very good as are your parchment skills – you'll have to stop saying you're just a beginner!!! The new plates are gorgeous – haven't got round to using mine yet, I'm just looking at them. Had a sneaky peek at the new verses plates that Maria has on the shows tomorrow and they are stunning too. Really looking forward to seeing them in action. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been good for you all. Been for a walk along the sea front today and really enjoyed it, although I was tired at the end. It was good to be out in the fresh air though. Mind you my knee is a bit stiff now!
      Happy Valentine's Day to you all, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  16. Happy Vanentines Day Barbara, sorry its so late. Hope you've had a lovely evening with Dave. Love those new plates and what an amazing step by step. Thank you so much. Looking forward to watching Maria tomorrow and seeing even more new plates.xx

  17. The poetry plates are wonderful Barbara and a fabulous piece of work you have done here. Your picot edging is beautiful. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's meal. x

  18. Hi Barb, hope you had your Romantic meal for two. Love the beauty of this card, so much work. The Serenity Prayer is one of my all time favourites. Take care. Bx

  19. Hi!!
    Love your post. It’s really amazing & helpful too. I like the way you explained everything. By sharing this amazing content, you have solved my problem. Keep sharing 🙂
    Thank You & Regards

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