It’s all too much! Way too much!

It’s all too much! Way too much!

Thanks for popping in today. 
Forgot my Ipad at work (aka brain),
so no art, no craft. Just a loadawoffle.

We’re all revved up for the UK Trade Show at the NEC which starts this weekend, so there’s a lot to think about.
Ticking lots of boxes, tripping over lots of boxes.

You’d have been proud of me today.
I got my old Pfaff out and even sewed a couple of table covers.
Nothing too tricky – up one side, across the top and down the other.

We had almost made it to the door this evening
when we realised that we haven’t got chairs for the show.
The ones we have got at work are looking pretty shagged,
and as Dave pointed out, we couldn’t get them in the van even if they were pristine.

So then began the debate.
5 of us.
Hire them there? How much ????
6 chairs = minimum £200
You could buy them for less!
So we all huddled round Jim while he googled chairs. 
We started out at Staples.

£28 each. 
Not bad, but there’s still the little issue of the van….

“£279 ??” 
I said to Paul, I said,
“For that money I want two beefy blokes either side carrying me round. That must be what the handles are for!” 

Upon closer scrutiny, we realised you get 4 for that price. 
But still the issue with the van…

Then Jim joined in with folding chairs from IKEA.

Bargain, but would Linda Williams and Tina Cox thank me for making them perch on wooden slats all day?
However, as Jim so rightly pointed out, we could provide padding, 
and he could get them in HIS car.
Back and forth back and forth.
So we decided to have a cuppa and think about it some more. 

 We’re hiring them for £200.
Sod it, as they say.
They bring them, and they take them away. 
They’re new, they’re cushioned and we can even pick the colour.

And when you consider that we could have bought a deluxe caravan with what we’ve paid for the blimming stand, 
what’s another 200 quid ?
The lighting cost way more than that !
I think the plug cost that much at least. We had to pay extra on the lecky, because last year our kettle kept blowing the circuit on our aisle. That went down well with the neighbours…
Every time we had a brew, the rest of the lane was plunged into darkness! Hahahaha .

And don’t even ask how much they charge to hook you up to the internet! Shall I tell you?
£600 + VAT for one PC. ONE
Daylight wobbery. Not happening.

We weren’t going to even do the show, until we bought Pergamano, and then we thought we really ought to shout about that. 

Ah well….we is a shoutin’ !!!

Anyway. If we’re going to be international business people, 
we ought to at least have nice table cloths and somewhere to sit. 
I am laughing at myself here. 
I shall take pics of the stand and show you.  

Our Mark is under the knife today. 
Sports injury. Shoulder. 
Rugby? Nope. Basketball.

It has put him out of action for a while now, so it is time to get it sorted. I do wish he lived a little closer. 
San Francisco is hardly up the road, is it?

I liked it better when he played for Crowborough to be honest, although the washing machine might think differently! 

Such is life.
We don’t have them to keep them, do we.
Take care, stay warm.
Love & hugs,

52 thoughts on “It’s all too much! Way too much!

  1. Oh my it sure is expensive doing the shows especially at the NEC. I can't believe £600 for one PC internet access. Daylight Robbery! Anyway good luck at the show, I am sure you will have a successful time. See you Sunday!
    Hugs to you and Dave
    Linda xxx

  2. It's all money money money isn"t it Barb. Still what us it they day – speculate to accumulate? I guess that us what you did by buying Pergamano?? Hope you have a fab trade fair – and why wouldn't you? Enjoy the fair and I hope Mark's surgery goes well. Xx

  3. Crikey!!! Would have thought lighting and Lecky would have been included in the astronomical amount they charge for the stand! I hope Linda and Tina appreciate the thought you've given to the comfort of their bottoms lol. Hope it is a very successful show for you all xx

    I will keep Mark in my thoughts and prayers. Both I and my son have had bilateral shoulder replacements so have some empathy with him. I know it's hard when it's your child though, so will be holding you up in my prayers too xx

  4. Barbara, you are a tonic. You have even got DH asking what you are up to (I read the German Police blog to him, he thought it was hilarious! We lived there a few years ago.) I so love Clarity & Groovi, and the way you share your talents and humour.

