We may have a Solution…

We may have a Solution…

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I had an idea.
(oh no! groaned the Clarity crew; not another one!)
Well, yes. 
While we were power eating Fortnum & Mason mince pies in the office this morning, in an attempt to defy the best by date,
it occurred to me:
We have just taken delivery of the Clarity Catalogues for the trade sho this weekend.  Very beautiful and very expensive, 
but had to be done. 

Proud moment.

Many times I have heard customers asking for a way to check what Groovi plates, stamps and stencils etc etc they have and haven’t got. A list if you like.
Lightbulb moment.
How about we do another print run of these catalogues?
We made just enough to cover wholesale, shops, distributors 
and my Mum and Dad.
But if there were the interest, we could order more. 
They are absolutely up to date of course, 
so they cover everything so far.
They would make a brilliant product checker and even locator.
You could write in the book next to the product where you have stored it too. You can tell I am a crafter, can’t you?!
Err, I mean a crafter who can’t find anything!

Well, that’s what I think anyway. 

Pricewise, I thought we would charge a fee to cover the cost,
but then include a voucher with a unique code, redeemable on line or on the phone. So you get it back.

We have loaded them onto the website.

It will take about a fortnight before we can send them out, 
because of printing more copies, and the unique vouchers.
But if you place your orders asap, 
then we can gauge how big a print run. That will help us massively,
because we don’t want to print unnecessarily.
The Groovi/Pergamano catalogue is one item. 
The catalogue is like a push-me-pull-you; 
has two fronts at either end.
The Claritystamp Catalogue 

The Clarity Stencil Catalogue

click here to reserve/buy

Must dash.
Can’t find the glass plates for the glass display cubes.
About as useful as a chocolate teapot without the glass!
My guess is the garage….

Love & Hugs,

77 thoughts on “We may have a Solution…

    1. Sally. Would you be so kind as to tell me what kind of pie it is and what may be in the Fortnum & Mason mince pies? I live in Alberta, Canada; no mince pies of any kind here but Barb makes them sound yummy. 🙂

  1. Great idea! I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to tick things off when we've got them. Only this morning g I realised I've got duplicates of 2 plates. I have kept all he little slips with the NDC stamp designs as a flick book to remind myself of those designs. Good luck with the show! Wx

  2. Fantastic idea! I have been wanting a way to see what stamps I have for a while now (without needing to ink and stamp every one!) Just been and ordered mine and while I was there i got the stencil one and groovi one too. Always useful to mark ones for family as well as they always tell me to order myself and they pay me back on Birthdays etc now they can order and it will be a nice surprise. XX

  3. Afternoon crafty bloggy friends. Wow where did that week off go? I did get lots of crafty play time and time to spend with Phoebe which is sooooo lovely. Got all my jobs done (well most of them) that always get put off till half term. Out later for dinner with my sister. XX

    By the way did you all know that today is officially Random Act of Kindness day! So if you can don't forget to pay it forward. XX

    1. Hi Donna yes that week has flown by, it's half term here next week so I'm catching up with friends I used to work with at school. Good to know it's been a productive week. Hugs to you and Phoebe xxx

    2. Hi Donna,
      Isn't it strange how holiday weeks go much more quickly than teaching weeks! Glad to hear you've had a good week anyway. Hope you have a lovely night with your sister. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. Good idea Barbara. Just ordered all three. Be good to have a Groovi one. Oh blimey my 'Fit Bit' has just vibrated to let me know I've been sitting too long! Got 3k more steps to do today, don't somehow think I'm going to make it. Hope you have a good weekend at the show xx

  5. Brilliant idea Barbara, have just ordered mine. Wish to give a "HUGE" shout out for the lady who usually works in picking but who is manning the phones today (a thousand apologies am absolutely hopeless with names)she was soooo helpful and pleasant that it cheered up a day which until then had been far from cheery – a big thank you xx

  6. Fabulous idea. Maggie Craner you need one so that you can write where you have stored them. Maybe that rose plate will surface then. Now how do I tell Fred I need to put in an order when I am supposed to be saving for a wedding. Will give it a little thought. xx

  7. Hi Barbara, Mmmmmmmmmmm I'm loving the sound of the power eating mince pies, yummy !! I remember when we used to have a Clarity Catalogue previously, a brilliant idea.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. This post made enough out loud. You definitely have a spy camera in my living room. The number of things that I lose and the frequency of the losings is getting scary. I managed to lose one of Jayne Nestorenko's rose plates and finally had to admit defeat and replace it. Oddly, the original is still missing. I will definitely be ordering the catalogues. xxx Maggie

  9. Ha,ha, bet there was a huge collective sigh of relief when your crew found out your latest idea involved your printers, not them!!! Fortnum and Mason's is a posh shop, isn't it? Bet those mince pies went down well, and set everyone up for the day. (Good thinking, get more work out of everyone now!!!! 😉😉😉)

    Great idea re the catalogues, would save me some time doing it my own way. Sorry to be the awkward one with a wee question! Blame my Asperger's, my usual, running along the path until I hit the problem, and it needing solved first. Obviously the catalogues won't have your new products that will be added over the future months. So, we'll all quickly be needing something else to catalogue our new crafty stash until you do the next edition. How about putting pages of blank boxes at the back, the same size as the product images in the catalogue, and enough of them to cover our new stuff until the next updated catalogues? We could write our new stuff down and even copy and paste the wee product images from your website, resize them to fit the blank boxes and print them off, to stick on the catalogue. Does my explantion make sense? And how about making the catalogues loose leaf pages, that we could keep in a ringbinder, including the blank boxes pages, then every so often you could make wee packs of pages of the new products that have been released with extra blank box pages too, which we could purchase to update our folders? Just some thoughts. Hope you don't mind me saying. Sorry. Not meant as a criticism at all honest, just me using my logical brain that sees things in different ways, and thinking about how to make it work longer term. Sorry.