    Have a great show (please post photos)

    Thank you. x

  5. I will wave as I pass the NEC twice on Saturday and Sunday. The NEC are just making the mickey with their prices, and does that cover the car parking? I bet that is several arms and legs. Hope you have a good journey (it took me seven and a half hours to do it last year). I am sure the show will be a great success for you and the team. xxx Maggie

  6. Hi Barbara, well I do know how much they charge for everything at the Nec .it is shocking as when I worked we did trade shows and it cost.
    But behind every good business , you have to put yourself out there for the good of your business.
    Have watched Marias shows and her work was brilliant. Maria is very carming to watch i am always learning
    Each time I watch any of your shows.
    Have a great show go get them girl .
    Lynn xx

  7. You're funny, thanks for cheering me up Barbara. How the other half live eh! Bet those costs are nothing to big businesses. It's just a rip off eh, because they can, because you guys have no choice, pay up or miss out. Those kind of things really get to me, people being taken advantage of, and it being seen as acceptable in society. No wonder the nation is in the state it is!

    I do so hope it really pays off for you and Clarity. I bet your table clothes make all the difference!!! Hope Linda and Tina are under strict orders – nae dropping perforating tools and scissirs on your hired chairs!!! Bet your lecky situation is a scam too, stick in lower fuses, folk keep tripping them, so they get to charge you more next time! I would be refusing to pay and bring in my own generator to run light panels to light your stand and boil your kettle!!! That would probably have the added benefit of encouraging those who'd otherwise walk past to stop and check out what's going on!!!! I'm waiting on my garden volunteer bringing back my sewing machine from servicing, then I'll need to be sewing curtains, and jammy bottoms for the summer. What an expense just for a service, definitely won't be getting that done as often as they recommend! You can't even oil these new machines like you can the old ones. Another con methinks!!!!

    I can imagine what you must be going through Mark going through surgery so far away. Glad you've been kept ultra busy, make the time easier for you to get through. I hope it all goes to plan for him, and I wish him well. Thinking about you, Dave and the rest of your family too.

    Hope your trade show goes brilliantly
    Love Brenda xx

  8. Good luck with the show and I hope the chairs are comfy. I know it will be a huge success. Two packages from Edenbridge this week including my Crowborough tickets. Thank you. I can't wait but my bank manager is dreading it!! Take care. Xx

  9. There comes a point when you do just think what the heck. Might as well pay up. We reached that point when we were discussing wedding costs with our son last week, he wanted a few extra in the evening last minute invites. Oh well only getting married once so needs to enjoy. Safe trip to NEC and I hope show goes well for you. At least you will be comfy. X x

  10. Hi Barbara
    Oh my goodness I know you were saying how much the NEC is costing you this year but you would think electricity tables chairs and internet would all be included in the price wouldn't you. That's terrible. I bet they aren't giving you a discount for their health and safety breach either as a gesture of goodwill! I think you've made the right decision with the chairs, nothing worse that a numb bum and you know they will be comfy. I hope Marks operation went well and you are able to FaceTime him soon to check he is ok. I'm sure Grace will visit him and provide sisterly kindness and you will get to see him soon. Safe journey to all of you and I hope you have a fantastic weekend.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hello lovely blog friends, hope you've had a good day. It's been lovely and sunny here today, feels like spring might be on it's way. Met a friend for lunch who was so delighted with the parchment birthday card I sent her, made me feel that I might not be too bad at it after all! Sending hugs xxx

  11. Good luck with the show, don't think you will be slowing down any time soon. You do make me giggle with your humour and the photos you put on here. Looking forward to seeing your show photos. Hope the chairs are comfy for you. All the charges there are a rip off but if it eases the logistics for you, fair enough.xx