    Hope your journey and set up goes well, and you've found the missing glass thingys. Love Brenda xx

    1. That's an excellent idea Brenda. I too was thinking they would very quickly become out of date. Your suggestion would solve it nicely. I hope you're feeling much better today. Love and Hugs xx

    2. That's quite a good idea Brenda, probably for next year though as it would cost extra to get the printing changed. I would probably stick some sheets of copy paper in to add extras on. Hope you are having a good day. Sending hugs to you and Daisy xxx

    3. I wouldn't mind paying for something that had longevity Diane. And all the printer would need to do is print on single, instead of double sheets, or just cut the double sheets in half to make loose leafs. The only addition is the blank box pages, which maybe could be offset by not needing them made into books. xx

    4. Thought crossed my mind too Brenda, but then I thought I need help with what I have got. As you say we can make little notes in the back, and then next year we can treat ourselves to a new one, which will be all updated again. xx

    5. Hi Barbara, great idea have just ordered my Groovi and Stencil.
      This will help me keep tabs on what I have got
      Have a great show, stay safe and good journey to and from the show.
      Lynn xx

  10. Good idea Brenda M – I was just thinking these catalogues will be out of date very quickly the rate our Barb is bringing out new stuff to make sure we keep up with our diets of baked beans! Barb will no doubt come up with a solution………

  11. I have a little journal that I use as a catalogue of my stamps – never thought to put a note as to where I store them though, so I might do that tomorrow – great idea! x

  12. Hi Barbara
    I like the idea of power eating, especially F&M mince pies! Very nice. The catalogues look lovely, just right to show off your fantastic products. What a good idea to sell them to us too (with a little incentive!), that will definately make finding our stash easier although I have to say most of the time my Clarity stuff is all kept together! 😇. Hope you find the missing glass things. Safe journey.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. I want a Jim to cut me a new Groovi plate after the Borrowers have nicked it. Either that or every politeness to be fitted with one of those things you whistle at to find it. Each plate would have a different frequency of course. Guess that could be a wish too far. Oh well, must learn to be tidier then (Like that is going to happen either). xxx Maggie

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I love my original Clarity catalogue – absolutely essential piece of kit to see what you are missing! I've just ordered a stamp and stencil catalogue – so I can get a list started for the next Richmond do.
    Maggie (Yorkite)

  14. Brilliant idea Barbara, I have put my order in. It will be fun identifying what I have and hopefully avoid ordering duplicates in future. I have set myself the task of organising my materials this weekend. I just hope the loft is not too cold. xx

  15. Fantastic idea Barbara. I remember being given one at Ally Pally a few years ago if you purchased a certain amount. I think they were 'left overs'. I used mine so much. I will certainly be going over to order them all in a minute. Have a good weekend. xx

  16. Why not just upload the catalogs to the website so they can be printed by each person along with an offer for a printed copy? Then when new items come out the new pages can be printed and added to their folder.
    I know several companies who do this, so I can flip through it just like a paper catalog. JMO
    Looking forward to seeing what's new.

  17. Hello Barb,
    I don't know how you come up with these ideas. When I wake up during the night I'm like a Zombie (well, truth to tell I'm like that during the day as well!!) but you start thinking and planning. I have old brochures of yours and I'm hoping they will become Collectors' Items one day so that I'll be able to sell them in one of the big London Auction Houses!!
    love Maureen xx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Great idea ( mine are ordered) especially with the vouchers too. I need my stuff catalogued so these should really help me. Hope the show goes well. Lovely ve and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Sitting here with leg up on a cushion and No Brace!! I'm allowed to take it off when I'm sitting but must put it back on to stand/walk, but can't tell you how good it is not to have it on! Love and hugs to you all, Alison xxxx

    2. It must be such a relief to be brace free Alison, even if it is only for short times. When you do get back on your feet properly, I'm booking you for a catch up and cake. Love and Hugs xxx

  19. Well I've ordered mine. I love catalogues and it's nice to sit and browse through something paper occasionally instead of looking at a computer screen. I like the idea of having some space for notes.

  20. Great idea about the catalogues and I will be putting an order in on Monday,
    You use to do a stamp one a few years ago and I use to mark off the stamps that I had, looking forward to them Xx

  21. Hi Barb, these catalogues are a great idea, sure I would like to have them all :D. But for me, in Switzerland, it is a bit expensive to order them – because of the postage. Would it be possible to browse them on-line also e.g. on issuu.com or some similar digital publishing platform like this? It would be also very helpful. Have a nice day and I'm looking forward to your next posts, they are always very inspiring :0) Romana

  22. Hello Barbara, I do hope you ALL have a great Sunday? .. I was wondering – Is it possible to buy alle the groovi pens in one selection? both Claritystamps and Pergamano?

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