  12. Blimey! It's daylight robbery! You seem to have a good demeanor Barbara, always trying to look on the bright side, which is a very good quality and when you've got to be on those stands all day, you need a good soft place to park your bum! Have a safe journey (at least you don't have to load the chairs) and I hope the show goes well for you. Xx

  13. Whoa! TFR! What a rip off but like you say now you're an international company you need to shout about it! Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about the show!
    Safe journey to Birmingham.
    Love and hugs!xxxx

  14. Busy busy busy but they say it keeps you young! I was watching the farming programme that's on afternoons bbc1 3.45 and today they were at Edenbridge Show, the countryside looked beautiful, nice part of the country. Enjoy your show x

  15. Hi Barb,
    What an absolute rip off! I don't know how they get away with it although I suppose it's a captive audience so to speak. All I can say is DLTBGYD!! Looking forward to seeing photos of your tablecloths etc. Hope it goes well for you and Clarity. Hope Marks op goes/went well, I know it must be a worry for you with him being so far away. Love and hugs Alison xxx
    Ps, just had word that my order for the brand new poetry plates has been dispatched. That is such great service – thank you and all at Clarity Towers xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Hope today has been as good as possible for you. Been housework and ironing day for me unfortunately. Off to bed now so I'll say night night to you all, love and hugs Alison xx

  16. Hoping all's gone well with Mark and he'll soon be back to full fitness. As for the charges re the NEC… rip off indeed! However, it has to be done to shout about your fab products, including Pergamano. I just wonder how those who come up with these 'numbers' sleep at night? I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end but does leave a bit of a 'nasty taste'. Look forward to seeing the pics, safe journey and have a great show xxx. Maria's shows were fab, great to have another two hour 'special' too!

  17. These exhibitions are very costly but as you say Bsrbara it is important to publicise your ownership of Pergamamo, and I'm sure it will all be worthwhile. You made me smile with your explanation of it all, what with the chairs and the lighting and the kettle problems. Hope all goes well with the set up and hope Mark recovers swiftly from his operation, it is always difficult when they are a long way away. x

  18. Hi Barb, going to exhibitions are very expensive, even for the visitors, but as you say, your little company has now become an international world wide, household name. So I think it is good you are going, because otherwise I think there would be a huge gap there. Can just imagine the kettle tripping the power at the show, had a quiet giggle. Hope Mark recoveries quickly from his surgery. Take care and travel safely, looking forward to the pictures of the stand and all the lovely Clarity family that will be there. Take care. Bx

  19. Morning Barbara chuckling away here love your woffle blogs as much as your arty ones had no idea how much these exhibitions cost you heavens do those guys wear masks better remember a packed lunch methinks god knows what there chip butty's will cost.

    Hope all goes well for wee Mark.
    Take care Love Dot..xx

  20. Goodness me Barb that really is robbery but I agree with your idea in the end! I hope your son recovers soon and yes we have them to hope they grow into kind, capable should be proud of your kids as I am of mine. Enjoy the show and make sure you make the most of those chairs…..!!LOL!! xxx

  21. Barbara they sure know how to make money out of you but agree with your finall decision.
    I'm sure you'll blow them away with your products, enjoy the weekend and the chairs😄.
    I wish Mark a Speedy recovery and hope the pain isn't too much. (I'm into my four month since I broke both bones in my ankle and boy do I still have pain, plus I still have to use a stick to walk). Anyway safe journey and plug plug plug your products and make sure you all use the chairs 😄 Xx

  22. Morning Barbara just had to say hope marks operation goes well and he recovers quickly.
    Day light robbery at the NEC .hope you have a fantastic

  23. Boy, what a rip off! I'd have unpacked the van, gone to the nearest charity shop, bought a dining set, then taken it back to donate it at the end!!! Hope Mark's surgery goes well, and he's soon fit enough to be back on the court x

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